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    • Hi Greencross. I understand what you like and thank you for voicing out what you like. However, as stated, the final decision is from the admin team. In this thread people many disagree with you and you also have to accept other's opinion. If you want to suggest without other people disagreeing, I think you should make a support ticket or a private message to the team.   For this topic, as stated, your suggestion is not useless. In fact, some might agree with you. However as pointed out by others, the current system is already MUCH easier than what you want. In fact you should read the hero quest update to know why it was changed like that.   As for your position that it is only an ALTERNATIVE, I still disagree with this because it is UNNECESSARY, NOT USELESS. It is unnecessary because it would only be SUPERFLUOUS since the easier option is already there. Furthermore, I already mentioned that there is already another alternative (Donation), which you mentioned is only available to rich ones. Regardless of the reasons, this alternative is being used by people. That being said, you have to understand that having a lot of alternative would NOT BE OPTIMAL. Having too many features and alternatives does not always mean its good. And right now, I really do not think it is necessary to put that alternative ingame since many people reach the same goal using both alternatives already available (Donation and 3k Caspen). Since it works for many people, I do not think putting this alternative is a good priority, or at least necessary for now.    Maybe next time, if the circumstances permit, this suggestion may be viewed by the community as something necessary. But for now, same with others, I respectfully disagree with you.
    • well actully 3k caspen is a way good than 400 kills in hero arena that really pain. and its hard for newbie cuz before you can get the kills you need a propler experience and proper gear for nerfing magic and physical. no war no kills just put in your mind. 
    • aunties can i pls join
    • you dont need to repeat anything for that LOL, im not dumb on reading all your whole conversation... im just telling you how Staff thinking about any suggestion from member... every single Suggestion made by Member, Staff will consider it.... either its good for community or not...  400 kills of Hero is seriously pain in the ass for newbie.... so staff considering the new way of Elite Quest as the 3000 kills Casp Dungeon implemented... should i give you proof that i get all your point? you dont need it right LOL....   we would like to hear from you what you might want to be the "Alternative Way" for the 3000 kills of Caspen Dungeon Monster? so staff can considering it either its good or not to adds an alternative way to finish the elite quest for future update.....  one of the reason 400 Hero Kills is replaced, because people tend to farm on HA with multiple character...
    • alternative. 2 paths. 1st for pvp path and 2nd for your monster path i am suggesting 2 ways of getting this done not replacing the whole 3k caspen, sure u can do that if you like... but we should also have the option of doing 400 kills in HHH = In the new revamped HHH honestly im tired of repeating myself again and again
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    • onion

