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    The Corona Virus Pandemic has hit close to home for many of us. Schools, parks & business across the globe are closing their doors in order to slow down the pandemic. Many of us are are doing our part by staying safe at home and participating in social distancing. The DreamerRO Staff wants to help our players stay safe and entertained by running a Corona Virus Awareness Event. The goal of the event is to generously reward our players for staying home, participating in the Event and our Core Features. ==================================================================== Phase 1 The first phase of the event consists of gathering much needed medicinal supplies in order to create vaccines that will be used to cure the corona virus from infected patients. These supplies must be collected from monsters that will invade the main cities of Midgard. The Invasions will run 8 times a day and will last for 2 hours: 02:03, 05:03, 08:03, 11:03, 14:03, 17:03, 20:03, 23:03 These times are based on the server time. You can check the current server time by using @time in-game. Invasion Race: During the first hour of the invasion, there will be a race, which consists of killing a randomly chosen invasion monster in order to unlock a "City Buff" which lasts for the rest of the invasion. In addition to unlocking a city-wide buff, the top 3 hunters will be rewarded with "Appreciation Tokens", raffle ticket and some zeny. They'll also get 10/7/5 honorable points for their respective guilds. (More on the tokens below) You can use @raid to check the progress of the Invasion Race. City Buffs: A random city buff from the list below will be unlocked when the Global Race Target is achieved. Hope And Prayers: Increases the chance to get DreamerRO Raffle Tickets when killing monsters. Heroic Karma: Invasion monsters will give Hero EXP and a chance to earn Elite Hero Kills & Heroic Coins Financial Aid: Invasion monsters give zeny when killed and a small chance to drop Zeny bags. Invasion Monsters: Infected Bat Mad Scientist Elderberry Tree Airborne Droplet Manipulated Scientist Contaminated Droplet Contaminated Bat Mutated Bat (Boss) - Spawns every 20 minutes. Server Wide Bonuses - Available at all times during the Corona Virus Awareness Event Zeph Hunting Missions now give 30% more Zeny MvP Card drop rate has been increased from 3% to 5% Participating in Battlegrounds will reward players with Appreciation Tokens. ============================================================================ Phase 2 The second phase of the Corona Virus Awareness Event consists of creating vaccines out of the ingredients you've been collecting from the virus invasions. You will notice a new NPC in Caspen called "Vaccine Researcher". This NPC will help you convert your ingredients into vaccines. Vaccine Requirements: 5x Virus DNA 5x Antibody Serum 2x Elderberry 2x Elder Tree Oil 1x Syringe 1x Needle These vaccines will need to be delivered to hundreds of different houses in various cities all across Midgard. Each Vaccine you deliver will be rewarded with 6 Appreciation Tokens. The Vaccine Researcher NPC will tell you how many vaccines and where to deliver those vaccines. You will be paid instantly after successfully delivering the vaccines. You can exchange your Appreciation Tokens for other in-game currencies through the Corona Virus Shop. These currencies will open the door to hundreds of end-game items such as Donation Headgears, Rare Items, Equipment, MvP Cards and Donation Services! Corona Virus Shop Exchange Rates: 1x Heroic Coin = 2x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Heroic Coins at the Hero Temple - ayo_in02 115 170) 1x Billion Zeny Bag = 150x Appreciation Tokens - (Cash Money BABYY!) 1x Donation Token = 250x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Donation Tokens at the Donation Mall - final_dest 100 20) 1x Combat Coin = 400x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Combat Coins at hero_camp 210 215) 1x Aura Stylist Service = 12,500 Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange at Caspen 185 210) 1x Spirit of Heroism = 30,000 Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange at Caspen 110 160) Antivirus Set - Free Farming Set! We have decided to further close the gap between newbies and veterans by adding a completely free Antivirus Set. The set consists of 3 headgears that were especially designed to maximize farming during the event invasion. This is in addition to the divine weapons! To claim your free set, you must speak with the Valkyrie NPC in Caspen called "Envoy of Light". The set will expire after 30 days of claiming it, which will be more than enough time to farm during the entire event. The effect will be removed from the head gears after the event ends on April 26. **Any card slotted on the headgears will need to be removed before the event ends, or it will be lost** **If the Antivirus Set is making it hard to farm because you confuse monsters to people, read this** Antivirus Set Effect: Antivirus Bandana - Adds a chance of auto-casting various magic spells while physically attacking. (Helps kill faster by spamming bolts and magic spells) Antivirus Coat - Increases Range +2 and Max Weight by 2,000. (Helps kill from further and carry more loots) Antivirus Mask - Increases Movement Speed by 60% and Range + 4. (Helps navigate the map faster and kill from longer distance) ===================================================================== Phase 3 During the 1st and 2nd phases of the event, you've focused on killing thousands of Coronavirus monsters in order to create and deliver vaccines to the patients across Midgard. Hopefully you've been working hard and saving your Appreciation Tokens, because during Phase 3 we implement dozens of new items you can spend your tokens for! Easter Collection The Easter Collection shop is accessible through the Coronavirus Shop located at Caspen 180 210. This shop contains dozens of Easter themed head gears that we've released in the past. Some of them have very useful effects for the current event, and others have end-game donation item effects! The Easter Collection has a total of 66 headgears and items to choose from. Coronavirus Collection The coronavirus collection contains dozens of brand new items! Some of them are wigs for looks, others are strong head gears with donation effects. As usual, you can preview any item before purchasing it by going to the Fitting Room. The collection contains 70 items to choose from, including two powerful sets! The Gumiho set preview will be updated soon. We are making changes to the mid headgear sprite to be animated and not block the pet in-game. Gumiho mid is currently excluded from the preview below. There are 5 sets available in the Coronavirus Shop. In this topic you will find the effects and previews of each set. Virus Annihilator Set (New!) Screenshot #1 shows each of the 3 head gears shown separate. Screenshot #2 shows an evolved aura that shows up when all 3 head gears are worn at the same time. Cost: 24,000 Appreciation Tokens. Open spoiler for effect: Infernal Wolf Set (New!) Screenshot #1 shows each of the 3 head gears shown separate. Screenshot #2 shows an evolved aura that shows up when all 3 head gears are worn at the same time. Cost: 26,000 Appreciation Tokens. Open spoiler for effect: Lucifer Set (Revamped!) Screenshot #1 shows each of the 3 head gears shown separate. Screenshot #2 shows an evolved aura that shows up when all 3 head gears are worn at the same time. Cost: 23,000 Appreciation Tokens. Open spoiler for effect: God of Creation Set (Revamped!) Screenshot #1 shows each of the 3 head gears shown separate. Screenshot #2 shows an evolved aura that shows up when all 3 head gears are worn at the same time. Cost: 26,000 Appreciation Tokens. Open spoiler for effect: Gumiho Set (New!) Cost: 22,000 Appreciation Tokens. Open spoiler for effect: Additional Supplies Deliveries During your farming you've probably came across certain supplies such as fruit baskets, tissue paper, face masks and others. These supplies are now extremely necessary for the residents of Midgard. You may now speak with the Vaccine Researcher NPC in Caspen to start delivering these essential supplies across Midgard. Similar to the vaccine deliveries, you will be paid with Appreciation Tokens for every supply delivered. Supply Exchange Rates Fuit Baskets - 9 Appreciation Tokens each Hand Sanitizer - 12 Appreciation Tokens each Face Masks - 16 Appreciation Tokens each Tissue Paper - 18 Appreciation Tokens each Gloves - 20 Appreciation Tokens each Phase 4 Although we had previously announced that the event would end on April 26, we have decided to extend the event until May 11. However, Phase 4 will still be released on April 26 and it will consist of the release of new rare items via Raffle tickets, Donation credits and Zeny. The new rares will not be available directly via Appreciation Tokens. Rare Raffle - (Location: Caspen 175 220) The Rare Raffle will give you a small chance to earn free rares or free sets of equipment. For the Coronavirus Awareness Event we have decided to go BIG with the raffle! There will be a lot of options to spend your raffle tickets on compared to previous events. The rare raffle will be available April 26 and will remain available until May 10. Rare Item Effects: All of the rares below have the same effect. They increase physical or magical damage by 25% and reduce after skill delay by 30%. They occupy the mid headgear spot and have 1 slot for cards. A melee and a magical version of each rare will be available via raffle. You can preview any of the rares below in-game at the Donation Fitting Room accessible through the Donation Girl NPC. Devil Slayer Cape - Item ID: 23357 Duke's Cape - Item ID: 23359 Electric Orb - Item ID: 23362 Glamorous Fairy Wings - Item ID: 23314 Dragon Totem - Item ID: 23266 Rare Raffle Odds In addition to the rares above, we will also have a few sets available through the Raffle NPC. All of the rares and sets have very low odds of winning, but some have slightly higher odds than others.. and as a result, we recommend going for the higher odds items if you do not have a lot of raffle tickets. We have never made the odds public, but this time we will for transparency's sake. Devil Slayer Cape - Low Odds (1 winner in 125 tickets) Duke's Cape - Low Odds (1 winner in 125 tickets) Glamorous Fairy Wings - Low Odds (1 winner in 150 tickets) Dragon Totem - Lower Odds (1 winner in 180 tickets) Electric Orb - Lower Odds (1 winner in 180 tickets) Virus Slayer Set - Much Lower Odds (1 winner in 250 tickets) Gumiho Set - Much Lower Odds (1 winner in 250 tickets) God of Creation Set - Lowest Odds of all. (1 winner in 300 tickets) Coronavirus Gambler NPC If the rare items and sets available via the Raffle NPC do not interest you, or if you don't have enough raffle tickets to take the chance..then the Coronavirus Gambler NPC may be an option for you. This NPC offers a simple mini-game similar to the Press Your Luck mini-game at the Casino. It charges 1 Raffle Ticket per play and it has a chance to win anywhere from 30 to 30,000 Appreciation Tokens per play! Zeny Sale - (Location: Caspen 165 260) We know that trillions of zeny have been obtained through the Coronavirus Event, and with its extension, we are expecting a lot more zeny to flood the server. In order to reduce future inflation, we are going to have a huge Zeny Sale starting on April 26 and will end on May 10. Some items are purposely overpriced in order to keep its rarity in the game, but we still offer it to those that literally have trillions of zeny stashed in their accounts. The NPC will use 1b Zeny Bags as a currency and will offer the following items: Devil Slayer Cape - 175b Zeny Duke's Cape - 175b Zeny Glamorous Fairy Wings - 185b Zeny Dragon Totem - 200b Zeny Electric Orb - 200b Zeny Virus Slayer Set - 300b Zeny Gumiho Set - 275b Zeny Lucifer's Demon Set - 275b Zeny God of Creation Set - 350b Zeny Infernal Wolf Set - 350b Zeny Detiny Set - 750b Zeny Legendary Set - 1,000b Zeny Donation Sale - (Location: Caspen 150 210) We are are aware that some players may not have enough time to collect enough raffle tickets or appreciation tokens, so we will also sell the rare items below via Donation Credits (Not donation tokens*). Like the raffle ticket and zeny sales npc, the donation sale will run from April 26 to May 10. Devil Slayer Cape - 50 Donation Credits Duke's Cape - 50 Donation Credits Glamorous Fairy Wings - 55 Donation Credits Dragon Totem - 60 Donation Credits Electric Orb - 60 Donation Credits ===================================================================== Event Notes: The Event will run until May 10, 2020 at 23:59 server time. (It has been extended from it's original end-date of April 26) The Eastern Event will not run this year. The Corona Virus Awareness event overlaps with the Easter season. We will make Easter Head gears available via Appreciation Tokens. All invasion loot, vaccines and appreciation tokens are account bound. Special Credits to our beloved developer, Sadie, Magna Divinus, GM Chronos, GM Snow, GM Arceus and the rest of the GM Team & Staff members for helping with the event.
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    The long awaited update for WoE is finally here! So assemble your crew, gather your allies and prepare for War! Castle Rotation & New WoE Schedule The castles that are open for WoE have been rotated and a new WoE time and castle has been made available! Read below for details! Yuno Castle (arug_cas03) - New! Schedule: Fridays from 19:00 ~ 20:00 AM (Server time) Castle Type: SE - WoE 2.0 Skills: 3rd Job Skills Disabled. Portal Entrance: prt_gld 240 130 Rachel Castle (schg_cas01) Schedule: Saturdays from 7:00 ~ 8:00 AM (Server time) Castle Type: FE - WoE 2.0 Skills: 3rd Job Skills Enabled. Portal Entrance: prt_gld 155 135 Payon Castle (payg_cas03) Schedule: Sundays from 7:00 ~ 8:00 AM (Server time) Castle Type: FE - WoE 1.0 Skills: 3rd Job Skills disabled Portal Entrance: prt_gld 135 65 Castle Treasures Revamp (23 Treasures per day at max castle economy. Guild leaders typically use HE Bubblegum to farm the treasures) 500M Zeny Bag - 100% [Tradeable] War Supplies Box 5x - 50% [Tradeable] Bloody Branch 10 Pack - 35% [Tradeable] Pure Orideon Fragment - 20% [Tradeable] Pure Elunium Fragment - 15% [Tradeable] Elite Kills Scroll - 150 Elite Hero Kills - 20% Drop Rate [Tradeable] Division Points Scroll - 500 Division Exp - 25% Drop Rate [Tradeable] WoE Equipment Token - 3% Drop Rate [Tradeable] (Discussed below) Legendary Card Album - 5% [Tradeable] Emperium Card (Headgear) 1% [Tradeable]- Reduces after-skill delay by 30% - HP Rate + 2% (WoE Only: ATK and MATK + 2% ) ๏ปฟ WoE Equipment Shop - Located at [ prt_gld 160 95 ] The point of this shop is to help guild leaders equip their loyal members for WoE or to get more zeny to pay cash salary. Note 1: The prices in the shop are subject to change at any time without prior warning or notice. Similarly, items can be removed or other items added at any time. Note 2: The next 2 WoE for the weekend of January 11-12 will be considered "Beta" runs. In which case the GM team will be monitoring, fixing bugs and making adjustments as necessary. Note 3: The guild leaders of previous castles have not been migrated to the new castles. They are unconquered but already will have a maxed economy after this weekend.
