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    This is just turning into a flaming discussion, which is not necessary. If you encounter a toxic player, ignore them or answer them with a troll super friendly answer. Someone being toxic to you does not give you an excuse to be toxic back. If it bothers you to the point it becomes unacceptable, take screenshots of the entire conversation and file a report either via forums or anonymously via support ticket.
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    Please do not quote penal laws since its jurisdiction does not cover this game and also penal laws are territorial in nature. What applies in dreamer ro is dro rules. Regardless, I have a feeling that this is a TT which is pvp related. As stated in our rules, higher tolerance must be observed for this. Another big factor is who started the trashtalk or was there a sufficient provocation that happened. Next time I would recommend posting screenshots as evidence to support such claims. However I agree with you that under the UDHR and ICCPR, discrimination is not allowed. But, there are things you have to meet before you can enforce them. Furthermore, this is done in the cyberworld, which calls for a different law.
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    We will be hosting a 1vs1 PvP Tournament tomorrow after Hero Happy Hours ends. Prizes 1st Place: 50 Donation Tokens + 1 Championship Hat (Red Nike Cap) 2nd Place: 25 Donation Tokens Rules 3rd Job Skills enabled. Priest class disabled. No outside buffs from other jobs. No Yggs or any HP healing usable item. (equipment is ok) Maximum duration per fight is 5 minutes. A winner may be decided based on performance after 5 minutes. Spectators will be allowed to watch the tournament. See you there!
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    Want to know our rare wings Sprites? Then this is your side.. This guide include Only Sprites The effects: How can I go Donation Girl? Use: Main NPC>>>Warper option>>>Casino And mall >>>Donation Mall ATTENTION: You can have a review of wings before to buy it using Review option under "Purchase" Be SURE to have zeny if you want preview! Abstract Swan: Description (Melee & Magic) Angel Of Power Description: Antai Dragon Spirit: Description: Azure Incantation Spirit: Description: Dark_Sorrow: Description: Blade Of Sparda: Description: This one have movement. Bloody Tiamat Spirit: Description: Celestial Spirit: Description: Dark Basilisk Spirit: Description: Demon Fox Cloak: Description: This one have movement. Demonic Spirit: Description: This one have movement. Divinity Blades: Description: This one have movement. Evolved Susano'o: Description:This one have movement. Fallen Angels: Description: Fire Dragon Wings: Description: This one have movement. Ghost Claws: Description: Guards Of Glacial: Description: This one have movement. Hitsugaya Wings: Description: Icarus Wings: Description: This one have movement. Itachi's Susano'o: Description: Kiel's Spirit: Description: This one have movement. Kyuubi Tails: Description: Lilith's Spirit: Description: Lucent Permafrost Wings: Description: Madara's Susano'o: ~This guide is still being edited, more Rares Soon~
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    Nerf This Nerf That..Kids...Pfff
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    We hit 600 online today peak during woe 2 weeks ago was only 550..
