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    DO YOU WANT PVP? COME AND GET SOME! We've made a few adjustments to our PvP system in order to increase PvP participation and competitive behavior. First of all, we've made participating in the Hero Happy Hours a lot more rewarding for everyone. Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Happy Hours. Every 5 deaths the user will receive 1 Heroic Coin. (Does not count suicide deaths) Reduced the price of 100M Zeny bags in the Heroic Shop from 30 to 10. Implemented Donation Tokens to the Heroic Shop at a cost of 100 HC each. This means that participating in the Hero Happy Hours event will not only award you with a nice sum of Zeny, it will now also open the doors to the entire Donation Mall, which includes a huge collection of items and rares!! You can visit the Donation Mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen. But we don't want PvP to be active only 2 hours a day...we want to increase the over all PvP scene! In order to increase the PvP activity during non-HHH hours, we've made the following changes: Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Arena. Every 3 deaths the user will receive 1 Deathmatch point. (Does not count suicide deaths) Implemented an hourly PvP Activity Race, in which players earn activity points for participating in the Hero Arena PvP. Each kill awards 5 activity points, while each death awards 1 activity point. The top 3 players will be automatically rewarded at the end of each hour. 1st place: 1 Donation Token ~ 2nd: 1 Billion Zeny ~ 3rd: 500m Zeny. The Race runs every hour, every day! Starts and ends at minute 59 of each hour. As you can see we are being extremely generous with the prices of Zeny bags and Donation Tokens. I can assure you that our generosity will not last too long, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can! Expect a heroic coin price increase on Donation Tokens soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback and very excited to see BLOOD all over our PvP rooms! P.S ~ There is a new Donation Rotation coming soon, so take advantage of the discount prices and save those donation tokens ! Let the bloodbath BEGIN!
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    As the title says. Requesting for a change in Throw Fuuma Shuriken. Ninja's Physical Weapon ( Fuurinkazan ) is no longer that useful because the skill "Throw Huuma Shuriken" doesn't make the right damage( like what it should do in the non-renewal DRO ). The skill is somewhat similar to Thunder Storm that can be casted on land. I have opened a support ticket about this lately but lost hope on it so I'll just post it here if haze will have the time to read this in the future. Throw Huuma Shuriken is the main damage basis of the Physical Elite Ninja weapon but is now useless because of what the skill does in the renewal. And as a ninja user, I don't want the physical type ninjas die and be forced to use magic type skills (Tho they say magic ninjas are OP lol). Still I want to maximize the use of ninja both physical and magical. Don't let Fuurinkazan be useless in Renewal~.
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    I won't introduce myself as who I am in-game since I not that so well known coz of my low profile and solo gaming, It's been almost 4 years I've been playing dRO. I like the game very much from the start because of it's competitiveness in all aspect such as WOE and PVP content. Although throughout the years I notice the changes and the decline of the servers population, that made most of my in-game friends quit also to the busy schedules in real life. All I can wish is that dRO will be back same as before miss those 1,000++ players competing to each other for dominance. I decided to quit because I see any real updates that can capture or make dRO have it's great comeback. I also would like to suggest to our Admin/GM Staffs, if you have any plans of making another dRO server make a Pre-renewal server with the same content as 2 or 3 years back to where we know the golden age of dRO aside from the current Renewal server we have. I will still be around checking forum and if I have time joining WOE or lurking around the server to see some people that I might know to chat with. Again it's a pleasure to have me here in dRO for so long if there are Hello's! there are also Good bye's. Thank you. Shout-out for all the guild that adopted me. Revitalize - very 1st guild I joined Theos - 1st PVP guild Incarnates/IDOLS - OP guild, I'm the only noob and forever noob XD Civilians - last guild I joined Notorious - one of the best WOE guild I joined in Wishing all the best to dRO! PS: GM/Staff please me fair for your remaining loyal players and avoid being BIAS!!
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    why this system is not included in battle ground kills?
