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    The Corona Virus Pandemic has hit close to home for many of us. Schools, parks & business across the globe are closing their doors in order to slow down the pandemic. Many of us are are doing our part by staying safe at home and participating in social distancing. The DreamerRO Staff wants to help our players stay safe and entertained by running a Corona Virus Awareness Event. The goal of the event is to generously reward our players for staying home, participating in the Event and our Core Features. ==================================================================== Phase 1 The first phase of the event consists of gathering much needed medicinal supplies in order to create vaccines that will be used to cure the corona virus from infected patients. These supplies must be collected from monsters that will invade the main cities of Midgard. The Invasions will run 8 times a day and will last for 2 hours: 02:03, 05:03, 08:03, 11:03, 14:03, 17:03, 20:03, 23:03 These times are based on the server time. You can check the current server time by using @time in-game. Invasion Race: During the first hour of the invasion, there will be a race, which consists of killing a randomly chosen invasion monster in order to unlock a "City Buff" which lasts for the rest of the invasion. In addition to unlocking a city-wide buff, the top 3 hunters will be rewarded with "Appreciation Tokens", raffle ticket and some zeny. They'll also get 10/7/5 honorable points for their respective guilds. (More on the tokens below) You can use @raid to check the progress of the Invasion Race. City Buffs: A random city buff from the list below will be unlocked when the Global Race Target is achieved. Hope And Prayers: Increases the chance to get DreamerRO Raffle Tickets when killing monsters. Heroic Karma: Invasion monsters will give Hero EXP and a chance to earn Elite Hero Kills & Heroic Coins Financial Aid: Invasion monsters give zeny when killed and a small chance to drop Zeny bags. Invasion Monsters: Infected Bat Mad Scientist Elderberry Tree Airborne Droplet Manipulated Scientist Contaminated Droplet Contaminated Bat Mutated Bat (Boss) - Spawns every 20 minutes. Server Wide Bonuses - Available at all times during the Corona Virus Awareness Event Zeph Hunting Missions now give 30% more Zeny MvP Card drop rate has been increased from 3% to 5% Participating in Battlegrounds will reward players with Appreciation Tokens. ============================================================================ Phase 2 The second phase of the Corona Virus Awareness Event consists of creating vaccines out of the ingredients you've been collecting from the virus invasions. You will notice a new NPC in Caspen called "Vaccine Researcher". This NPC will help you convert your ingredients into vaccines. Vaccine Requirements: 5x Virus DNA 5x Antibody Serum 2x Elderberry 2x Elder Tree Oil 1x Syringe 1x Needle These vaccines will need to be delivered to hundreds of different houses in various cities all across Midgard. Each Vaccine you deliver will be rewarded with 6 Appreciation Tokens. The Vaccine Researcher NPC will tell you how many vaccines and where to deliver those vaccines. You will be paid instantly after successfully delivering the vaccines. You can exchange your Appreciation Tokens for other in-game currencies through the Corona Virus Shop. These currencies will open the door to hundreds of end-game items such as Donation Headgears, Rare Items, Equipment, MvP Cards and Donation Services! Corona Virus Shop Exchange Rates: 1x Heroic Coin = 2x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Heroic Coins at the Hero Temple - ayo_in02 115 170) 1x Billion Zeny Bag = 150x Appreciation Tokens - (Cash Money BABYY!) 1x Donation Token = 250x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Donation Tokens at the Donation Mall - final_dest 100 20) 1x Combat Coin = 400x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Combat Coins at hero_camp 210 215) 1x Aura Stylist Service = 12,500 Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange at Caspen 185 210) 1x Spirit of Heroism = 30,000 Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange at Caspen 110 160) Antivirus Set - Free Farming Set! We have decided to further close the gap between newbies and veterans by adding a completely free Antivirus Set. The set consists of 3 headgears that were especially designed to maximize farming during the event invasion. This is in addition to the divine weapons! To claim your free set, you must speak with the Valkyrie NPC in Caspen called "Envoy of Light". The set will expire after 30 days of claiming it, which will be more than enough time to farm during the entire event. The effect will be removed from the head gears after the event ends on April 26. **Any card slotted on the headgears will need to be removed before the event ends, or it will be lost** **If the Antivirus Set is making it hard to farm because you confuse monsters to people, read this** Antivirus Set Effect: Antivirus Bandana - Adds a chance of auto-casting various magic spells while physically attacking. (Helps kill faster by spamming bolts and magic spells) Antivirus Coat - Increases Range +2 and Max Weight by 2,000. (Helps kill from further and carry more loots) Antivirus Mask - Increases Movement Speed by 60% and Range + 4. (Helps navigate the map faster and kill from longer distance) ===================================================================== Future Phases Sneak Peak Raffle Tickets will be used at the end of the Event for a chance to win Rare items. During Phase 3 of the event, we plan on adding the entire Easter Head gears collection and a few new sprites into the Corona Virus Shop. Event Notes: The Event will run until April 26, 2020. The event may be extended if the pandemic situation worsens. The Eastern Event will not run this year. The Corona Virus Awareness event overlaps with the Easter season. We will make Easter Head gears available via Appreciation Tokens. All invasion loot, vaccines and appreciation tokens are account bound. Special Credits to our beloved developer, Sadie, GM Snow, GM Arceus and the rest of the GM Team & Staff members for helping with the event.
