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    • Tsuchie

      Instead of regretting doing nothing, I would do everything and then regret it.
      · 0 replies
    • liyaperfidious

      Rebellion Sven, undercover. Not suspicious at all.
      He doesn't mind being with that guy named Lazy.

      · 1 reply
    • onion

      Meowww what a DQ today! Hylozoist Card! That is as bad as asking for 195x Flashlight! Luckily my buddies Sven has some in stock and Apex helped me out, so I finished my DQ very quickly, hewhewhew. Thanks, guys.
      What did we do after that? Go to Hugel and place our bets for the Hugel Monster Race!! I've always enjoyed this since it first came out years back. Here I bet on little Piggy, but he kept sleeping... hahahhaa~ And sorry, Apex, I didn't realise that the Dreamer logo blocked you... :< Go see Sven's page. He has a better picture, I think.

      We had a few DCs (what was up with that??) and Sven got stuck, but we were determined to see the race! xD Eventually, the server stabilised and Apex even won something! xD
      After that, I decided to show Apex the hometown of Doram: Port Town Lasagna. It's (still) a dead town, but he liked it anyway. ^^ That pink macaroon was made for NC, I tell you; but she wasn't online, so... yeah... :< Sven then showed Apex around Rockridge.

      OK bye!
      -- tagging @liyaperfidious und @ApexPredator
      * * *
      On a side note, a Doram asked in Caspen where the "Level 100 skills" are. Of course, no one answered because I dunno who even plays Doram much or know the true official capabilities of Dorams lol. So, I told her that if she's referring to Doram advanced skills, then Dreamer (still) does not have it. She remained silent afterwards, perhaps a bit disappointed that she can only be half a Doram?
      And what is weird is that in Dreamer, the skill 'Catnip Meteor' inflicts Ghost property damage instead of Neutral element. Could it possibly be that GM and team know about the 'missing' advanced skills since they might have edited the CN Meteor element...t? And if so, are Doram advanced skills removed on purpose or...? o_O Most curious...
      Whatever it is, it is truly a pity because Dreamer's surplus Skill points for Summoners would enable everyone to truly experience the class and at Level 500; but oh welllll~ Can't do anything but just accept it that THIRTEEN skills are non-existent, lelz x'D Either that or find an alternative...
      But to be honest, I want to experience being full Doram on Dreamer RO. I really do.
      · 3 replies
    • liyaperfidious

      Tonight's adventures...
      with @onion and @ApexPredator

      I kept betting on little pupper to win, but he went back and forth the whole time. Haha.
      And later we went to Rockridge maps, where Sven feels very at home, listening to chill COWboy tunes.

      ugh Rebellion's so fkin badass...
      · 2 replies
    • Horakthy

      Ever since forge coupon was released, all I got was agile cleats. lol
      · 2 replies
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