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    I've been debating this decision for too long.. mostly on my own. I figured it was time to ask for help and feedback from our players before I continue brain storming. The problem(s): We have too many different currencies which are used in various shops. We have too many shops and very difficult to keep them updated without adding XX new items/effects/sprites. When a feature shop becomes stale, it usually reduces the activity of said feature until a revamp to the shop is made. Newbies have a difficult time learning all our current equipment and which shop sells them. Sometimes they can't or don't want to participate in the feature that gives the needed rewards. New donators with limited time to play cant donate/purchase equipment needed to competitively play. Different Currencies/Shops Battlegrounds Shops Deathmatch Shops (Easily abused) Heroic Coin Shop Division Shop Combat Shop Daily Quest Shop (Easily abused) Vote4Points (Easily abused) The proposal(s): To rename the Donation Token into "DreamerRO Token" or a more "general" name (not exclusive to donation) To implement DreamerRO tokens as a reward for various of features (mostly ones that require effort and are more difficult to abuse) To merge the shops of these effort requiring/harder to abuse features and place them into the Donation DreamerRO Token Mall The Goal: The DreamerRO Token Mall would have virtually all the custom headgears, equipment, cards and gems needed to enjoy the game properly. All in one place and using one currency. The DreamerRO Token would be acquired via Donation, Zeny (trade), BG, Combat, Division, HHH/PvP and other features which we see fit.
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    3k caspen kills guide w/various jobs w/ GC Introduction: I decided to make this guide because the only classes that can finish 3k caspen kills pretty fast is GX, RG, and SC, this was a way to be able to do it on multiple jobs. So before you roll your eyes at yet another 3k caspen kills guide, this guide is a way to do it faster using Paladin randel card and holy armor. This build works for me on multiple jobs, i cannot assure if it will work for you. Disclaimer though this build is expensive, and i only recommend doing this if you're going for your 2nd or 3rd elite. In the video i showed 4 different jobs, WS, RK, WL and sniper. Notes: this guide follows the typical build to surviving caspen which is High PD and High earth resist one thing to note is that there will be two sets of items one for Luring and the other for Grandcross Equips: Upper Headgear: Creed helm (or any lifesteal helmet with the same effect) enables 20% chance of gaining 70% of damage as HP card: Gierth 15% earth element resist Mid Headgear: 1.) Neo Arctic wings- increase matk 15 % reduce after skill delay by 20%, 5% for SG and thunderstorm to curse (available via donation mall) alternative: any +30 stat wings (available via v4P or donation mall) Cards: high wizard card -ignore mdef of normal monsters( you can obtain this from lhz_dun03 MVP or via daily quest coins) Lower headgear : FOR LURING 1.) Bee ring ( or any HG with the same effect)- increase perfect dodge by 20 , immunity to sleep, increase physical attack damage to medium by 15% (available via v4p or donation mall) Cards: Gierth 15% earth element resist FOR GRANDCROSS 2.) Sage ring - increase matk and atk by 15% and adds 60% movement speed (available via moose quest in casp_in01 58 191) Cards: Gierth 15% earth element resist Armor: FOR LURING: 1.) Lord's tunic - 10% resistance to earth and wind 10% chance to cast endure when receiving physical attacks (dropped by tiamat, tyrant cecil, you can also buy this at gold_mart) Cards: tao gunkka Max hp +100% FOR GRANDCROSS: 2.) Mathaels Holy nova armor- armor enchanted with holy element receives 20 additional damage from dark property, deal 15% more damage to dark and undead (available via DM shop, CC shop, woe token shop) Cards: Paladin randel card ( adds a chance to cast lvl 10 GC when receiving physical attacks) Weapon: FOR LURING Death grimtooth : +20 PD FOR GRANDCROSS: Old parasol (3x sniper Cards) - for RK and WS exploda (4x sniper cards) for Sniper rank C wand (4 x sniper cards) for WL Shied: valkyrie shield with Draco card (+20% earth resist) ideally: Book of toth for damage ( but in the video i just used Valkyrie shield) Shoes: Agile cleats (max Hp/Sp +25% , permanent endure, PD +5, Flee +100) alternative: heroic boots with wild rose card ( the endure is important together with the PD) Garment: elite asprika with Hode card ( reduce damage taken from earth 30% +15 % resist from all elements wth e. asprika) Accessories: 2x rosary with yoyo card( PD+10 x2) STATS: Int= 500 luck= 260-300 as long as you reach 92 PD ( this is important, i found this amount of PD as the sweet spot) Str= 150 STR for carrying POTS Vit= place the rest of your stats here Nothing on dex or agi strategy: LURING- using your lure gear to lure as many mobs, USE @refresh right before you switch to Grand Cross gear, to prevent tile bug, you will see in the video i used refresh before i switched gears. Basically you have high PD when luring and once you remove your PD gears it will lower it soo that GC will proc more. Killing: switch all gear to grand cross gears once your done with luring (you can note at the video im switching gears in my hot keys in the top right) and spam ygg berry at the same time let grand cross kill them rinse and repeat . if your grandcross is missing the enemy keep on clicking to get closer, or switch armor so you wont die from Grand cross Final notes: >This is not a guide to do fast DM farming, i still think GX/RG/SC are the fastest in farming caspen dungeon for DM points. >Watch the video to see how i do my luring: Take note of how i make sure im in between all the monsters before i switch gears, this is important or YOU WILL DIE! lol Pros: > You can finish your 3k kills farming within 1-2 hours, > applicable to multiple jobs Cons: > Paladin card and holy armor is expensive. Enjoy farming!!
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    "๐’Ÿ๐‘œ๐“ƒ'๐“‰ ๐’ท๐“‡๐‘’๐’ถ๐“€ ๐“ˆ๐‘œ๐“‚๐‘’๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐‘’'๐“ˆ ๐’ฝ๐‘’๐’ถ๐“‡๐“‰ ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐‘’๐“Ž ๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐“๐“Ž ๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“‹๐‘’ ๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐‘’, ๐ต๐“‡๐‘’๐’ถ๐“€ ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐‘’๐’พ๐“‡ ๐’ท๐‘œ๐“ƒ๐‘’๐“ˆ, ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐‘’๐“Ž ๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“‹๐‘’ ๐’ฝ๐“Š๐“ƒ๐’น๐“‡๐‘’๐’น๐“ˆ ๐‘œ๐’ป ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐‘’๐“‚." This valentines event is pretty simple. All you have to do is to keep on doing core activities everyday. You will get 2020 Valentines Token by doing them and you can exchange them to the Maiden in Love sitting in caspen city located near the achievement npc. (caspen 179 189) A lot of powerful and great looking headgears will be available for exchange until March 1 2020. Please be reminded that 2020 tokens won't be used next year so make sure to spend them well in the shop. Note: You cannot use old valentines token for exchange. You can only use 2020 Valentines token on this shop. ACTIVITIES & VALENTINES TOKEN REWARDS Daily Quest = 250 Token Zeph Quest = 75 tokens (hourly limit) Scavenger = 100 tokens (hourly limit) Hero Arena = 3 /player killed Hero Arena Happy Hour = 5/player killed BG win = 75 token BG lose = 50 token Dice win = 500 token Run for Your Life = 500 token Poring Catcher win = 500 token Goblin Invasion win = 500 token 500 PVP win = 500 token Note: changes on how much token you can gain on each activity might change without notice. DONATION VALENTINES EVENT Valentines Tokens 2020 are available via Donation Credits (not donation tokens) for 0.005 credits each. (200 Valentines token for 1 Donation Credit) In order to claim purchase Valentines Tokens, speak with the Donation Girl NPC --> Claim with Credits --> Exchange Credits (Valentine tokens will only show up in the menu if you have donation credits available) Some of the Headgears available are the following Gift Assistant NPC You can now send gift to your friends through the Gift assistant NPC located at caspen near the valentines shop. The NPC can send gift to your friends and your friend can claim it through the same npc or gift mail box located at some towns. Please be warned that the npc is still on Beta Test and cannot send items with cards and upgrades. The NPC cannot send account bound gifts either. Epic Auras Cupid Scarf and Digital Space Price 10k Valentines Token Rare Amethyst Butterflywing Price: 16k Valentine tokens or 50 Donation Credits Heart Piercer (<-- Click for effects) Price: 20k Valentine Tokens or 60 Donation Credits Credits: The GM Team Our admin for the idea GM Snow for the banner
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    ๐ผ๐“ƒ๐“‰๐“‡๐‘œ๐’น๐“Š๐’ธ๐“‰๐’พ๐‘œ๐“ƒ: There once lived a compassionate goddess of ice--secluded, away from human civilization, in a desolate land of perpetual ice. One day, she came upon a child with eyes as clouded as the barren bifrost sky. "How could one young psyche possess such hatred," she whispered, and beckoned the child to approach. The child offered to her a small basket of fruits, and began, "...do you want to try some?" She greatly appreciated the generosity, and so she offered to tell the child about her pitifully bleak terrain. For years past, she told the child all about her world, its inhabitants, history, and ambition. "The child has grown so much," she surmised. She was satisfied. Delighted, even--that is, until the very person she yearned to foster attempted to end her life. "'Kill the contemptful goddess.' That is what my people told me to do," the person explained. The person left her; back to human territory, she assumed. For billions of years, she had given humanity blessings, miracles, hope. She once vowed to nurture mankind under her unconditional love. Disaster struck her noble heart; born from extreme sadness, she was on the verge of death. Her sympathy for humanity dwindled. What was once her answer to life was now a citadel of hatred. And so, in the season of wintrous joy, she set out to exact revenge Monster Invasion There are 3 waves of monsters on each invasion. Each wave the Christmas City official will issue a GLOBAL QUEST. Dreamers need to unite in order to complete these global quests and they'll receive a bountiful of rewards in return. Global Quest If a quest is successful, the community will receive a random 20 minutes global buffs. Since there's a total of 3 waves each invasion, the community can receive a maximum of 3 different 20 minutes global buffs. Additionally the top 5 players on each global quest will receive a personal buff after the invasion. Use @raid or @global to check the progress of invasion or the global buff. Wave 1 Each monsters has 3 different tags: [Naughty] [Mischievous] [Playful]. The global goal will require the community to target each monsters with the specific tag. Just be reminded that these tags aren't exclusive on one type of monsters. Wave 2 In wave 2 all monsters has lower life rating but they are higher in amount. Eliminating them is easier however the global quest will also require a bigger number of monsters to be killed. This will require some AOE class users. Please take note that bubblegum or any drop multiplier do not work in wave 2 monsters! Wave 3 The final wave is a little more difficult as each monsters on this invasion has Holy Property. These monsters are called "The Saints" Each of them have basic immunity to common elements. Killing them will be very difficult for common magic class users. MVPS There will be 1 MVP for each Wave. These MVPs will be replaced by different one depending on the total number of successful global quest the community finished. All MVPs have lower HP compared to past events but they are now immune to skills. (This is due to some skills behavior that enable them to deal fix damage to this mobs) GLOBAL BUFFS 1. Holiday Rush - players has extra chance to get extra raffle tickets when defeating christmas mobs. 2. Gremlins Gold - players has extra chance to get zeny and zeny bag when defeating christmas mobs. 3. Frostivus - players has extra chance to get One Wish when defeating christmas mobs. 4. Silent Night - players gain hero exp when defeating monster and has a chance to get DM points and badge when killing monsters. 5. Oh Holy Night - players has chance to gain hero tokens and elite kills during the buffs. 6. City of Cards - chance to get blank cards when killing christmas mobs. Attendance NPC By simply logging and talking to this NPC everyday you could already receive some nice rewards. Players can talk to this NPC once every 22 hours. The max reward limit is for 15 days login. Rewards from 16th day login above is 1 bubblegum. Noteable Items: Christmas Music Box A costume accessory. Only works when inside Christmas City. Auto cast dark strike and soul strike when attacking. Enable use of lvl 10 Abracadabra Nullify Gemstone requirement when using some skills. (last for 30 days - obtained from attendance npc and christmas thief hunting) Asgard Blessing [1] Headgear Reduce damage from demon and demi human monsters by 25% Endow weapon with Holy Property Increase damage to Demon monsters by 15% (Permanent - obtained from attendance NPC - 15th days reward) Bounty Hunting (Peculiar Hunt) Yohann is looking for some Dreamers who can help her punish the bandits in Christmas City. She is willing to pay some Christmas Token as well as Blank Cards to anyone who can finish her missions. All you have to do is to hunt "Christmas Thief". These monsters can be easily spotted around the map due to their level 99 aura. This Quest is a last hit competition. This quest has a 2 hours CD and 1 hour time limit. Note: Kill count is now counted even if you get disconnected while hunting. Zeny Pet Egg Scroll When used it gives 1-10m zeny. Intimacy You can increase your intimacy to Yohann by returning to her some Stolen Goods. You can get this Stolen Candy and Stolen Cookies from other mob at low rate. Finishing some of her quest will also enable you to earn some intimacy points. Each time your intimacy on her level up, you will receive some rewards. The higher your intimacy the better the reward you could receive from her. There is no limit on her intimacy but most rewards are random. 