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    Hello Everyone, I think me creating my own guild was way overdue lol. Alrighty, without further ado... Welcome to the Super Soldiers Guild thread. Yes I am a bit of a Captain America fan and Marvel and all that good stuff but that's besides the point! We are mainly looking for experienced PVP players to join and help build our team. (I am also open to train new(er)/less experienced players) Our mission is to not only create some competition but also, revive the PVP arenas. Just like I was raised/trained back in the Pre-Renewal days, this will be our focus: Quality over Quantity We got each others' back Training & Developing our people If you are doing Daily Quests/Combat Quests etc.. I will personally help you out if I have the time. I will encourage others to do the same, however this is not mandatory. - Our base is Rachel (@Go 23) ~ - Requirements: Must speak and comprehend English Must speak English as well, whenever you're on Guild/Party Chats Anyone in PvP outside of our guild, shall get #rekt Be reasonably geared - Fully geared preferred Be reasonably active in PvP. Have fun! Respect those on a higher rank than yours, as well as your fellow guildmates. Do not abuse newbies. Kindly advise them to leave PvP first. - How To Join: As of right now, I'm not being too picky. Obviously this section will be a constant work in progress as the guild grows. If I know you and/or am familiar with your PvP skills, you're welcomed to join me on this journey. However, if I don't know you nor am am I familiar with your PvP skills, a test will be required before you are considered for the Super Soldier Project. All classes are welcomed. However, the following are preferred: Professor/Sorcerer Lord Knight/Rune Knight Hunter/Ranger High Priest/Arch Bishop High Wizard/Warlock - Ranks: Winter Soldier - Top killer both in wars and 1v1 duels. Excellent team player. Also, GuildMaster's right hand. Calls the shots when GM is not present. Weapon X - Top killer/Tank Adamantium - For top High Priest(s)/AB's Vibranium - Proven to be someone who understands the elemental table and how to nerf/tank certain skills/classes - AKA, a toughER cookie than when they initially started. Noble Phantasm - Tactician(s) Shield - Recruit/Entry Level -------------------------------------------------------------- I count on your support and feedback. You can either PM me here on forums or In-Game @ " Inertia " with the spaces Looking forward to see where this journey will take us! -------------------------------------------------------------- P.S.: Looking for someone who can make banners/other emblems for the guild. Please PM me on forums or In-Game, thank you!
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