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    We need a few players to help us test the new DreamerRO Full Client 2020 before we can release it on the official download page. Problem #1: There have been over a hundred patches released since the last full client was created. This makes it so new players have a long patching process before starting, and also opens the door for improper patching and multiple errors. Problem #2: A fully patched DreamerRO Full client came out to be 4.3 GB. Unfortunately, windows does not open executable files larger than 4 GB so we could not released that fully patched version and needed to think of solutions. We did not want to split the full client into parts as that adds another step in the download process. Solution: We did a major clean-up of the data.grf that comes with kRO. As a result, it reduced the grf size from 2 gb to 1.5 gb. (Reduces client size by ~550 MB) In addition, we merged the rdata.grf into the data.grf, which means the rdata is no longer included in the DreamerRO full client. (Reduces client size by ~750MB) The new fully patched DreamerRO full client went down from 4.3GB to 3GB, which is good! Now, since so many files were removed, we need to test the new full client in all scenarios to make sure that it is not missing any important files that will cause problems to our new players. It would be ideal if some of you could help us test. Basically, we will need you to download the Full Client 2020 and install in a different folder. That way, if you error while using the 2020 client, you can test it with the current (2019) client and check if it worked as intended there or if it also errored in that client. Please post your results in this topic as soon as possible to we can make the DreamerRO Full Client 2020 available to everyone on our Downloads page. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/03ycz56tx4vng82/DreamerRO_2020.exe/file
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    Good Day everyone! I'm not that good in English. Feel free to correct my Grammar. This is a cheap build for farming in Caspen Dungeon and kill some MVP. It's maybe not the fastest way to earn Deathmatch Points but it's a cheap ways. Stats for MVP: Str ~ 150 - 250 (for some Weight limit) Agi = 195 ASPD + 45 Agi (to counter decrease Agility and have max attackspeed) Vit = 500 (for full damage with Sacrifice) Int = Rest (for more damage with Grand Cross) Dex = 170 (no cast time) Luk = 0 (use at least 77 Luk if you are using Arc Angeling Card) Stats for Caspen Dungeon: Str ~ 150 - 200 (for some Weight limit) Agi = 195 ASPD (max attackspeed) Vit = 500 (for full damage with Sacrifice) Int = 0 Dex = 150 (no cast time) Luk = Rest (for some Perfect Doge, 10 LUK = 1 Perfect Dodge) Equipments: Upper Headgear: (<- one of these is very important) Desert Prince Cap [1] (20 Vote Tokens) - 15% Chance to gaining 50% of the Damage inflicted upon an enemy OR Danzo Bandage [1] (100 Vote Tokens) / Creed Helm [1] (15 Donation Tokens) - 20% Chance to gaining 70% of the Damage inflicted upon an enemy. Arc Angeling Card - Increase Max HP by 60000 & Increase HP/SP regeneration by 100% OR Orc Hero Card - Increase Vit by 15 & Immun Stun OR Addax Card - Increase Max HP by 15%, Reduce Delay by 