500 NORMAL MOB QUEST Just like Yohann Lucille is looking for players who could help her hunt specific monsters. She will ask you to kill 500 mob of the same type. The good news is, you can do this quest on party. You can form a party to get benefits from other players doing the same quest. The quest has 1 hour CD and has no time limit. Rewards: 25~75 x Battle Badges 1 x Christmas Pet Scroll 1 x One Wish Christmas Pet Scroll Almost similar with Christmas surprise box except it contain mostly of pet accessories that aren't sold in pet shop. You also have a chance to get some valuable stuffs inside including Epic Christmas Material. I suggest collecting this for now as it could also drop rare pet eggs once the community unlock some of the monsters. Sleipnir Enchant From a very far realm, the caretaker of an eight legged horse is visiting Christmas City. Collecting mistletoe he offer service of enchanting slotted SLEIPNIRS. The cost of the enchantment is 1/2/4/6/4 mistletoe. There is no chance of break when upgrading sleipnir You can choose the type of upgrade you want for your sleipnir. The first enchant will be added on your sleipnir's 3rd slot. This enchantment can be upgraded to the following. Additionally once the 3rd slot is fully upgraded, you can do a final enchantment for your 2nd slot but this time it will be random and you can get a random effect. I am not going to enumerate each of the possible random enchantment for 2nd slot because I am too lazy to do that. Christmas Season Honorable Guild Every Monday (server time) the most active Guild During this Seasonal event will receive the Honorable Guild Title. The Honorable Guild will receive a Treasure Room of their own with 10 Castle Treasure Box everyday and access to Guild Dungeon. The treasure room can only be accessed by the Guild Leader of the Honorable guild same way with the castle holders. A special flag will be erected in Christmas City that will give the honorable guild an access to their castle. The ranking of Honorable guild will reset every week. Guild Points Guild points are obtain through different christmas activities. Attendance Login Reward: 5 points Christmas Thief Hunt: 1 point 500 Monster Quest: 1 point Intimacy Level: 1 point Invasion Race Rank: 1st: 3 points | 2nd: 2 points | 3rd: 1 point (there are 3 race and you can win 3x) Divine Weapons You can borrow the power of Divine Might by speaking through the Envoy of Light located at the center of Christmas City. She will lend you a free Divine Weapon. Divine Weapons has the ability to pierce immunity of target at a certain degree as well as spam various skills. The Divine Might of these weapons have slight different with each other. But they are the best you can have to counter these monsters. The Divine Envoy had to seal each weapons power and it only work inside Christmas City. All transcended 3rd Job class and other extended class such as SN, Ninja, SL and SG can get one of these weapon to aid them in farming inside the Christmas City. The higher the HP of the target the more powerful these weapons are. The weapon is free for 7 days. You cannot buy it if you lost them until next phase. PHASE 2 SMALL CHANGES Phase 1 invasion mobs replaced with phase 2 mobs Honorable GUILD members will automatically receive 1 Christmas Pet Egg Scroll on Attendance NPC Reduce requirement for Hunting Quest from 500 to 200. CHRISTMAS PETS Will be updated the list after pet effect had been verified. You can get Special Exchange Coupon from Christmas Pet Scroll at a small chance. You can exchange it for a random new Christmas Pet. ๐“’๐“ฑ๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ถ๐“ช๐“ผ ๐““๐“ฎ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ฎ๐“ผ In order to begin delivering Christmas Supplies for Santa, you need to make sure you have a Delivery Permit, which was mentioned in Phase 1. Once you have your Delivery Permit, you can speak with Santa at Caspen and ask for a Delivery Mission. At that point Santa will check his records and will give you a list of Christmas Supplies that were ordered by a citizen of the Christmas City. Santa will provide you the name of the family and their address inside the Christmas City. Once you have received your Delivery Mission you will need to go inside the Christmas City and find the location of the home where you must deliver the Christmas supplies to. You will be provided the coordinates of the house and you can use /where to find your way to the house. When you arrive at the right place, the homeowner will open the door and will receive the supplies that he requested. As a payment for your delivery service and the cost of the supplies, the homeowner will pay you with Christmas Tokens. The amount you get paid varies randomly from 100 to 150 tokens per delivery mission. Use @delivery to check your mission. ๐“’๐“ฑ๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ถ๐“ช๐“ผ ๐“Ÿ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ผ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ฝ๐“ผ On top of the Christmas Tokens, the homeowners also have a 20% chance of feeling generous and giving you a Surprise Christmas Present as a show of gratitude! The Surprise Christmas Presents are considered a glorified Gift Box and they can contain anything from consumables, Christmas gears, zeny, donation items, equipment and miscellaneous items! Until the right time to open them, you should try to collect as many as possible! GEAR TRADER The Christmas Token can be used to purchase exclusive Christmas Gears. Everyday additional headgears will be added on this NPC, the price of the items may change anytime because this trader is very moody. So be smart when buying them if you want to save some tokens! CHRISTMAS PARAGON Phase 2 won't be complete without this clown that everyone want to murder in his sleep. Christmas Paragon is like PYL but instead it uses One Wish and paragon points as currency. One Wish can be obtained from mobs while paragon points is obtained as compensation when you lose on different stages of Paragon. A lot of rewards are added in this years Christmas Paragon. One of them is Costume Music Decoration obtained at stage 7 of the game. This costume comes with a beautiful pair of wings. It has no stat effect except increasing your looks It has musical decoration as aura effect Some Rares can be obtained at stage 7 of Christmas Paragon too. Rare such as Glacial Guad, Sword of Blue Dragon and Snow Dragon Spirit can also be obtained at stage 7 of the game. Other items such as cards, christmas epic items can also be obtain through this game. Goodluck~ House of Trials House of Trials is a mini game event with random games inside. It is played like a board game where you roll a dice after finishing each task on each house. You need to finish all 3 Global Quest to activate it. Unless a GM manually activate it out of kindness. Most of the task are easy but there's also difficult ones. You can win amazing prizes by finishing different tasks inside. One of the best reward you can get there is the artifact of trial. The artifact of Trial is an enchantable accessory with 1 slot. It can be enchanted with a maximum of 2 powerful enchant gems. This includes some enchants such as atk/matk +5% or even -5% acd You can keep re enchanting this amazing accessory at the npc near the center of Christmas City This is also the best place to collect Blank Cards. Blank cards will be used a lot in Christmas Phase 3 exchange. House of Trials Tameable Pet Some random catchable Pets will spawn in a random map of house of trial once every run. These mobs has 40 minutes spawn time. You can choose to kill or capture them through abracadabra. The Christmas Music Box abracadabra can be used in trial houses. House 50 will always have one boss that can be captured inside. The first player to get there will have the best opportunity to capture the said pet. Pet Stat and Effect Please be reminded that the pet effects and skills are still under observation. Changes may happen to them without further notice. (xmas _city 153, 216) You can find the phase 3 NPC at middle of xmas city. You'll find a lot of high value stuffs on this NPC this year. This includes 2 epic headgear and 1 aura (aura is not yet added) Epic Headgear Holy Knight Helm Epic Headgear Elegant Fox Ears There's as much a lot of new gears available this year. Make sure to get them as soon as possible as it will surely take a long time before they become available again after this event. All of the gears released during phase 3 are also available via Donation Tokens. The shop location is xmas_city 155 215. SNACK PARTY GRANDMA NOTE: YOU CAN BUY IT CHEAPER AT HOUSE 50 of House of Trials. The Snack Party Grandma is now available. She will ask you to bring the following requirements to create the Christmas Aura. 12,000 x Christmas Token 500 x DRO Candy Cane 50 x Blank Cards 1 x Red Fabric 1 x Star Deco 1 x Sky Tuesday The aura provides immunity to silence and freeze. 60% movement speed and 5% bonus HP Similar to other epic aura. GOLDEN NEW YEAR Our new years mobs have come to shower us with joy, This new golden mobs has chance to drop some nice items. The Steel Dragon is also making a visit to give us abundance of joy. Abundance Dragon This little dragon has chance to drop his egg as well as normal christmas loots. However it is very elusive as it can teleport and kick you around the map. The last hitter for this monster will receive a 3x drop loot buffs for 30 minutes. This monsters respawn once every 20 minutes. RARE RELEASE AND RAFFLE ANNOUNCEMENT The rare release and raffle will be on Jan 5, 2020. Just be online before WoE event, and the Finale will start after few minutes! This has been our tradition to end our seasonal events with a lot of winning players with rare wings. These versions have Magic and Melee of each type. RARE RAFFLE HITSUGAYA WINGS MYTHICAL WINGS ( Low Chance ) ( Lower Chance ) GOD OF CREATION SET ( Lowest Chance ) RARE RELEASE MYTHICAL WINGS HITSUGAYA WINGS 60 Donation Credits 50 Donation Credits 220 Billion Zeny Bags 180 Billion Zeny Bags INVOKER'S CAPE GOD OF CREATION SET 60 Donation Credits 150 Donation Credits 220 Billion Zeny Bags 350 Billion Zeny Bags Changelog/Fixes: Fix Sleipnir enchanter removing footgear cards Fix Wave 3 Saint getting hit by magic Enable Healing skill to Lora/Piamette/Rudo Reduce Wave 1 monster count to intended numbers House of Trial Changes added 2 new mini games fixed countdown issue fixed some artifact gems added house of trials tameable pets Credits: Thank you to our admin Haze for making this event happen. To Hora for the monster sprites and GM Snow for the Christmas Banner. And to the rest of the staff especially the Dev teams and testers for the idea.
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    Edit May 7th, 2020 Original Topic Below ------------------------------------------ DreamerRO has had a great year so far. The staff team has worked extremely hard to release new content and revitalize our older content. The population has been on a steady increase this year as well, with numbers rising from the 500s to peaking at 700+ since the year 2020 started. Although things are going great, we strongly believe things could get even better..but we canโ€™t do it alone. It is now time for the players to help the server grow. It is so easy to help, yet more than 95% of the players choose not to help. How can YOU help? Literally ALL we need from YOU is to take 5 minutes every 3 months to write or renew your review at Ratemyserver. We ask so little, and ask often, yet we are ignored by the majority of the players all the time. If you spend more than 15 minutes a day enjoying DreamerRO, is it too much to ask for 5 minutes from you every 90 days? We think not. The staff spends a lot more time and effort to keep the server up and enjoyable, and all we ask from the players is this little review. 1. To the players that left a review more than 3 months ago. Please renew it by deleting your old review and writing a new one. Things have changed drastically in the last 3 months, let us know how we are doing! 2. If you left a review in the last 3 months, please encourage your friends online to write a review. Seriously, bug them until they do so! They wont listen to us but they may listen to you! 3. If you have never left a review for DreamerRO..its easy.. all you need to do is register at ratemyserver and write a couple of sentences about your time at DreamerRO. Its all we ask from you! Is 5 minutes too much to ask? We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be. More intense WoE, Battlegrounds, PvP and more people to socialize and enjoy DreamerRO with. So what do you say? Do we the staff deserve 5 minutes of your time? Is DreamerRO giving you more than 5 minutes of enjoyment? If so, please help us grow and thank us for our hard work by writing a quick review at ratemyserver. http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/ THANK YOU and keep a look out for more awesome updates in the near future.
