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    • Remove on death like in the official server. 
    • Lol such a funny thread, honestly for me the problem with tao gunka scroll is because it's drawback is not enough. And when I said drawback I am talking about it's cost and availability. Tao Gunka scroll is one of the most overpowered consumable in the server which in fact exist in official server too, there's no denying about it. The thing is most players here aren't looking at it objectively. It's original purpose is to be a type of "premium consumable" closely similar with how yggdrasil berry works in official server.  A consumable that you won't simply use because it's hard to obtain and even with zeny it's supply is simply scarce. In every other MMORPG I played there are some of this stuffs. Stuffs that sometimes end up sitting in your inventory for so long because you only want to use it when it really matter.

      I know my opinion would annoy someone I know but it's my honest opinion about it, neither I am blaming Sadie for putting it in PYL stage 5 back then because I myself though it was fair enough to be there at a low chance that time. I believe that the rewards were also discussed by the Dev team back then and was approved by our admin. But again looking back at it objectively. I believe it might be the problem. It might need some adjustment. There are 2 ways I could suggest to fix the issue, 1 is to make it account bound, the other is adjusting the way it is obtained to make the supply much scarce.

      Again this is only my personal opinion and not the dev team opinion.
    • I think it was clear from my previous replies that what I agreed to is making the scroll removed by death and dispellable. I was neutral about making it more accessible. 
    • It all comes down to:
      1. Is it worth it for the price?
      2. Is it not worth it for the price?

      1. Yes, it's worth it. <---- Then go buy it. No zeny? Farm for it. Lazy to farm? Donate.
      2. No, it's not worth it. <---- Then don't buy it.

      Never knew it was this simple.
    • Simple, you grind, you buy as many as you can, dont use them immediately, grind for another batch of tgk scrolls, use some for hard farming, if you got profit then buy another batch. Like everyone's explaining here example haze did lower the price for them and a veteran AB full resist with tgk scroll and noble hat vs that thing you're saying for NEWBIES OR NON-RICH players. How fair do you think that will be? How much more for a RK full build +8 jugg and tgk scroll, with undead/holy scrolls and elemental pots vs NON-VETERAN Players? That will just make it worse. Duration-wise 3 minutes is more than enough. But... You already said it.. AN OVERPOWERED CONSUMABLE but why still talk about its duration? Do you want to lower the duration or make it longer? IDK we're just going circles here. First you say Overpowered. Then after that duration is too low. I just dont get it
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