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    “Only after you've done the exorcism, then you'll understand that ghost's also a species.” PHASE 1 ============ This year halloween event is the same with the past Event. The Phase 1 will be the farming phase and it will last for at least a week. During Phase 2 you can exchange some of your materials for some Halloween Gears! New events/quest will be added during phase 1. Not everything is there yet. Mini event and games might be added too without any notice. Halloween City The entrance to Halloween City is free this year. Everyone is allowed to enter it. Verity is desperately looking for Agents and she will give you a battle certificate that will allow you to access the map! Peculiar Hunt ===== The Ghost Exorcist is looking for hunters who can exorcise some Peculiar Ghost in exchange for Halloween Tokens. Peculiar Ghost can be found around the map. They look like your everyday creepy monsters but they are pretty elusive. These monsters got 50% perfect dodge. Hunting Tips: Peculiar Ghost has lvl 99 Aura. Peculiar Ghost Hunt has account bound timer. Finishing it for the first time will reward you with an exclusive accessory. It is a rental accessory that can auto cast random bolts including soul strike. NPC Intimacy ======= You can increase your intimacy with some NPC in Halloween City. There are different ways to increase your intimacy with them. One example is through giving them gifts and the other is through doing some task for them. Currently there are 2 known NPCs where you can increase your intimacy with them. 1. Ghost exorcist - keep on doing hunts. She also accept gift, but not yet now. 2. Lost Soul Dolly - she is looking for her dolls. You can also talk to her and do some quest that might give you additional rewards. Intimacy Level Rewards ======== I don't want to give all the details regarding intimacy rewards per level but here are a few examples. Halloween Invasion use @raid or @global command to check for the Global Goal and Halloween Invasion status Around every 2 hours monsters inside halloween city will be changed to another batch. This batch drops intimacy items and epic materials. The invasion will last for an hour. Invasion progress will depends on total community performance in defeating the monsters. There is quite a variety of monsters during invasion but what important is their tags. Common invasion monsters are normally tagged as Ghastly, Creepy and Spooky. Invasion Boss: It is natural that the MVP will get the reward however, there are changes in this invasion. If the boss is kill, the MVP will get the normal drops, the last hitter will be automatically rewarded with a raffle ticket and there will be a Piñata drop around the city. Once the boss is killed a huge amount of Halloween candies and tokens will be showered around the city. If the second invasion boss is killed some bloody branches might drop too. Global Goal (Halloween Race) During Invasion the chairman of Paranormal Study Group will choose a monster to purge. The required number is random. If the Global goal is reached the top 3 most devoted players in killing the required monster will be rewarded. 1st Place: 1 raffle ticket / 300 Halloween Tokens 2nd Place: 1 raffle ticket / 100 Halloween Tokens 3rd Place: 500m zeny 50 halloween tokens. If goal is not reached there will be no top hunters and no global buffs either. Global Buffs: Global Goal is not only created for the Halloween Race. If the community manage to finish the global goals they will unlock a global reward as well. This is called Global buffs. The Global buffs is random. Global Buffs. 1. Fortuna Frequency - Extra chance for raffle ticket drop rate for 1 hour 2. Blood Bath - chance to gain DM points/badges when killing monsters for 1 hour 3. Heroic Wave - get hero exp when killing monsters and chance to drop heroic coins on field for 1 hour. 4. Blood Moon - chance to get elite kills when killing monsters in field. 5. Gold Dust - killing monsters has chance to obtain zeny when killing monsters. 6. Night of Terror - chance to drop halloween token and dolls. There's a 7th buff but it won't activate until Phase 2 NEW PETS =================== HERA - All Stat + 20/ Matk +3% ECHIDNA - All Stat + 20/ Atk+ 3% LILITH - All Stat + 25/ PD +5 SIREN - All Stat + 25/ Crit damage +10% VAMPIRE HUNT =========== These vicious monsters are currently rampaging around the map. It's very difficult to see them except for their bloody aura. Shaloshi is looking for hunters who could hunt them in exchange for zeny. (hallow_city 171 218) Talk to Shaloshi and take your vampire hunting quest. It has 2 hours CD similar with Peculiar hunting. (Note: The kill count won't reset even if you log out) PHASE 2 ======== Now you can start trading some of the halloween loots for halloween gears. Boo-tique (hallow_city 161,195) Our Halloween Material collector is back, she exchange gears