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    Click here to view the Vending Items We've added a new feature to our website that will allow you to search through all our vending shops to find the cheapest price. This is an alternative to the existing in-game command, @whosell, except it is a website version of it. Pros: Easier to find your items over @whosell The prices are more straight forward than on @whosell It can be used as a price check tool (see low and high price range) Easier to view and scroll through all the shops that have the item you are looking for. Cons: It is hosted on our website and cannot be directly accessed in-game. In which case, @whosell is the quicker alternative. We hope this makes your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. We also look forward to your feedback on this website feature.
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    You guys set the barriers to entry way too high... and then wonder why PvP is dead. Basically a player needs to check the following requirements in order to enjoy PvP in our server Must be Elite Hero Lvl 3-4 (this one alone takes a lot of effort and excludes the 95%+ of newbies) Needs to be full equipped (Not just 1 set of equips, but multiple gears to counter multiple classes. Years of experience in PvP (Again, even with full equips, they still can't compete) A group of 6-12++ equipped/experience friends that are NOT friends with other veterans or part of other "teams" (Not sure if this is even possible unless they migrate from another server) A strong & determined mentality to "handle" being bullied, harassed and still "want" to get better and keep trying Sure, increasing rewards may encourage some of the strong, social and determined veterans to play PvP instead of BG but ultimately after you fight the same person or "team" for a couple of weeks then usually it becomes obvious which team is the best and the other team gets tired of losing and gives up. Then we have to wait until another organized party of 12-20 players unite and grow enough confidence to challenge the dominating team. All of this needs to happen soon enough so that the dominating team doesn't get bored and quit. Then what happens if it doesn't happen on time? PvP is dead again even with the great rewards..except this time it killed BG with it. I've seen the scenario above happen many times over our 12 years history... and why I believe the current "PvP system" and "mentality" are not ripe for a boost in rewards.
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    Hi ^^ Im Jonathan and Im from DR .. Saludos a todos
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    Just Resu Arost Pvp si BACK !!!!
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    There is a raffle event in our Facebook group. Win up to 75 Credits! https://www.facebook.com/groups/506692406361772/
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    When you speak two languages and start losing vocabulary in both of them = byelingual
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    Hello everyone! Please give a moment to write a review for our server as it helps to grow the number of players that comes and play our server. Here's the link: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=8633&itv=6&url_sname=Dream
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    Meet the staff: http://www.playdreamerro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=staff P.S I need a new avatar please somebody help me
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    Hi, everyone! I'm returning to RO after a 10 year break. Yeah, wild. I can't figure out how to.. cast a spell! I became a mage, bought a staff, invested my skill points into some spells.. but I can't find how to cast them. Haha! I need your help
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    How can a newbie be friends with vets when most old players are ELITIST. They wouldnt even talk to them whenever they are asked something. They would only teach certain builds to someone they already know for a long time. How the hell can newbies enjoy pvp . Yes spoonfeeding is bad but guiding them isnt. Making pvp great again would be far from possible with the community today. Have you seen any guides that are made for renewal? All guides are outdated/pre renewal and nobody wanted to share their build because they all wanted to be at top. Edit: Even at WOE recruiters are only looking for fully geared people(what a joke) just because they wanted to be dominant or what?. To have a great pvp again post new build guides and it will only depend on the player on how will they execute it.
