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    Oh How I spent my summer is not the typical beach vacation or out of the country trip. I had a fun simple summer vacation which to me was priceless. how great my summer was, being able to meet with friends at the bar/ restaurant talking about life has been since after college brings not only the old times but it helps us connect like we were before. Cold beer, awesome food, and company of great friends is incomparable than spending tons of money on trips. In other words I got drunk with friends and play my game during the day.
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    My perfect Summer .... After all work I decided to take my vacation like everyone else. I decided to get into my bed and see SuperNatural. That strong and that nothing scares me. . . Well it turns out that I ended up throwing Salt around the whole house and doing exactly everything to ward off the evils T_T from the fright no more. Then I discovered that the noise was my CAT .. so I passed a sleeve of water. At the end I called my friend and invited her to a very nice Mormon sanctuary relaxing to forget everything and relax. By the way I told her if she wanted to be baptized because of issues that I still had some XDtrauma. And it amazes me so much that I didn't just baptize her, but I also taught her how to float at the same time... and just when I finished baptizing her ... It turns out that she was there as she stiff but floating ... Until I showed her a Pizza and she didn't answer so .... I went to the other corner for questions of "And if he does not get up and she X_X?" At least she was baptized XD. Well then I left her there "Floating" and I went swimming on the other side. Final .. I learned that I can Baptize and teach how to float at the same time ... From there I decided to stay in that trade ... Anyone want to baptize them? Buahahahaha
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    Enjoying My Summer I went outside and viewed the trees,Smelled the summer air,I felt the warm breeze.The sun with its golden bars
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    What Summer means to me? Summer really means to me because of many adventure place are waiting, One of my favourite place to come is jungle trekking whereas i can find many beautiful creation and very cool trees and leaves. Ragnarok also means to me because it have very nice place for me All hail Summer. Lets go explore the world with summer season
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    Here's my entry She was always the most waited part. It seems like everyone was made just to wait for her to happen. She made everything possible both for young and old. She's golden, shining, active and very radiant. She's like a superstar amidst the night sky. She was summer. I met her when i was very young. When afternoon all meant to be in bed while acting to be sleeping to avoid spank and paddles. I met her when I often sneak out using kitchen's door, trying to find a playmate. I hated her at first, she's boring, dull, and lifeless. But, she proved me wrong! She's fun to be with. I can play marbles with my friends, yoyo, and I can ride my scooter! Funny, I can still remember playing Nintendo, and crying for it everytime Mom would tell me to sleep. But, the funniest is my teenage years with summer. I need to be circumcised! Summer witnessed my transformation, from a boy to a young man. She is outgoing and independent! She withstand the little rain, and she always won. I could clearly remember and hear the crashing of the waves and the sound of our laughter when we went to the beach. We spent the night at the tent and waited for sunrise to welcome our adolescents. No classes not too much activities and more time to be lazy. But where is summer now that I am a professional? Where are the games? How is the beach? Where are the available afternoon for sleeping? Is summer still there for me to enjoy? Sadly, no. What goes around, just turns around too. It's time for work, and catching up friends. Summer, now is just rest. But after all those summer, I'm glad i had my best from all the good and better. And now, I can only remember summer.
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    Here's my entry. This summer I decided to play dRO again after almost 2 years and it feels good. I also made many new friends and reunited with some old ones, I miss playing so damn much. It also seems like a good time to come back since I started seeing old players coming back. Besides that, I also got a chance to go to Miami!! That's the reason why I chose this map and this screenshot, it was me in Miami, chilling on the beach, getting some sunbathing. I've never been to a beach with the water this clear and schools of fish swimming around me, I saw baby sharks occasionally. It was the best experience ever being able to see these majestic creatures up close. This summer has been the best summer of my life! It was like a dream that I wish to never wake up. But summer's ending soon and we all have to get back to our busy life.