for materials and tokens that can be obtain from Halloween City. There are some more gears to come and they will become available as other NPC spawn in halloween city. Halloween Paragon =================== (hallow_city 147 201) For the first time in Halloween Seasonal Event, we are adding Halloween Paragon. Paragon works similar with press your luck, except you only need 10 halloween candies to proceed until the last stage. The chances are a little better and as long that you aren't too greedy there's a high chance of winning rewards. If you like to take risk, the higher stage could help you win great items including epic materials, rares and other high tier gears. Kid Morroc Little morroc is collecting halloween tokens and some epic materials. You can trade your farmed materials now for amazing halloween gears! House of Trials This event start 1 hour after the invasion. You can win amazing rewards by playing mini games here. Visit the link for more details. ADDITIONAL NOTE: ============================= INTIMACY RACE EVENT (new) The top 3 player with the highest intimacy with dolly at the end of the event will receive a rare of their choice! Changelog: -Added transformation candies on some rare ghost. (Furious spirit,Mote etc) -Added Fox Trader for newbie hunter starting gear. -Added Hallow Poring Boss -Fix player name on race. -Added Ladder Board for Dolly -Added some new few mobs -Enable Gift on Ghost Exorcist -Added new NPCs -Enable Vampire hunting -Change Rain of Horror to Night of Terror Buffs.
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    We have added the modified version of Temporal Boots in OGH, you can exchange your temporal crystal and coagulated spells for the modified version of Temporal Boots through Hugin's Butler located at glast_01 210 272 glast_01 210 272 Cost: (Temporal Boots) 1000 Coagulated spells 20 Temporal crystals Upgrade Cost: 2000 Coagulated spells 5 Temporal Crstals 2 Contaminated Magic. Contaminated Magic can be obtained from Corruption Root and Amdarais at 20~30% drop rate. Contaminated Magic can also be used for enchanting these items. The enchantment of this items will be added after the addition of Faceworm Nest. UPGRADED TEMPORAL BOOTS STATS Temporal Boots of Str [1] Max HP/SP + 15% Str+ 25 For every 2 refine physical attack +50 if base str is 350 or higher, increase damage of neutral property attack by 15%. Increase damage received from water property attacks by 15% Temporal Boots of Agi [1] Max HP/SP + 12% Agi + 25 For every 2 refine PD + 2 if base agi is 350 or higher, flee rate + 15% Increase damage received from earth property attacks by 15% Temporal Boots of Vit [1] Max HP/SP + 12% Vit+ 25 For every 2 refine increase max hp by 2% (additional 10%) if base vit is 350 or higher, reduce soft def by 15 Increase damage received from fire property attacks by 15% Temporal Boots of Int [1] Max HP/SP + 12% Int + 25 For ever 2 refine increase matk to medium size monsters by 1% if base int is 350 or higher, ACD - 5% Increase damage received from wind property attacks by 15% Temporal Boots of Dex [1] Max HP/SP + 10% Dex + 25 For every 2 refine increase long range damage by 1% If base dex is 350 or higher, hit + 150 Increase damage received from ghost property attacks by 15% Temporal Boots of Luck [1] Max HP/SP + 12% Luk + 25 For every 2 refine increase crit damage by 2% if base luck is 350 or higher, additional crit damage by 30%. Increase damage received from holy property attacks by 15% Possible Future Enchantments: MAX HP: 1~3% ATK + 20~50 ATK +1 % MATK + 1% RANDOM STAT + 10 PD + 1 HIT + 20~50 FLEE + 20~50 Special Str Special Agi Special Int Special Dex Special Luk Special Vit
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    screenshot above was last year when I was newbie, Octavion Vonderheide. Thanks for being there since the very beginning of my gameplay, thanks for your tips and tricks, for being the friend that pushed me to go elite, above all thanks for being a good friend; I may not know you that well in real life, but among the people of this diversed server, we came from the same culture, we spoke the same language, we felt right at home. It's funny how your online presence can affect people in some way; but that just shows how much you were a good person even in an online game. So thank you, for good memories! and if it wasn't because of you; I'm not gonna be what I am today. I'll continue your storage; it feels like you are logging in any moment now to fill in the storage but I know it's not gonna happen— so for that I wish you well, I wish you rest in peace. And if next life is real, I'd like to be your real friend
