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    • Thank you! I'll try my best and try to find my place in this server 😄 Hope to see you in game! 
    • I can share you mine, not the best but ok. Top Gear (Dark Pinguicula Card)
      Halloween Hunter Cap - Give 20% long range damage (tradeable, pass event)
      Kingsmen Cap - Give 20% long range damage (Non tradeable, can get from this easter event 5500 token)
      Wolfman Hat - Give 15% long range damage (tradeable, its a quest, easy to make) Mid Gear (Dark Pinguicula Card)
      Union Wing - Give 25% long range damage (tradeable) Lower Gear (Dark Pinguicula Card)
      Icicle Ring - Give Atk +500 (5b can buy at vending mall, this one walk slow, u need to use twilight boot)
      Sage Ring - Give Atk +15%, 60% walk speed (its a quest, take lil bit time to make, damage lower than icicle ring but walk fast) Armor (Amdarais Card)
      Executioner's Armor - Give Atk 8% Garment (Menblatt Card)
      Albite Garment  - Give STR +15, DEX +15 (try get +8 for extra Atk 10%) Weapon
      (Card: Fused Atroce + Tyrant Cecil + TG + TG  OR Fused Atroce + Tyrant Cecil + White Knight + White Knight)
      Shamshir - ATK 470 (rank B weapon, one hand sword)
      i saw vending mall 25b, if u have other Hero class character like RG, LK, GX, u can make it to rank B to get the weapon or spend 12 daily coin to buy 4ea 10m hero exp scroll to lvl up fast. Shield (Any card or use Khalitzburg Card only when ur weapon have White Knight Card)
      Shield of Aeneas - Increase Atk rate 20% Shoes (Fused Eddga)
      Twilight Boot - Give ATK 5%, move speed 60% Accessories (Gold Scaraba Card)
      Mercury Relic - STR +20 For low, mid, high lvl zeph, most non ghost monster can one hit. Use Crazy Uproar and Cart Boost skill for boost attack. For izlu2dun monster, u can use Illusion Doping to get them come to u, mob them and use Cart Cannon skill to kill them. Amdarais card will take ur sp fast so some time u need to warp back to heal.  
    • I would like to suggest to put Change job scroll, Elite weapon scroll or Ragna shirt. Since SoH was removed from the WoE shop. Thank you for kind consideration.
    • Hmm. I didn't really follow this guide. I just remembered someone mentioning which stats and effects improve Illusion Doping's damage, and I started from there. But i ended up with pretty similar equipments. Did some tests on my available items to try and see which gives me the most damage potential. Though I'm happy with my damage (10k ~ 20k+ depending on the monsters), some items on my current build can still use some better alternatives. 
    • have you improved any other equips beside on what ts suggested?
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