15% & Increase Str by 4 (<- that's expensive) Middle Headgear: [V4P] Azure Wings [1] (35 Vote Tokens) - Increase Max HP by 10% & Reduce Delay by 10% OR [V4P] Red Imperial Wings [1] (35 Vote Tokens) - Increase all Stats by 20 & Reduce Delay by 10% OR [QUEST] Ice Wings [1] (Moose - casp_in01 58 192) - Increase all Stats by 20 & Reduce Delay by 15% OR [QUEST] Black Mini Glasses [1] (Opt. Solutions - casp_in01 96 190) - +2 Range, increase Stun Resist by 50% & increase Str by 10 and Mdef by 3 OR Arc Angeling Card - Increase Max HP by 60000 & Increase HP/SP regeneration by 100% OR Orc Hero Card - Increase Vit by 15 & Immun Stun OR Addax Card -Increase Max HP by 15%, Reduce Delay by 15% & Increase Str by 4 (<- that's expensive) Lower Headgear: [V4P] Dark Chakra [1] (35 Vote Tokens) - Immun Freeze & increase Max HP by 7% OR [DQ] Vengeance Chakra [1] (4 Daily Quest Tokens) - Immun Freeze & Silence OR [DQ] Blue Bubbles Aura [1] (8 Daily Quest Tokens) - Immun Freeze & Silence & increase Max HP by 10% OR [DQ] White Bubbles Aura [1] (8 Daily Quest Tokens) - Immun Stun, Perma Endure Effect & increase Max HP by 20% Arc Angeling Card - Increase Max HP by 60000 & Increase HP/SP regeneration by 100% OR Orc Hero Card - Increase Vit by 15 & Immun Stun OR Addax Card -Increase Max HP by 15%, Reduce Delay by 15% & Increase Str by 4 (<- that's expensive) Armor: Returner's Armor [0] - Increase Max HP by 80%, reduces DEF and MDEF by 50 & increase all stats by 5 OR Any unbreakable Armor [1] (for example Valkyrie Armor or Keeper's Armor) Tao Gunka Card - Increase Max HP by 100% & reduces DEF and MDEF by 50 Weapon: Solar Sword [0] (can be bought in the mall)- Gaining 1% of the Damage inflicted upon an enemy (<- this is important) Shield: For MVP Valkyrie Shield [1] - Adds 20% resist to some Elements Alice Card - Reduce Damage from Boss monsters by 40% & increase Damage taken from Normal monsters by 40% For Caspen Dungeon Valkyrie Shield [1] - Adds 20% resist to some Elements Golden Thief Bug Card - Reduce Magic Damage by 60% & increase SP cost by 100% Garment: For MVP Asprika [0] (50 Vote Tokens) - Reduce damage taken from all elements by 30% For Caspen Dungeon Returner's Manteau [0] - Adds 10& resist to all Elements, enables lvl 3 Cloaking & increase Max HP by 2% OR Any Garment [1] (for example Proxy Skin [1]) Assassin Cross Card - Enables lvl 3 Cloaking Shoes: Sleipnir of the Gods [1] (45 Vote Tokens) - Increase Max HP by 20% & increase MDEF by 10 Green Ferus Card - Increase Max by 10% & Increase Vit by Accessories: For MVP VIT Meg [0] (2 Daily Quest Tokens) - Increase VIT by 40 OR Any Accessory [1] (for example Necklace [1] or Rosary [1]) Spore Card - Increase Vit by 10 For Caspen Dungeon use one Eye of Dullahan [0] - Immun Poison (<- this is the reason why you don't need any Panacea's) Tactic for MVP: Kill all Mobs around the MVP with Grand Cross and use Sacrifice against the MVP. (Don't forget to use all of your Buffs!) Some MVPs are hard to kill as RG (Beelzebub, Gloom Under Night, Evil Snake Lord, ...). Tactic for Caspen Dungeon: Use Sacrifice, Hit around 3 Times and then use cloaking, repeat this for every mob. The cloak is good to avoid the enemies aggro. Be careful, the yellow dragon (Cucool) can dispel you. (Don't forget to use all of your Buffs!)
