Key Features

Zeph's Hunting Missions

A unique monster hunting system that assigns missions to players for a chance to earn Zeny, Battle badges and Cash points. The difficulty and rewards of the missions increase as missions are completed. Hunting Missions can be completed in a party for a more enjoyable experience!

Personal Daily Quests

Everyday you will be assigned a short quest which take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Each quest completed will award you a Daily Quest Token, which can be exchanged for headgears and other useful items! 

Custom Instance Dungeons

Gather your strongest allies and party up to take on these challenging and rewarding instance dungeons. Face off against new Boss monsters and test your team work. Includes Harabah, Orcs Memory Dungeon, Endless Tower and more!

Battlegrounds 2.0

We have the command @joinbg, randomized balanced teams and 8 different battleground modes. Including Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Rush and more!


PvP Happy Hours

Enter a PvP arena with an average of 50~100 players competing against each other for a chance to earn exclusive items and to rank up their Elite Weapons. This event runs twice every day and offers a great opportunity to enjoy top of the line PvP activity.

Flexible WoE Schedule

We have 3 different WoE times to accomodate players from different time zones. Each WoE time has 2 castles open, one with 3rd jobs enabled and one with them disabled. Castle Salary and Treasures have been boosted!

Mining & Forging System

Roam the numerous fields and dungeons that hide valuable mines. Use the minerals found on this mines to create powerful equipment, or sell them for a huge profit!

Automated In-game Events

Our server prides itself in its eventfulness, having events every 30 minutes. Includes Dice event, Goblin Invasion, Treasure Hunt and more!

Collectible Headgears

We have thousands of collectible headgears including over 800 custom ones that you might have never seen before. All of these can be acquired via different means on our server, such as quests, pvp, battlegrounds and more!

Casino & Gambling Games

We have a casino with slot machines, roulette, headgear gambler, press your luck and more! The casino offers yet another way to earn zeny and valuable items!

No Pay-to-Win

You can obtain all the items you need to compete without spending a cent! Earn end-game like items by joining PvP, Battlegrounds, completing quests or winning events. Zeny is a valuable currency in our server and can be used to purchase most items.

Combat PvP Training

A system that assisgns PvP Missions in which you are encouraged to reach a desired amount of kills within a 24 hour period. Completing Combat Missions award end-game equipment, zeny and headgears!

New Character's Skin Colors

We offer 8 different skin colors! If you are tired of the human skin color you can choose to become an Orc, Demon, Vampire, Night Elf and more! The best part is that you can change skin colors as many times as you want!

Anti-Hack Security System

We have an added on security system which requires a 4 digit pin to unlock your account. While the account is locked it is unable to trade, drop or receive items.

Newbie Starter Set and Guides

You will be able to access the @newbie command, which has tips and guides that will help you get started, as well as newbie quests. You also recieve a Returner's Set of 8 end-game items that expire after 30 days!

All-in-One NPC

We have made all towns funtional by adding the Main NPC. It provides access to most services such as Heal, Save, Warp, Jobchanger, Refiner, Stylist and more!