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    Just when you think the server is getting boring or that you’ve already reached end-game, the game shifts drastically. An upcoming feature aims to spice things up for current and future newbies, as well as veterans and busy people (like me). Stay tuned for another game changer in the RO server community.
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    Hello Dreamers! Recently by our decision, we removed all Support Players from our team and one of our GMs resigned. We are reinventing some things internally so we can hire a new team with a new concept of "team". New updates are coming, which maybe will change our game type on a permanent basis, soooo stay tuned!
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    Gepard Shield is coming back to DreamerRO to combat bots, 0 delay sprites and repeat offenders. Macro use will remain legal
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    Imagine if we had a map where you could test any job with full equips/donations and maxed out elite weapons/gloves
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    BG IS ALIVE AGAIN AND MORE NEWBIE FRIENDLY THAN EVER! Help us attract newbies by writing a review on ratemyserver!
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    If you could turn any Class into a fully equipped Elite Hero with a maxed weapon and specialist glove. Which Class would it be??
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    I know sometimes we players are not the best in being patient(and I'm definetely among those not so patient), but as I said in the chat, being short staffed is a problem that haunts most online games once in a while, and in all good games, that issue always get solved, and DRo, in my book, is one of the good games that has potential to solve the issue soon, so good luck to the team, and I'll to my best to be more patient from now on, hope all the RL issues that are happening get solved in the best possible way, can't wait for the news, and keep up the great work. ^^
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    Please take a few minutes to renew your review on Ratemyserver!
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    Horn quite slacking. Horn planning events soon. Horn handsome. Bye~ Miaw~ (stay tuned...)
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    my forum account only has 0.02mb attachment size lol..........
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    The hiring season is open! Read our topic and send us your application!
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    should i comeback playing again?
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    If any newer players have questions, feel free to reply to this and i'll answer to the best of my ability, or atleast find you someone who may have an answer for you
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    Looking forward to helping the community and any newer player in any way I can!
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    Glad to hear the good news. I do believe that you guys are working very hard to meet what players asked and needed. This shows that you guys are care for your server and the community, otherwise DRo wouldn't stay alive for 10 years right?? Really appreciate all the things you guys do. LONG LIVE DRO
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    Stay tuned it is. Be PATIENT dreamers
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    Notice: This dungeon is still under observation. Changes/Adjustments may come without notice. Hello Everyone, we are now a month away from halloween so we decided to introduce the Horror factory. Consider this as part 1 of the horror factory as other feature will be added later on, once the adjustment on the dungeon is finished. Our ETA for part 2 is within next week. "Celine was the last doll made by a dollmaker who suffered from a chronic heart condition. On the day that the Toy Factory was to be closed, the dollmaker was so overjoyed after creating Celine that he triggered his own heart attack and collapsed dead to the floor. The devotion that the dollmaker had for his work was what brought Celine to life. However, upon seeing the dollmaker die, Celine became distraught and believed that she instigated his death. Her distress brought a phantom into being, which obsessively blames her for the death of her creator. The phantom then attacks the dollmaker's assistant, Catherine Jet Johnson, and changes her face into that of a horrifying skull before aggressively discharging her from the factory" Instance Specifics: Cooldown: 24 Hours Requirement: Hero Only Difficulty: ???? Unknown atm Skills allowed: 3rd skills allowed Consumables: Mastella/ygg leaf currently allowed (might be changed) To start this quest, go to Lutie. Talk to Catherine Jet Johnson(xmas 237, 303)to reserve the instance, then click on the transporter to enter the instance. First Phase After the introduction, talk to the Myst Case NPC who will transform your sprite into a Cookie (Red). Keep in mind you need to keep exploring while transformed. Venturing/talking to other NPC's aside from the transformation Myst Case while not transformed will spawn multiple Nightmare Cruisers. There are multiple Myst Case NPCs around the corners of the room; it is advised to speak to them when your transformation duration is about to expire. Kill Vicious Cookies and Evil Dwelling Boxes around the room. After enough are killed, there will be an announcement, and all remaining monsters will die. Move to northwest portion of this room and talk to the Green Cookie. You must be a Red Cookie in order to speak with this NPC. If you are not a Red Cookie, the NPC will disappear for a short while before reappearing, and will not speak to you until you are