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    Cant wait for WoE tomorrow to see eucliwod vs The Man
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    Introduction I have been playing this class for almost 4+ years now,been on and off for several times because why not? I am only bored and have nothing to do that's why I am post this (I apologize if I would ever miss some important stuffs) This build works totally fine for me so please do not expect the same result. Reminder: To reach max asura damage, you would need at least 6k SP.Asura's damage do not do more even if you have more than 6k SP eg. you asura with 6k, it will do maximum asura damage but will not do more even if you asura with 7k or 10k SP. Asura does not work with thana or incantation samurai card. EDIT: I haven't tested enough Asuras so I can't tell exactly but the cap for maximum asura damage is no longer 6k. My guess is the cap is between 25k-30k. Stats (this is the stats I currently am on, feel free to change what suits you best) Max Str Divisible by 10 150 agi 230 vit 200 int 420 dex Pros • Very hard to aim, can easily run away,switch gears when necessary • Can always go full damage while hiding on pneuma when you are fast enough (works vs any range characters/skills) • Forces the opposing party in wars to main ghostring armor (which allows sorcs,warlocks to burst them with napalm/soul strike) • Has the ability to regain SP and heal • Good ED/Hades tanker (Being abused by xero) Cons • Your status can go from being the richest to a banned player like xero You die almost instantly to thana users when you fail at switching, this is why I am on spike most of the time. • Sucks vs flee (unless you have a lvl 4 weap,scarat hat) • Can't join PvP wars unless its 3rds • Requires countless items which means that you will have to manually click some items to switch. Before I continue with the rest, I would first want to show how my current bm and inventory (still missing alot of items since I just started gearing it yesterday) looks like right now. BM Inventory Equipments Upper Headgear +0-10 35% reduction headgear [Kiel/Addax] +0 Divine helm [Kiel] or +9-10 Divine helm [Fused Pharaoh] Creed helm [Kiel/Addax] Noble Hat [Kiel] Stormy headphones headgear [Kiel] Sura needs only about 80% delay to spam skills (except heal) which means you can go 1 kiel 1 addax. Divine helm - It's best for you to use a +9 or +10 with fused pharaoh but has to be equipped with a delay wing and a kiel or you will lack some reduce skill delay to spam skills. Settle with Divine helm and a delay wing with 1 kiel 1 addax if you can't afford a +9-10 DH. Stormy headgear is good in 2nd jobs since you are very limited, it is your best item to uncloak players (Requires 100% delay though). Middle Headgear Any 45% Delay wing or Rare Wing [Kiel/Addax] Harpy wings or any other Anti strip wings [Kiel] Lower Headgear Hitsugaya Aura [Orc hero/Glorified orc hero] Lilypad Aura/Night Ring [Orc hero/Margaretha Solin Card/Nightmare Card] Night Scarf [Orc hero] Blue beats headphone [Orc hero] Poring Ring [Orc hero] 20% Damage Aura [Orc hero] Hitsugaya Aura - Main Aura. Lilypad Aura/Night Ring - I'd prefer Lilypad though but that depends on you. Orc hero - Against magic users that have the ability to stun (Warlocks,a stripper sorc with LOD). Margaretha Solin - Has a chance to silence the attacker when you receive magical damage. Nightmare Card - Good to have vs Rangers/Minstrels with EJ/Night scarf and sleep arrow. Night Scarf - Probably the best auras for suras. You can easily inflict status and asura or just spam FO. Blue beats - Not really required, but good to have vs royal guards/arc bishops or even sorcs. Works best with 300+ dex and disabled tripple attack skill. Armors +0-10 Keepers Armor/Valkyrie Armor [+10STR] [Ghostring/Tao] Optional +0-10 Lords Tunic [Ghostring/Tao] My Main Armor for PvP +9-10 Wind Armor [Tao/Frus card] My Main Armor vs Sorcerers Spiritual Tunic +8 Magnetite Armor (Ghostring/Draconus) Shields +8 Libra [Thara/Hades/Maya] +0-10 Valkyrie shield [Hades/GTB] Orleans [Maya] Weapons Apocalypse [1x Fused Doppel,Fused Atroce,2xTGc] Armageddon [1 Thana/Tyrant/Fused Doppel/TGc] +10 Stormslash [Thana/2xSniper/Whitesmith] +10 Stormslash [Thana/2xPhreeoni/Whitesmith] +10 Willow Staff [2x Hydra/2xTGc] +10 Mace [4x Plankton] +10 Moonfall [3x Stormyknight/1Phreeoni] +10 Mace [4x Phreeoni] +10 Spike[2] [Thana/Lod] +10 Spike [Thana/Phreeoni] +10 Spike [2x Stormy Knight] +10 Spike [Phreeoni/Hydra] +10 Spike [2x Phreeoni] I'm using more weapons but better leave these here instead of listing everything. Garment Aesprika Glorified muffler/Elite Aesprika [Deviling] Shoes Sleipnir [GEc] +8 Twilight Boots (Furious Seyren) Returner's boots Accessories 2x Aluminium Gloves Optional (Use it if you don't have Specialist gloves yet) Aluminium Gloves (Gold Scaraba Card) + Specialist gloves + Gold Scarana Card/Gem of Spheres Cursed