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    Hey, Not sure who to credit . But props for the new NPC sprites. Was unsure of the donation girl but whenI saw the MVP warper it was new and it looked nice. So thumbs up for the change and the hard work to implement this. Thank you for refreshing stuff and nice work the Sprites look cool!!!
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    CORONA VIRUS AWARENESS ( PHASE 1 ) FARMING BUILD Created by : ( l VIP l Maman ) =================================================================== Recommended Job : Guillotine cross / Shadow chaser / Sorcerer / Warlock / other job also recommended so don't worry. Recommended Stats : 195 attack speed ( aspd ) others not recommended. This is the basic equipment that needed for this event farming and grinding. =================================================================================== Upper gear : Antivirus Bandana (Event) / Pharaoh's Manipulation / Hanging Skull / Angeling Beanie / Snowman Mask / Other Autocast Chain Skill HG[ Isilla Card ] Middle gear : Antivirus Coat (Event) / Black Mini Glasses [ Isilla Card ] Lower gear : Antivirus Mask (Event) / Purple Bubbles Aura / Nightvision Google [ Isilla Card ] Armor : Any armor [ Garm Card ] Weapon : Divine weapon ( 7 days only go to caspen 172 215 and talk to Envoy of Light to redeem your divine weapon ) Snow Katar (Event) /Elemental Sword / Fireblend / Ice Falchion / Other autocast chain skill hg [ Mutant dragonoid / Hatii Bebe / Fuse Baphomet Card ] Shield : Any slotted shield [Any Card] Garment : Any slotted garments [Kasa Card ] Boots : Sleipnir or movement speed boots. [Dark Lord Card] Accessories : Alchemy Gloves / Mercury Relic / [Owl baron + Owl duke Card / Gazeti Card ] / Ring Of Flame Lord =================================================================================== TOTAL DPS DAMAGE PER RATE : 135K - 250K per second ( one monster take at least 6 seconds ) if you got Mercury Relic or other chain autocast skill more better. Any suggestion and other recommended items can leave a comment below, thank you so much and happy farming grind all DreamerRO players. http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/User_talk:Nikkimaman#Corona_Virus_Awareness_Event
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    When you don't have time 'cuz of work - You want to no-life. When you have too much of free time 'cuz of corona - You want to go back to work. Like what the.. #stayhome
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    Ill be off for a while, since I work at the World Health Organization (WHO)... Im so sad that I cant play for the past weeks since we are very busy. Hopefully by November maybe i can see my friends again... Keep safe everyone... I will miss you guys a lot
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    With this new update i think we should make this : 1- Deserter (afker in BG) = IP ban for joining BG 8~10min. as of right now we can use diff char to check which team win after tat quit BG and use other char to join. 2- Quit BG = losing/reset all win streak in BG so we cant abuse 5x win easily.
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    This guide is created to help dummies in farming at bossnia. Why farm in bossnia? because 1k charm set can be sold for as much as 5b+ You can also farm a lot of other miscellaneous items there that can increase your gain. Equipments: Stats: Where to obtain these stuffs/explantion of equipments choices. 1. Returners Item - Reduce after cast delay by 100%. Gives HP boost etc. Easy to get. Obtained free for a limited amount of time (30 days) Create a new warlock if you want, it will also work. 2. +6 Death Staff - Gives +20% matk. Way better than non custom staff. If you have other custom staff then use the other. Can be bought in "@go bg" using battle badges for 750 Badges. Badges can be obtained by joining battlegrounds. Can also obtain through "Death Weapon Coupon" normally cost around 1-2b This is an optional item in case you don't have other custom staff. This is a lvl 3 weapon, you can upgrade it upto +6 without chance of breaking. upgrading it will help you increase your matk. 2.1 Nightmare Mimic Card - has set effect with nightmare arclouse, 1 pc of this is good enough. obtained from Nightmare mimic at 10% chance. To access Nightmare pyramid go to "@warp moc_pryd01 89 106" then talk to the cat and pay 5k zeny. Once you are inside use "@jump 217 10" to reach floor 2. 