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    --for new players aspiring to be Arch Bishops in the arenas. Practically what a player may choose to aim for as endgame. In the end, every player modifies his/her build to taste/needs. I'll apologize in advanceโ€”this could get quite long. Really short introduction As an AB player, your main role is to keep yourself and your party alive. The idea around this class is very simple. When building your character, you have to remember the following: 1. Reduce the overall DPS intake on your character as much as possible. 2. Always be able to outheal DPS by a huge margin. 3. Always be able to survive in most situations without a lot of healing. Before I start with the builds, please do not ever forget to use Undead Scrolls. You have to use them once after the battle begins, and every time you swap armors. Equipment Sets/Builds Build #1: Flexibility (for those who are willing to switch a lot) Stats: STR - rest to carry supplies AGI - 195 ASPD past Decrease Agility VIT - 300 total (base+bonus), or center your soft def to around 49~ (personal preference is 54-56 soft) INT - 500 DEX - 190~ LUK - around 25-40 PD Top: Noble Hat (or any headgear with the same effect) - Glorified Orc Hero Noble Hat increases the potency of the Heal and Sanctuary skills by 500% if you are a branch of the Priest class. Glorified Orc Hero (or simply Orc Hero) for stun immunity. Middle: Any 45% ACD Reduction Wing (e.g. Luminous Wings) - Kiel-D-01 Your main source of ACD (after-cast delay) reduction. Lower: Dark Chakra - Nightmare Night Ring - Nightmare Poring Ring - Nightmare Saint Ring - Nightmare Essentially, you can opt for a lot of different lower auras depending on what you deem is necessary for the situation. A gist of it: Dark Chakra to prevent freeze and silence, Night Ring for stone curse, and Poring Ring to prevent getting your upper, weapon, and armor stripped. You can even go for niche auras such as Ignus Fatuus for the Wall of Fog, or Blessing of Porings for the extra basic resistances. More onto Saint Ring later. Armor: Any unbreakable armor (e.g. +8~+10 Keeper's Armor) - Fused Ghostring Spiritual Tunic Optionals: +10 Wind Spirit Armor - Frus +10 Flame Spirit Armor - Frus Any unbreakable armor - Bathory What about a TGKc-slotted armor/+8 Juggernaut? To be honest, it's up to the player if they will bother utilizing the HP bonuses of these items. Personally, I stick to a resistance armor right away, but it depends on you; it's still viable. These armors are what's generally useful in most circumstances inside the arena. Weapon: Dominance - ??? Integral part for survival with its soft def reduction (spike effect). With how AB as a class works, you aren't really forced onto a specific set of weapon cards. You can use 4 Obssessive Margarethas for the Heal potency boost, or rack up a bunch of ailment inducing cards such as Corruption Root, LODc, WSc, or even Banaspaty (lol). I use the former card combo more often. Shield: +8~+10 Libra Shield - Hades or Thara Frog +8~+10 Valkyrie Shield - Hades or Thara Frog +8~+10 Obelisk Shield - Hades or Thara Frog A +8 Libra Shield is a must for arenas with knockback enabled (e.g. Hero Arena). On the other hand, for those without knockback (e.g. Battlegrounds, WoE), the player can opt for a Valkyrie Shield or even an Obelisk Shield (against pesky grimtooth GX). Although it should be noted that from this list, only Libra and Obelisk has anti-strip shield effect, so do keep that in mind. Garment: Asprika I will murder you if you use anything other than Asprika. Asprika gives the biggest defensive benefits on the garments slot (30% resistance to all elements). Some would argue that a +8~+10 Combat Asprika w/ Cautious Howard is better, but if you ask me, screw that thing. While the def reduce will stack with Dominance's 66.7%, bringing it to 76.7%~, even if you get more HP, you lose out on flat resistances, and you are an even bigger target for Acid Demonstration. Also CHc+Glorious Ring interaction will probably get nerfed (for good). Footgear: Shoes of Affection 10% extra resistance against demi-humans. Enough said. You can get this footgear from Mora AB equipments. Try to enchant it with HP bonus as well. Accessories: Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - ??? Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - Gem of Delay With these accessories (and a godelay on one), you would have 90% overall ACDR which is what I believe to be the minimum requirement to spam Heal effectively. Some do drop to 80% and 85%, though. I will say that 100% does make a difference especially when you are using a skill-spam macro. For the other open accessory card slot, use your imagination. You could utilize a Gem of Divest, or (my preference) a Gem of Healing to further increase my Heal strength. Notes: One of the biggest obstacles in utilizing this build as a full-support AB is preventing all kinds of ailments. So, I'll go straight to the point and give tips on how to tackle some situations. 1. When facing a WL/SN who prefers to stay away, stick to BoP+Spiritual Tunic. Cast pneuma on top of you as much as possible to avoid getting dispelled via Magic Crasher+Determined Kathryne. 2. When facing a WL/SN who resorts to status infliction, stick to NR+Spiritual Tunic to avoid getting frozen and petrified. Still cast pneuma if possible whenever he/she uses Ganbantein or the duration runs out. This combo is also what you would use if you want to be resistance to all significant disables (freeze, stone, sleep). Remember that you are using Nightmare card for sleep resistance. 3. When facing a physical player without continuous access to freeze (e.g. RK, Sura without stormy), find out whether they are using Incantation Samurai or Memory of Thanatos by switching to SR. SR+Dominance burns 96.7% of your soft def, which is technically zero at that point. If they deal no damage whatsoever, stick to SR. Otherwise, use anything else you find fitting. This is the point where you really have to guess what element the attacker is using. You think they're using neutral? Switch to FGR. Any of the basic four (fire, water, wind, earth)? Spiritual Tunic+BoP. Outside the basic four? S.Tunic+any utility aura of choosing (ex. Cards of Infirmity, Ignus Fatuus) 4. When facing a physical player with access to freeze (e.g. RK with stormy), the same idea for #3, except you have to stick to anti-freeze either from Spiritual Tunic or Dark Chakra as much as possible. 5. When facing forced neutral offensive skills such as Asura Strike and Acid Demonstration, use Safety Wall/Pneuma respectively, and/or switch to FGR. 6. Dispell kills everyone. Don't forget to cast Pneuma/Safety Wall accordingly as well. Pros: Flexibility Cons: Small room for error Build #2: Standardized v1 (for those who are not willing to switch often) Stats: STR - rest to carry supplies AGI - 195 ASPD past Decrease Agility VIT - 300 total (base+bonus), or center your soft def to around 49~ (personal preference is around 54-56) INT - 500 DEX - 190~ LUK - around 25-40 PD. You can also opt to get as much PD as possible via Judicious Eremes and Lunatic cards if you want. Top: +9~+10 Noble Hat (or any headgear with the same effect) - Fused Pharaoh/Fused Mistress/Kiel-D-01 Noble Hat increases the potency of the Heal and Sanctuary skills by 500% if you are a branch of the Priest class. Fused Pharaoh/Mistress for 20% ACDR and utility. Fused Pharaoh gives 15% chance to reflect single-target magic (+9) and -50% SP consumption, while Fused Mistress nullifies gemstone requirements and gives +5 INT (+9). Middle: Any 45% ACD Reduction Wing (e.g. Luminous Wings) - Kiel-D-01 Harpy Wings - Kiel-D-01 Any Stat Wing (e.g. Fallen Bishop Ghost) - Kiel-D-01 Mavka Wings - Kiel-D-01 Your main source of ACD (after-cast delay) reduction. Use Harpy Wings for anti-strip. Stat Wings for, well, stats. Mavka Wings for some stat bonuses and 10% bonus resistance to Wind property attacks. Lower: Poring Ring - Nightmare/Glorified Orc Hero Saint Ring - Nightmare/Glorified Orc Hero More onto this later on the Armor section, but you won't be needing anti-freeze or anti-stone on your auras. Use utility auras as much as you want. Armor: Any unbreakable armor (Recommended: +8~+10 Magnetite Body Armor or Lord Tunic) - Draconus Spiritual Tunic Draconus is the core of this build. Using this card means you are immune to the following status effects: Freeze, Stone Curse, Curse, Poison, and Stun. The reason why Spiritual Tunic is still here is because if you choose to use a GOHc on your headgear slot, you can switch to Spiritual Tunic to get more resists in exchange for ailment immunities. You can use that combo if you aren't facing any ailment dangers. Weapon: Dominance - ??? The same idea with the first build. Shield: +8~+10 Libra Shield - Hades or Thara Frog +8~+10 Valkyrie Shield - Hades or Thara Frog If you are using a +8 Magnetite, use Valkyrie Shield. Any other armor without anti-knockback, use +8 Libra. Switch shields accordingly depending on what you need. Garment: Asprika The same idea with the first build. Footgear: Shoes of Affection The same idea with the first build. Accessories: Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - ??? Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - ??? On this build, you can reach 90-100% ACDR pretty easily. You would have two open accessory slots. I recommend either GoHealing+GoDivest for utility, or 2x Judicious Eremes for Long range resistance and +20PD. Notes: While this build requires less switching, it's also pretty stiff. By stiff, I mean that you can't always adjust to every situation. You only have two choices at most for armors, and you can't go GR without scrolls. Have fun burning through your GR scrolls on this build; not to mention how you can't remove the Ghost property by yourself. Watch out for Napalm Vulcan. I'm still not sure about the interaction of using GR scroll and Holy Scroll at the same time. Pros: Large room for error Cons: General build that cannot accomodate every circumstance down to the brim Build #3: Standardized v2 (for those who need a flexible safety net) Stats: STR - rest to carry supplies AGI - 195 ASPD past Decrease Agility VIT - 300 total (base+bonus), or center your soft def to around 49~ (personal preference is around 54-56) INT - 500 DEX - 190~ LUK - around 25-40 PD. You can also opt to get as much PD as possible via Judicious Eremes and Lunatic cards if you want. Top: +9~+10 Noble Hat (or any headgear with the same effect) - Gemini-S58 Noble Hat increases the potency of the Heal and Sanctuary skills by 500% if you are a branch of the Priest class. Gemini-S58 against status ailments. Middle: Any 45% ACD Reduction Wing (e.g. Luminous Wings) - Kiel-D-01 Your main source of ACD (after-cast delay) reduction. Lower: Music Ring - Gemini-S58 Saint Ring - Gemini-S58 Poring Ring - Gemini-S58 The same idea as the previous builds. Gemini-S58 against status ailments. Armor: Any unbreakable armor - Fused Ghostring Spiritual Tunic Optionals: +8~+10 Juggernaut Armor +8~+10 Keeper's Armor/Exile Armor - Fused Ghostring +8~+10 Keeper's Armor/Exile Armor - Frus The same idea as the previous builds. More on Keeper's and Exile armor later. Weapon: Dominance - ??? The same idea as the previous builds. Shield: +8~+10 Libra Shield - Hades or Thara Frog +8~+10 Valkyrie Shield - Hades or Thara Frog If you are using a +8 Magnetite, use Valkyrie Shield. Any other armor without anti-knockback, use +8 Libra. Switch shields accordingly depending on what you need. Garment: Asprika The same idea with the first build. Footgear: Supersonic Boots Optional: Shoes of Affection Supersonic Boots give you the following: 25% HP/SP, 15% Additional Movement Speed, and the most important part, 50% resistance against Stone Curse, Curse, and Stun. You exceed petrification and curse ailments because of Gemini-S58, but the dual headgear combo only yields 60% resistance to stun, so this is where you get the 50%. You also have the option to use Shoes of Affection, but only if you are to utilize an armor that gives you 50% resistance to stun, which is usually either Keeper's Armor or Exile Armor (as mentioned above). The downside to this set is that you won't be able to use Spiritual Tunic, and I'm sure we both know how useful that piece of armor is. Accessories: Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - ??? Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - Gem of Delay A 45% delay wing with Kiel-D-01 and two ACDR accessories (one being slotted with GoDelay) is already 90% ACDR. Notes: This is nearly the ailment resistance prowess and skill-wise newbie-friendly characteristics of Build #2 while being adaptive to all kinds of situations. While the build certainly pushes the user to switch, being immune to all significant disables no matter the situation is a great safety net. Gemini-S58 guarantees a great fallback if ever you make a mistake in switching, except for freeze. Personally a very fun AB build, second only to Build #1. Pros: Large room for error, relatively flexible, bigger HP pool (especially with +8~+10 Juggernaut) Cons: Less flat damage resistance due to footgear being taken by Supersonic Boots Build #4: Equipment set Well, not exactly a complete build, but rather a set of equipment used to tackle a certain frustrating situation. Top: +9~+10 Noble Hat (or any headgear with the same effect) - Fused Pharaoh (15%) Noble Hat increases the potency of the Heal and Sanctuary skills by 500% if you are a branch of the Priest class. Lower: +9~+10 Viri Ignis/Hero Aura - Fused Pharaoh (15%) Armor: +10 Any unbreakable armor - Frus (20%) Footgear: Any slotted footgear (e.g. Sleipnir (MaxHP+3%), Malevolent Shoes, Poseidon Shoes) - Cat o' Nine Tails (5%) Accessories: Copper Rosary/Adamite Pendant - Gem of Echo (5%) A grand total of 60%, 40% without Frus armor, 25% without Viri Ignis, and 115% on Maya+Orlean's Server. Use this against suicide sorcs, ninjas, and Napalm Vulcan spammers---well, single target magic skills in general (when you're being spammed by it alone, of course). It's good to use this as a swap-gear with tons of flat HP bonuses such as Fabre and +8jugg, or Faceworm card. Be careful using this in clashes of huge scale. Last Section: Final Thoughts How "viable" are Arch Bishops? We view viability most commonly as a standard in which a class is usable. For this one though, I'd like for it to pertain to how much it impacts the arena as a whole. Perhaps "effectiveness" would fit it better. Here's the thing: the effectiveness of ABs are massively dependent on a party's composition. A solo AB isn't much--believe me. There are tons of skills accessible to this class such as MS+SG, auto-SB, or even HL (swapping to lvl 4 Dominance). I'm sure it sounds really great to deal damage while having the highest HPS in the game, but reality isn't that forgiving. First off, while ABs do have access to tons of defensive skills such as pneuma+SW or KE/Assumptio, these skills do not counter everything. You can only use either pneuma or SW, not both. The same goes for KE and Assumptio. As magic, they also do not have access to multiple elements. At most, they will have fire (MS), water (SG), wind (JT), and holy (HL/Judex). Auto-sonic blow builds certainly have access to different elements via converters, but they are forced to approach their targets due to its melee range. Let's also not mention how they'll be sacrificing quite a number of defensive components in order to build some damage into their build. ABs having the second-lowest Base HP is icing on the cake. However, for even a half-baked or incomplete lineup, a single AB's effectiveness greatly skyrockets. The difference a single AB makes truly is massive---but let's not jump to conclusions. An AB isn't so effective that it can completely change the course of a war. Those spots are taken by the DPS monstrosities, which are most of the other jobs, honestly. An AB (along with fellow ABs) truly shines when it takes part in a complete lineup. I believe this applies for all support classes and builds. Glorious Cure Wand In hindsight, this weapon doesn't sound that bad. In fact, it can function really well both as a main weapon and a sub-weapon. Even though it only gives -50% def (grimtooth), it does have bonus 5% demi-human resist. Of course, this is assuming you are using it on a +10 refinement. But see, having lower HP is a huge downfall, especially in today's PVP. Nowadays, a lot of skills that kill your AB don't even take the thanatos formula into consideration. A few examples of these skills: FA, Napalm Vulcan, Asura Strike, Land Mine Without a doubt, these skills would be on top of the watch-out list on every situation. You really have to prepare once you see an enemy with these skills on their kit. Having low HP means being wide open to these skills. A suicide build sura can blow past your GR+Asprika and kill you. While this weapon was certainly very useful during the past few months, it has increasingly become less usable in a lot of situations. I still did find a bit of success using them, though. You can experiment with it as much as you like. The 10% ACDR bonus also creates breathing room for your equipment. Noble Hat (and the High Priest build path) A 500% boost to Heal's potency when you're of the Priest Acolyte branch. AKA Use this or be useless. I'd personally like a revamp on AB's build path. Perhaps Noble Hat bonus could be nerfed to 40-60% ish, and Heal's base restoration power be buffed by around 2.2x. So--75k ish base, and Heal% bonuses from GoHealing, Noble Hat, and Obsessive Margaretha to reach around the same original amount. Oh what's that, 35% helm+thara+SoA? Remove the shoes then (lol). Of course, this is all just speculation from a relatively below-average AB player.
