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When you love someone, you just do. No but's, no maybe's and no why's.
© xviiScarleTxvii <3 ·† Jìn ¤ ×vII †·
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When you love someone, you just do. No but's, no maybe's and no why's.


My senior introduced him to me on 2011. But I have problem remembering the name and the face of the person that I’ve just met. So, I forgot that I already met him at lobby of our school. Our next meeting is at the travel agency. So my senior, once again, introduced him to me.


Few weeks have passed, “I like that guy.” I told my friend once that I realized that I’m already falling for him. “Want me to help you?” my friend offered. Then I confidently replied “No, I can manage.” Well what I can’t believe is that he heard the last thing that I’ve said and he thinks that I’m so conceited.


We exchanged messages already, I lost my hope when I see no progress in our relationship when we became friends. I decided to stop bothering him so I make myself busy. Then one time, out of the blue, I received a message from him telling me that he loves me. At first, I thought that he’s just messing with me since he think that I’m interested in him. But I took the risk and tell him that I love him too. And then we became lovers and our life has changed.


My family doesn’t like him and they’ll do anything to tear us apart but we stand still. Our relationship is like against all odds. But they gave up when they realize that they cannot separate us. And now I still can’t believe that we’re almost 5 years together.


When I was a child I want to see an angel. I do believe in them. Even though I’m not sure if they really do exist. Until I’ve found one. He wears denim cap instead of a lovely halo. He wears black jacket instead of a white clothes. And a guitar case on his shoulder instead of spreading his wings. He laughs because of my clumsiness, but I’m sure he really do care. He always hurt me physically, every time he hugs me so tight. And he always make me cry, because he care too much. He never fail to make me smile. He sing me song when I ask him to. He never sleep when, I’m still awake. He wake up early just to wake me up. He says “I love you” out of the blue and he make me feel like I am princess. Maybe he’s different from the angel we know, but I’m sure in one thing. That God sent him for me and I’m very blessed having him as my Guardian Angel.


Gaming is not my thing. Like literally, I don’t want to waste my time on this. But this guy, changed my mind. He taught me how to play online games. And I became addicted on this. Now, it’s our 4th year in dreamerRo. =)


IGN: xviiScarleTxvii <3 ·† Jìn ¤ ×vII †·




© xviiScarleTxvii <3 ·† Jìn ¤ ×vII †·

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