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    [ This is temporary chamber since we need to upload a bigger map for a full training room. ] Today I added a modifiable dummy for those who wanted to test their skills there. The fee is 100m only for now. You can visit it at caspen 155 225. You need to create a party because it's an instance. There are 2 dummies available in the map. A normal monsters and a boss one. You can modify the dummy's property such as Defense Magical Defense Flee Rate Perfect Dodge Race Element Elemental Level and Size Unfortunately I can't set up a real player like dummy that can wear gears yet. But if I find a way I'll try to add it there. Additionally once the room gets bigger, I'll put other training materials there including a summoning area for your bloody branch and so on. For now you can test the new NPC for any bugs.
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    Greeting Dreamers, First of all, I'm sorry for the late update. Honestly it took me so long to debug the dungeon (for more than 24 hours). The Old Glast Heim we have in our server is pretty much outdated. That's why I decided to update it with our admins approval. And since a lot of players are seeking for fun challenges I decided to step up the update of this dungeon. The update on this dungeon is pretty unique in our server. Although it follow the same pattern with the IRO guide, the boss aren't too simple. You need to learn some mechanics about it. Old GlastHeim is now a raid dungeon. It has a slightly higher difficulty than the Elite Dungeon but it is available for any HERO. 3rd Job is currently enabled in the map as well as the use of mastela fruit and ygg leaf. But trust me on one thing, you can't solo it. You need companions to finish it now. I know that some people are strong enough to solo Elite dungeon but you can't do it on this one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIFICS: 1 day CD HERO only 3rd job skills allowed yggleaf and mastella allowed 1 time entry (if you got DC you can't enter again) Dungeon difficulty (9/11) Simple explanation about the boss: (don't ignore the 2 mini boss too.. those knights can kill if not handled properly) Corruption Root: Has a pretty high HP. Poison 4 Will regenerate if you kill his summon. Will keep on summoning until you kill him. Has fatal skills. Amdarais: Has invincibility, you need to lure it on the small platform with star symbol to make him vulnerable to attacks. Holy 4 property. Has 50 perfect dodge. Can 1 hit If you read the message "A foul stench is covering the whole area". Prepare yourself to run. ----------- Loots: ----------- Currently the monsters around the area drop consumables (resist potions at 10%). I doubt you'll like to farm those mobs anyway. They are pretty tanky. However the most important drop here are the Coagulated spells (item id: 6608) and Temporal crystals (item id: 6607). You can get temporal crystal from the quest and bosses. Both of these items can be use to exchange for White Knight Card and Khalitzburg Knight Card @ warp glast_01 191 271. White Knight Card: [Weapon] ATK +15 Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 20%. +[Khalitzburg Knight Card] Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 15%. Reduces physical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. Khalitzburg Knight Card: [Shield] DEF +20 Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 25%. +[White Knight Card] Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 15%. The temporal boots will be added in the server although it will be modified first so it might take longer. Eitherway collect those crystals for them so you'll be ready when they are released. ========== Treasure Room ========== minerals heroic coins combat coins 100m zeny bags mystical card album legendary card album and a chance for headgear fortune chest. --------------------------------- Notes: -------------------------------- Only Party Leader can open the treasure room. Make sure to take the quest about killing amdarais or else you can't open the treasure room. PS: Old Glastheim has 2 mode. The Normal Mode and the Hard Mode. This is the normal mode.