      Ey guys. I'ma be leaving DreamerRO for a while. Returning player going away a bit and high chance become re-returing player lol. I'll still be on to do Daily Quests (unless I lazy heheh) and maybe loaf a bit once in a while. I also might go on for automated events like Poring Catcher and Dice. Other than that, I will be RO-ing elsewhere. I feel sad to do this because I love my Doram and my cart and my pet, but sometimes you just have to go where little Doram dreams can come true.
      I will still be visiting the Dreamer Forum from time to time because I want to be up to date with current DRO stuff, hehe. ^^ So to those who have been enjoying my status posts, I appreciate it a LOT. Thanks so much.
      One thing for sure is that I will miss hanging out with my friends, Apex and NC. I will also miss seeing Gong adjusting his butt on the Caspen tile, wearing yet another random headgear, haha... And psjd randomly coming up to my Doram. And seeing Cray and Sven, seeing Mr Mittens helping newbies, seeing Latte AFK-ing, DunnoFarm also parking by the Achievement Manager... and my Doram will miss Turk very much. No, not crush, just pure admiration.
      Thanks, guys for being in my social circle...in whatever way you did, hahah~ I say all this now in case by the time I return to DRO, y'all are gone or stuff.
      So, why am I leaving? (Sorry, I write a lot. ^^; Hopefully no typos.)
      One: I can't experience being a full Doram on this server. I love this class, but it sucks when all I can be is half a Doram without my thirteen advanced skills/Base Level 100 skills. I really think DRO shouldn't offer the classes if it is not yet fully-functional. Don't be greedy. Players will leave when they realise they have been lied to. Players like me. And yeah sure I can play another class but no. I play a class that I feel connected to. These are Dorams, AB, Rebellions. I don't play my AB because DRO makes me feel like it is an unneeded class.
      I STILL really want to be a full Doram on DreamerRO though! So if it does gets fixed, I'ma be comin back asap yo. xD
      Two: DreamerRO does not feel fun anymore as many things in the game have turned into a chore or a competition; and the Dreamer world is only for the rich and powerful. I know what competition is and what being competitive looks like, but KS (Kill Steal) is NOT IT. Take Goblin Invasion, for example. Supposed to be fun event. Pfft. I get KS-ed a LOT by WLs like Missy Toki, Lady Cherish, and Angwen Sutanto who just Storm Gust without even looking. REALLY made me angry. Sure, I could use a class that has best advantage for the event, but the soul is empty. The victory lacks depth. Next, look at the current Easter Event going on. My friend got KSed hard because people are so damn greedy and desperate for Easter Eggs. Even in Easter Field thingy, people like Pau (rude GX) STILL want to KS. Worse, they KS and then diss you for not being a GX.
      KSing is not being competitive, to me. I will not lower my standards just because that's the only way to even the odds. Na'ah, not happening, bub. I managed to win the Goblin event, fair and square. u_u
      Third: change of community? Not sure if the kind of crowd changed or I'm finally seeing the uglier side of DRO after being around long enough. This point links with the previous. I am not asking for a super polite crowd. I just want to see lesser rudeness and that bit of 'respecting other players' as mentioned in Dreamer Rule #8, Player Etiquette. THAT'S ALL. Instead, we have anti-newbie like - PeaNottJelly - (the GX who called my friends and I as trash he needed to clean up); rude players like Juliet (two-faced WL with no self-control over her trash talk to my other friend); and a bully like MauDeoL who won't apologise when he is clearly in the wrong, despite his effort in trying to portray that he's not really a bad guy.
      I know people trash-talk, but sometimes it goes overboard and gets carried away outside of PVP areas. If things have always been this way and that it is I who have been oblivious, then...damn. People need to be disciplined, hewhewhew...
      Fourth: lacking of official contents (maps, NPCs, items/EQ, quests). DreamerRO claims to be Episode 16.3 (I think they mean 16.2?); but many things are missing. Rockridge and Lasagna regions are empty, the stuff you can get from those regions are also not available, and the only quests we have (real quest, not tasks like DQ) are the one related to Hero stuff. DRO does not even have Royal Banquet. Also, I'm briefly angered at the fact that they used an NPC from Lasagna for Easter but can't even implement that town! Yes, I am aware that HaZe and his GMs were busy trying to keep the server up, but sometimes I think they just not dealing with the root cause of the problem and cover it up with an alternative, a temporary solution that makes fixing become harder.
      Fifth: general gameplay direction...? DreamerRO seems to be all about using few particular classes and getting good just so you can kick all the other kids' butts -- and that means spamming skills and borrowing other classes' skills through cards and stuff. You become a uniform crowd of 'jack of all trades and master of none'. No diversity at all. I remember when a bard randomly performs in town, but where are the bards of Dreamer? When I first came out with my Doram, someone even said they don't know what a Doram is, like OH WOWWWW. In terns of gears, it's really cool that we have godly items that we don't have to make (because it's super tedious), so that gives everyone a chance to obtain it if they can get Zeny...but custom gears are mostly the same: cast delay reduction and demi-human stuff to enable spamming skills outrageously on other people.
      So, to me, Dreamer does not allow you to easily enjoy a job class and instead tells you what you should do. So much for "mastering a class", lol -- like how Rebellions should be a revolver build and Kagerou/Oboro should be magic build. I think people don't know what 'mastering something' means. You are free to choose your preferred build; it's not a bad thing and in Dreamer sense, the mastery part comes when you are able to kick other people's butts, the people that follow DRO's templates.
      And what's with the deal of "cannot use 3rd job skills here". Then might as well not even be 3rd jobs, hahah. You call that a 'challenge'. Hmm, riiiight... I ain't buyin it, jack. x'D
      * * *
      So...yeah, that's basically it. DreamerRO claims it give players a 'unique experience'. I believe them. It's just too unique for me right now. I think HaZe and GM team should ease up on making new events or asking for events suggestions and try to fix things first. Better to run events on a lesser-bug server, right? But this is just my opinion. I'm not bashing anyone. ^^ Also, people have got to realise that private servers are just pirated RO. So, to get sulky when people aren't contributing monetarily is not valid. I don't know how to put this as nicely as possible, but I think if you can't provide the service anymore, it is OK to admit defeat than continue doing sloppy work. I've seen servers close because their GMs could not keep it up because of life. People grow up, have jobs and families -- everyone understands that. Sometimes, you just have to let go of the things you love.
      However, I read that HaZe said back in Sept(?) 2018 that he is handing down the server codes to another developer or something in order to help him work on all bugs, fixes, implementations, stuff... I believe this is a good move, yes. ^^ In the meantime, I will be playing at low-rate server for now. Yes, it is going to need a LOT of getting used to and sadly, one can't learn all skills like in Dreamer but hey, they recognise Dorams and Rebellions (and every class, seriously) and... well, they have all that I can only dream of on DreamerRO.
      Oh, if this is considered taking a game a bit too seriously, then all I can say is, "Hey, I just have feelings and passion." I mean damn, RO is cool and I played the official server since its beta testing days until The Sign quest came out. And as I have said before, the least we pirates can do to honour Lee Myoung-Jin is to thoroughly share and enjoy all his work.
      So... I take my leave -- for now. I'll see you whenever I see you, hahah. Thanks again for everything, guys. And thanks for reading it in full, if you did. ^^
      · 9 replies
    • liyaperfidious

