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    I’m right there with you and it is one of the reason this was implemented. I started playing this game when I was 16 and I’m 30 now..the game itself is 18 years old..there is a huge population of people who cant grind 6-8 hours everyday but still want to play and enjoy the game. This update will attract a lot of those people and will make the server grow. Does it make the server pay to win? Of course not. Even if someone donates 100k dollars.. can they be stronger than those who dont donate? No. Will they win against fully equipped veterans who never donated? No. Probably lose hard since they dont have all the practice and knowledge non donators have. is it an advantage? Depends how you look at it. Yes they can get items non donators farmed for instantly, but they pay for it with real money. Meanwhile those with time to farm get the same items without spending a cent..all while enjoying their favorite features. Right now as many have raised their concerns that because temporal boots are accessible via donation that nobody will do the instance anymore. That is the case with all our features. Once a player gets the items they need from a feature, they stop using it. Thats why BG and HHH have died many times over our 12 year history until their shops are revamped. Now those features can be used because there are so many items in the market and they are all accessible via those features. And whenever we add new items to the market, all of those features and the server as a whole will benefit from that revamp because all the features can be used to get those items. it is a game changer and game changing features always have backlash. Its normal and I understand. All i ask for is faith in your staff team and to please control your negative comments. They are cancer and it spreads quickly. None of you will benefit from a toxic community unless you want the server to die and all your progress to be wasted and forgotten.
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