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    AHAHA greetings, your grace. I'm here to submit my entry: What Does Summer Mean To You? Summer can mean different things to different people, it means a break or holidays; to go on vacations, restless road-trips, exploring the outdoors, camp fire, and stargazing? but there's no such thing as summer where I came from— a tropical country. We would spend holidays to retreat to the foggy highlands (on pic: Eclage), fresh breeze of cold air and natural sightseeing, wearing warm clothes. I guess we all take summer for granted
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    Hello dreamerrr~~ Im here for invite you guys to join a mini event of summer here in forum RULES ARE SO EASY AND IM SURE YOU CAN HANDLE WITH THIS RULES: and here we are!¡ Write some cool story about summer (Short storys please) Take a nice SS in game in some cool landscape relationated with summer THE IMAGE MUST BE CLEAR Sooo pay attention enough Any chat out of context will be eliminated Any story of edition after the death line will not taking in consideration Insults or despective modes will be not tolerated and eliminated from this event Forum rules will be aplicated so be careful GM Team can't join this event. RULES OF IMAGES RESOLUTION: 1 Forums rules implemented 2 Photo edititng are not allowed Screenshot must be 1024x 768 (so this mean just normal pictures in a good landscape not edited For post your ss be sure to use some of this pages like postimage or photobucket https://es.imgbb.com/ Well prizes will be; FISRT PLACE: 20 Donation Tokens + 5b zeny bag + 2 event tickets SECOND PLACE: 12 Donation tokens + 3b zeny bag+ 1 event ticket 3 PLACE: 3b zeny bag 1 event ticket 5 donations token (The rewards will be given for me once the voting of jury is finished soooo be creative and good luck to all Lets play to write no!! ~~~~~~~~~Death line to this event starting from now in is August 15th winners will be choice for best short story and landscapes via poll for our GM Team Thank you. Good luck to all who join us and enjoy
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    This guide is for newbies who want the Draconus' Scale for Hero Quest or for those who want Draconus Card. It's pretty easy actually STATS: Enough STR to carry stuff and additional attack (200-ish) Enough AGI for max attack speed Enough VIT to withstand Draconus' damage (300-ish) INT - Not really necessary Max DEX - Main Stats for Rangers Enough LUK for CRIT and additional attack (200-ish) EQUIPMENT: Helm - - - Punk Beanie with any card you want (VOTE NOW TO GET PUNK BEANIE!!!!!!!) Wing - - - Union Wings with any card you want Aura - - - Any Aura with any card you want Armor - - - White Wing Suit [+Long Range Physical attacks by 2*refine level] with Gloom Under Night Card for Draconus in Hero Temple or Any card you want for Draconus in Mag_dun02 Weapon - - - any 4 slotted bow with [3 Abysmal Knight Cards + Mao Guai Card] for Draconus in Mag_dun02 or with [3 Abysmal Knight Card + Santa Poring for Draconus from Hero Temple] = 210% more damage on Draconus Shield - - - (Limited to 1Handed Bows only) Any shield with Alice Card Garment - - - White Wing Manteau Shoes - - - White Wing Boots with any card you want Accessories - - - White Wing Brooch and any other accessory you want Arrow - - - Arrow of Counter Evil for Draconus in Hero Temple or Immaterial Arrow for Draconus in Mag_dun02 WHAT TO DO: *DRACONUS in Mag_dun02 Warp to mag_dun02 241 241 to get to mag_dun02. Type @mobsearch 3400. If Draconus is alive it'll show "1 Draconus", if he's dead it'll show "[dead] Draconus" Move 1-cell away from Draconus to proc Sonic Blow. Hit him using normal attacks. Use Mastela Fruit to stay alive Get Scale (and Card if you're lucky) *DRACONUS in Hero Temple Talk to the girl in Hero Temple and pay 1b. Enter the instance. ^ Follow Step 3 onwards ***NOTES and TIPS: The highlighted items are very important to make this build work. Draconus respawns 3 hours after death. White Wing Suit is dropped by Anubis with a 100% drop rate. White Wing Manteau, Boots and Brooch can be bought using Mora Coins in Mora Village (I will add another guide later on how to farm Mora Coins 24/7) White Wing Set (Armor+Garment+Boots+Brooch) gives a 30% increase in Long Range Attacks. You can enchant the White Wing Set using Mora Coins. Since you are using a bow, all your attacks are considered Long Range. (Correct me if I'm wrong) You can ask around to know the best equipment for Long Range Damage. I don't use Ranger as my main and just happened to discover this. Rangers are not the best Draconus killers. CONGRATULATIONS! You have slain Draconus! TRY IT NOW!! Please +1 if you LIKE it... +1 if you DON'T LIKE it... +1 if you DON'T CARE... THANKS and ENJOY! :))
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    SUMMER MADNESS Without a doubt, summer is the most anticipated season of the year, and wether or not it's your favorite, there are endless things to love about it. As summer approaches start warming up to the idea of lazy days at the pool, sand between your toes, and endless fresh fruits, You might just find yourself buying sunscreen and grabbing a new beach towel. There's no need for those winter blues, Summertime is finally here! As the days begin to get longer and the temperatures start to climb, you know what this season brings, relaxing nights on the patio, taking weekend trips with the family, jumping off cliffs with your friends and enjoying the backyard barbecues your neighborhood has to offer. SUMMER IS LIFE!
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    Well hello there Dear Summer, We meet again don't we. It's funny how you are still the same season every year. During my teenage life, Holidays and non-stop gaming? Everything that I've been hoping for. Stock up snacks and energy drinks, who even care about calories? Sleep is for the weak! Not playing is for the noobs! Because going to the beach on summer is a must, so here we go! The feeling of your feet being covered by sand while listening to the sound of gentle wave crashing. Sticky air, the heat from the sun, good set up to fall asleep. Sunglasses for boy, bikini for girl, what more can you asked for? Now my adult life, Summer surely still the season I've been waiting for, Holiday? Rest from work, family bonding time, oh how i wish it was never end. Gaming? Rarely, my eyes become tired so fast, oh how i wish all my RO friends are staying. Reality hurts, but the cirlcle of life keep on cotinue and it makes us stronger. Hope we meet again Summer, Till then I'll just sit back and enjoy all the new build designed by the ambitious.
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    I can't figure out why I can't insert image from url, so I just inserted the link... Anyways, I hope you like this one... Here's my entry: Remembering Summer... Summer is my favorite season. As a kid, we used to go to the beach each summer. I remember sitting by the beach just waiting for the water to reach me. I remember taking long walks along the beach while collecting sea shells. I remember building sand castles and pretending to be a giant as I began to destroy them. Those things were fun back then. But as fun as those were, we all had to grow up at some point. The trips to the beach had gone less frequent than it were before, and eventually, I just became too busy to go. I miss going to the beach, but even if I can't go, those good memories will always remain, especially when summer comes...
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