3. Valkyrie Shield - any shield is fine but you can use this to reduce fire damage by 20% which is good against fire scorpion Obtained from Valkyries Better buy it, pretty cheap Optional shield. Any shield with slot is fine but this is good. 3.1 Nightmare Arclouse Card - reduce damage from undead "race" monsters and when combined with nightmare mimic gives 50% mdef ignore to undead monsters. obtained from Nightmare arclouse at 10% chance. To access Nightmare pyramid go to "@warp moc_pryd01 89 106" then talk to the cat and pay 5k zeny. Once you are inside use "@jump 217 10" to reach floor 2. 4. Proxy Fragment or Nidhoggur Shadow Garb - good for reducing elemental damage. obtained from stone cone at caspen dungeon at 10% chance. You can change this to anything but i advise using it for damage reduction You can just ask it from other players. It's pretty cheap. 4.1 Antique Book Card - increase matk per 10? int. Not sure if it's really per 10 or 25. Obtained from Antique Book found at "@warp ecl_tdun03" at 10% chance. 5. Orleans Glove - gives +3% matk. If you want something better, you can use medal of honor from battleground. obtained from Archer Guardian found at "@warp thor_v03" at 40% chance. 5.1 Scaraba Card - gives +200 matk obtained at scaraba at "@warp dic_dun01" at 10% chance. Monsters Analysis. Monster in bossnia has high mdef and the common thing about them is their race. All of them are undead race. Don't mistake undead race from undead element. You can't hit undead race with magnus exorcismus. Advice for Farming: Loot and use Mastela Fruit. Mastela fruit can be use for healing here and has no significant delay. Use skill macro but don't do an afk farming. It's illegal. Use auto pots to make it easier to just walk and skill. use bubble gum or fortuna card if your are fortunate to have one. Recommended Equipment for improving your build Noteable Loot List. @aloot item 20054 //Blue charm @aloot item 20055 //Red Charm @aloot item 20056 //Yellow Charm @aloot item 20052 //Piece of Spirit @aloot item 20053 //Spiritual Whisper @aloot item 6024 // 17 carat diamond. @aloot item 522 // Fruit of Mastela @aloot item 607 // yggdrasil berry
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    Praying for everyone's safety against the virus. Have a great and safe day everyone!
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    i need something to feed my big ego
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    can we have "Hero Division (Part 2)" or revamp the elite gloves? :)))
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    I have two Sidewinder and it works perfectly no misses
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    temporarily disable 3rd skill on invasion towns due to some 3rd skill performing abnormally during invasion.
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    I loved this haha
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    This is a simple walkthrough guide on Horror Factory. Note: This is not a guide on how to do it easily but rather just to help you a tour on the area and help you prepare things you need when going to this kind of instance. Overview Horror Factory is a medium difficulty instance. It's not difficult to solo though it will require a specific set of equipment. The drops here are pretty good and very useful. You only have one hour to finish the entire instance. and it has a 1 day cooldown. Opening the instance To open the instance the party leader need to talk to the NPC named Catherine Jet Johnson. She is located at (@warp xmas 235 301) You can just use the main npc to warp in this spot > warper > instances > horror factory. After activating the instance. You can then enter it through the dimension device. Requirement: At least a Hero Level 500 PHASE 1 1. Once inside talk again to Catherine Jet Johnson. You can choose whether to listen to her blabber or proceed and start the quickly. 2. After she finished talking, you need to talk to the Employee's uniform box npc to disguise yourself as one of the factory worker. If you don't disguise yourself, annoying cruiser mobs will spawn and they could possibly kill you. 3. You need to kill around 40 mobs in the first area to proceed. 4. After killing enough monsters the "Coordinator" will spawn north of starting area. He will ask you to carry the gift box. Note: Make sure you are still in disguise before talking to the coordinator and the box. 5. Talk to the gift box and proceed inside the warp portal. Walk straight forward west until you find the portal. PHASE 2 1. Talk again to Catherine. Choose either to listen to her story or tell her to shut up because you know what to do. 2. Once she finished talking. A new Employee Uniform Box will spawn. Make sure to disguise again. 3. Find and talk to all of the Cookie NPCs around the second area. Ask them if they know anything about the doll maker. Warning: Wait until each npc finished talking before asking another npc. Otherwise you might get stucked there. 