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    Changes: Everything. Shadow Chasers are killers not supporters. Go bow or Skynet blow build, stop using such sad builds. Those skills does not help winning BG. Even shadow form with -50% resistance would work better than that.
  2. -1 points
    Immune to most status, annoying in BG, cheap too. Stat is standart SC stripper Str : 300 ish or anything u like ( to carry berry ) Dex : 500 Agi : until 195 aspd Vit : Balance def 50 or 55 Luk : Dump Rest here Int : Dump rest here Upper HG : Any 35% redux helm, or Red Mouse Helm from v4p for added stone curse status ( Dark Snake Lord Card ) Mid HG : Anti Strip Wing ( Giearth Card ) Low HG : Any anti freeze and silence aura with 60% speed ( Gemini Card ) Armor : +8 Keeper's Armor or Valkyrie Armor ( Tao Gunka and Ghostring Card for switching ) Shield : Any unstripable shield or Valkyrie Shield ( Thara Frog and GTB Card for switching ) Shoes : Supersonic Boots ( 50% immune to stun and stone curse ) this is a must. Garment : Asprika Acc : Anything with slot ( 2x Alligator Card or 1x Alligator Card and Gem of Pneuma ) Weapon : Anything with 4 slot ( 3x Fabre & 1x Golem or Randgris ) best is SC elite sword because of bonus HP and demi redux Get anti sleep pet and you are good to go, immune to Sleep,Curse,Stone Curse, Stun,Silence, Freeze and Confuse, utilize your 3rd skill, escape will help you alot and don't forget to copy FSK for maximum annoyingness, have fun.
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    Anothe useless SC build instead of making them killers ando useful, sad.
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