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    Hello Dreamers, I added a body changer that will allow you to change your 3rd job character costume to the alternate one permanently. It means even those who do not have the alternate job grf will see you on alternate costume too. The service is currently only available for elites and you need to pay 2 billion zeny (2 1b bags) for the service. I don't know if the price will change later but that's it for now. You will find the Body Changer NPC at the upper left part of the elite temple. She is a lady with a fox on her shoulder. The service is currently unavailable for the FFG Classes. 1. Rune Knights 2. Mechanics 3. Sura They are currently causing errors so I had to disable them. Other classes should be fine, but if you end up having any issue with it please create a ticket and I'll try my best to help you out. You can also use @request. Also please be warned that the palettes available in our server isn't perfectly compatible with them. It might be harder for you to find a good color for your classes if you switch to alternate one. So it's really upto you. If you don't have zeny, the jr0 sprite grf is free. or you can combine them. That way you'll look cool regardless of the sprite the other player is using.. http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3bj7hmp7tdbc5b/jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf - Credits to Devana For more information regarding the grf visit here:
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    Greetings Dreamers! As you already know I've been working on enabling silvervine fruit in the server. Fortunately our admin helped in implementing it (my attempt failed yesterday) and it will be added in the Battleground after reboot today. Get this silvervine fruit by participating in battleground! I barely did any modification in the dungeon because it seems to have been modified already for high rate. It's not too easy to do solo and I advice everyone to bring a lot of water resist against the bosses here. Bring friends too. It's not a raid dungeon but it's not meant to be soloed. =========== || • Specifics: || =========== Malangdo Culvert Instance: Cooldown: 1 hour Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ Skills: 3rd Job skills allowed Consumables: Ygg/Mastella Allowed Requirement: Sea God Protection. (exchange at malangdo 219, 163 - Special Vending machine) HERO only Octopus Cave Instance: Cooldown: 3 hours Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ Skills: 3rd Job skills allowed Consumables: Ygg/Mastella Allowed Requirement: Octopus Hunting Stick . (exchange at malangdo 219, 163 - Special Vending machine) Instructions (malangdo instance): There are 4 bosses in these dungeons (they spawn in random). Each boss drops cards. (these cards are not modified) Additionally they drops coin bags, as well as 2 new consumables Glass of illusion box (+20 PD) and Abrasive box (+30 crit) (piñata instance drop only). You can check their other drops through @mi (monster info) The coins can be used for enchanting stuffs. The enchanting is currently unavailable as it will be modified as well. Will be added later on. =================== || • Enchantments (TBA) || =================== We are going to enable enchantment on the Glorious Battleground weapons. Additionally these glorious battleground weapons will be slightly modified. Their base atk/matk will be improved, and most of those 2 handed one will be modified to become 1 handed. For those wondering what is the [Slaughter]/[Destruction] effect on those weapons means. Slaughter is an effect that gives additional physical damage to demi human based on upgrade. Destruction is for magic. The formula for slaughter 1 is: (Refine-4)^2 while the formula for slaughter 2 is: (Refine-3)^2. Ex: +10 BG weapon with slaughter 1 will give you additional + 36% damage to demi human. [ 10-4 = 6] [6x6 = 36%] Wanna support us? Leave us a review in RMS and that will be greatly appreciated!
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    converted to quest shop (euphys) to allow headgear preview. You can now fit/test the headgear before buying it without going to fitting room
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    Hi everyone, My Name's Ame Suou. I know that most of you guys are busy in either 3 things. Chatting in Town, PVP such as HHH-Divisions-WOE-BattleGround, And Doing Quest like hero-elite-zephs-etc. Only few people know or appreciate that there are beautiful places in DRO in which you can visit, Stare, Gaze, and just enjoy the scenario. Which is why. I'll be posting Screenshoot along with its locations at least 2-3 times a week here for places you should try to visit. ( of course. If you know of a place too feel free to post them ) Staring for today. My Top 1 places. The Night City !! Found in @warp night_city Stay tuned for the next screen shoot !
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    Refer to the screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/n4azgLz Target using 25+30% demi reduce with asprika and balanced def 43 hdef. Doing around 15k of damage. Dealer shown as the screenshot above. As my opinion, rapid shower needs some damage boosting as its doing very low damage right now. With the equip shown at the screenshot above when the target uses assuption which is 50% damage reduction the damage will go down to 7k which is very low. Note that 7k is not with full reduce. With a target who has lv 3 elite weapon for example Warlock. And using 35% reduce headgear. The damage is only 4-5k. Thank you.
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    Training hall. (TBA) Services: Modified Dummies Monster Summon (no drop): Allow you to summon boss of your choice for testing purposes. Will only stay on that small area. Emperium breaking Training Bloody Branch allowed in map. PVP on/off npc. Other services: card remover/banker/stat reset
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    Right now the jRO sprites are default when a player installs the full client or lite client. With the sprites being available to heroes via this NPC i think we should consider removing the default jro sprites, that way they would be considered the “premium” look and would be another reason to consider becoming a Hero. It would also allow those that prefer thr kRO look to have that look by default and not be forced to disable the jro sprites grf. I also think the price could be greatly increased and be a one time fee that they can then enable or disable the sprite for free whenever they choose. 2b is pocket change for most heroes Great job! Im sure our players will enjoy this new feature!
