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    Arost is starting rumors that Freia sold him +10 items. This was reported to me by Arost in November 2018 after he was temp banned for RMT investigation. I investigated this case thoroughly as the screenshots seemed suspicious. The logs show that no GM commands were used to refine and no GM activity was captured affecting these trades or items traded. He's posting publicly again to harm the server because he's permanently banned now Begone Arost, it's time to get a life now.
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    The Easter Event 2019 starts in less than 24 hours! Get your farming equipment ready!
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    You know what they say, "Ragnarok is funner with friends!" xD So here's a bunch of pics me and my friends, loafing about in Caspen! Me, Sven in his summer suit, GxNC also in her summer suit, and LordIchi! I changed my hat to match his and he put on his Poring Balloon as well! By the campfire at Caspen's beach. Inside GxNC's house, a small windmill. I used to come by here, but I've moved to the house in the alley next to the farm. Roaming about outside the windmill farm house like a bunch of kids, hahaha. So...yeah, after all that loafing, Sven and I decided to continue our uncovering of one of the biggest conspiracy in Schwartzvald! Yeah we totally look so not suspicious, meowww. OK, bye! *** @MagicianNC, @ApexPredator, @liyaperfidious
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    Someone is being petty and went on down voting all my posts— People will see that what I’m doing is 100% trying to help and in a positive note.
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    Hello and meow, Unemployed Unit here~ Yes, you probably think I have posted this before, but no. The usual cast is here, with an addition of Latte and Vain! Not only that, Latte and Sven have become GIRLSSS. o_O THAT is why this picture had to happen, what more with Vain putting on their cutest look, hahaha. Clockwise, starting from Unemployed Unit (that me yes), GxNC, Latte, Vain The Sniper, ApexPred, und Sven 1C4. The first picture's zoom and angle was perfect, but I actually love the pose in the second picture (below). Sadly, I had to zoom out because the announcement text wasn't going away back-to-back announcements lol) and NC had to go offline soon so we couldn't retake. So there you have it. Lazy afternoon with friends. Or as Apex calls it, Social Sunday! xD OK, bye. * * * @MagicianNC @ApexPredator @liyaperfidious @caramellmacchiato
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    Its been 3 weeks since our last review on ratemyserver...when server gives more then the players give less?.. if you spend any time on DreamerRo it benefits you to write a review, help us grow and stay alive.
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    Travel-size Doram: I'm so compact that I can fit into my headgear cart. On a side note, the Wolfman Hat that big bro Sven lent me is better than this Musketeer Hat... I think I should make one myself. It seems to have better increment to my damage. I even easily killed more MVP mobs yesterday and I can try harder mobs... Mm yes, as you know, I am gearing up and trying to be stronger because our fiery guild member inspired me... However, when I saw him yesterday, he told me to give up after he fought some Normans because he said Dorams can't do enough damage... Still, he gave me some pointers on my gears and I thanked him. I am still trying to be stronger, looking for better gears. He told me to forgo the Doram EQ set and I think he might be right. ...but... but... uuuuu... To be honest, I don't like this kind of life. All this killing, all this obsession with strength... I am gearing up only so that I won't die when I stumble upon the big bad boss monsters and so that people don't go "aww you cute and fluffy but that is all you'll ever be..." T_T Yes I am cute, yes I am fluffy, so what! D'x Wuwuwuwuuuu~ *runs off to big bro Sven* Oh wait... *sniffles* Before I go: This is me and sort-of new hat. I picked this hat up from the ground at Zeph's. Apex told me it from Drake, so... wow! Barry and I enjoying a quick meal at my hometown, Port Town Lasagna. OK bye T_T *** onion notes: I just forgot that Corsair is from Drake because I haven't been hunting MVP mobs for so long lol
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    You know how every town has their warrior? Yeah, this fiery guy is like Port Town Lasagna's warrior, heheheheh. He's all set to show the strength of Doram. A fine addition to the Lasagna guild. Lord Ichi will be pleased. I've changed his rank to be Scar of Tarou because Tuna Party does not suit his thirst for blood. Upon meeting him, he made me realise some things and inspired me to be stronger! When I really dug into my build, it turns out I was wearing gears for Doram physical build, yet my skills were for magic build. No wonder I am not that strong! So I reset my stats and skills; followed some guides; and got some cards. Big bro Sven also helped me. I decided to test my skills. Amazing. I managed to kill Dracula in a short while. That pink marble spirit of mine makes my tummy look fat. x_x I think if I really gear up, I can be strong too. Kiel card would be nice, of course. Kiel card is like a university degree. Expensive and necessary in this world. Oh and since I no longer use Catnip Meteor skill, I changed my ranking to Picky Peck. ^^ I am also thinking that the Musketeer Hat, Gold Poring Necklace, and Striped Scarf will be my battle gear. Hmm, I'd have to tell Svenni's former guild master before she loses her mind looking for them... /gg OK. I will now curl up and sleep, awed at my own strength for tonight. Meow meow... We test some more tomorrow... ZzzZZzzZZzzz . . .