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    updated to included a new feature to change delay
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    Last time i was here was back in 2016 https://postimg.cc/TLxZ5Kmp
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    now thats ninjas been nerfed ill w8 and see if pvp starts back up XD
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    If u see me in caspen ill teach you how to farm and what to do
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    JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS ON THE VIDEO GRF EDITOR : Download Link Grey map and Simplified : Download Link
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    3k caspen kills guide w/various jobs w/ GC Introduction: I decided to make this guide because the only classes that can finish 3k caspen kills pretty fast is GX, RG, and SC, this was a way to be able to do it on multiple jobs. So before you roll your eyes at yet another 3k caspen kills guide, this guide is a way to do it faster using Paladin randel card and holy armor. This build works for me on multiple jobs, i cannot assure if it will work for you. Disclaimer though this build is expensive, and i only recommend doing this if you're going for your 2nd or 3rd elite. In the video i showed 4 different jobs, WS, RK, WL and sniper. Notes: this guide follows the typical build to surviving caspen which is High PD and High earth resist one thing to note is that there will be two sets of items one for Luring and the other for Grandcross Equips: Upper Headgear: Creed helm (or any lifesteal helmet with the same effect) enables 20% chance of gaining 70% of damage as HP card: Gierth 15% earth element resist Mid Headgear: 1.) Neo Arctic wings- increase matk 15 % reduce after skill delay by 20%, 5% for SG and thunderstorm to curse (available via donation mall) alternative: any +30 stat wings (available via v4P or donation mall) Cards: high wizard card -ignore mdef of normal monsters( you can obtain this from lhz_dun03 MVP or via daily quest coins) Lower headgear : FOR LURING 1.) Bee ring ( or any HG with the same effect)- increase perfect dodge by 20 , immunity to sleep, increase physical attack damage to medium by 15% (available via v4p or donation mall) Cards: Gierth 15% earth element resist FOR GRANDCROSS 2.) Sage ring - increase matk and atk by 15% and adds 60% movement speed (available via moose quest in casp_in01 58 191) Cards: Gierth 15% earth element resist Armor: FOR LURING: 1.) Lord's tunic - 10% resistance to earth and wind 10% chance to cast endure when receiving physical attacks (dropped by tiamat, tyrant cecil, you can also buy this at gold_mart) Cards: tao gunkka Max hp +100% FOR GRANDCROSS: 2.) Mathaels Holy nova armor- armor enchanted with holy element receives 20 additional damage from dark property, deal 15% more damage to dark and undead (available via DM shop, CC shop, woe token shop) Cards: Paladin randel card ( adds a chance to cast lvl 10 GC when receiving physical attacks) Weapon: FOR LURING Death grimtooth : +20 PD FOR GRANDCROSS: Old parasol (3x sniper Cards) - for RK and WS exploda (4x sniper cards) for Sniper rank C wand (4 x sniper cards) for WL Shied: valkyrie shield with Draco card (+20% earth resist) ideally: Book of toth for damage ( but in the video i just used Valkyrie shield) Shoes: Agile cleats (max Hp/Sp +25% , permanent endure, PD +5, Flee +100) alternative: heroic boots with wild rose card ( the endure is important together with the PD) Garment: elite asprika with Hode card ( reduce damage taken from earth 30% +15 % resist from all elements wth e. asprika) Accessories: 2x rosary with yoyo card( PD+10 x2) STATS: Int= 500 luck= 260-300 as long as you reach 92 PD ( this is important, i found this amount of PD as the sweet spot) Str= 150 STR for carrying POTS Vit= place the rest of your stats here Nothing on dex or agi strategy: LURING- using your lure gear to lure as many mobs, USE @refresh right before you switch to Grand Cross gear, to prevent tile bug, you will see in the video i used refresh before i switched gears. Basically you have high PD when luring and once you remove your PD gears it will lower it soo that GC will proc more. Killing: switch all gear to grand cross gears once your done with luring (you can note at the video im switching gears in my hot keys in the top right) and spam ygg berry at the same time let grand cross kill them rinse and repeat . if your grandcross is missing the enemy keep on clicking to get closer, or switch armor so you wont die from Grand cross Final notes: >This is not a guide to do fast DM farming, i still think GX/RG/SC are the fastest in farming caspen dungeon for DM points. >Watch the video to see how i do my luring: Take note of how i make sure im in between all the monsters before i switch gears, this is important or YOU WILL DIE! lol Pros: > You can finish your 3k kills farming within 1-2 hours, > applicable to multiple jobs Cons: > Paladin card and holy armor is expensive. Enjoy farming!!