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    Hello everyone, since Halloween is up, and any other upcoming holiday farming event, I'd like to share a basic build for auto cast and hopefully having the new comers to all come participate and farm together as holiday is usually a beneficial time for new comers to quickly farm and get gears. I do see some newbies come around and have total confusion as to how GXs bolt like crazy so you have come to the right place: {GX BASIC HOLIDAY FARMING} {BOLT AUTO CAST BUILD} Recommended Stats: STR: Any amount for you to carry loots AGI: 195 ASPD DEX: Until no cast INT: 100 or any tbh VIT: None LUK: 300+ to avoid missing Recommended Equipment: Top Headgear: Calavera Mask [1] (Adds a chance to cast various magic skill when attacking) can be easily obtain through first phase of any holiday event Card 1: Rata Card MATK + 10 When dealing magic damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds your fixed cast time will be reduced by 50%) Middle Headgear: Black Mini Glasses [1] (Range +2) easily obtained through quest, in quest room of Caspen Card: Isila Card (Adds a 5% chance for when dealing magic damage, the user will gain Flee +30 and the cast time of skills will be reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.) Lower Headgear: Night-vision Goggle [1] (Increases range +4 and 60% Walking Speed) there is a a close version of NVG, can be obtainable via V4P System. There is Purple Bubble Aura from DQ shop too with the same exact effect. Mostly will available to be exchanged in Phase 3 of the holiday event. Card: Isila Card (Adds a 5% chance for when dealing magic damage, the user will gain Flee +30 and the cast time of skills will be reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.) Armor: Sapha's Cloth [1] (Has a chance of auto-casting Level 1 Meteor Assault while physically attacking) Dropped by Loli Ruri Card: Hatii Card (Add a 50% chance of auto casting 'Freeze' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.) Weapon 1: Elemental Sword [3] (Adds a chance of casting random level 3 bolts when dealing physical attack) can be bought off players easily fairly cheap 100M (as of 2019) Card 1: Hatii Bebe Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Frost Diver on the enemy when attacking.) + Garm Card] Frost Diver chance Increases to 30% Card 2: Hatii Bebe Card Card 3: Mutant Dragonoid Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Fireball on an enemy when attacking.) Weapon 2: Elemental Sword [3] Card: Sidewinder Card (Causes Double Attack by 5% chance.) Card: Sidewinder Card (Causes Double Attack by 5% chance.) Card: Mutant Dragonoid Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Fireball on an enemy when attacking.) Robe: Valkyrie Manteau [1] (Reflect 5% melee back to enemies) Card: Kasa Card (Has a 5% chance of auto-casting Level 5 Fire Bolt or Level 5 Fire Ball on the enemy when attacking) Shoes: Any Shoes [1] Card: Dark Lord Card ( Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage ) Accessory 1: Mercury Relic [1] (Enables 5% chance of casting random bolts when attacking physically) can be obtained via forging, or bought from players. Card: Gazeti Card ( add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 2 Cold Bolt on the enemy when attacking ) Accessory 1 (option): Alchemy Glove [1] ( adds a chance of using [Fire Ball] Lv 5 on the target when doing a physical or magic attack. ) Card: Gazeti Card ( add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 2 Cold Bolt on the enemy when attacking ) Accessory 2: Holiday Accessory (Mercury Relic effect + Soul Strike) so watch out for a seasonal item that can be wore on holiday event such as Magic Easter Basket for Easter, Certificate, or Rosary for the current Halloween. Card: Not Slotted. NOTE: These are what I usually use but if anyone has better idea you're very welcome to share on the comment section below and I'll fix and add up to my error throughout the guide. Thank you!
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    A small update to our Combat Quest System and Battleground Combat Quest Combat Missions will now be moved from PVP arenas to Battleground. Each mission will require players to join battleground a number of times as well as to win most rounds. Combat Quest Changelog: Old Combat Level and experience will be reset back to 1. If you are already registered. Your level and data will be reset back to 0. New combat mission objectives will be based on battlegrounds win and join. New combat quest will allow players to choose difficulty level. There are 6 difficulty level for missions. Players combat level will allow them access to different combat mission difficulty. The quest reset every 22 hours after you take a quest. The time limit for all mission is 22 hours. The mission are gepard blocked/ID checked. You can no longer do it with multiple account on same PC. Only use one account that you wanted to use for battleground. Failing the mission means reduction on combat exp. You cannot extend mission time. Exp requirement per level is similar on the old one. You can use any character in your account to do combat quest. Registration: To register for combat quest you need to look for the npc named General Kruger. He is located at hero_camp 194 225 or bat_room 160 155. He will ask you to bring some stuffs to test your capabilities. And these are combat level table: Level 1: 1~1,000 Combat EXP๏ปฟ Level 2: 1,001 ~ 3,000 Combat EXP Level 3: 3,001 ~ 7,000 Combat EXP Level 4: 7,001 ~ 12,000 Combat EXP๏ปฟ๏ปฟ Level 5: 12,001~ 25000 Combat Exp Level 6: 25,001 + Combat Exp Combat Quest Level and Rewards: (might be adjusted without prior notice this is still in beta) NOTE: @combat command is currently disabled. Will be added soon. Please be aware that combat shop will also get an update soon. So it's better to start collecting some combat coins now. You might regret it later. Battleground 5x Streak Reward and new refining stone: The combat coin reward will now be replaced by Divinium as Battleground streak Reward. Divinium will allow players to upgrade their +7 to +9 equipment without any risk of breaking but only a downgrade of 1. It also increase the success rate of upgrading by 10%. The item is consumed upon use. You can use the stone by looking for a blacksmith named Mighty Hammer. He can be found around bat_room 172 164, and other area. patch your client to view it. I released another patch to fix the issue. Notes: Changes may apply without prior notice as this new update is still on beta. Report any bug you find with the system so we can look on it. Credits: To our admin and the staff team for suggestions.
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    "... To writhe and struggle, to uphold one another as paragons of virtue." The Honorable Guild System is now live in our server. Every Monday (server time) the most active Guild in doing selected server features will receive the Honorable Guild Title. The Honorable Guild will receive a Treasure Room of their own with 20 Castle Treasure Box everyday and access to a Guild Dungeon. This is a battle for Glory without going to PVP but working as a guild with activity! The treasure room can only be accessed by the Guild Leader of the Honorable guild same way with the castle holders. The Honorable Guild Treasure Room will contain the newly updated castle treasures. When the Guild Leader of Honorable Guild logged in A server wide announcement will be attributed to him/her. This greeting is given only to the servers paragon of honor. This announcement has 30 minutes cooldown. Additional features might be added to the systems in the near future as we strive to improve the activities in the server. HONORABLE GUILD POINTING SYSTEM Daily Quest - 4 points Wheel of Fortune - 2 points (12 hours device CD) Scavenger Hunt - 1 point (1 hour device CD) Zeph Quest - 2 points (1 hour device CD) Survival Event (winner) - 10 points Poring Catcher (winner) - 10 points Dice Event (winner) - 10 points Goblin Invasion (winner) - 10 points For now, these are the only activities that will yield points. For now we are only adding activities that even new players can do. But instances might be considered and added for it in the future. New small features might be added later that could also give honorable points. So watch out on announcement for them. We are looking forward to see some of our honorable veteran players to lead others especially the new bloods in the server. May you guild prosper and grow together with the help of each other! You can view the Guild Ranking at caspen 161,191. Reset time is every monday. Note: The Honorable Guild will be given to the GM Guild "Divine Glacial Kingdom" for the reset later today (January 13 2020) . Goodluck and Rok on! Fixes: Change Zeph Quest CD based on remaining time of your zeph mission. (Still 1 hour in total) Fix Scavenger hunt recording points on zeph instead. Credits: To GM Snow for the banner To the Dev Team for the idea To our admin for feature approval
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    So i found this player, "Calla" using sight and just walking around randomly in Geffen. Tried to pm her but the system says there is no such character or the player is offline. But Im seeing her walking around using sight. Was just curious about this player hahaha
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    As a result of our incredible growth in the last couple of months, from 600 to 1,000 players online, as well as the intensifying WoE competition, we have decided to open two additional WoE castles. One of the two new castles will open up for Saturday WoE, while the other one opens during the Sunday WoE. This means that during Saturday and Sunday WoE there will be 2 castles open for the entire duration of the war. The new castles have the same dynamics as the other castles that were open that day. For Saturday, we are opening another WoE SE (2.0) castle with 3rd job skills enabled. For Sunday, we are opening another WoE FE (1.0) castle with 3rd job skills disabled. Although the castles have the same dynamics, they aren't exactly the same when it comes to the treasures they provide their guild. The original castles provide more daily treasure boxes than the new castles. This is to ensure that guilds have a harder time "compromising" and also so that there is always a "clear" winning guild. The original castles have had the number of treasure boxes that spawn daily reduced from 23 to 20 treasures a day. The new castles will only spawn 15 treasure boxes a day. The castle economy will no longer play a role in how many treasures are spawned each day. The treasure boxes in all 5 WoE castles are still the same. In addition, all 5 castles will grant their members access to the Guild Raids, which is in the process of being modified to make it a lot more profitable for guilds. ** The new castles will be open starting this weekend's WoE (May 2nd and May 3rd). So make sure to make adjustments and prepare to conquer new territories! ** Please visit our wiki to see the WoE Schedule, Treasures and Castle details
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    There is a new way to show off your creativity and stand out from the rest of the players in DreamerRO! The new Aura Stylist NPC will allow you to create your own aura using thousands of different combinations! Aura Stylist NPC Location 1: caspen 180 215 Location 2: bat_room 150 140 The aura concept is similar to the Lvl 99 aura you would get in official servers.. but at DreamerRO you have the ability to fully customize your aura to match your style! The NPC works similar to how the Hair Style and Cloth color stylist works, except you style your aura instead. There are 3 parts that make up an Aura: Base Design: as the name entails, this is the base design and shape of the aura. Located under your feet. - *152 designs available. Aura Effect: most of the time this is a light that rotates around your aura (base design). - * 117 effects available Floaters: these are spheres or other shaped effects that float around your character (coming off your base design) - * 35 effects avaiilable You can pick and choose your favorite design/effect/floater to make up your perfect and unique aura. How to unlock the Aura Stylist? - There are currently two ways to unlock the Aura Stylist service. Battlegrounds: You must have won 15 Battleground rounds in the last 24 hours in order to enable an aura. This is literally down to the minutes & seconds. Example: Right now its 11:15 PM for me, in order to unlock this service for free, i should have won 15+ battleground rounds between yesterday at 11:15 PM and NOW. If the number of Battleground rounds won in the last 24 hours falls under 15x, the aura will be disabled until you win enough rounds again. As of right now, the aura will be disabled when you log in and you have won less than 15 rounds in the last 24 hours, or if you click the Stylist NPC with less than 15 wins in the 24 hour time period. (yes we know you can stay online without clicking the NPC and the aura will stay until you relog, take advantage while you can /gg) After winning enough rounds, speak with the Aura Stylist to re-enable the aura. The Aura Stylist NPC is unlocked at the character level (not account). Meaning, you must win 15 battleground rounds using the same character in order to unlock the service on that character. Donation Credits: You can unlock the Aura Stylist service NPC permanently by purchasing the service from the Donation Girl NPC for 25 donation credits (not tokens). When the service is purchased, you will receive a usable item that will unlock the NPC for the character that consumes the item. If you consume the item on the wrong character...we will not revert it or refund it so please be careful. You can unlock the aura service for an unlimited number of characters in an account, so long as you purchase the service for each one. Additional Services provided by the NPC: Save current aura (it will save your current combination of design, effect and floaters under a specific identifiable name. You can store up to 50.) Change to Pre-Saved Aura (Allows you to instantly change to any of your previously saved auras) View Saved Auras (Lists all your currently saved auras, including the base number, effect number and floater number.. in case you want to share your auras) Delete Saved Aura (Will allow you to delete any of the auras you previously saved. You can save it again in the future if necessary) Note: The auras obtained through this NPC do not replace the Hero/Elite Hero Auras or the Battleground/PvP Ranked Auras. Meaning, you can have both an Elite Aura and a Custom aura enabled at the same time and they will both show. Upcoming updates: There will be a section of suggested popular auras generated by the staff and the community (so if you find a cool combination please post below with a screenshot!) HaZe's Aura Example Preview all 152 Base Designs Preview all 117 Aura Effects Preview all 35 Floaters