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    The server is growing every day! I estimate we will be hitting 600 online by the end of April If you haven’t done so already, please renew your review at ratemyserver and help us grow!
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    Meowww what a DQ today! Hylozoist Card! That is as bad as asking for 195x Flashlight! Luckily my buddies Sven has some in stock and Apex helped me out, so I finished my DQ very quickly, hewhewhew. Thanks, guys. What did we do after that? Go to Hugel and place our bets for the Hugel Monster Race!! I've always enjoyed this since it first came out years back. Here I bet on little Piggy, but he kept sleeping... hahahhaa~ And sorry, Apex, I didn't realise that the Dreamer logo blocked you... :< Go see Sven's page. He has a better picture, I think. We had a few DCs (what was up with that??) and Sven got stuck, but we were determined to see the race! xD Eventually, the server stabilised and Apex even won something! xD After that, I decided to show Apex the hometown of Doram: Port Town Lasagna. It's (still) a dead town, but he liked it anyway. ^^ That pink macaroon was made for NC, I tell you; but she wasn't online, so... yeah... :< Sven then showed Apex around Rockridge. OK bye! -- tagging @liyaperfidious und @ApexPredator * * * On a side note, a Doram asked in Caspen where the "Level 100 skills" are. Of course, no one answered because I dunno who even plays Doram much or know the true official capabilities of Dorams lol. So, I told her that if she's referring to Doram advanced skills, then Dreamer (still) does not have it. She remained silent afterwards, perhaps a bit disappointed that she can only be half a Doram? And what is weird is that in Dreamer, the skill 'Catnip Meteor' inflicts Ghost property damage instead of Neutral element. Could it possibly be that GM and team know about the 'missing' advanced skills since they might have edited the CN Meteor element...t? And if so, are Doram advanced skills removed on purpose or...? o_O Most curious... Whatever it is, it is truly a pity because Dreamer's surplus Skill points for Summoners would enable everyone to truly experience the class and at Level 500; but oh welllll~ Can't do anything but just accept it that THIRTEEN skills are non-existent, lelz x'D Either that or find an alternative... But to be honest, I want to experience being full Doram on Dreamer RO. I really do.
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    Tonight's adventures... HUGEL MONSTER RACEEEEE with @onion and @ApexPredator I kept betting on little pupper to win, but he went back and forth the whole time. Haha. And later we went to Rockridge maps, where Sven feels very at home, listening to chill COWboy tunes. ugh Rebellion's so fkin badass...
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    hmm............ thinking of sharing a guide on general information about the new hhh as well as a farming build with rg
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    Hello and meow, Unemployed Unit here~ Today, my Daily Quest requires me to collect Pirate Skeleton cards! So, I have found the appropriate hat to wear~ ^^ But, hmm... Where did this +4 Pirate Bandana come from...? I've never been down this ship before... (Somewhere out there, some Rebellion chick is yelling out for a certain Doram.) Oh... uh... hewhewhew~ I think I remember where I got the hat from. OK, bye!
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    Sven's ready for action!
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    Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.
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    Dieter: Mining is a dangerous job...
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    Just another day in Caspen...
