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    • dont use icepick, youll have 1 dmg, draconus has zero def thats why, and tthat particular draconus is dark element, not the regular ghost soo just use neutral or ask a priest to aspersio you prior to entering, use @mi draconus and youll see what i mean ( there are two draconus that will come out the one that ddrops only scale is the one from hero temple)
    • i was able to hit it using immaterial dagger/sword(the draco in temple).but can i convert my weapon element to ghost if i use ice pick and orcish axe? i tried to use cursed water and kinda still the same.able to kill it with auto sonic blow though,somehow sometimes i hit with big number than 1.
    • Guest Olga
      Why you introduce bug is not good. its like you saying you abuse bug in this post. wew
    • 2b. The use of looting pets to loot character bound items (e.g. Draconus scale) is classified as known bug abuse, and actual attempts to buy/sell/trade said items is illegal.
      All Offenses: 4-day ban.
    • If you wanna save 1b zenny and kill the one in mag_dun02 (can't warp directly so you gotta type @warp mag_dun01 241 241) here's what you need (remember Draconus Scale is character bound which means you can't storage/drop/trade it, DO NOT use a looter pet. The most comfortable build is Auto Sonic Blow and the fastest killer is an Assassin/Guillotine Cross, so if you're killing Draconus to make hero another character, get a looter pet, 1300 HIT, DON'T USE Thanatos Card or Ice Pick and must use & wear: 500 STR/130 AGI/218 VIT/1 INT/330 DEX/ 252 LUK - Punk Beanie (obtainable for 30 V4P) - Any +Stats Wings or Physical Damage to Demi-Human % Wings (if got none don't worry it's just extra damage) - Any damage % aura or Physical Damage to Demi-Human % Aura (if got none don't worry it's just extra damage) ** You can use 2 Gemini-S58 Card/Dark Pinguicula///1 Orc Hero & 2 Dark Pinguicula in those 3 headgears ** - Valkyrie Armor (Ghostring/Tao Gunka if got one of those or Porcellio Card for extra damage) - Any Garment with Wakwak Card (MUST use 500 STR) - Returner's Boots are the best option for Draconus as long as you have them, if they're already removed use any Shoes (Sleipnir if got) you want with HP % cards (Green Ferus) or Fused Eddga if farmed some DQ Tokens. - Bradium Ring with 2 Gold Scarabba Card (or Thief Class Medal of Honor if farmed some Battle Badges and want 5% ATK boost per Medal) - Specialty Jur (dropped from Eremes Guile, @warp lhz_dun02 150 150 to enter the map) or Death Katar from DQ/Coupon (if got that you can use Valkyrie Shield with Alice Card) with 3 Abysmal Knight & 1 Phreeoni Card/2 Abysmal Knight, 1 Turtle General (if got) & 1 Phreeoni (1300 HIT with the stats already mentioned) ** The Draconus spams from 3:30-4 hrs and the ID is 3400 so you gotta use @mobsearch 3400 in the map to make sure you're searching for the right one, once you find it use a Soul Linker for extra damage in your sinx and ANY ELEMENT because it is Ghost Property **   FOR THE DRACONUS IN HERO TEMPLE (AYO_IN02): The most comfortable & fastest build is also Auto Sonic Blow, so if you have magical/ranged character or whatever, you use ALL ITEMS & STATS MENTIONED (except for the katar of course, just replace that one for any 4 slot weapon or any of your choice, perhaps Death Weapons) and you may use 3 Abysmal Knight Card 1 Hydra (since that one got less flee, in case you miss hits just stick to the 3 Abysmal & Phreeoni but it shouldn't miss). This Draconus is different, it is weaker and you must use Holy Element in weapon (Aspersio from Priest Class) and Gloom Under Night (for extra damage if you have one). NOTE: In order to kill the Temple Draconus you MUST HAVE 1,000,000,000 Zenny in inventory (not 1b Bag) and make a party with YOURSELF only.  
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