      Hey. I'm probably going to distance myself from DRO for a bit. I go in, do DQ, get box if at all... and that's it. I'll be back full-swing some time... I guess? Idk.
      - I'll be at a place that provides more Rebellion eq and NPCs
      - Bugs and DCs demotivate me
      - Too many idiots here and no action being taken against them
      - Official quests and adventure are waiting for me elsewhere

      · 8 replies
    • Tsuchie

      Instead of regretting doing nothing, I would do everything and then regret it.
      · 0 replies
    • liyaperfidious

      Rebellion Sven, undercover. Not suspicious at all.
      He doesn't mind being with that guy named Lazy.

      · 3 replies
    • onion

      Meowww what a DQ today! Hylozoist Card! That is as bad as asking for 195x Flashlight! Luckily my buddies Sven has some in stock and Apex helped me out, so I finished my DQ very quickly, hewhewhew. Thanks, guys.
      What did we do after that? Go to Hugel and place our bets for the Hugel Monster Race!! I've always enjoyed this since it first came out years back. Here I bet on little Piggy, but he kept sleeping... hahahhaa~ And sorry, Apex, I didn't realise that the Dreamer logo blocked you... :< Go see Sven's page. He has a better picture, I think.

      We had a few DCs (what was up with that??) and Sven got stuck, but we were determined to see the race! xD Eventually, the server stabilised and Apex even won something! xD
      After that, I decided to show Apex the hometown of Doram: Port Town Lasagna. It's (still) a dead town, but he liked it anyway. ^^ That pink macaroon was made for NC, I tell you; but she wasn't online, so... yeah... :< Sven then showed Apex around Rockridge.

      OK bye!
      -- tagging @liyaperfidious und @ApexPredator
      * * *
      On a side note, a Doram asked in Caspen where the "Level 100 skills" are. Of course, no one answered because I dunno who even plays Doram much or know the true official capabilities of Dorams lol. So, I told her that if she's referring to Doram advanced skills, then Dreamer (still) does not have it. She remained silent afterwards, perhaps a bit disappointed that she can only be half a Doram?
      And what is weird is that in Dreamer, the skill 'Catnip Meteor' inflicts Ghost property damage instead of Neutral element. Could it possibly be that GM and team know about the 'missing' advanced skills since they might have edited the CN Meteor element...t? And if so, are Doram advanced skills removed on purpose or...? o_O Most curious...
      Whatever it is, it is truly a pity because Dreamer's surplus Skill points for Summoners would enable everyone to truly experience the class and at Level 500; but oh welllll~ Can't do anything but just accept it that THIRTEEN skills are non-existent, lelz x'D Either that or find an alternative...
      But to be honest, I want to experience being full Doram on Dreamer RO. I really do.
      · 3 replies
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