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    • What you wrote here doesn't provide us any information to investigate the issue but rather a discrimination towards other race. These bold statement you wrote would draw an outrage from the community, mind you. Just because a player betrayed your trust doesn't justify your action labelling an entire race for a scammer. You are already breaking several forum rules by posting this topic and I'll remind you of it. 1. Do not post content with the sole purpose of starting drama on the server. If it is a sensitive subject, it should be discussed through support tickets.
      Punishment: 1st Offense: Deletion of content + Warning, 2nd offense:  Warning + 3-day ban,  3rd Offense: 2 weeks ban or permanent ban.
      4. Do not open topics to accuse another player or a staff member without proper evidence. Evidence may include screenshots, chat logs, videos, etc. Without evidence your case is useless.
      Punishment: 1st Offense: Deletion of content + Warning, 2nd offense:  Warning + 3-day ban,  3rd Offense: 2 weeks ban or permanent ban.
      7. Do not start uncivilized arguments on public topics. The  Private message system should be used to carry on with these kinds of arguments.
      Punishment: 1st Offense: Deletion of content + Warning, 2nd offense:  Warning + 3-day ban,  3rd Offense: 2 weeks ban or permanent ban.   I sincerely apologise to all Philippines player on behalf of original poster for his insolences. We do not tolerate racism and unlawful players in DreamerRO. As mentioned by our Support Players, please create your topic in Report section or Support Ticket and provide all necessary information so we could investigate but bear in mind that If you're having difficulties what to write in report/support ticket, you're more than welcome to message any of us GMs for guidance.     That's your impression towards them. Not everyone is ethical by nature and never expect them to be, just by your presumption due to their fame. For example, have a look at corrupted politicians and/or world leaders. I hope you get the idea.   I am here on neutrality and in peace. This topic would be locked to forbid any further dramas/arguments. 🙂
    • What is your GLeaders name ?  Tell us or just me so that ill watch out for such scammers and protect dro community . ❤️
    • Instead of creating unnecessary drama why not create a proper report so it can be investigated by the proper team. Don't lump people in one group just because of their races, your race has nothing to do with your attitude or behavior. I am not going to tell you to stop being dumb and don't trust anyone with your equipment. It's your choice, even me have people I trust my items. Just that the GM team won't have any responsibility to help you return your items or trace where it goes. But they could still help you ban the player if your case is proven. You cannot report to the police and expect the police to return your items if they can't find it or if it's money, you can't expect them to pay for it when the thief already spent it somewhere. Your items are your own responsibility  but GM's don't tolerate scammers it's just that, it's extremely difficult to trace items in this game.

      Me and my partner are of different races, we share stuffs and even has a guild storage of our own. If he ever one day decided to betray my trust, it's only him, not other people of his race.  And why does opinion of other people about that guy matter? It doesn't matter if someone is known by the GM or whoever. Even GM's can get ban how much more for a normal player.
    • As unfortunate as your case is, GMs have no obligation to return items that were hacked especially if that hacking was due to giving out your ID and password to someone, you may plead your case in the reports section so a GM can review it.
      Please be reminded that racism is frowned upon here, Calling out Pinoys in your post and leaving out the guild and name of person, sounds prejudiced to attacking and misleading towards a certain race.
    • Thanks for adding a price to the shop! Simple but great addition. And also for the event!
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