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    If you notice stuffs in game with wrong description (you know it's actual effect). Write it here. So we can update the description on the next patches. Thank you. Follow this format: Item Name: Description Error: Example: Item: Str Meginjards/Megingjord Description Error: Doesn't give 1 str every 5 level. Doesn't increase damage to boss by 10% when str is 120. Item: Menblatt Card Description Error: Only gives 1% long range attack damage every 25 dex.
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    Due to discussions and different points of view, we will now implement a new rule for all channels (#main, #support, #trade). Single channel rule: Note: All rules regarding the politeness, advertisement and types of violations described in all rules must be observed. The channels were made for better communication with all players, this should be maintained as a priority and due respect. Anything different to this statement will be deemed an offense. 1. All channels should be used the native language of the server (English), parallel conversations on another language will not be allowed. 1.a) #main - It should be used strictly for player communication. Will not be allowed: spamming, teasing, cursing, toxic comments to other players or group of players. Any type of disrespect will also not be allowed, either for players or staff members. 1.b) #support - Restricted channel to ask questions to everything related to the server. It can be used to help and answer questions from players, different things to this statement will not be allowed. 1.c) #trade - Used only for B/T/S and services, different things to this statement will not be allowed. Punishment: 1st Offense: Warn by any player or staff member. 2nd Offense: 3 days ban from the channel. 3rd+ Offense: 1 week ban from the channel. Note 2: If you got banned, you can create an appeal for it. All cases will be examined exclusively by an appeal. This rule is directly linked to rule 8 and may have consequences for the player. If the GMs can't ban the player because of the name, the punishment will be more severe. Any changes will be made without notice, be constantly aware.
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    Been awhile. But excited to jump back in here and learn from some of the vets again. I forgot my characters name but will be going in as a Sura this time around. Name now is unknown for now. But I am definitely looking to do WoE and the OGH dungeon! Hope to catch you guys in there!
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    Katar will stay 2 handed. Just that this one is too troublesome to make 1 handed considering GX can wear 2 weapons and it will be harder to balance their katar skills if they can equip high demi redux. We are planning to increase the demi redux on katar weapons though. Skill balancing is also under discussion. They had been adjusted already but it's not yet final. We will announce the final adjustment later on once we are done with the discussion, I am not familiar with other class so the adjustment is just temporary. Although Most 2 handed equips are now 1 handed except katar and a two handed axe which gained some demi redux instead. Their final stat will be posted later on. Descriptions will be updated next patch (same patch with rotation)
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    @Sadie OMG is that GM Shimizu as a Punching Bug? >.<. Nice update again for broad training choices.
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    This is a great update for our Dreamers! As usual with any new dungeon and set of items, everything is under observation and can be modified without warning. We welcome any and all feedback regarding the update! Big Kudos to our developer Sadie for the update!
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    Hello, I saw the wake up call by HaZe and it hit me. I will be trying to return to the game. I've been out for like 6-8 years now already. See you in the game guys. I'll be on a new account and character.
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    I am fixing it, but might need to wait for a reboot.
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    I agree, people will never be satisfied on whatever will be the update. If they don't like it, they will have negative comments, if they like it you'll never see any commend on them. Happy Gaming ~ noob here - OJ THE WIZ
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    i would also like to suggest reducing the overall output damage of ALL CHARS and/or increasing the demi-human resistance of ALL CHARS Here are some reasons as to why 1: There are too many item updates that increases damage, and most are cheap ( ranging from 10 to 50b ( Executioner's Armor, Silver Aegis, Mercenary's Chain Mail, Onyx Guard ) 2: There are too few item updates that decreases damage, and the few are usually expensive ( +10 Combat Asprika w Cautious Card, +10 Keeper's Manteau w Cautious Card, Hades Card ) 3: Newbies Can't afford either of them so they don't enter PvP at all because they would just be wasting time. PvP Death adds points? bullshit, as if 1 point per death is gonna get you somewhere. maybe when PvP is dead you can get max 2nd place. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion for Combat Mission Quest: 1: Forced Daily Reset of all quests of each and everyone in the server ( Like Daily Quest ) 2: Focused PvP Map for Combat Mission to greatly increase activity in Arenas. ( Ex. Today, All combat quests are to be done in the Hero Arena. Tomorrow, all quests are to be done in 3rds and so on. This will result in everyone focused in 1 map and not divided. Because if there are only few people doing the combat in 3rds, then no one would bother to do the quest at all. ) 3: Adding BG to the Combat Mission Map. But greatly increases needed kills to finish. ( Ex. in Hero Arena you're gonna need 50 kills to finish the quest. But if Todays combat is scheduled to be done in BG, people are going to need to kill double or triple the amount ( from 50 to 100-150 kills ) this will increase BG activity everytime combat is scheduled to be done there. That's all, this is just a suggestion. Feel free to put in some corrections, opinions, oppositions and additions. Thank You!