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    An immense wealth is hidden beneath the Earth's crust... Do you have what it takes to find it and become the wealthiest miner in Midgard? The younger of the famous brothers Goldstein has arrived to Einbroch, the city of Steel, to offer his technology to the citizens of Midgard. David Goldstein is a bright scientist that invented an ingenious drill that can be attached to special boots. The Drilling Boots allow the wearer to mine valuable minerals from dungeons and fields in much more efficient manner than using an old-school pike. David Goldstein believes his Drilling Boots can enable anyone to become a master miner and he is eager to start training people on how to use his invention. If you are interested in using the Drilling Boots to start mining, you can purchase a set of boots from David for 500M Zeny. If you are lucky, he may offer them to you at half price (250M Zeny) if you purchase them the first time you talk to him. NPC: David Goldstein Location: einbroch 50 200 First, you must purchase the Drilling Boots from David. You are encouraged to equip the boots to gain access to new mining skills. The first step in the mining process is making a drill. In order to make a drill you must send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "make". It may take several attempts before you succeed in making your drill. Just keep repeating the process until you succeed. Once you have your Drilling Boots and you have created your drill you will be ready to start drilling..but first, you have to find the mine! You must go to a map where mines are known to be found (full list found below) and try to find the exact spot where the mine is located. They are invisible but luckily you have a "Detection" miner skill that will guide you on finding the mine's location. In order to detect the mine simply send any message to "npc:mine" - For example, "Drill", "Detect", or.."sdjskja". Anything will work. The Detection skill will advise you to move up, down, left or right until you find the exact location of the mine. It may take a few attempts before you actually find the mine, but once you do..you can mine it for quite a while before the mine is destroyed or runs out of minerals. Once you find the exact location of the Mine, you can again send a message to "npc:mine" to start drilling the mine and excavating valuable minerals. Once you start mining you will start noticing that the Drill gets hotter whenever you drill on a mine. You must pay attention to the "Heat" in your chatbox because if your drill reaches a Heat of 100 the drill will break and you will have to create another drill whispering "make" to "npc:mine". It is recommended that you stop drilling when you reach a heat of 80-90 in order to make sure your drill does not break. It usually takes only a few seconds for the drill to cool down after you stop so you can begin drilling again soon after. Whenever you mine you will earn Miner EXP. This experience is used to level up your Mining Skills. Even when you do not find any items in the mine, your miner exp will still increase. The deeper you dig, the more experience you will earn. However, keep in mind that if you break your drill or you move while drilling, you will lose Miner EXP. You can check your current mining level and experience on the message that appears each time you drill. When you level up, you will be awarded with Miner Skill points. These points can be used to level up Miner Skills that will increase your productivity while mining. You get at a minimum 3 skill points per level, but the number of skill points received may vary depending on your Miner Level. To view all skills and/or to level up Miner Skills send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "skill". Below is a list of all the Miner Skills available: There are a total of 8 different mines, all of which drop minerals at different rates. The lower level mines are known for dropping more "trash" items than the higher level mines. It is important to increase your Miner Level so you can gain access to these more productive mines and skills that increase drop rate of minerals. Open spoiler to view different types of mines: There may be 1-3 mines on a map at the same time. The type of mine that appears in each map is random out of a list of mine classes that exist on that map. If you are interested in learning which mines exist in which map, you can view a list of all the maps that have mines and which mines spawn there by opening this spoiler: If you want to see a complete list of all the items that can be excavated from the mines, you may click this link. Curious of how the drops actually work? Take this as an example:
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    Hi why GS / Rebel didn't get buff in this recent changelog? A glass cannon class like gunslinger should have more damage with a little HP but now it has no Damage and low HP, compare to other range classes like Ranger's and Minstrel's, Gunslinger damage is left behind and they can be easily killed by any job at DRO nowadays, yes gunslinger had Fallen Angel skill now which is great to create enough space to free hit and uses it's range to kill but still it has auto skill desperado combo which causes delay to escape, create space etc. Should DRO Server show some love and BUFF Gunslinger / Rebellion damage ? I personally says that DAMAGE IS MY BEST DEFENSE but how can i defend my self if i can't do enough damage on my opponent ? Anyway i'm just saying my opinion in this recent changelog that i didn't saw any changes on GS / Rebellion class.
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    I just retrieve my forum acct Hello everyone *waves* Planning to play sometimes again *winks*
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    Maybe change the reward to combat coins and make it every 2-3 hours. Adding more zeny bag in the server will just further ruin the market prices of items. It's 36b zeny bags added in the server everyday and it rotates in the server. NPCs don't absorb this zeny added in the server everyday, it will just keep on piling up. We should aim in lowering the prices of some items in the server, to make it a little affordable for new players, not only for donators and old players with tons of b bags stored in their storage. Giving combat coins will help lower the price of some combat items in long run, and perhaps will motivate more the PVP enthusiast to actually PVP. 1st: 2 combat coins 2nd:1 combat coins 3rd: 1 donation token
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    Basically both ignore mdef. In case of HWC it turns normal monsters mdef to 0. (a 100% ignore on normal mosnters mdef) To answer your question it useless to use both cards at the same time because you can't ignore more than 100%. Deceitful ignore mdef by a a maximum of 20% though it works on both normal and boss monsters mdef. In short it's useful for boss monsters and for classes build that can stack other small percentage mdef ignore equipment such as necromancer card, super novice elite weapon (20% too) etc.