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    First of all I would like to apologize as I couldn't post the full update today. I really wanted too, but something came up IRL and I had to delay it. This will only be a partial update to inform everyone of the changes in HHH 1. Phantom Sprite Change I believe that it's more fun to kill player looking mobs so I modeled each mob from some member of the staff team. However it comes with a downside and you'll need to press shift or use /ns to attack them using single target skills. But I believe it's a minor inconvenience compared to such grand opportunity to PK a staff team member that you love. New mobs/class might be added soon. 2. Force Party Share when killing mobs. If you are in party, regardless of who kill the mobs, every one in the party will receive a party assist points. Party assist points will automatically get converted as a kill when it's equal to the active members of the party. That being said, if you are in party of 4, each of you will only receive a kill reward after you killed 4 mobs. Assist points is specific to each member of the party, if you aren't in the same map, you won't receive an assist point. This update do not affect solo players. You can still play in solo and get solo kill. This update is for our supports and new players that you might want to assist. And to clarify it, this update do not affect player kill. 3. Map Change We decided to change the map to make it a bit smaller and to allow players in PK mode to meet each other more. We are keeping the safe mode but we want PK players to fight each other as to increase the risk of going into PK mode. 4. Blank Cards Blank card is now a normal drop for HHH mob. It has 10% drop rate and you cannot use bubblegum or similar item including fortuna card inside the map. The current drop rate is for testing purposes and we will consider increasing it in the future if proven too low. Blank cards can be exchanged for a number of item that will be added later. These items includes the Maiden Cards. 5. Maiden Cards (TBA) The four maidens card are now added and can be crafted through the Legendary Scribe located at kami_inn. You'll find her laughing just outside of kami_inn. You will need the following materials to craft any of those cards. There is no chance of failing to create the card, but make sure to behave yourself while she make them. (Reminder that there will be changes on Hades raid soon so there might be changes on how you can obtain some of these drops) 200 x Ultranium 200 x Blank Cards 3 x Elixir of Death 1 x scroll of darkness 1 x scarab of oblivion 1 x Bone Ullr Echidna Card [Weapon] Increase damage to boss type monsters by 25%. (Abysmal Knight card) Increase damage to Phantasmagoria monsters by 5% Atk + 50 ๏ปฟ Hera Card [Weapon] Increase magical damage to boss type monsters by 15% Increase magical damage to Phantasmagoria monsters by 5% Matk + 50 Lilith Card [Shield] Reduce damage received from boss monsters by 40% (Alice card effect) Reduce damage from Phantasmagoria monsters by 8% HP + 10% Siren card [Headgear] Ignore Mdef of normal Phantasmagoria monsters. Reduce ACD by 15% Matk+ 30 6. Infinite Consumables. (To be released tomorrow) All items expire in 7 days. - All of these items can be used unlimited times during that period. The advantage of these consumable are their quite low inventory weight. โ€ข Infinite Berry Weight: 2500 Cost: 100 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Seed Weight: 2500 Cost: 75 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Mastella Weight: 300 Cost: 50 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Panacea Weight: 300 Cost: 100 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Heroic Cocktail (only useable in HHH) Weight: 500 Cost: 75 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Undead Elemental Scroll Weight: 50 Cost: 100 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Box of Thunder Weight: 500 Cost: 30 blank cards โ€ข Infinite Holy Elemental Scroll Weight: 50 Cost: 100 blank cards.๏ปฟ 7. Hades Changes. (TBA) The changes on Hades is not yet live, but I would like everyone to be aware that some changes will happen on Hades soon especially to cater the changes in map size. It will be added most likely tomorrow. Changelog: Increase shop 100m zeny bag cost in hero shop to 30 heroic coins each Added Permanent Ragnarok T shirt (return some class on their transcended 2nd job look) in the Hero Shop for 7k coins. The shirt is a costume and account bound. ๏ปฟ Disable Healing items for PK players. (Heroic cocktail can still be use by them) Yggberries will still remain useable for non pk players. Increase/Double chance of getting donation token when killing a player. Non pk players now only have 1/2 chance to get heroic coins when killing a phantom. Double heroic coins obtain when killing a player. Fix NPC resurrection guru not dispelling buff. Double Hades drop rate for the removal of item drop booster inside. Double Hades minion/maiden drop rates too. Change blank card drop rate from 4% to 10% Added Sleipnir enchantments NPC. Credits: Ty to GM Snow for the banner
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    โ€œOnly after you've done the exorcism, then you'll understand that ghost's also a species.โ€ PHASE 1 ============ This year halloween event is the same with the past Event. The Phase 1 will be the farming phase and it will last for at least a week. During Phase 2 you can exchange some of your materials for some Halloween Gears! New events/quest will be added during phase 1. Not everything is there yet. Mini event and games might be added too without any notice. Halloween City The entrance to Halloween City is free this year. Everyone is allowed to enter it. Verity is desperately looking for Agents and she will give you a battle certificate that will allow you to access the map! Peculiar Hunt ===== The Ghost Exorcist is looking for hunters who can exorcise some Peculiar Ghost in exchange for Halloween Tokens. Peculiar Ghost can be found around the map. They look like your everyday creepy monsters but they are pretty elusive. These monsters got 50% perfect dodge. Hunting Tips: Peculiar Ghost has lvl 99 Aura. Peculiar Ghost Hunt has account bound timer. Finishing it for the first time will reward you with an exclusive accessory. It is a rental accessory that can auto cast random bolts including soul strike. NPC Intimacy ======= You can increase your intimacy with some NPC in Halloween City. There are different ways to increase your intimacy with them. One example is through giving them gifts and the other is through doing some task for them. Currently there are 2 known NPCs where you can increase your intimacy with them. 1. Ghost exorcist - keep on doing hunts. She also accept gift, but not yet now. 2. Lost Soul Dolly - she is looking for her dolls. You can also talk to her and do some quest that might give you additional rewards. Intimacy Level Rewards ======== I don't want to give all the details regarding intimacy rewards per level but here are a few examples. Halloween Invasion use @raid or @global command to check for the Global Goal and Halloween Invasion status Around every 2 hours monsters inside halloween city will be changed to another batch. This batch drops intimacy items and epic materials. The invasion will last for an hour. Invasion progress will depends on total community performance in defeating the monsters. There is quite a variety of monsters during invasion but what important is their tags. Common invasion monsters are normally tagged as Ghastly, Creepy and Spooky. Invasion Boss: It is natural that the MVP will get the reward however, there are changes in this invasion. If the boss is kill, the MVP will get the normal drops, the last hitter will be automatically rewarded with a raffle ticket and there will be a Piรฑata drop around the city. Once the boss is killed a huge amount of Halloween candies and tokens will be showered around the city. If the second invasion boss is killed some bloody branches might drop too. Global Goal (Halloween Race) During Invasion the chairman of Paranormal Study Group will choose a monster to purge. The required number is random. If the Global goal is reached the top 3 most devoted players in killing the required monster will be rewarded. 1st Place: 1 raffle ticket / 300 Halloween Tokens 2nd Place: 1 raffle ticket / 100 Halloween Tokens 3rd Place: 500m zeny 50 halloween tokens. If goal is not reached there will be no top hunters and no global buffs either. Global Buffs: Global Goal is not only created for the Halloween Race. If the community manage to finish the global goals they will unlock a global reward as well. This is called Global buffs. The Global buffs is random. Global Buffs. 1. Fortuna Frequency - Extra chance for raffle ticket drop rate for 1 hour 2. Blood Bath - chance to gain DM points/badges when killing monsters for 1 hour 3. Heroic Wave - get hero exp when killing monsters and chance to drop heroic coins on field for 1 hour. 4. Blood Moon - chance to get elite kills when killing monsters in field. 5. Gold Dust - killing monsters has chance to obtain zeny when killing monsters. 6. Night of Terror - chance to drop halloween token and dolls. 7. Panic Hours - killing halloween mobs will give you triple drop rate buffs. NEW PETS =================== HERA - All Stat + 20/ Matk +3% ECHIDNA - All Stat + 20/ Atk+ 3% LILITH - All Stat + 25/ PD +5 SIREN - All Stat + 25/ Crit damage +10% VAMPIRE HUNT =========== These vicious monsters are currently rampaging around the map. It's very difficult to see them except for their bloody aura. Shaloshi is looking for hunters who could hunt them in exchange for zeny. (hallow_city 171 218) Talk to Shaloshi and take your vampire hunting quest. It has 2 hours CD similar with Peculiar hunting. (Note: The kill count won't reset even if you log out) PHASE 2 ======== Now you can start trading some of the halloween loots for halloween gears. Boo-tique (hallow_city 161,195) Our Halloween Material collector is back, she exchange gears for materials and tokens that can be obtain from Halloween City. There are some more gears to come and they will become available as other NPC spawn in halloween city. Halloween Paragon =================== (hallow_city 147 201) For the first time in Halloween Seasonal Event, we are adding Halloween Paragon. Paragon works similar with press your luck, except you only need 10 halloween candies to proceed until the last stage. The chances are a little better and as long that you aren't too greedy there's a high chance of winning rewards. If you like to take risk, the higher stage could help you win great items including epic materials, rares and other high tier gears. Kid Morroc Little morroc is collecting halloween tokens and some epic materials. You can trade your farmed materials now for amazing halloween gears! House of Trials This event start 1 hour after the invasion. You can win amazing rewards by playing mini games here. Visit the link for more details. PHASE 3 ============== Shadow Monarch Selling some rare stuff, the shadow monarch can be found in the middle of halloween city and house 50 of trial house. If you want to buy his stuffs cheaper you'll need to reach house 50. He sell item such as Conjurer Hood and Rare pets in exchange for epic materials. New Boss ============= Undead King Arthur He spawn once every 2 hours and is a pretty tough boss, he has a chance to drop every epic materials at 1% rate. New Rare Pets =========== This 4 new pets just like Hades Guards has special stats, they are capable of assisting their masters in battle. They are pretty rare and can only be obtained through winning some random events or though buying them at the shadow monarch NPC in a good cost. Pere Invasion ========== Some pere are spotted wandering around the map. Though they are small in numbers they also have a chance to drop epic materials. They are also tameable. ADDITIONAL NOTE: ============================= INTIMACY RACE EVENT (new) The top 3 player with the highest intimacy with dolly at the end of the event will receive a rare of their choice! RARE RELEASE AND RAFFLE INFORMATION These will be the following rares that will be released during Halloween 2019 event season. There will be physical and magical versions of each type. DARK PENTAGRAM WINGS AINZ OOAL GOWN CAPE 180 Billion Zeny Bags 200 Billion Zeny Bags or 50 Donation Credits or 60 Donation Credits INTERGALACTIC SET Intergalactic Headset - Reduces damage from demi humans by 35% Intergalactic Laser - Gives immunity from freeze and silence status +60% movement speed Intergalactic Mobile - Reduce after cast delay by 40$ gives 15% magical/physical damage to demi humans [ SET EFFECT ] Magic/Physical Damage to demi humans increased from 15% to 25% Allows to see hidden enemies +5 to all status 300 Billion Zeny Bags or 150 Donation Credits RAFFLE EVENT Are your raffle tickets ready? Did you farm enough this season? The more the raffle tickets, the more chances of winning! These will be the rares available for raffle! DARK PENTAGRAM WINGS GHOST CLAWS INTERGALACTIC SET [ Low chance ] [ Low chance ] [ Lowest Chance ] RARE TOP HEADGEAR Conjurer Hood Reduce Damage from demi humans by 35% +5% magical/physical damage to medium size monsters [ To be added - Just prepare your epic loots! ] TRICK OR TREAT EVENT How does Trick or Treat Event work? You must complete the quest for any of the Halloween Masks before the day of the Trick or Treat event in order to participate. There are a total of 20 houses across Caspen City open for the Halloween Trick or Treating event. All of the houses are virtually the same, however, each house will trigger a different reward for each person. That means that if your friend gets a good item at a certain house, it does not mean you will also get a good item at that same house. Whatever item you get at each house will depend purely on luck.๏ปฟ *** Trick or Treat Event is limited to 1 account per IP/Computer*** It s very simple to go out trick or treating, just put on your mask and visit each one of the 20 houses. Knock on the door by clicking on it and wait for the home owner to open and give you goodies. We recommend you walk around with your friends and compare what you each get at each house to make the most out of the event. Chances depend on player and not on the house: 5% chance there will be nobody home 25% You get a not-so-good item (i.e Candy) 45% You get a not-so-bad item (i.e Usables) 20% You get an average item (secret) 5% You get a good item (secret) Do not expect overpowered items or free donations to be given out during the trick or treat event, keep in mind how easy it was to obtain your mask.. That being said...everyone should participate and get free goodies! You may only visit each of the 20 houses once Using more than one account to participate in events is against the rules and will result in a ban of all related accounts. If you cancel out the dialog before receiving the reward, you will lose that reward for that house. Trick or Treat will start Nov 3 and last until Nov 4. You will have 24 hours to participate! Halloween Event will end on Nov. 3. 2019 (Click to view count down) Changelog: -Added transformation candies on some rare ghost. (Furious spirit,Mote etc) -Added Fox Trader for newbie hunter starting gear. -Added Hallow Poring Boss -Fix player name on race. -Added Ladder Board for Dolly -Added some new few mobs -Enable Gift on Ghost Exorcist -Added new NPCs -Enable Vampire hunting -Change Rain of Horror to Night of Terror Buffs.