hand/Gloves [Wikebine tres] Ring of resonance & Flame Lord DUELS sharing only what you should be doing vs certain jobs, excluding my personal builds. EDIT: I actually added Warlocks Medium-Hard There are 2 kinds of warlocks in pvp these days, 1 that focuses on magic and using magic crasher to dispell your buffs and the other one that doesn't just spam magic crasher to dispell but also doing decent damage with it. Use magic resistance,undead scrolls,shadow scroll against magic warlocks and high demi human resist with reflect vs good warlocks that do decent magic crasher damage (+9-10 Reduction headgear[Fused Pharaoh],Cat O' nine tails card on shoes, gem of echo). Spam skynet + windmill asura if they have anti knockback items, Spam ride of lightning, GOH more if they do. Some warlocks would just sit behind safetywall + ice wall and won't chase you but will eventually lose patient and chase you so just keep your distance as much as possible and don't get cornered. Equips that I am using vs warlock, stats that I am using for both WOE and vs Warlocks. You are probably thinking like....what's up with the high agi? - Warlocks dispell using determined kathryne card is still part of magic crasher's so you have high chance to make magic crashers and dispell miss. High agi also boosts your skynet damage. Genetics Easy Hard Get more than 100% fire elem resist, make sure you are on pneuma all the time. The only way a genetic would kill you when you are on pneuma is "Hell's plant", this skill is a bit tricky. The green small plant is the one that triggers the skill so leave your spot when planted, they'll have to step on their plant or summon a plant to suicide and destroy the green plant. Spam FO,Ride of lightning > dodge hell's plant > repeat. Gunslinger Easy Always have your pneuma at all times, use ride of lightning and fo to kill them. Gungslinger in 2nds is a bit hard to kill when they are cloaked so I am using stormy headgear to uncloak and e-z kill them. *works for me* Arc Bishops Easy Most of bishops in the server have +8 libra so just spam skynet + windmill asura on them, repeat. Use blue beats to strip them if you can to make it much more easier to kill them. Some bishops would just spam kyrie when dueling a sura, spam holy light (removes kyrie buff) and go on your damage gears + asura and fo to regain sp back, repeat. Shadow Chasers Medium-Hard Use harpy wing,blue polar bear and a night scarf or just go poring ring + draconus. Keep your distance, spam ride of lightning and reloc on pneuma more often and make sure they never get you with masquerades since they can lock you down with close confine + ignorance. Some chasers are using +8 libras vs suras, use that as an advantace and go knuckle + skynet + windmill asura (works everytime), make sure you pneuma before you asura after windmill to not get caught by thana. Minstrel Easy Refer to Gungslinger's Sorcerers Easy Use magic resist card,main blessings of poring and only switch to anti stone aura to prevent getting stoned (Sorc will try to stone you after arullo). Most sorcs are using +8 libra vs suras, use that as an advantage and spam skynet + windmill + asura combo. There are few good sorcs around that aren't using anti knockback vs suras so you'll have to spam ride of lightning more often and knuckle arrow them to kick them out of Wall of Fog. As you can see with my personal build and stats vs sorcerers, I have 350 int without amonra for kyrie (for wut?) because with these equips, you'll pretty much just get tickled from whatever sorcs throw you, so just spam heal on yourself whenever you are receiving damage(You flinch heal more than what you take). Some smart sorcs would ninja sleep you and switch to status weapons and try to strip you using blue beats so make sure you have an extra wind armor with draconus card and switch to poring ring. Guillotine Cross Easy-Medium Dueling a gx is very easy, the recent update was the only one that made it hard (lol) because their meteor assault got boosted so hard they could just use oblivion poison and spam meteor assault all day. Keep your distance, spam ride of lightning and goh or just surprise windmill asura them (same shit that repeats itself over and over).Remember that they are very squishy, so don't be scared to be the offensive type one. Royal Guard Hard Hybrid royal guard is the toughest class for Suras. They can nerf most of your offensive skills using defender, forces you to just main spike since they can burst you with thana + overbrand. Keep your distance, spam ride of lightning, fo and make sure you don't get caught using 4 slotted weapon. Use plankton card or night scarf to status them so you can heal yourself or asura them. Mechanic Hard Fire element resist (Most used offensive by mechanic is fire element, faws deal random element damage so make sure you keep your distance because you'll take 200k+ damage from earth). Always keep pneuma, spam ride of