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    Hello everyone here is a little about myself, I'm deciding to make this topic as an introduction to myself. With Covid-19 on the lose I've found myself feeling lonely and without contact from friends. I've decided to come back to the RO private server scene because when I was younger RO was my introduction to friends online along with some of my best memories. I played private servers for many years before life had other plans for me. I'm in the process of installing the game now and would love to maybe meet up or befriend some people once I get my bearings straight. I'm a 27 year old male living in the united states. I love writing poetry and short story allegories. I'm very introverted and have trouble socializing on and off the web. Anxiety and depression are a part of my life and I figured building a new friend base on a game I love could help with these issues. I've read many good things about this server and heard the community was awesome! So, I hope to have fun and build friendships in the future. With pain comes understanding, from understanding comes love, and with love you can find peace! That's something I've come to realize in my life through hardship and struggles. Thank you those who are reading this and I hope you all have a beautiful day. With love, Sleepihead
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    Please Check this. It seems not working properly. Causes crash almost everytime i see monsters. Thanks!
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    - Newbie Guides - What to expect from this guide / FAQs : 1. Leveling Guide 2. How to be strong? 3. What Class to use? 4. Farming Guide 5. What can you do in this server? 6. Useful Commands ( BE SURE TO CHECK THIS OUT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER ) 1. Leveling Guide (Use @go level to teleport to leveling map) You have 2 options to level up. Do it manually or get maxed instantly. If you decide to do it manually, you will be rewarded with a bubblegum which is a consumable item that boost drop rate +100% for 30min. In my opinion you can just skip this because it's not really worth the time, because you will be able to farm zenny right away. a. If you insist on doing it manually, then be sure to use your mercenary scrolls, right click on the summoned merc and put his skill (spiral pierce) on your shortcut. You can 1 shot the enemies there with it. b. To skip leveling you just need to talk to an NPC. When you first arrive by using the command @go level, you will see a big flying valkyrie, you can choose your class there. ( YOU HAVE TO BE A NOVICE TO SKIP ) Note : you will be teleported to caspen after this, which is the main town for this server, be sure to use english to talk there, so we can actually help if you got further question. 2. How to be strong? Let's get straight to the point, you need to farm zenny that's it. Buy the gears from other player for your needs, I would suggest you to get farming gears first. Do not be worried, this server is not p2w, you can get as strong as other players equally, you just need more time to catch up to those who donated. There is also a unique feature called the hero quest to get your character stronger. You will get extra stat points and be able to make unique weapons which will give you good effects. You can access hero temple from Main NPC and start the quest anytime you want. You can check on forum for further guides. 3. What Class to use? No class is better than the others, each class have their own purposes. For starting class I would suggest using warlock, because this class is newbie friendly and will boost your farming time. Once you get some money, you can actually start to use genetic for zeph hunt, you can check on forums for more informations. They are more pricey, but faster to do zeph hunts in low to mid level tier, which will be explained further in Farming Guide below. 4. Farming Guide Well you are in luck because you get returner's set, so you can actually farm right away with no problem at all. Important : you can only have 2 billions of zenny per character, you can store more zenny by using the banker npc and convert it into bags. You can access Banker from Main NPC. a. Zeph Quest The most popular one to do is zeph quest, it is a hunting mission where you have to kill the mobs stated by the npc. You can find the NPC inside Death Match shop on caspen map (@go 0) just below the main NPC. You will get money after finishing the quest. The reward will get higher accordingly to the diffculty of the mission, it can get up to 900+ million zenny each quest. Be aware that the difficulty can get a reset later on when you reach certain mission level. Use @mission to check on zeph's mobs list. You can also do zeph quest as a party to hunt faster, or you can do it on another char, so you don't have to wait for cooldowns. Higher difficulties will give you tankier mobs, genetic's skill illusion doping damage isn't high in damage, but they have very big aoe, hence it is only good for low to mid tier difficulty. b. Daily Quest You can find DQ NPC on caspen map, just go to 4 o'clock direction after using @go 0, you will see a girl with green hair. You can only do daily quest 1x per day. Daily Quest is a gathering quest, you will get list of items to get and submit them to the NPC. You will get 1 DQ coin everytime you finish it, and you actually have a chance to win blueprints. Blueprints are items used for forging which most likely you wont use as a newbie. You can save them or sell them to other players in a pretty nice sum of zenny depending on which blueprint you get. Back to topic, you can exchange DQ coins for end game gear and cards, so be sure to do DQ everyday. You can whisper 'npc:Daily Quest' to check on the item list, you can type anything you want and press enter. For example : imagine this as your chat box [npc:Daily Quest] [a ] c. Voting You can do voting every 12 hours, which can be accessed from https://playdreamerro.com/. You just have to login and click on Vote 4 