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    Note #1: This is my personal build, it works for me, might not work for you and it's not my fault. Note #3: This is for those who are already Geared and to those who wants to make an Elite Warlock. Who cares about introduction. Here we go. STATS: STR: 100 ( For Panacea ) AGI: 190 VIT: 400 INT: 500 DEX: 190 LUK: Rest to Luk Purple: Equipment Slot Blue: Equipment Name Yellow: Equipment Effect RED: Cards & Effects EQUIPMENTS AND CARDS TO USE: Top: Traveler's Hat or any of the same effect - Kiel Card/Emperium Card ( -30% After Cast Delay ) Increase Magic Damage against Demi-Humans by 20% / Reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 25% Mid: Frozen Ribbon Cape - Siren Card ( Ignore Phantom's def by 100% / -15% After Cast Delay ) Increase Physical and Magical Damage against Boss monsters by 25% / Reduce after cast delay by 30% Mid: Any Magic Rare Wings - Siren Card ( Ignore Phantom's def by 100% / -15% After Cast Delay ) Increase Magic Damage against Demi-Humans by 25% / Reduce after cast delay by 30% Lower: Blue Fairy - Orc Hero Card/Glorified Orc Hero Card Blue Fairy = Increase Magic Damage against Medium by 20% / Nullify Gem Stone Requirements / -15% ACD Lower: Magic Energy Ring - Orc Hero Card/Glorified Orc Hero Card Magic Energy Ring = Increase Magic Damage against Medium by 20% / +10% Max HP Rate Main Weapon: +0/10 Lavatein / +0-10 Staff of Sentinel(Rank B Weapon) - Hera Card / Hera Card / Hera Card / Hera Card Cheaper Option of Weapon or Cards: +0-10 Staff of Sentinel(Rank B Weapon) - Celine Kimi Card / Zakudam Card / Zakudam Card / Graceful Margaretha Card Armor: +8 Magnetite Body Armor - Tao Gunka Card Magnetite Body Armor: VIT +10 / Maximum HP +15% / Unbreakable / Refine to +8 = Immune to Knock Back Armor: Executioner's Armor - Tao Gunka Card ( Use this when you choose to use +8 Libra or +8 Onyx Guard ) Executioner's Armor: Matk and Atk + 8% / Unbreakable [PK OFF]Shield: Book of Toth - Alice Card / Lilith Card [PK OFF]Shield: Valkyrie Shield - Alice Card / Lilith Card [PK OFF]Shield: +8 Libra - Alice Card / Lilith Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) [PK OFF]Shield: +8 Onyx Guard - Alice Card / Lilith Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) [PK ON]Shield: Valkyrie Shield - Thara Frog / Hades Card [PK ON]Shield: +0-8 Shield of Evalach - Thara Frog / Hades Card [PK ON]Shield: +8 Onyx Guard - Thara Frog / Hades Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) [PK ON]Shield: +8 Libra - Thara Frog / Hades Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) Alice card / Lilith Card because phantoms are both Demi-Human and Boss, But if you're going in on PK mode, better use Thara Frog or Hades Card Onyx Guard: STR and INT +15 / MATK and ATK +8% / Refine +8 = Immune to Knockback Book of Toth: Increases MATK by 20% / Increases damage received from Demi-Humans by 20% / Refine +8 = Shield cannot be stripped Libra Shield: 10% Resistance to Fire and Water / Cannot be stripped / Refine +8 = Immune to Knockback / Gunslinger/Ninja +8% resist to Neutral Shield of Evalach: Increase MATK and ATK by 20% / Increase damage received from boss by 20% / Refine +8 = Autocast Kyrie when being attacked Garment: +8-10 Rustic Mantle - Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card ( Every garment refine = +3% magical fire damage ) / Salamander Card ( +40% Meteor Storm Damage ) Rustic Mantle: INT and VIT +15 / +10% Max HP / +10% Resistance against Water and Wind / Refine +8~10 = +10% MATK Garment: +10 Nydhogg's Shadow Garb - Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card ( Every garment refine = +3% magical fire damage ) / Salamander Card ( +40% Meteor Storm Damage ) Nydhogg's Shadow Garb: Reduce taken from all elements by 7% / Increase SP based on refine and character's Max Lvl / 1% Chance to receive SP Based on damage dealt Garment: +10 Gigant Snake Skin - Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card ( Every garment refine = +3% magical fire damage ) / Salamander Card ( +40% Meteor Storm Damage ) Gigant Snake Skin: Reduce Damage from Medium by 8% / Mdef +15 / Every 2 refine +1% Resist to all Elements / Combined with any Temporal Boots +10% HP and 5% SP Shoes: Twilight Boots / Sleipnir - Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Twilight Boots: +5% Atk and 60% Movement Speed Sleipnir of the Gods: Max hp and sp +20% / 15% sp recovery rate / mdef +10 Shoes: +8 Temporal Boots of INT - Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Temporal Boots of INT: Max HP and SP +12% / +25 INT / Every 2% Refine +1% Magic Damage to Medium / if Base INT is at least 350, Reduce ACD by 5% Accessory #1: Any Artifact of Trial with 5% MATK and 6% ACD - Scaraba Card / Faceworm Combo - Adamite Pendant - Scaraba Card / Faceworm Combo ( Only if you don't have Any Artifact with 5% MATK and 6% ACD) Accessory #2: Adamite Pendant / Medal of Honor - Scaraba Card / Faceworm Combo Remember: 100% After Cast Delay is a MUST for Warlocks, use your items wisely. Goodluck and have fun farming.
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    Check out the new forum post reactions (up/down vote). Press shift+F5 if you don't see RO emotes as post reactions.
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    Today we reached 1,000+ online during WoE and things felt smoothly for most of us. However, we did get a few complains about lag and others suggesting that we "upgrade the server". I just wanted to take the time to say that we are running on the same configuration that once hosted 1,500 players online..so having 1,000 online now is not a problem for our server. In fact, during the peak of WoE our CPU was only using 4% of the total available processing power and 15% of the RAM available. We have 16 cores of 2.53GHz each and 12GB of RAM running on a 1000mbps connection. This is probably overkill for a server our size and I can assure you our server is more than capable of running 1,000 players online just fine. The screenshot below shows my route to reach the server during the peak woe time today and shows that I have minimal latency to reach it. This shows the connection and network was running smoothly and I was not lagging during WoE. So, one of the things I keep hearing is "lag lag lag"! Once in a while, I'll take the time to explain where lag originates, and why there is lag. However, it's hard to tell everyone over and over again, so I'll make a general note about it. There are a few places that lag can originate: Clientside Lag: Clientside lag is lag resulting from your computer, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Basically, if you're running on a bad computer (bad processors, bad ram, bad graphics card, etc), you'll get "client lag". One good way to deduce this is: When walk in a WoE castle, is it ok? But then, you walk into precast and everything starts to be really slow? Yes, this is client lag. If you want to minimize client lag, upgrade your computer or try /effect. This will turn effects off, and let you run your client a bit better. However, do keep in mind you are playing a game from 2001 and one that was designed with cast times and cool downs. If you walk into a castle or map with 100+ players in it attacking at 195 aspd and 10+ skills per second..your clientside lag is expected to be bad. (WoE + Current Seasonal Event) ISP Induced Lag: Sometimes your ISP will have a lot of load on it at certain times of the day. Depending on your type of service, this may cause you to receive less than optimal speeds. More, sometimes there are issues with packet loss and other things. Sadly, we cannot do anything about this. If you want to get rid of ISP lag, call your provider and complain. Please realize that if you have family or friends running off the same router, and they are streaming videos, downloading things, or using bit torrent, you will likely experience extensive lag. This mostly comes in the form of freezing, and having the animation accelerate. We sometimes hear "Other games work fine"..Well yeah, games are hosted in different places and your connection may take a different route to reach that game. One that may not be as congested as the route it takes to reach DreamerRO. This sometimes explains why some players lag while others do not. Interconnection Lag: Alas, this is a very common type of lag. More often than not, one of the companies that connect you to the server will have hardware problems, causing areas to be slow or stop altogether. When this happens, the signal finds another way to the server, which results in high ping times, and potentially packet loss. There is almost nothing you can do about this, other than wait it out. Sometimes a VPN may be useful as it may force your connection to take a different route to reach DreamerRO. Server Lag: Although it's not always true, I would love to reply to "omg server lagging" with "The server doesn't lag--you do." However, this isn't always true. There will be times where our hosting company has lag issues, or the server is overloaded, or one of their clients is being attacked by DDOS. However, I promise you DreamerRO has one of the best, if not the best server configurations out there. We're running on dual quad core xeons (2.53ghz) operating with 12gb of RAM, and flowing on a 1000 mbs dedicated line. RO does not need so much hardware, but we figured we'd over do it, to prevent any chance of server limitation. Ping Lag: If you're playing from a very remote part of the world, somewhere far away from Texas. USA, you'll naturally get more delay than others. You can try to get a faster connection to help with this, but mostly, the only thing you can do about this is move. We've placed the server in one of the "central" parts of the world, and we service most of the world quite well, as far as ping goes. Keep in mind we have players from all parts of the world, and we need to cater to everyone. Processing Lag: The server makes a lot of queries every second. Sometimes, lag originates when one query takes too long to process. rAthena, for many reasons, is not multi-threaded, and the multithreading of MMORPGs is very difficult. While we will be installing monitoring software to deduce what can be stuck on separate threads, it's not looking too great. We're looking for answers, but it will take time. We do have hundreds of scripts and thousands of queries running each minute. Starting today we will start monitoring, cleaning out non-essential scripts and optimizing older scripts in order to reduce the chances of this type of lag. One example of this type of lag is when a guild recalls 50+ players or many players die at the same time.. many scripts run each time a player dies or loads a map. We will clean those out though. So, here are a few things you can do to optimize your gameplay experience (noting they are not always possible): Improve Your Connection: Call your ISP and see what better packages might be available. The faster the better! Upgrade Your Computer: The better hardware you have, the less clientside lag you will get. Check for Viruses and Spyware: Believe it or not, a lot of viruses and spyware don't really do anything noticible. However, they will slow down your computer. Kill Background Applications: Killing background applications will speed up your computer. For our dedicated Windows XP users, Start -> Run -> msconfig -> Startup will show you a list of startup applications. Know what it is, and know it's not useful? Kill it. Stop Streaming: A common response in RO when someone lags is "Stop watching porn!" In essence, downloading/streaming increases the bandwidth usage and limits your connection on RO. If you have brothers, sisters or parents who are streaming videos or downloading things, this almost always will produce lag, especially with bit torrents. Try a VPN: As mentioned above, a VPN may force your connection to take a faster route..but most of the good ones are not free. Some as as low as 5$ a month which is worth it to many of you. Play with /effects OFF: We do have @LGP (Light Graphics Plugin) which may allow you to see some skills even when /effect is off. All things said and done, we're doing everything we can to eliminate lag. If you have something that you believe is server related, or you know the exact origin of the lag and we can fix it, let us know!