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    As the title says. Requesting for a change in Throw Fuuma Shuriken. Ninja's Physical Weapon ( Fuurinkazan ) is no longer that useful because the skill "Throw Huuma Shuriken" doesn't make the right damage( like what it should do in the non-renewal DRO ). The skill is somewhat similar to Thunder Storm that can be casted on land. I have opened a support ticket about this lately but lost hope on it so I'll just post it here if haze will have the time to read this in the future. Throw Huuma Shuriken is the main damage basis of the Physical Elite Ninja weapon but is now useless because of what the skill does in the renewal. And as a ninja user, I don't want the physical type ninjas die and be forced to use magic type skills (Tho they say magic ninjas are OP lol). Still I want to maximize the use of ninja both physical and magical. Don't let Fuurinkazan be useless in Renewal~.
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    great! atleast we have rules now in all channels,
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    Helping is what dreamers love to do. See you in the game bro.
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    wow, Even if im just a ghost from the past. I'll start making reviews in Rate My Server now. Make that 3 Reviews per week ( since i have 3 ratemyserver accounts ) It's little but i hope i'll help a lot
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    Maybe change the reward to combat coins and make it every 2-3 hours. Adding more zeny bag in the server will just further ruin the market prices of items. It's 36b zeny bags added in the server everyday and it rotates in the server. NPCs don't absorb this zeny added in the server everyday, it will just keep on piling up. We should aim in lowering the prices of some items in the server, to make it a little affordable for new players, not only for donators and old players with tons of b bags stored in their storage. Giving combat coins will help lower the price of some combat items in long run, and perhaps will motivate more the PVP enthusiast to actually PVP. 1st: 2 combat coins 2nd:1 combat coins 3rd: 1 donation token
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    I am sorry to be negative, I am not against participation reward in fact I want participation reward too for new players. But isn't getting rewarded for dying in PVP is going backward? Now anyone can create novices, ungeared 3rd character and pretend to be actually participating in HHH while suiciding. Surely we got rules regarding PVP farming, but can GM really ban players who can pretend to be helpless in PVP? Abuser can even login an alt account in a different IP and pretend to be a new player. Again I am not trying to be totally negative. I like the idea of participation reward, but getting rewarded for dying is really questionable. Not to mention that we got tradable rewards from Heroic coins. Why can't we just have similar rewarding scheme where players are rewarded for staying alive in the map, and then actually help the newbies get geared so they can actually compete instead of asking them to feed the veterans? On another note, this promotes more high output damage builds or suicide build for veterans which is already bad in our server. There's too many item that boost damage in our server and most veterans disregard their survivability because of our existing system where everything is about getting kills. Now not only you can kamikaze build, you'll also get rewarded for using it. Another thing is, getting rewarded for dying doesn't motivate newbies that much, in fact if it does, BG should be always packed with newbies but being with a lot of newbies I realized that a lot don't simply wanna get bullied. Being with a guild of 80% returner set user, they rather farm in PVE and get themselves geared so they can actually PVP instead of going to BG . So I doubt rewarding them to get bullied will bring PVP activity back. I'd rather suggest to think outside of the box and make this newbies be closely capable of competing. Ex. Utilize the siege sets that doesn't stack with most donation headgears, use it as a freebies. At least it will make them tanky and capable of making cheaper builds. Isn't that why IRO implement that thing. Regardless thank you for being so generous with the rewards. It's only my opinion about the system and I am glad you are trying to make the PVP alive.