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    Pantera - Cowboys From Hell (guitar cover)
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    I am sorry to be negative, I am not against participation reward in fact I want participation reward too for new players. But isn't getting rewarded for dying in PVP is going backward? Now anyone can create novices, ungeared 3rd character and pretend to be actually participating in HHH while suiciding. Surely we got rules regarding PVP farming, but can GM really ban players who can pretend to be helpless in PVP? Abuser can even login an alt account in a different IP and pretend to be a new player. Again I am not trying to be totally negative. I like the idea of participation reward, but getting rewarded for dying is really questionable. Not to mention that we got tradable rewards from Heroic coins. Why can't we just have similar rewarding scheme where players are rewarded for staying alive in the map, and then actually help the newbies get geared so they can actually compete instead of asking them to feed the veterans? On another note, this promotes more high output damage builds or suicide build for veterans which is already bad in our server. There's too many item that boost damage in our server and most veterans disregard their survivability because of our existing system where everything is about getting kills. Now not only you can kamikaze build, you'll also get rewarded for using it. Another thing is, getting rewarded for dying doesn't motivate newbies that much, in fact if it does, BG should be always packed with newbies but being with a lot of newbies I realized that a lot don't simply wanna get bullied. Being with a guild of 80% returner set user, they rather farm in PVE and get themselves geared so they can actually PVP instead of going to BG . So I doubt rewarding them to get bullied will bring PVP activity back. I'd rather suggest to think outside of the box and make this newbies be closely capable of competing. Ex. Utilize the siege sets that doesn't stack with most donation headgears, use it as a freebies. At least it will make them tanky and capable of making cheaper builds. Isn't that why IRO implement that thing. Regardless thank you for being so generous with the rewards. It's only my opinion about the system and I am glad you are trying to make the PVP alive.
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    The good thing with being rewarded after a certain amount of deaths is newbie participation can be expected. Kill or die it matters not! This is awesome!
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    looks great....! hopefully this will help pvp thrive and try to get noobies involved as well!!! keep up the good work
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    I'm 400 vote points away from that sweet sweet 35 dtoks /slur #keepvoting #alwaysentercaptcha
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    you guys should check this one, it's a guide from pre-renewal though, but some of requirement still the same
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    I don't know the reason why in this server WL and Sorc are so Tanky, aren't they suppose to be AOE dealers not "TANKS" like RK and RG.. just saying, I' being salty LOL and waiting for any improvements if there are any.. XD
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    Comparing to something whats lost doesnt help a thing, to these to that, from here to there. Lets just help the server grow please.. Venie is doing her best from here to FB group just to update us what is happening to get motivated..now why are there always people like you.
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    Hi everyone! My name is ShawnKaizer, and this will be the IGN of my first character here. Honestly, I came from another private server which I taught was ok but after few years since I left the game due to my studies and career, I just heard lately that the server I knew was "hacked" by some of their administrator which forced them to create a new server. So I came back just to check and I found out that the server is not that active anymore and the number of players significantly decreased. (I'm still a newbie when I left the game, btw. lol) Moving forward, I decided to start to play RO again after many years. SOOOOO, I need to figure out every sh!te in the game again. LOL. I just hope that the players here are friendly. So yeah... Download is 60.7% now.
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    Never ever share your acct info and password to anyone. That's your fault if you do so.
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    Wish you were here..
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    Hayuk, saya siap menghidupi kamuh
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    seems like skills on RMS is not updated, irowiki is more accurate than RMS about renewal skill description
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    It has Agility UP skill (https://irowiki.org/wiki/NPC_AGIUP). Meteor Assult is the best for STP. Use F.PrheeoniC or 1 F.AtroceC in +10Weapon or switch to Criss once you hit this Cecil Use @mi "monster id/name" to check monster detail information
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    As per iRO indeed critical hit does not ignore DEF but in DRo, IT DOES.
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    Hello.....your Ragnarok server is great enjoyed playing it. Can i copy the file of your server? the mines and other stuff just not the custom headgears and maps. I dont like the stability of your server here a bit laggy and tile buggy, i think because of those custom headgears you guys put and its so many. I think people enjoy RO cause of stability and easy to move around and stuff. So it would be great if i can copy the file, just asking........