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    You'll have to keep some shops and in my opinion you only need to remove combat coins, heroic coins and division coins as their shops are the easiest to convert to a high value shop like a donation shop. Other shops needs to be revised for their purposes. What you have to do is to remove similar items from the shop and keep some exclusive items on the shop where they belong. Donation type headgear should be place on dreamerro token shop including those combat armors, forging armors , gems etc. EG: Glorious weapons and other old bg stuff should remain on bg shop but they also have option to trade their badges at Currency exchanger npc, it can exchange BG badges to dreamerro token. DM points doesn't need to be removed. Though I think the DM points shop should focus more on consumable exchange instead of gear exchange. This includes the infinites as they can be useful in BG and WoE. Shouldn't be included in currency conversion. Vote for points donation item should be removed. V4P should focus more on giving away newbie items such as punk beanie, life steal headgear, donation clones, death weapons etc. Once a player graduated from being newbie they should spent their v4p on stuffs such as WOF or other services instead of collecting it for extremely high value donation items. I don't think it should be included in conversion.
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    Note #1: This is my personal build, it works for me, might not work for you and it's not my fault. Note #2: This is not for newbies who just joined the server. But if you can afford it, Why not? Note #3: This is for those who are already Geared and have their Elite weapon or those who wants to make an Elite GX. Who cares about introduction. Here we go. STATS: STR: 500 AGI: 180 VIT: 150 INT: 4 DEX: 170 LUK: 450 If you want a higher HP you can take some stats from LUK and transfer to VIT. Up to you EQUIPMENTS AND CARDS TO USE: Top: Creed Helm or any of the same effect - Kiel Card/Emperium Card 20% Chance of gaining 70% of damage as HP / 25% Reduction against Demi-Human Mid: Drake's Jacket or any of the same effect - Kiel Card/Emperium Card Atk + 500 / Reduce Skill delay by 20% / 10% hp Lower: Dark Chakra / Music Ring or any of the same effect - Orc Hero Card/Glorified Orc Hero Card Lower: Dragon Aura - Dark Pinguicula Card Dark Chakra = Immune to freeze and silence / 10% hp Music Ring = Immune to freeze and silence / +60% Movement Speed Dragon Aura = +450 Attack / Reduce Skill delay by 20% / +70% Movement Speed Main Weapon: +10 Ripclaw - Fused Atroce Card / 2x Fused Phreeoni Card / Randgris Card Secondary Weapon ( Situational ) +10 Ripclaw - Thanatos Card / Fused Atroce Card / Randgris Card / Fused Dracula Card or Sniper Card * IMPORTANT NOTICE * Daggers such as Equinox / Cris / Exploda only deal 75% Damage to Medium Size monsters like Phantoms. Why +10? Because you need the +Hit from the Fused Atroce which is +15 hit per refine Why Ripclaw? Because i find it easier to switch Weapons when using it. Switching with Equinox is a bit tricky since when you press your BM it will just equip your secondary weapon to the shield slot. So you have to manually remove your main weapon from ALT + Q to switch to Thanatos. Armor: +8 Magnetite Body Armor - Tao Gunka Card / Draconus Card VIt +10 / Maximum HP +15% / Unbreakable / Refine to +8 = Immune to Knock Back Armor: Executioner's Armor - Tao Gunka Card / Draconus Card ( Use this when you choose to use +8 Libra ) Matk and Atk + 8% / Unbreakable [PK OFF]Shield: Valkyrie Shield - Alice Card / Lilith Card [PK OFF]Shield: +8 Libra - Alice Card / Lilith Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) [PK ON]Shield: Valkyrie Shield - Thara Frog / Hades Card [PK ON]Shield: +8 Libra - Thara Frog / Hades Card ( Use when you choose to use Executioner's Armor ) Alice card / Lilith Card because phantoms are both Demi-Human and Boss, But if you're going in on PK mode, better use Thara Frog or Hades Card Garment: Asprika Shoes: Twilight Boots / Sleipnir - Fused Eddga Card Shoes: Twilight Boots / Sleipnir - Faceworm Queen Card ( Does not work with Thanatos Card ) Sleipnir of the Gods = Max hp and sp +20% / 15% sp recovery rate / mdef +10 Twilight = +5% Atk and 60% Movement Speed Accessory #1: Any Artifact of Trial with 5% Atk - Ifrit Card - Aluminum Gloves - Ifrit Card ( Only if you don't have Any Artifact with 5% Atk ) Accessory #2: Aluminum Gloves - Ifrit Card Medal of Honor DOES NOT work with Meteor Assault. Only +atk / +atk rate / +atk % works. WHAT TO DO? 1: Walk around the map and try to gather as many phantoms as possible 2: Make sure you use Enchant Deadly Poison 3: Spam MA until every phantom dies 4: ( Situational ) When you see Phantom Rad in your stack, Use Holy Elemental Scroll and make sure to switch to your Secondary Weapon with Thanatos Card to outheal his Damage. When he's dead, you can switch back to your Main Weapon. Goodluck and have fun farming. Any Questions please ask below
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    Phantasmagoria 2020 General Info & Guides read more: click here This guide is created to help players how to handle phantasmagoria mobs. This is a guide will also teach you some basic mechanics of PVP You need a basic knowledge about game mechanics to counter them. All Phantoms in Phantasmagoria are boss type, medium size and Demi Human Special Notes: (Read this first) Vit Def beyond 50 means thanatos card works better on them than ignore def card. Incantation Samurai Card (ISC) do not work on these monsters, ISC only work on normal monsters. Faceworm Queen Card work on these monsters. Faceworm queen card work on demi human type monsters and players regardless whether they are normal type or boss type. Each Vit def beyond 50 means 1% damage for thanatos card. High Wizard card do not work against this monsters. They are boss type and not normal type. Only Deceitful and vesper card ignores their mdef. Siren card is another thing. Phantom Calysta Phantom Latte Phantom Mia Phantom Tsuchie Phantom Xel Phantom Symphoria Phantom Lucielle Phantom Calla Phantom Rad Phantom Chiyome Phantom Alahia Phantom Musica Phantom Winter Phantom Hora Phantom Pan Phantom DarkneSs COMMON USEFUL CARDS AND GEARS : 1. Abysmal Knight Card [Weapon] 2. Alice Card [Shield] 3. Thara frog card [Shield] 4. Hydra Card [Weapon]๏ปฟ 5. Asprika [0] Cu๏ปฟstom Items: 6. Returners Set 7. Venerable Seyren Card [Armor] 8. Ghostring Card [Armor] 9. Danzo Bandage [Headgear] or similar headgears.๏ปฟ Additional Notes: Most customs gears are useful against these monsters as they give demi human resist or increase damage on them and you can obtain them in many ways other than donation. ๏ปฟ Heroic coins can also use to buy some of these gears at the price of around 2400+ heroic coins. You can farm this in few days. You can use Yggberry on this map. It's safer to join in party than do it solo. ๏ปฟ
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    Who said that most of the staffs can't pvp, go see HHH and fight them there. PS: An update on HHH is scheduled this weekend.
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    Hey Dreamers! We are looking for the BEST PROMOTIONAL/TRAILER VIDEO!! We are planning to start Streaming Twitch offend (Every WoE + Events) and upload all the videos onto Youtube for you to rewatch! As you have already notice that we have official support players, Rad, Pan, and I V o, that is currently hosting the stream on twitch and will be posting videos onto Youtube for our server! We want to Start off with a BANG and put up a Promotional video of DreamerRO - 2020!! **CHANGES**: How to submit your Video: Upload your video onto Youtube and Private Message me on Forum with the video link. We are doing so that there will not be any advantage over the other contestant. I will post all the videos at the end of this end below. Objective: The objective is to create a promotional video that showcases our most popular features in a way that will interest new players to check out the server. Details: Your video should showcase the majority of the features listed below. You can add more features to the video; however, if you include the core features, then your video should be long enough! The maximum video length should be 7 minutes. Anything more may just make the video too lengthy and not entertaining! We are looking for a video that will HYPE THE F OUT OF US -- so play with the music (beats), cut scene, keep it cleanโ€ฆ please keep it clean and not slap on 20 layers of effects. Core Features: **Must include in the video in ANY ORDER** ยท Hero/Elite Hero SYSTEM (Hence we said System not Quest so try to make it stand out that we have a Hero/Elite System. This should include glorified/hero equipment, benefits of being a hero, division events, etc) ยท Mining & Forging ยท Achievement System ยท Instance Dungeons (including Elite Dungeon) ยท War of Emperium (How many castles, how many woe sessions a week, WoE Shop, and good footage) ยท Battlegrounds (Quickly list all the game modes, the shops, and BG rank system (medals and taunts) ยท PvP System (HA, 3rds & Duel Arena, point system, shop, and mention of 1vs1 and 5vs5 tournaments. Optional Features to showcase (If you need additional content) ยท Honorable Guild System ยท Custom Skin Colors ยท Aura Stylist Service ยท MVP Room/MVP Summoner ยท Donation Mall / Spirit of Heroism ยท Casino (PYL, Headgear Gambler, Slot Machines, Roulette) ยท Automated Events (Dice, Poring Catcher, Caspen Treasure Boxes, etc) Note: We highly recommend having a good solid 5-11 seconds Intro (begin of the video) and an Outro (At the end of the video). Rules: 1) No offensive content: Racism, Pornogprahy, Insults/Curse wordsโ€ฆ Be professional guys. 2) Limited to ONE entire per person! We do check IP and for Alternative Forum Account! Prize: 1) We are picking only 1 winner. The Winner will get between 150 to 350 Donation Tokens base on the quality of the Video. If your video is great you will get the 350 Donation Token, we do not expect perfection but we do not want a video that does not meet the standard to be rewarded with 350 Donation Tokens. 2) We are also looking for a really good Introduction and outro to put onto all of our videos we plan to upload on youtube; from our experiences the best video usually have the best introduction, however, in a special case your video has a better intro/outro than the winning video -- we will give you 2nd place price of 50 Donation Token! Deadline: The deadline for the Video will be May 10th, 2020 at midnight 11:59PM Server Time! Credit: Thank you to HaZe and the rest of the Staff Team for helping with forming this event! (forum/prize/twitch/etc..)! Thank you to the Support players that are doing the Stream: Rad, Pan, and I V o!
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    Greetings Dreamers! It is a tradition in many countries to have huge sales in retail and online stores following the Thanksgiving Day. At DreamerRO we are also celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a 3x donation promotion, increased MvP card drop rates and the release of ultra rare sets sets via Zeny and donation tokens. The event will last until Tuesday December 4th, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Make sure to act quickly and take advantage of these big opportunities! 3x Donation Credit Bonus During the event any donation of 10$ dollars or more will be tripled. This means that if you donation 25$ you will receive 75 donation credits instead of the typical 52 credits. If you donate 50$ you will receive 150 credits instead of the typical 100 credits, and so on. This is a great opportunity for newbies and veterans to gear up and get their hands on their favorite donation items. This promotion applies to all our donation methods. In order to qualify for this offer your receipt must have a time stamp between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4. Any other date outside of that range will not be tripled. Increased MvP Card Drop R๏ปฟate During the event all MvPs and Mini-Boss cards that typically drops at 3% will now drop at 5% chance. This does not apply to custom MvPs with drop rates lower than the default 3%. However, this is still a great opportunity to hunt for core MvP cards such as Kiel, Tao Gunka and Thanatos. Cyber Monday Sales NPC There are two new NPCs in caspen that are offering our Dreamers the opportunity to get the hands on the most rare and exclusive sets of headgears on the server. These sets are rare and powerful, and for that reason their prices may be inaccessible to newer players. You may open the spoiler ๏ปฟbelow to see a list of headgear sets that are available through this NPC๏ปฟ. Note: We had decided not to release the Destiny Set and Legendary Set during this event, but I changed my mind last minute. They are more expensive than they were last year in order to keep their rarity. Spirit of Heroism (Service) Within the Cyber Monday donation shop npc, you will find a new item called "Spirit of Heroism". This item can be used at a new NPC called "Ares" located in caspen 110 160. Players who exchange this item with Ares will instantly become an Elite Hero with maxed Elite Weapons and Majors of a Hero Division. The service will provide the following benefits: 100% Completion of Pre-req quests such as Kiel, Sign and Rachel. 100% Completion of the Elite Hero Quest 2x Elite Weapon of your choice (Already level 4, with 20,000 elite kills) 1x Specialist Glove (Already lvl 3, with 60,000 Division EXP) All the bonuses of being a Hero (i.e 2,500 Stat points, 50 skill points) Automatically placed in a random Hero Division. The service does NOT include the following benefits: You will not be given any glorified equipment. The Elite Temple entrance is not included. (10b Zeny) This service cannot be used by characters that are already Elite Heroes, or jobs that cannot be Heroes such as Dorams. This service is non-refundable and cannot be reverted. Once you use the service on the character, it cannot be un-done or transferred to another character. In order to use it you should be a Level 500 character, already in the job you would like to be once you are an Elite Hero, in order to receive the appropriate elite weapons and specialist glove. As of right now this service may be exclusively available during the Cyber Monday event, but there is a small possibility it can become a permanent feature in the future.
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