Points, you will know what to do from there. To redeem vote points you need to logout from RO Client first, after that you can convert the points to coins in game through v4p npc. You can also exchange the coins for end game gears through v4p npc. You can find v4p NPC on caspen map, on the left side of Main NPC. d. Battleground This isn't newbie friendly which will get you killed a lot of the time. But, you will get reward whether your team win or lose. You can find BG NPC near Main NPC on the right side. You can also use @joinbg to get in the queue or you can use @go bg to go to bg map where you can exchange the rewards for good items, you can check them yourself. Battleground is a mini game where you will compete in team vs team. So be sure to read the details to know what to do inside BG. As the rule stated, please don't go AFK inside BG, you can get punished from doing so. e. Treasure Box Hunt It is one of the automated events inside Dreamer's server, be sure to check announcements every 30mins. Get yourself a ranger character to get the boxes, it will reward you 500m zenny each box. There will be 5 out of 30 boxes that give you reward, the others are just decoys. They will spawn in random places in a map that will get announced. 5. What can you do in this server? a. Automated Events There are many automated events inside the game, you can use @time to check on server time and use @schedule to check on the automated events. Winning events will also get you rewards like donation token, money and other good stuff. So be sure to check on them and participate. b. MvP Hunts You can summon MvPs with zenny through MVP Hunter NPC, near Main NPC on caspen or use bloody branches which can be bought or gotten from many resources. c. Get cool or cute headgears You can get them from quests, events, donation, v4p, or casino hg gambler which can be accessed from main npc or walk to 11 o'clock direction from caspen. d. Anything you want really... Socialize, WoE, PvP, Gambling in casino, or you can be as creative as you want, even on the forums. 6. Useful Commands Let's get straight to the points, here are list of commands that you will most likely use frequently : @jump to jump around map just like using fly wing @warp map_name to get to a map you want @whereis monster name or id to check on mob location @go number to warp to towns or you can type just @go to check on town list @autoloot to turn on or off looting @autoloot rate number to set auto loot on % drop chance @autoloottype +6 to pick up cards @autoloot item item_name or ID to get auto loot on specific items @request to ask support players about bugs or questions and you can also add stats without clicking one by one for example : /str+ 254 (which is the maximum number to add at once) maximum stat points are 500 Additional commands, creds to Friday05 @identifyall - Identifies all your items, no need to go to NPC for identifying items @showmobs (monster name/ID) - Shows all the monsters and where they are on the mini map top right of your screen, sadly doesn't work for bosses @mobsearch (monster name/ID) - Will show you how many monsters are alive/dead, useful for boss hunting to know if the boss is alive or not inside the map, it will say (dead) if it's dead @whodrops (item name/ID) - To know what monster drop which item @whosell (item id/name) - Can show cheapest sellers at vend @ii Will tell you the id number of an item, BUT @ii2 (item ID) will give you a link and show you the actual item and its description, so no need to ask people to link you or look it up in Ratemyserver or something @mi - To know the monsters info and what he drops @hero - To see your hero stats and exp, and caspen kills, no need to go to hero temple @elite - Same as @hero but for elite stats such as lvl , kills etc.. @unbindlock (your pin number) - This is a faster way to remove security without typing @security
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    actually, it is totally worth it. compare to the time you spent on: collect items hero quests, waiting for draconus to spawn, fight with other pro mvp hunters to get Draconus scalel to kill enough mobs to have 93m hero exp complete 4 elite hero pre-quests collect elite hero items & complete elite hero quest. killing 3k caspen dungeon monsters spending times on HHH,PVP,BG,WOE to have 12k elite kills or begging for ultra-rich to sell you scrolls at a cheaper rate. spending times at div event to accumulate 60k div exp or begging for ultra-rich to sell you scrolls at a cheaper rate. complete all 6 elite hero weapon quests - to get 2nd elite weapon. one of it requires you to get kill 200 valkyries to get the flowers. all these may take months or years! even though some of the requirements can be purchase from other players, but things such as pre-requisite quests, 93m hero exp, 3k caspen kills, elite kills, div exp cant be avoided... It took me years (>8yrs, bcos I'm just too tired, quit, return, quit, return. not to mention you actually have to fulfill real PVP kill & kill ratio during the early days! mean if you are weak, you will never be hero)... and finally, got the 2nd elite and lvl 4 elite this year! which is after god knows how long... For my 2nd and 3rd lvl 4 elite, I'm only spending weeks because of generous events like this. also even if you dont want to spend 10 hours per day, you can always have the whole month to complete it... for the next event like Christmas/New Year, you may spend the token to gear up instead of getting SOH... it still way faster and more relax than normal path. I'm not joking... I went through both.
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    use the following items : Top HG: any HG with auto cast skill or the event HG - Kiel card Mid HG: Event HG - kiel card Lower HG: Event HG- Kiel card armor - VA with undead/shadow card wweapon - event weapon + elementa sword - f. bapho card garment- u dont need any card here - kasa card will cast fireball which is useless shoe - any shoe with eddga card acce - merc relic
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