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    my suggestion is that if we want pvp to be active, we need to stop giving rewards to highest kill count, but we should give constant rewards to ppl who play AB in HA. killers get dm points for killing players (also 5 dtoks for 500pvp) and AB gets no rewards at all, so it is just fair if ab gets rewards for being active inside pvp. If we apply xadsyath’s suggestion in HA (badge reward for being in pvp, located here: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/39490-pvp-total-revamp/) but applicable to AB only, it might encourage newbies and veterans alike to play AB and enter PvP. Currently parties are always unorganized as everyone is most likely to play killer because no person would choose to play AB as the job does not benefit the user at all. We should encourage new players to play AB and get rewards in PvP as it is the most crucial job in PvP (HA), and yet no new players will be encouraged to play AB cause no rewards at all. 1.) AB is the most important job in a pt for war. If there are more ABs in pt, more likely players will pvp more. 2.) it encourages newbie to practice survivability and slowly transition to playing DPS job. 3.) even if a newbie plays AB, he/she can have a huge game impact in wars even amongst veterans. I think to encourage for pvp to grow, ppl with noob knowledge about the game should play support first. Comparing it to other games (dota, league, ML, etc.), newbies would always play support first then slowly transition to playing other roles. In dro, it should be the same concept as these games. People would rather give chances for a newbie AB to join their party rather than a newbie who players killer would do nothing in PVP besides dying to enemy.
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    it's been 5 years since I joined and this server never ceases to amaze me let's all write and renew our reviews in RMS: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/
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    Should I come back for a Visit?
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    These are my personal preferences for the equipment you may change accordingly. This a build meant for getting the highest HP with average and expensive gear. Note: I don't have half of these gears myself (still need better armor, garment, and shield just sitting at 8.3m hp) but you should be able to reach at least 10m hp with the better gears. STATS: STR: 250-300+ (weight) AGI: 190+ (for decrease agility) VIT: MAX INT: 80+ (just for SP) DEX: Rest (HIT) LUK: 1 SKILLS: Sacrifice, Reflect Shield, Defender (only use when fighting long-range attackers), Spear quicken (if somehow you don't have max ASPD) HEADGEARS: Upper: Creed Helm/Same Effect - [Addax Card] - Enable 20% chance of gaining 70% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as HP with each attack. - Reduce Damage taken by demi-human by 25%. Desert Prince Cap (stay on safe mode if you use this) - [Addax Card] - Enable 20% chance of gaining 50% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as HP with each attack. Mid: Felicity Wings - [Addax Card] - Increase all stats +30. Increase Max HP by 10%. Azure Wings/Same Effect - [Addax Card] - Increase Max HP by 15%. Reduce skill delay by 25%. Lower: Candy Ring/Same Effect - [Addax Card] - Increase Max HP by 20%. Permanent Endure Effect. Immune to stun status. NVG/Same Effect (for more range and movement speed) - [Addax|Orc Hero Card (stun immunity is better)] - Increase movement speed by 60%. Increase range by 4. Max HP +5%. ARMOR: +8 Magnetite Armor (for immunity to knockback) - [Tao Gunka Card] - Vit+ 10. Max HP +15%. Indestructible. [If +8-10] Immune to knockback. +8 Juggernaut Armor - Increase Max HP by 120%. [If +8-10] Increase Max HP by 150%. +0-10 Valk Armor - [Tao Gunka Card] - All stats+ 1. Indestructible. [Swordsman, Merchant, Theif Class] Resistance against stun status +50%. WEAPON: +0-10 Exodia - [Fused Dracula|3x Sniper Card] or [Fused Dracula|2x Sniper|Randgris Card (for those who don't want the hassle of bringing FCP)] - VIT +18. STR +12. 