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    Water, Earth, Fire, whatever. Long ago, the world lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the half blood princess was born. Arrogant, cruel and sadistic, she is the second princess of the Human Empire. A demigod, so powerful not even the strongest heroes of mankind could defeat her. Betrayed by her own mother and with the concerted effort of Heroes she ends up sealed inside the Abyss Tower. A hundred years passed and the half blood princess discovered another truth of how human manipulated and used her mothers life as a catalyst to strengthen her seals. Fearful of her revenge, the mortals keep on sending parties to keep her seals in check. "Mother I love you, but this world is not worth your protection. A world with these selfish, greedy and envious humans is a mistake. Forgive me mom, these worms who claim to be humans, are going to be wiped out of existence by my own hands. I'll transform this tower into my personal palace and forge a throne using their bloods. I'll be known as the Queen of Abyss and I'll graced this world with my presence once I rise from the Abyss!" Instance Reservation and Entrance To reserve the instance, the party leader need the Abyss Tower Key. Key to Abyss Tower The Key is dropped by Tiamat at Elite Dungeon. The key is tradeable so you can also buy it from other players. To enter the instance you need to look for the Abyss Rift located inside Elite Temple (elite_temp 121 129) Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / ☆ ☆ Perfect: 5/7 I know the rating doesn't make any sense but let me warn you that it's quite difficult. I suggest bringing a team to do it. Otherwise you are bound to fail it. Cooldown and Timers Currently the Tower has a 7 days character cooldown. You got maximum of 4 hours to complete the instance. Similar to Endless Tower you can re enter if you got disconnected or wiped out inside. You can also use dual client for the mean time but it might get disabled in the future. Skills and Consumables There are currently no restriction's on the skills and consumables that you can use inside. But this might get adjusted later on without notice New Cards and Items inside There are plenty of new items and cards obtainable inside the instance. And I am too lazy to list all of them but I'll try to give a list. Note: The instance is still in Beta, report any bug or issues. Changes might happen on the items and instance without further notice. Credits: To our admin, and the rest of staff team on helping to brainstorm the items. To GM Snow for the banner.
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    May this event bring you blessing of love, joy, peace and hope. May it linger in your heart forever! Happy Blessed Easter! Event Duration: April 5 2020 - May 2 2020 (server time) Similar to other seasonal event, Phase one will be the material and token farming phase. You can earn Easter Token 2021 by participating in our Core Features as well as through farming materials from monsters that you can later exchange for Tokens. How to Earn Easter Tokens: Donation Credits - 333 Tokens per 1 Donation Credit Battlegrounds - 30 Tokens for winning a round, 15 tokens for losing a round Zeph Hunting Mission - (Mission Level/4) Daily Quest - 300 Tokens upon completion of the daily quest Treasure Chest Event - 50 Token for the winner Poring Catcher - 250 Tokens for the winner Goblin Invasion - 250 Tokens for Killing Goblin Leader Dice Event - 400 Tokens for the winner 500 PvP Event - 500 Tokens for the winner Survivor Event - 300 Tokens for the winner Scavenger Hunt - 50 Tokens for the winner Save the Princess - 300 Tokens Collecting Materials - you can collect materials by farming them from monsters found inside Easter Field. Most items found inside Easter field can later be exchanged for Easter Tokens during Phase 2 of this Seasonal Event. There are also some rare materials that you can exchange for special items in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of this seasonal event. Donation Event You can purchase additional Easter Tokens through donation credits. Each donation credit can be exchanged for 333 Easter Tokens. In addition, every donation credit spent on Easter Tokens will automatically reward the user with a Golden Flower. Read more about Golden Flower usage below. Example: 10 donation credits = 3,333 Easter Tokens and 10 Golden Flowers. You can take advantage of this offer by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen. Accessing the Easter Field First and foremost, you should get to know your Easter Assistant as he will be the