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D I S T A N C E is NOTHING when the L O V E is REAL

Though we may be miles apart... LOVE is always close to HEART

( I just wanted to share our love story In Real Life )


I remember the year and that was 2009,

It’s our Nurse’s week and I was on the line.

You’re too busy for your pageant rehearsals,

I’m nervous preparing for Microbiology proposal.


Mr. EAC, of course! I knew you already,

On the corner of my mind, asking if you know me?

Our world seems to be far apart,

So good to be true so I say, don’t think about that.


We’re friends on FB, we do play Farmville

It’s funny on friends for sale, you always buy me J

One ordinary day, my cellphone beeped,

I got amazed it’s your name that appeared.


We exchange messages, developed as friends

Call and text, never mind the time we spend.

My heart skipped when you asked me out

Can’t sleep that night, don’t know what to expect about.


We watched Newmoon – our very first date,

To meet someone like you, maybe it’s my fate.

It’s December 29, 2009 when you asked me, will you be my girlfriend?

Thank you Lord, I found the man I’ll spend my life with.


We were classmates, we studied very hard,

To fulfill our dreams, we are looking forward;

Remember the day we passed the board exam?

Blessed indeed, endless thanks to Lord God.


We may not be a perfect couple,

We sometimes fight and encounter troubles;

I may not be the perfect girlfriend for you,

Promise I’ll give you the love that’s so true.


Hally it’s been five years since we’ve met,

Lots of memories, surely we won’t forget.

We’ve been through many ups and downs,

You always make me smile, you’re my clown.


Happy anniversary hally and I love you so much!

Can’t wait for the “right time” that we’ll be together as such.

I’ll never get tired of saying iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou,

Cause I know you always appreciate it too.


Hally we will be forever and ever Amen

‘will see each other grow old and have our hairs whiten,

Our plans of having our own children…

We’ll build these dreams together, no matter what happen.


As the song says, “you were just a dream that I once knew,

I never thought I would be right for you”…

If Xagnes has found the love in La Presa,

Also, we have “forever” to be called Breyiana JJJ


Hally thank you very much for everything,

You’re my best friend, partner, my life – the best gift to me!

Since 2009 I say to you, I could not ask for more

Cause you’re all I need to be with FOREVERMORE.


IGN : fF r u s t r a t i o n Lovely Diana

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