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    Last night when I was with my friends, a rude guy came. He called us noobs, saying how there was so much trash on the street and that he should clean up the trash. We gave him the silent treatment because people like him are not worth fighting with. A pity that I have only my words. I will not reveal his name... for now. I'ma be out-of-character a bit for this: Firstly, he was obviously rude and we didn't even do anything wrong. We were just chatting in the lower corner of Caspen about game quests and in English too. We're not going around town saying "sir" or asking for Zeny. Makes me wonder if he is one of the 'veterans' of DRO whom I hear have a slight dislike to newbies. Regardless, rude is rude. Secondly, as my friend pointed out while we chatted in Party channel, if it weren't for new players coming in, this server would be dead. I already know two newbies who were a bit disheartened with the server, but I hope they are feeling better now and getting the hang of the mechanics of this server. Thirdly, while my friend may be new to the server, Sven and I are NOT. Sure we registered in Forums only this year, but we've joined the server since 2015. Just because we rarely play and only started going full-swing this year does not mean we're 100% newbies. If the rude guy wants to base it on what we were doing, I can even say he's a noob himself because I have never seen him before until recently, always parked in Caspen in his summer suit. I mean GEEZ, anyone can be talking about elite hero quest, among other things. Don't know what the heck triggered him. Another person came to join the scene, but I couldn't tell if he/she were with that guy or against him because he/she was also somewhat doing the name-calling PVP talk. I think that guy probably PVP too much but still, his rudeness was without basis. Veteran or not, people should learn manners. If you wanna bicker, have a solid reason. Don't go trash-talking with no substance. Good thing Sven was quiet.
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    Lo and behold! My trophy! Finally, I am the Goblin Killer Master! GOBLINI MASTAAAHHHHHH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT IT! You KS-ing Normans! Your god, Odin hath frowned upon your foul behaviour today and hath blessed me with this victory! Pure effort, 100% honest and dignified victory. Big Bro Dieter and I resting at Caspen. Look my trophy. I was getting KSed by 2-3 Warlocks no matter where I go. One even went the long way up the stairs just to steal my gobs = you see how greedy they are. So I retreated to a smaller corner. I was just whackin this goblini. He playing hide and seek with me, my skills cannot hit him. So I decided to unleash my plant and whack him. And then poof, I got an Event Ticket. Special thanks to big bro Sven for the hat and Apex for scrolls! I, a Doram, yes me a cat who cannot go PvP or be hero -- I have triumphed over all handicaps! I don't have to be a Warlock or go around KS-ing people to win. All you need are friends and dignity! (This, and also Sven's victory for Goblini, goes to show that it's not only your job that matters, it is also you as a person.) Also, later tonight (my timezone), I share new headgear. Bye for now.
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    @Rad @HaZe To all who know me in the dRO community. Im not dead, quitting the sever, nor do i plan on leaving the server anytime soon! Me and my husband are on vacation until next week. As a support player I will try to stay active on the forums to answer questions and i am also on the dRO discord as @Xeno+Xena+Zen if anyone has any IG questions. I love you all and i cant wait to return!
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    Bring back non-customs PvP!
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    Lord Ichi IS a cat in a cart
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    Sven: Why am I not elite?! I'm the real MVP here man. Instead that fairy boy D13T3R gets it. He's nothing without me! GRRRRRR
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    Phantasmagorika... phantoms.. phantoms everywhere...
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    Hello~ Unemployed Unit here. So far, this is my humble collection of cute headgears. ^^ Well, this is all I can show you anyway since I can't scroll up in the image... Some of them I made (this is where the fun is!), some of them were monster drops, some from gambling, and some of them were gifts! To top it off, 'ForMyVendingPurposes' gifted me with whole load more in Caspen (thanks again!). So, now... uhm... my little Poring Backpack is getting to full... Can't even do Daily Quest properly, hahaha. So I figured I should invest in... a Gem of Carting. T_T ... yeah... I have a free Chubby Earthworm Talisman, so I put the Gem in there and... ...voila! A cart! Even that, it was more than half-full, so I had to remove any headgear that is too big for me. Also, my Barry the Chopper is loyal pet now! xD OK bye.