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  2. mafiqazman

    S> +8 STR Temporal. 165B of offer

    Upp. Sell
  3. bought mercury relic...
  4. Yesterday
  5. aedan3

    Bubble Gum Farming

    i forgot between the one you get from reaching lv 500 achievement or doing 1 scavenger hunt quest for the first time, it is tradable. So you get 3 bbgum which one is tradable (to other char and yeah its for selling), the one you can store it on your storage and the one you can't move it, just use it because its not moveable xD
  6. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Thanks bud!!! Now open for an new project but no heavily-animated one this time since I am still recovering lol
  7. Sold +4TwilightBoots...
  8. Rad

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Much appreciated, very understanding and patient when making siggy's. Excellent work! Would recommend 100%
  9. Added Mercury Relic to buying list...
  10. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Project for rad
  11. megakillz

    Buying Complete Elite Stone

    20b for complete stones
  12. added corruption root card to selling list...
  13. sold addax card...
  14. added twilight boots, kmant and villainous shadow card in selling list...
  15. Sold Saint's Ring...
  16. BUYING: Mercury Relic (2pcs) = offer SELLING LIST: Saints Ring = 23B +4 Twilight Boots = 30B Howling Wind = 30B Gem of Delay = 14B Addax card = 12B +4 Keeper's Manteau = 10B Villainous Shadow Card (2pcs) = 7b each Corruption Root Card = 4B Graceful Margaretha card = 4B Dark Faceworm card= 4B BP:Atomic Aura = 10B BP:Helm of Conqueror = 10B Open to offers as long as the price is reasonable... post IGN here or pm me in game IGN: Clodwal (genetic) or • €x Sànc†iêl • (Warlock)...
  17. is it just me or a lot of people didnt notice that quest item "sage ring" has better effect than donation item "enchanted diamond dust"?

    1. Friday05


      well some skills dont work with atk or matk % and vice versa LOL

    2. verrdii


      It depends on the skill so i cant say sage ring > enchanted diamond dust

    3. Seamless


      Generally, yes. But as they say, some skill damages cannot be increased by atk/matk. On the other hand, edd is a very old donation item, so it is quite outdated.

  18. Last week
  19. zero_chan

    Hubad Guild recruitment

    Hello, Ladies and Gentleman We are from the Hubad Guild If u are seeking a guild and still haven't found the right guild to join we can be the answer to your question. ^^ newbies and pros are welcome in this guild so feel free to join us!!! u can join by DM to my character : Zero0617chan we will be waiting for you guys in this guild xDDD
  20. spiritcalmbear


    Fabric is the main thing abs and other stuff to create quest headgears
  21. InternationalPlayboy


    What kind of stuffs to farm there?
  22. Remorseless

    Remorseless' Signature Thread

    Just a tribute for my beloved server! Feel free to use it!
  23. ikoy


    thankyou forgot to include it
  24. Latte

    Looking for my long lost RO friend Airi/Aireen

    No idea.. there’s a big chance she’s not in this server anymore
  25. Friday05


    just a tip, you can use illusion doping to lure the whole map (or at least the ones the can be seen) towards you
  26. megakillz

    Wondering Gon harassment

    obvious answer, lack of active staff(GM) whose actively punish people who violates the rules. another example, look at vending spot, there are a lot of people who are vending "on the spot" but still there for weeks, even if GM on, they don't do anything or just make them DC instead of jail.
  27. ikoy


    So here is what this is.... Im only a newbie at this server so this is to help other newbies and some pro player who want to farm in Royal Chamber with fast AOE kill without hassle of pressing multiple "F" keys this guide could farm 1k of Everything in less than 20 minutes if you are alone in Royal Chamber. Preferred job: G E N E T I C Hero/non Hero Equips -returner set Weapon Preferred: Death Weapon(Death tsurugi)/Knife Cards -4x Archer Skeleton Ammunition 1xDark Cannon Ball (mall 3rd job NPC) Skills Required: O.P CART CANNON MAX LEVEL CART REMODEL MAX LEVEL STATS :: :: : : : : :: : : : INT - 500 STR- 200 AGI - MAX ASPD DEX- NO CAST LUK-UP TO YOU(this will increase Attack Damage) VIT-UP TO YOU Tips. LURE THEM INTO A STACK PILE , STRAIGHT LINE OR ANY OTHER TYPES OF LURING THEN KILL THEM WITH THE OP CANNON BALL #HAPPY HUNTING...
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