4. The announcement will tell you how many more npc do you need to find. 5. Once you finished talking to all of them. Go back to the starting area of phase 2. Get back to the portal, go to the middle and head to the north. PHASE 3 1. Go near Antonio and Santa and listen to their conversation. I mean just wait until they finish blabbering. 2. Once they finish talking. Head to the portal in the west and look for Antonio. Kill him. 3. Go back to the starting area of phase 3 and head to the portal at the east. Phase 4 (Boss Area) 1. Wait until their conversation finish and prepare for the battle. 2. Kill Celine Kimi. Notes: Celine Kimi has a clone, and you must deal damage to both at once. Otherwise, they will heal each other to match their current HPs. 2. Celine Kimi in our server do not have Max Pain but she can deal a very high damage through Esma There are 2 ways to tank Celine Kimi. First is to use a champion as a tanker and do the old style "Steel Body" Tanking or Second get 100% single target magic reflect. The 100% reflect build is only possible by compounding Fused Pharaoh Card in a +9 headgear. Compouding Fused Pharaoh Card in a 2 slotted headgear will help a lot. Magic Reflect stack additively. So you can use Maya, fused pharaoh, etc. 3. Once you killed Celine Kimi. You can now proceed to the Treasure Room Area. Noteable Dungeon Drop
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    Private servers are actually the way to go for ragnarok. Idle mobile game actually sucks for me. Because the only thing good with it is because you'll see the RO monsters that you miss from the RO pc. Although, RO mobile looks good(if available in your area). Its pay 2 win so you'll less likely to enjoy that aswell. Very different gameplay too from RO pc. In official servers, not to speak bad about them, you're likely to play with bots. And playing it alone will bore you. So i suggest private server. Fast paced. Still have to farm. Pvp and Pvm active. Chatnarok is still a thing.
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    This is a simple guide on how to do Orc's Memory dungeon. Note: This is not a guide on how to do it easily but rather just to help you know what are the things you need to know and prepare when going to this instance. Opening the instance - You need to talk to this npc located at (@warp gef_fild10 240 198). You can access this map by talking to the npc warper. Requirements Must be a Hero. At least 2 people in party online. (party mate doesn't need to be a hero) Introduction: The instance has quite a low difficulty but it will require you quite some stuffs. In my opinion the best thing you need to prepare here is cloaking skill. Followed by anti knockback stuffs for boss. FCP will help you too against the boss. Only 2nd skill work in this area. Mastela Fruit and Yggdrasil Leaf doesn't work in this instance. Most veterans can run and finish the instance in 5 minutes or so. It can be repeated every 2 hours or by using a different character in your account to spam it. (at this point there's no account bound restriction on it) Exploring the Instance Once you are inside the instance, you'll notice an orc standing there. Talk to him and wait until he finish his pretty long monologue. The NPC will explain to you that you need to "sneak" and "assassinate" Enchanted Orcs on each area. Killing them will trigger the opening of portal that will lead you to the next area. This is also the reason why you need the "cloaking" skill here if you want to do it faster. There are 4 areas in total in the first floor. Note: Killing extra mobs will alert the leaders and they'll prepare an army to block you. The first enchanted orc is located in the middle of the first area. The second orc is located near the end of 2nd area. The third one is located south west of the 3rd area. The fourth one is located at the end of the 4th area. Note: This enchanted orcs moves, but if you do it fast they should be around those areas. After killing the last orc a portal to the next map will open. Exploring the 2nd Area To start the 2nd area talk again to Kruger. He will explain to you that you need to strengthen the flame of the torches in each area and kill the guardian of each area to spawn the portal into the next area. Only the party leader can do this. [First Area] [Second Area] [Third Area] [Boss Area] Finally the boss area All you need to do is to kill the Orc Hero [Shaman Cargalache] There are plenty of ways to kill this boss. Though the easiest is probably sacrifice build by Royal Guards If you need guide on how to kill using Royal Guards you can read the guide here.