one that grants you access to the Easter Field. He will also give you some items that could assist you in farming inside the Easter field. Location: Caspen 170 190 Easter Magic Basket - This Basket is a free costume accessory that can auto cast soul strike and dark strike. Additionally it can increase your maximum weight capacity while inside the easter field map. Last for 30 days. Additionally you will also receive 1 divine weapon for your class. These divine weapons are capable of spamming random magic skills and can easily kill monsters inside easter field. You can continue using this weapon for upto 30 days. Monsters: Easter Egg Hunt Race Every 3 Hours there will be an Easter Egg Hunt Race. A huge number of Easter Eggs that drop normal and special items will spawn inside the Easter Field. Each egg regardless of size and color will give you 1 point for the race. After 1 hour the top 3 players will receive some rewards including zeny bags, easter token, raffle ticket and some race shop points. What are the special items? There's too many of them to mention but it all depends on your luck. Collectible Cards 1. Easter Nyailo Card [Accessory] - Enable Resurrection Lv. 2 - Add 3 second casting time on resurrection skill. 2. Easter Wild Beast Card [Weapon] - - Enchant Weapon with Holy Property. - Increase physical damage against Shadow and demon monsters by 15% 3. Easter Papila Card [Weapon] - Increase Max HP by 25000 - Increase sacrifice damage by 3% 4. Easter Bunny Card [Footgear] - - Add 3% chance of auto casting Lv. 10 Kyrie eleison when receiving physical attack - Refine Lv. +8: Increase the chance of auto casting to 10%. 5. Easter Sphinx Card [Armor] - Enchant Armor with Holy Property - Max HP + 20% - Atk/Matk + 5% 6. Easter Tame Beast Card [Accessory] - - Increase Holy element magical damage by 15% [unstackable] 7. Easter Predator Card [Footgear] - Matk + 10% Increase Max HP and SP by 5% Every refine level increases Holy Elemental magical damage by 3% Item Exchange: During Phase 2 of the event you will be able to exchange Eggs and Basket for Easter Tokens. Talk to the NPC name Kadyo inside the Easter Field. Location: easter_fild 77 353 Kadyo is purchasing Easter Eggs and Basket in bulks. If you want the best deal, you better sell him the items in the the highest amount. Easter Gears: Location: Caspen / Easter Field Easter collection grows every year, this year with the addition of corona virus event gears you'll have plenty of choices to purchase. Some are account bound while others are tradeable, so please make sure to read the item description thoroughly before purchasing an Easter item.  Race Shop - To be added Golden Flower Enchanters Footgear Enchanter Meet Aurelia, the golden enchanter. She can enchant Sleipnirs and Temporal Boots using Golden Flower. There is no chance of break when upgrading footgears You can choose the type of upgrade you want for your footgears. Cards and Refinement of boots won't be affected. The first enchant will be added on your footgears 3rd slot. This enchantment can be upgraded to the following. Additionally once the 3rd slot is fully upgraded, you can do a final enchantment for your 2nd slot but this time it will be random and you can get a random effect. Note: You cannot remove/reset the boots enchantment. Garment Enchanter Location: Inside Easter Field/Caspen The Garment Enchanter Golden Heart can enchant different type of special garments such as Gigant Snake Skin, Santa Backpack, Loli Ruli Crescent and Giant Cat Bag. Giant cat bag will be added later. The cost of enchantment is only 50 Golden Flower and 500m zeny. You can repeatedly enchant the garments, however the result is very random. Additionally Golden Heart can also turn Loli Ruli Crescent into a costume. You only need to bring her +8 or higher Loli Ruli Crescent, 3 Wood Rosary, 200 Golden Flower and 10000 Easter Token (2021). Artifact Enchanter Those who got an Artifact of Trial can enchant their artifacts through the artifact enchanter located inside the easter field using only easter token and Golden Flower. Temporary Temporal Resetter For a limited amount of time, players may reset their temporal boots enchantment for a very high cost of 2000 Golden Flowers. This resetter will only stay here until the end of the event. You can find her inside easter field. Treasure Box -TBA Changelog: Added skill to magic basket: Intravision and Sight. Lower drop rate of forging coupon from 25% to 5% Golden Flower is now Tradeable Credits: To our admin and the staff team To GM Chronos for providing the mob sprite To GM Snow for the banner