lightning,goh more often and try not to use 4 slotted weapon except when you are using GOH for max damage. Use creed if necessary and kill the faws for HP. Ranger Easy Refer to gunslinger's Sura Medium-Hard Mirror match. It basically depends on "who aims best". Play around with deviling (I actually main deviling almost every duel vs suras) aesprika to nerf GOH damage. Spam knuckle arrow + skynet if you are having hard time to aim with fo, switch back to tao when you are already on 2nd armor and are going to use gate of hell since it goh damage is based on your max hp and the hp you have lost; Lower HP = More damage, Tao armor (Much more HP) = Better damage. Rune Knight Medium-Hard Fire element resist, go 350 int with amon ra card (most prefered) or just use ring of resonance for assumptio. Keep pneuma at all times, spam knuckle arrow and skynet or just keep spamming reloc and ride of lightning when having hard time vs good rks. Use your best offensive skill with 4 slotted weapon (Asura or GOH) when kyrie procs since you'll be able to dodge few attacks and hit your skill. I have been playing this class for a long time now, have been taught by other mates also took some of the current suras as students of my own. It's a fun class to play especially when you have a decent ping that allows you to pretty much just win duels because of your sick spams. This guide is so far from being complete since I have missed alot of important stuffs and very lazy to explain, still wasn't so bad to share a bit of my experience as a sura player. Goodluck and thanks to whoever is going to use this guide. Logic- Edited: Added my personal builds (Will add more when I have free time or not lazy to do it) Edited: 2/17/2018: This build was made long ago so there are alot of things said in this guide that are no longer working in renewal. I have no interest in playing this character anymore as it was ruined by the client's click-delay (prevents you from spamming and doing combo) which means that I would not update this thread anymore but feel free to use it. EDIT: Decided to play again, turns out it still works in renewal. Updated some of the lists above
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    Already in the works
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    Btw if we talk about racist.. inst Hella the one who do it?? Before this guy post about this.. He even join Hella PT with the N word party (n.... party) .. So dun u guys think it funny?? He dint he ask the PT leader to change the PT name on the spot before join it. Only cry if enemy say it.. this so tuff to handle..phewww.. Either way bout racist no one happy to hear bout it, so punish em all next time!!!
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    Sadly there are players here who talks trash too much because it is simply convenient for them (you cannot physically meet them easily so as to "confirm" how "brave" they are). They have no code of moral decency whatsoever. You should know that whenever you encounter people of such low standards, always remember that they are projecting the environment that they are living in, sad to say, they must be in a really terrible environment right now with no people loving them or caring for them to spend some time and correct their behavior. Everyone can have money, power, be strong in-game and everything, but ONLY FEW HAVE CLASS AND DECENCY. As what admin and others stated, tell them to stop, if they won't, screenshot and post to Report section and hopefully they should be dealt with accordingly.
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    We’ll revise the rules to allow for stricter and harsher punishments to the toxic players. Still, even with stricter rules we will depend solely on reports to punish a toxic player. We have a report section and also a support ticket system that allows for public or private reports. Screenshots are necessary as evidence
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    bg dead because no one likes that mode more like a few jerks-- I mean, unpleasant people are ruining the game for almost everyone unsolvable problem lol
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    If you haven’t done so already, help us grow by writing a quick review about DreamerRO at Ratemyserver http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=8633&url_sname=DreamerRO Renewal-ish
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    How much shit are you guys gonna nerf? Smh
  17. 1 point
    It's been almost a week since I left the game. How are you everyone? Don't forget to enjoy the game and always be a good player ~ and review the server at ratemyserver. ^~^
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    hahah that photo amazing
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    Really? I dare you to walk around black neighborhoods around US while wearing a shirt that says the N word boldly.