10-12-15% chance to convert 25% physical damage as HP. - +1-2-3 Increased range. Max HP +5-6-7%. Reflect Magic Damage by 7%. - [Level 4 effect] Reduce defense by 20% Solar Sword (guaranteed to heal the damage) - Drain 1% of damage inflicted on its target as HP with each attack. [Works with magical damage] SHIELD: +8 Libra Shield (immunity to knockback) - [Thara Frog|Alice Card (if you are on safe mode)] - Adds 10% resistance to fire and water elements. Cannot be stripped. - [Refine +8-10] Immune to knockback. +0-10 Bronzite Buckler - [Thara Frog|Alice Card] - STR +20. Dex +15. Max HP +150000. Reflects 10% of melee damage received back to the offender. - [Refine +8-10] Shield cannot be stripped. +0-10 Valk Shield - [Thara Frog|Alice Card] - MDEF +5. Reduces damage taken from fire, water, undead, and shadow element by 20%. Strong Shield (cheap alternative to +8 Libra Shield) - [Thara Frog|Alice Card] - Immune to knockback. Increase damage taken from physical and magical attacks by 20%. +0-10 Orlean's Server (for reducing magic damage but avoid actually fighting sorcerer and warlock phantoms) - [GTB Card] - MDEF +2. Adds 5% chance of reflecting magical attacks. GARMENT: +0-10 Rustic Mantle - [Aliot Card] - INT +15. VIT +15. Max HP +10%. Increase resistance against Water and Wind elemental attacks by 10%. - [Refine +8-10]. MATK +10%. +0-10 Valk Manteau|+0-10 Nydhogg's Shadow Garb - [Aliot Card] - [Valk Manteau] [Swordman, Theif, Mechant] Reflect 5% melee damage back to enemies. Increases percentage reflect damage by (upgrade level*2). - [Nydhogg's Shadow Garb] MDEF +3. Reduces damage taken from all elemental attacks by 7%. Increase Max SP based on Refine level and wearer's Base level. SHOES: Sleipnir of the Gods - [Green Ferus Card] - Increase Movement Speed. Maximum HP and SP +20%. SP Recovery +15%. MDEF +10. Impossible to refine. Indestructible. ACCESSORIES: 2x Vitality Megjingard (for highest hp) - VIT +40 Card Stats: Headgear Cards: Addax Card - Reduce skill delay by 15%. Increase HP by 15%. Increase STR by 4. Orc Hero Card - Immunity to stun status. Armor Card: Tao Gunka Card - Increase Max HP by 100%. Reduce hard def and mdef by 50. Weapon Cards: Fused Dracula Card - Increase damage to all races by 15%. 10% chance to convert 15% of damage as HP and SP. 2% chance to drain target SP by 10% on each attack. Sniper Card - Adds 5% chance of absorbing 20% of the physical damage inflicted on target by the wearer as HP. Disables natural HP regeneration. Randgris Card - ATK +10%. Chance of autocasting Level 1 Dispell with each physical attack. Compounded weapon indestructible. Shield Cards: Thara Frog Card - Reduce damage taken from demi-human monster by 30%. Alice Card - Reduce damage taken from boss monsters by 40%. Increase damage taken from normal monsters by 40%. Golden Thiefbug Card - Reduce magic damage by 60%. Increase SP cost by 100%. Shoes Card: Green Ferus Card - Vit +5. Max HP +10%. Consumables: Panacea, Vitality and Elemental Resistance Buffs (not necessary), Yggdrasil Berries (safe mode) With the cheaper gears, you should be able to at least 2 sacri some phantoms. Tips: - When you see the archbishop alone kill it ASAP, as long as it hasn't cast assumption. Should die within 2 sacri. - Avoid engaging the warlock and sorcerer. - Leave killing the RG last. - Prioritize the genetic and wanderer when you fight a group of phantoms. - If a group of phantoms has an archbishop avoid them. You are just asking for death and wasting your time. - Use @esc to avoid dying or when running away. Use @refresh when consumables won't show up.
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