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    Halu ~ For the people that WoE consistently, we all know it's been one-sided. I decided to make a quick forums topic about this, so that if there's anyone else who might be interested in WoE'ing, feel free to look around for guilds that strive to take on castles. Unfortunately, my Partner and I (Owners of Feather / Static / Walking Dead Guilds) will not be attending WoE anymore for the simple matter of making it enjoyable / active for many others to have fun fighting for castles. Our only purpose of WoE'ing was to create competition and enjoyable wars. We want to encourage all to form your own guilds without having to worry about salary costs of 5B per win or 3B per loss, I'm not even quite sure why that price was even marketed that way, but nonetheless, WoE should be about competition of who's guild is more tactical / strategical / skillful, etc.. not a competition about who pays more salary. With that being said, all the castles that was taken by us ( Feathers / Static / WD guilds ) last week's WoE will be left alone. I also want to add that there is an upcoming WoE build for most classes, this is mainly for those who are new to WoE and I would strongly advise that you take a look at these basic builds that can help you sustain in WoE. I want to say thank you to those who joined us in WoE, and to our opposing guilds in the past and present for bringing thrills and excitement to WoE. Gudluck and as mentioned before, the upcoming builds and tips will be posted shortly.
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    Hi Dreamers, It's been a few years since the first batch of Variant Rares came out, and I must admit they have been a great success. Over 75,000x 1 Billion Zeny bags have been spent on Variant Rares so far, and we expect to sink a lot more zeny after this update! What's the update about? We have converted 20 of the latest rare sprites into Variants. That brings the total number of variant rares available to 40! In addition, we've added an extra visual effect to all 40 variant rares. This visual effect is optional and it can be turned on/off via the variant rare seller npc. What are Variant Rares? As you may or may not know, we usually release physical and magical versions of rare items during seasonal events. The effect of these rare items is reducing after-skill delay by 30% and increasing magical OR physical damage against demi-humans by 25%. That means, if you get the magic version, only your magic classes would benefit from that rare. That's where Variant Rare come in. They allow you to purchase 1 rare item that has the ability to change effects into a magical, physical or a stated rare effect. You can change the effect of your variant rare as many times as you'd like for a small fee of 1b Zeny. Discounted Variants To celebrate this update and to encourage more people to purchase these variant rares, we've decided to offer a 20% discount on all Variant Rares. This 20% discount is applicable when converting your Zeny bags into 100B zeny chests. Instead of a 100b Zeny Chest costing 100b, they will cost 80b. This discount will be available until April 11, 2021. What we hope to accomplish with this update is to, obviously, sink zeny.. but also to increase all server activity in features that provide Zeny and lower market prices. For more information about variant rares, as well as a quick preview of all variant rares available, please visit our wiki.
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    Hello everyone! Please give a moment to write a review for our server as it helps to grow the number of players that comes and play our server. Here's the link: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=8633&itv=6&url_sname=Dream
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    Frequently Ask Questions: 0. Where can I use my Easter Token? A: You can exchange it for items in Phase 2. 1. Will these monsters become available as new Pets. A: Not all of them but yes some of them will become available as new pets. 2. Will there be SoH in this event? A: As far as I know our admin has no intention to include SoH in new events. The decision is upto him. 3. Will there be House of Trial in this event? A: House of Trial is under reconstruction and will later be added as a regular event, I am not yet sure if I could include it in this seasonal event. 4. Will there be new sprites? A: Yes 5. Where is the Race Shop? A: Race shop will be added in the Phase 2. 6. I found a treasure key, where can I use it? A: Easter Treasure boxes will start spawning in the Easter Field starting on April 07 2021. They are last part of Phase 1.