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    The biggest scam = Divinium lol
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    Added Alternate Bodystyle for Rune Knights on the Foxy Lady at Elite Temple.
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    Dreamer RO Hero Quest is a unique Quest in dRO that allows your character to have additional stats and skill points after reaching level 500, It's like rebirthing your character once again. It also gives you the ability to wear stronger rank equipments. Once you are the highest level (500). Warp using the Main NPC (You can find this NPC in each town into the game. Choice Hero Temple option and you will be warped into Ayo_in02 100 166 Once you are here you must talk with Sigmund NPC he Will give you the list of ITEMS that you need collect for do the Hero Quest (You have the list items in Sigmund NPC in case that you need check if you forgot some item. Items hard to obtaine 1 Draconus Cale 10 pcs Biotite ( check @whosell biotite on gold_mart) 100 Warrior Skull (This can be obtained in PvP by killing Players Tradeable: Yes, in case you have some providor 10 pc of each Thanatos Fragment Botites: You can also find some mobs dropping this ítem alde_dun04 = 60 to 90 minutes gefenia01 = 180 to 300 minutes gefenia02 to 04 = 300 to 540 minutes gl_cas02 = 120 to 180 minutes gl_knt02 = 30 to 50 minutes SUGGESTION: Try to buy from another Players or in gold_mart by using @whosell biotite command. Warrior Skull: Again here is better and faster to buy from another Players. Cost is about 1 or 2 millions zeny each Also is dropped by seyren in lhz_dun03 Warrior Skull Description: Is a skull in wich someone named has been curved. 10 pcs Of each Thanatos fragment This fragment are now tradeable from Players. Fragment of hatred ID 7438 Fragment of Despair ID 7439 Fragment of Agony ID 7436 Fragment of misery ID 7437 [Use @ii item name to check IDs ] Draconus Scale Draconus Scale is dropped by a customized MvP this ítem is character bound It can’t be trade or stored. There are 2 types of Draconus the Hardest one is that you can find in Magma dungeon 02 You can't go there using @warp, You must use Main NPC>>>Warper Option>>>Dungeon>>>Magma Dungeon 2 Estimated respawn time : 3 Hours. Hero temple Draconus: The easy> If you choice to kill this Draconus you need to pay 1b Zeny (1 billion) and make a party Solo mode, this mean you must to be alone in your party. Here you need to talk to the lady [Ayo_in02 92 172] At hero temple this dungeon is unlimited access (Until you become a Hero ). She will warp you until to the weaker version of Draconus. ATTENTION: Dungeon Will destroyed when you obtain Draconus Scale. NOTE: Is not very weak. Just way weaker than the one in mag_dun02. After obtaining all of the requirements go back to Sigmund, Talk to him and he will rebirth you to Hero class. Level 1 and you will need to level up again You will receive: +2500 Stats points +180 Skill Points +Hero Aura ( 3x3 Splash. 3% atk and matk lower headgear. Crafting your glourious equipments After becoming a Hero talk to Sigmund again, he Will mention the blacksmith at Einbroch @warp ein_in01 28 85 once here talk to Regin, He Will take the rest of Hero Quest ítems. He will tell you to wait to him to create the Items You MUST wait 2 hours Online in order for him to finish. [Not necesary requirement. You can go out of the portal and back inside again and you will be allowe to create your glorious equipments] y RANKING YOUR HERO CHARACTER. All new héroes Will start at Rank D. Here are the ways to increase your Rank: · Monster Arena (Reginleft NPC) · PvP · Caspen Dungeon · Trial of Glory Monster Arena is the fastest way to Rank your Hero. It is a map full of monsters and you only need to kill them repeatedly. To access Monster Arena you need to finish first The Heavenly Flower Quest~ Go to @warp Lighthalzen 40 240 and talk to the NPC named Heimir. He Will ask you to fin dan Item called Heaven Flower Heaven Flower can be found in [odin_tem03] in 3 possible random locations: This is not a 100% drop rate. So if you don't get the Heaven Flower, you need to reset back to Heimer. NOTE: When you click the flower 2 LK’s Will spawn kill them as fast as you can to obtain the flower. Until to