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    You've read that right! DreamerRO can now be played on most iOS and Android mobile devices! via XPRO (Cross Platform Ragnarok Online) Visit http://PlayDreamerRO.com/mobile on your mobile device Click the "XPRO" button on the center of the screen Follow the installation instructions according to device Once installed, proceed to open the XPRO App on your device When prompted to enter the Server's name, enter "DreamerRO" Click the "Play DreamerRO" button Log in with your username/password as you would do normally Landscape (horizontal) mode is recommended for better resolution Everything is downloaded "on the fly", so it will take a long time to load maps the first time, as the game has to download the map, npcs, all items before it can load them Playing on Wifi is extremely recommended for faster game play Recommended device specs: Min. 2GB RAM and Good connexion (WiFi or 4G+/5G) with unlimited bandwith. To move/sit - use the joystick on the bottom left There is an auto-attack button on the bottom right (swords) - it basically finds the nearest monster (not player) and attacks it. To unlock the chat window, click the "Chat" button on the top left corner (where the character's name, hp, sp information is located) To re-adjust or set your skill shortcuts, click on the "Shortcut" button on the top left corner (next to the chat button mentioned above) To adjust in-game resolution, touch screen with two fingers and rotate/pinch screen as necessary To adjust/maximize the game's performance for slower connection, click on the "Option" button on the top left corner and then click "Settings" You can decrease graphic details, disable head gears or npcs from loading and other settings here To disable background music (BGM) or effects, click the "Option" button on the top left corner and then click "Sound" The same option button allows you to go back to char selection, exit the game and access to other common options available in client. As many of you may be aware, we have some features that have a cool down set by computer or have dual client disabled to prevent abuse of multiple accounts. Some or all of these features have been made unavailable on mobile, not because it can't handle it, but to prevent any dual client/multiple account abuse. Daily Quests Wheel of Fortune Battlegrounds PvP Arenas WoE Maps Ragnarok online is an almost 20 year old game that was designed to be exclusively played on computers. While we do offer the option to play on mobile, please keep in mind that mobile game play will never be as smooth as playing on a computer. However, we do believe it offers some accessibility advantages while you are aware from your computer. At the very minimum it can be used to log in-game and chat with friends. We discourage any intensive game play such as PvP, WoE, Battlegrounds or Instance Dungeons to be done on the mobile device, as players will never be able to compete against computer users. This tool is relatively new and bugs/crashes are to be expected. We encourage all our players to keep this in mind while they enjoy DreamerRO on their mobile device. Any bugs, issues, suggestions can be posted on this topic. However, the mobile client is developed by an external developer, which means 99% of all bugs/suggestions will need to be solved by the XPRO team and not the DreamerRO team. Some NPC, Monster, Headgear, Job Classes sprites may not show up properly (eventually the DreamerRO team will fix most of these) New character creation should be done on a regular computer Some skill or in-game effects may not show on mobile Auto attack button doesn't target Humans Cannot modify alt+m shortcuts
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    that's good to know. honestly, it's quite laggy but damn, this is just too good and very fun to play even tho im just farming.
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    Like ZeroGravity mentioned and Seamless said, also the 5 min maybe or let say up to 10 mins extra time at the end of event is a good way to solve this i dont know how much it cost to equip proper low budget to kill the monsters there quick, im just sure the newbie/poor equiped ppl logically cant keep up with the speed of high geared, so they only can collect little amount of exp etc. until event ends We as good geared people shouldnt be the scale how long the "little people" can enjoy the event and get their exp together The suggest of adding extra time is very good placed and very fair in my opinion +1
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    Many player now joined stp event thats why it is hard to gained division points when then event ended it will less people again
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    I'll still stick to my suggestion of giving 5-10 minutes more of farming time even after all the MVPs are killed. In all honesty, stp isn't even as hard as you all are trying to show here. Just simply knowing what element or converter to use, cards an all, will get you 500 points in less than 5 minutes. Especially that LHZ mobs are demi-human. I'll give you a tip, - Monster Element Item / Converter to use High Wizard Katrinn Ghost Element Freeza Hat / Any Converter (preferrably water converter) Lord Knight Seyren Fire Element Water Converter Arachne Ghost Element Freeza Hat / Any Converter (preferrably water converter) Sniper Shecil Some say earth, Some say wind N/A just use Neutral
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    I myself get nervous during STP's that I wouldnt get the necessary points in order to get the salary since guardians are getting killed way to fast.
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