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  2. Feurille


    Dami paraan. Kung sobrang bago ka at willing ka magtyaga, mine ka na lang or zeph missions.
  3. Today
  4. Ronpogs


  5. Zerg Rush


    I have no idea. Just offer, please.
  6. Ziee


    Saan/ano po ang unang magandang gawin para sa mga newbie na tulad ko para magpayaman. salamat po
  7. Lex Luthor

    [ Legacy ]

    Time to resurrect XD
  8. JIROU

    June Balancing Patch #1

    Seem like Falcon Blade got a bug, it doesnt increase damage falcon assault . Im tested it before and after wearing dagger the damage just increase around like 25~30k , i think that damage is from %Matk of weapon
  9. Ronpogs


    hm for stalker card?
  10. Solo Leveling, anyone? 😎

  11. RexTeoh

    Buy, Sell, Trade

    BUYING None SELLING None TRADING 1. D. Tokens to Hades Card 2. D. Tokens to +8 Combat Asprika Please leave your ign and offer. If not, please pm me Ty
  12. iamhii

    June Balancing Patch #1

    That's pretty broken. 50k on GR no delay spam is crazy, even if they dont have 500 vit. You'll hit 20k spammable on GR. That's still pretty good.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Zerg Rush


  15. Artemia

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    Sorry, looking for clean +0. Thanks though will edit for clarity
  16. Ronpogs

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    +8 only
  17. Artemia

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    B> +0 keeper's manteau 4b or your offer p.s. im poor
  18. Ayla

    Ayla's Shopping List

    Buying: 4x Kiel Cards 1x Celine Kimi Card 1x Tyrant Cecil Card 8x Vengeful Eremes Cards 1x Cloak of Azure 1x Felicity Wings Leave prices through PM along with your IGN(s) and usual time/schedule of activity in-game.
  19. Death Of Birth

    Elite Weapon Quest (UPDATED & REMAKE)!

    No Quest for 3rd Elite Weapon you need to buy it through Elite Weapon Expert or Using Elite Weapon Scroll. same with 2nd Elite Gloves you need to buy it.
  20. 7deadlysins

    Guide for OGH

    I am also waiting for this information, but since it has been a good source of equipment, combat coins and rare cards for vets, I don't think they will be giving it away anytime soon.
  21. Imma go ahead and assume Dorams and Rebellions are still irrelevant and will probably never be fixed. Other "new" maps and official quests too I guess? Ok ok. I uninstall soon after I go in one last time... uh when I remember, lol. Laptoppi need more free space.

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      wait 10 or maybe 20 years.. those classes should be relevant by then😂

    3. liyaperfidious


      @Lv1 Akikiw GOODBYE FRIEND

      @FARMNKILL Ok I be in wheelchair by then when reinstalling lol

      @HaZe My love is only for Rebellion. I'll be in AU Einbech always, feeding cats, helping old ladies and promoting guns. 😎

    4. Jhon
  22. Rrrrrrow

    Guide for OGH

    If any experienced players would be so kind as to post something like different party compositions and most needed skills and roles the chars play in the suggested composition. Really helpful would be to have useful loots and bosses. Thx in advance as I didn't find any appropriate guides in forum so far.
  23. Feurille

    Feurille's Buy and Sell

  24. Last week
  25. 7deadlysins


    UPDATED SELLING AND BUYING ITEMS. thanks for buying!
  26. Ronpogs

    June Balancing Patch #1

    nc @Haze good job! reduce CD of Falcon assaulter too to make it viable thanks it only does 100k damage with full resist its still not that viable like grimtooth or sacri. for the same range it's not fair thanks!
  27. Can someone provide me the link to where I can check the new items and its effects? (i.e headgears, wings, auras, armors, accessories). TIA.

    1. Artemia


      There's no link for one whole list I think. You might have to check different topics.

      A few new item effects in the seasonal events.

  28. Zerg Rush


  29. ulol69

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    wish we have a v.i.p feature with job changer...... like i change from Rune Knight to Mechanic then back to Rune Knight again..and has a feature with only selected change job and can revert back to the old job.. just like in ragnarok mobile
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