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    Tiamat of Elite Dungeon now drop a new item called Key to Abyss Tower. An item required to open a soon to be implemented instance. Abyss Tower. A lot of new cards and items will be included in this update. The instance difficulty is pretty high so I recommend for you to start preparing your crew if you want to run this instance soon. Goodluck and have fun~
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    Scriptures will become exchangeable tomorrow. There will be some new consumables.
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    Im currently using "RAKK Gears" and has a macro feature separately for mouse and keyboards called "Finetuner". I usually use it during WoE's. Pros: -You can chain multiple skills + adding left click button to click/hit a target. -You can edit the delays (ms) that corresponds to your ping into the game. (let me be clear, its not 0 delay). -You can record the sequence of skills and edit the delays (ms). -You can set the skills/chained skills to cast forever / until you pressed they key button again to stop. -You can use it to every kind of games. Like FPS games to switch weapons to cut the delays/animation after firing. Not just in RO. Cons: -Exclusive for Rakk brand. too bad and I wished this could be available/applicable to non-rakk brands. The purpose of posting this, is that some players who owns this Rakk keyboards and mouse are not aware that it has its own customizable macro. And are still downloading and using other macros that could be potentially dangerous. Softwares can be downloaded on itsofficial site @https://rakk.ph/ depending on the model you owned.
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    Hi guys! I made a quick easter guide. Also shared the build I am using when farming. hehehe I would also really appreciate if you sub to my channel hahaha Thank you!
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    Players swarming the NPC be like:
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    Loot all cards and etc/misc items, they can all be used for daily quests and scavenger hunt. Use @aloottype +6 for cards and @aloottype +3 for etc/miscs in game. These commands will be useful while doing zeph, you will be killing lots of mobs and gain loots at the same time, also zeny as a reward for finishing your zeph mission. I suggest making an extra account and guild dedicated for storing cards and misc. You won't want your main account storage to be full of cards and miscs. Don't delete a character while it's in the guild or else you will get bugged and won't be able to open your guild storage until server reboot.
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    The good news is, despite its horrendous difficulty, you guys can re enter the instance if you get wiped out just like the normal endless tower.
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    There's a patch to resize the easter bosses as requested by some players.
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    Directions for SP Applying: In the home screen of forums, scroll down to "Application Submission" in which you can start your application there, DO NOT WORRY, only GM's can view your applications! Best of Luck !!!
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    Dreamers !!!!! SP Hiring Season is about to BEGIN tomorrow on April 07, 2021 !! This does not mean we will ONLY be hiring...
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    the server also need reviews lol
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    Reinstalled the game just to get rickrolled.
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    Both those skills are disabled in pvp/BG. Besides, like I said Rolling Cutter already do 1mil at +4 upgrade. Are you new? Your forums account doesn't seem new.
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    Server first time holder card?
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    This is so sad and sweet at the same time it melts my cold tiny little heart, I hope you find her soon
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    Hello , here's the questionnaire to fill out if any dreamers are interested in becoming a support player whether it's in-game or on forums ! In order to apply, kindly look for "Application Submission" -> "Start A New Topic" (No one can view your response except the staff ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Answer these questions and if you have anything you want to add, feel free to do so : What is your main character's name? * Preferred contact method: (?) * How long have you been playing DreamerRO? * What do you usually do when you are online? * Where you are from? * What language(s) do you speak? * What is your timezone? * What's your name on forum? * How many hours a week do you play DreamerRO? * What do you do aside from playing DreamerRO? Have you ever been banned from DREAMER-RO? Why? * Do you have any skills for RO Development? (Spriting, Scripting, Arts, Banners) * Why do you want to become a DRO Helper or PvP Consultant, etc.? (State exactly what you want to apply for) * Do you find our rules harsh? Why? If not, tell me something about it.* If you catch your friend breaking the rules, what would you do? * If you could host 1 event, describe what that event would be? * If you could change one thing about DreamerRO, what would it be? Why should we trust you with this position? * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DO NOT REPLY ON THIS TOPIC! SP Hiring Season has begun! Head over to Application Submission and start your application there!! (Just a reminder, no one can view your application but GM's )
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