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    ur always around whenever @request been used. so i think ur the man sir.
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    I know, they will start TT if and only if you complain much after pvp like they are just numbers but weak. they wont TT if you ddnt show something rude also to them. And if you get Trashtalk it depends on how you perceive those sayings, many choices you can keep silent and show them next what can you do in pvp or else TT them too, something like that. In my 3 years in DRO I respect every player so they respect me too. If you spread false accusations or rumors that will lead to trashtalk and hate speech you'll get something like that too. I don't care if they TT me in pvp performance its just I do my best next time to win in pvp but I did not hahaha..peaceyo!
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    done Remove demi human resistance of those katars. Turned 1 handed.
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    but it isn't there yet, is it? Balance is not there yet, not the nerf. I can quote Haze over and over again where he said " Oboro/Kagerou/Rebellion skills are still not balanced" nerf in patch 2 ≠ balance
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    Please Correct me If I am wrong. The Job order is: Novice>Ninja>Kagerou/Oboro Novice>GS>Rebellion Novice>TK>SG/SL Novice>SN>Expanded SN Novice>1st Job (Mage)>2nd Job (Wizard)>Reborn (Novice)>1st Job (High Mage)>2nd Job (High Wizard)>3rd Job (WL)? Based on the foregoing, Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion is only 2nd class, same with SG and SL. This is also same with Expanded SN and 2nd Job (High Wizard). In effect there is no reason disabling their skills because they are not 3rd Jobs. It is noted that kagerou/oboro/rebellion only came out after Renewal, however, I do not think this is the proper reason in disabling them. 1. There is 3rd jobs arena and HA. The name already speaks for itself, only 3rd jobs should be isolated. 2. Only counting the skills, the number of skills of these jobs are very FEW compared to other class (HW). 3. There was already a 25% nerf on ninja elemental damage. There was no complain on this AND I don't even think the nerf was in proper time. 3.1 Please note that physical ninja is not viable now because of the changes in fuma shuriken. (RENEWAL CHANGE) 3.2 There are a lot of NEW ITEMS to nerf magic damage. Ninja only has 3 magic elements. Nerf all 3, ninja is useless in war since the damage can be reduced to 1 or less than 1k per hit. (I Have seen many people do this) Ninja doesnt have ghost damage like WL/Sorc/SN. It cannot also use old parasol. So, in short, when a magic ninja is nerfed by elemental resist, it is useless in war. 3.3 If we recall Rad's suggestion, we agree that charm damage should be reduced which was done in patch 2, BUT physical damage must be FIXED. Because if not, the class would die. 4. We are already implementing renewal in HA such as defense balance, new stat system, damage formula, etc. Hence, I do not think that just because kagerou/oborro/rebellion was implemented after renewal is enough reason to disable its skills. 5. If we are talking about balance, we already agreed (WHICH HAPPENED ALREADY IN PATCH 2) to reduce charm damage of ninja, BUT to balance out the loss of power, Physical Ninja must be viable. 6. If we are talking about K/D Ratio, I hope we consider the individuals who uses ninja. Please check their other characters. They also do well on the other jobs. It may seem that ninjas are outliers because only a few use it. And probably those few have mastery or knowledge of ninja. 7. It is also quite disturbing that people who complain about ninja is from our enemy guild. They already brought ninja and we never complained about it. This might seem to be irrelevant but this is relevant to #6. This is because it can indicate that the high K/D Ratio of ninja is because of those individuals who are really good in ninja. I hope these points are taken into consideration in implementing these changes. I AGREE IN BALANCING THE CLASS, NOT KILLING THE CLASS.
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    this please, and Final Strike damage too :D
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