obtain the Heaven Flower you need back with Heimir. He will ask you about 200 point of honor kills (Not necesary requirement) Just return Hero Temple and you will be avaliable to talk with Reginleift NPC and rank your character. Ranking in WEAPONS/PVP/WoE Hero Rank C weapon (*Note : Be extra careful when doing 60 kills with 2:1 kill ratio, You might get a problem with creating the C rank weapon if your K:D ratio increase above the suggested limit*) Talk to Heimer, then he'll ask you to meet Hildebrand at [lighthalzen 256 122]. He'll ask you to have 60 kills with a 2:1 kill ratio (Kills : Death) then, he'll give you something like an app (a.k.a. Peridot) Then go to BS Regin [ein_in01 28 85] and he will ask you to bring: List is formated in : Quantity - Item - Obtain  100 - Steel - Sold in Mall 20 - Emperium - Sold in Mall 10 - Star Crumb - Sold in Mall 10 - Elunium - Sold in Mall 10 - Oridecon - Sold in Mall 1 - Heroic Peridot - A quest 20,000,000 - Zeny - Zeph/Selling items/ETC B Rank Hero: Requirements:- 48,500,000 Hero EXP to change to B Rank - 2:1 Kill and Death Ratio. Note: Kill [Honorable Kill] can be obtained in any PvP arena, @duel or @pvpmode in town. Your death is only counted inside Hero Arena. Tip: Avoid dying too much inside Hero Arena until you rank B. Now that you're Rank B, the hard stuff's over. It's time to make your equipment quest! Before starting this quest, I'd pick up all these items first: § List is formated in : Quantity - Item - Obtain 100 - Biotite - Mysteltainn (alde_dun04, gefenia01-04, gl_cas02, gl_knt02) 500 - Steel - Juperos Monsters (juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_core) Or Mall 20 - Oridecon - Juperos Monsters (juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_core) Or Mall 20 - Elunium - Juperos Monsters (juperos_01, juperos_02, jupe_core) Or Mall 20 - Star Crumb - Mall 1 - Emblem Of the Sun God - Soul Taker (casp_dun01) 20,000,000 - Zeny - B RANK EQUIPMENT MAKING GUIDE: Clear Trial of Glory Arena at least once . Talk to Reginleif, the girl that informs you about your Rank at the Hero Waiting Room. Tell her to unlock your B Rank equipment and she'll tell you to go to Payon in search of an old man named Vadum, whose location is [payon 129 178]. He'll be surprised when you talk to him, and he'll tell you he can't help you, but maybe his son can. However, he asks for some donations first... Cough up 100k zenny and he'll tell you his son is roaming in [pay_fild09]. Okay, let's warp! I can't tell you where Vioga is, he's like the new Vagrant Merchant. Looks like a player and moves around its map. However, there's a possibility this NPC likes roaming the middle part of the field. Once you find the knight, just hold Shift and Click him once. He'll start talking about his stuff and telling you he dropped an important item. He asks you to help him and when you accept, the quest begins!  You've got 5 mintues to find a special Poporing. It will be bouncing around the middle, too. There's NO WAY to tell any difference from other Poporings. Just make sure you're @autoloot'ing. One of the Poporings you kill will cough up a so before the 5 minutes are up, just return to where Vioga was. (Don't worry, he'll be standing over there and won't move. Just make sure to write his coords down to make it faster) and give him his item. He will be most grateful and give you the last item you need! After you're given just make sure your item list is okay and matches the one I gave above, plus the item Vioga gave you. All good? Last step then! Go to Regin (the smith you've visited before to make your D rank and C rank equipment) and tell him you want more equipment! He'll take your items and 20,000,000 zenny and give you choices depending on your Job. Choose wisely! You can only get ONE!  Caspen Dungeon Caspen Doungeon is a customized dRO dungeon. Each monster kill gives you Hero experience too. It is not an average dungeon even for veterans. It is not very advisable to rank your character here unless you are a Guillotine Cross. Trial Of Glory Trial Of Glory is like an arena with 10 levels each level have certain amouth of time to be defeated, It gives experience upon finishing each level, Aditional exp for completing it.
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