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    I disagree with your friend. Mining for me became profitable ever since I reached Amon Ra mines and up. It has been my main source of income, for whatever I mine, I also forged. It is true that the current market is diluted with so many mining items, but it's okay since you can opt to selling lower price if you wanted to sell fast. you can either use the forged items or upgrade them. The downside for me is that, it is boring. You need patience and a lot of it. If you mine, don't sell your minerals. Aim to have higher forged level so you can have higher chances of successful forged. To achieve this is not an easy feat. Expect 3-6 times fail forge, hammer breakage and what not. But in the end, I tell you, it is still profitable. If you want to switch farming, then better go OGH or HHH mvps, those farming these boast lots of Combat Coins, Event Tickets, Cards and many more. Good luck sir!
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    its ugly but at least i got greymap to work XD
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    Some player seems to hate Evil Druids.. weird..
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    Try to check the headgear gambler in casino.
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    I haven't done Caspen farming in a while. But when I tried to do the 3k kills for my different elite characters, I found out that GC RG is the fastest. So for me, it is the most efficient choice.
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    Understood. I believe this is to compensate and balanced the class with high HP pool.
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    At our server, Thanatos card work on soft def only, meaning to say the higher the soft def u have which is affected mainly by Vit, the higher damage you will receive. Exclusive on our server only.
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    Hi, Mining is for sure worth it. My char is lv 150 in mining and I have made enough zeny to buy at least one of everything in dRO and become Santa xD
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    I agree with latte and indominus. It is true, mining may not be as profitable as before, but it is still profitable. I cannot say your friend is wrong because he said "He don't FEEL it's rewarding." It may be true for him because since he is a high level miner, it is more probable that he experienced the golden age of mining. So compared to before, his profits are really lower. But like other people said, it is still profitable. You could try HHH and OGH too. Those are really good ways of profiting.
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    Your friend is probably comparing the old market to the current market and saw an alarming decline, meanwhile you can sell the minerals or the forged gears, refine it and sell it for a high price, not to mention there are achievements in forging equipment. overall it would be profiting. Imagine selling pure elunium and pure ori /slur I have tried mining and reached mid level, although its not the max level. I'd say it took me a lot of time and patience like Indo said; but if you really got into it, it'll profit regardless lol
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    At least you don't get errors every login XD
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    its on ratation atm. available at donation mall
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    Visit my Shop @warp gold_mart 57 108 for discounts shout Knight Ares ingame.... NOTE: this is the last stock of Malev Shoes, 29 pcs already sold. so grab one as soon as you can ^_^ thanks... 4 pcs Malevolent Shoes SOLD
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    It has been bad and good moments to shared with you is hard to think that you are anymore with us thank you for be my friend i really will miss this momments we will always remember you we will never forget you friend I hope you now resting in a better place rest in peace my good friend @Octavion Vonderheide
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    I just want to spend some time by giving my very utmost condolences and prayers to one of our own kind-hearted dRO player (also Support Player) Delly . As I've heard he was diagnosed with gastritis, in other words, severe stomach problems.... .. To those that were close to him, I can only imagine the pain you must feel and for his family entirely. Prayers and hopes that he is in a better place ~ Sincerely.. Arceus ~
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    I'd like to take this moment to offer my most sincere condolences to our good friend Octavion My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, may God bless your soul and comfort your family through these difficult time, we will miss you. "... and with your absent, the whole world suddenly seems depopulated."
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    Nice one almost legendary bro hehehe
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    Selling 50 pcs temporal crystals 1b each
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