a Red Cookie. After the dialogue, talk to the new Myst Case NPC, who will transform you into a Myst Case. Player must be a Myst Case in order to proceed to the next location. Enter the portal to the right of the Green Cookie to move to the next phase. Second Phase After speaking to Catherine, talk to the Myst Case NPC again to change your sprite into a Red Cookie. Similar to the first phase, you need to stay transformed while venturing; otherwise, Cruisers will spawn in large numbers around the room. If you somehow entered the portal you came from before finishing the second phase, you need to go back to first room and transform into a Myst Case again in order to go back to the second room. There are 10 workers (Green Cookie NPCs) throughout this room. Talk to them and listen to their stories. You cannot move, cast skills, or use any consumables while the workers are talking, but monsters can still target you at this time. Avoid talking to another NPC until the first npc is finished talking or you'll get stucked. After talking to all 10 workers, there will be another announcement and all remaining monsters will die. Proceed back through the portal you came from, and then enter the north portal to move to the next phase. Third Phase Walk to the middle of the room to trigger a dialogue between Santa and Antonio. After Antonio disappears, enter the portal to the left. Here, there are many mobs, but only Antonio needs to be killed. After Antonio is killed, there will be another announcement, and all remaining monsters will die. Note: Antonio may also spawn in the room where the dialogue with Santa took place as well, so be sure to check before proceeding through the left portal. Go back to the center room, and then enter the right portal to move to the last phase. Boss Phase Listen the conversation between Catherine and Celine Kimi. When it finishes, Celine Kimi and her phantom will spawn. Information about Celine Kimi She is Large Size, Ghost 1 Property and Undead Race. She has a large spongy Max HP, low DEF, and high MDEF. She currently have no Max Pain Skills but she can reflect damages. She has fatal skills. It is highly advised to get as much as neutral resistance to avoid getting 1 hit by Earthquake. If she was separated from her phantom, the phantom will heal Celine Kimi for a large amount. Make sure the Phantom is always close to her and that damage is done to both of them simultaneously. If she is moved too far from the area where she spawns, the fight will be completely reset, so make sure you do not drag her too far away. It is recommended to stay next to the wall above where she spawns to keep her in place, as well as to prevent the knockback from Pulse Strike. or just wear anti knockback gears If her current HP is off by 1% compared to her Phantom's, the Phantom will heal Celine Kimi for 6% of her max HP. Finishing the Instance After Celine Kimi is defeated, walk through the southwest portal to treasure room. There will be 10 treasure box NPCs which will drop items when clicked. DROPS: Bloody coins. Can be used to exchange for some consumables and gears, through the NPC that will be added in Part 2 of this implementation. Bloody Letter. Quest item requirement. Collect and keep it. Unsent Letter. Quest item requirement. Collect and keep it. Cards: (some are slightly modified) Celine Kimi Card [Weapon] MATK +10%. Adds a chance to autocast [Critical Wound] Level 3 to all enemies on screen when dealing magical attacks. [unstackable] Evil Dwelling Box Card [Weapon] Adds a high chance to inflict [Curse] on enemy when dealing magical attacks. Decorate Evil Tree Card [Armor] MaxHP + 300000 MaxSP + 1500 Vicious Cookie Card [Footgear] ATK +1%, MATK +1% Every 1 refine level increment, ATK +1%, MATK +1%, PD + 1, MaxHP -2%. Creepy Demon Card [Armor] Has a chance to autocast "Magic Mirror". Adds a high chance to inflict [Curse] on attacker when attacked by magical attacks. Malicious Baby Ghost Card [Armor] Has a small chance to cast lvl 10 Kyrie Eleison when receiving physical attacks. Adds a high chance to inflict [Curse] on attacker when attacked by physical attacks. Dancing Marionette Card [Weapon] ASPD +10% Increase damage on undead property monsters by 20% Abandoned Teddy Bear Card [Footgear] SP + 20% Increase magic damage against Undead and Demon Monsters by 50% New Items: Obtainable Red Lantern [1] - Accessory Enable Sight. Max SP -300. Costume Red Bonnet [Costume] A red bonnet costume. Closed Mind box [etc] (currently cannot be opened) Contain random drops from horror factory. Old Parasol [Weapon] (will be modified) A very old parasol, it's unknown when this parasol was created. You can still the magic flowing inside. MATK +80, MATK +1 for every refine level. Enable use of level 10 Soul Strike. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EVIL SPIRIT GLOVES [1] - Accessory MaxSP +1000 MaxHP +15000 Enable use of Level 1 Spider Web. Increases cooldown of Spider Web by 20 seconds. <~ cooldown is only for those wearing the gloves. When attacked, chance to activate Kimmy's mind confusion. Adds a 1% chance of casting Level 10 [Frost Nova] on the target when performing a physical or magical attack. Adds a 0.1% chance of casting Level 1 [Mystical Amplification] on the user when performing a magical attack. Adds a 0.1% chance of casting Level 1 [Psychic Wave] on the target when performing a physical attack. Adds a 0.1% chance of casting Level 1 [Scream] on the attacker when receiving a short-ranged or magical attack. Lush Rose [1] - Top Headgear ATK+ 200 Every refine increases Atk by 1% Ignore weapon size penalty when attacking Celine Ribbon [1] - Top Headgear ??? Effect TBA Hurt Mind [1] - Accessory Enable lvl 3 Scream Max SP + 2000 Req. for Evil Spirit Gloves Kind Heart [1] - Accessory MaxHP +25000 Recover some HP every 10 seconds. Enables use of Level 3 Scream Req for Evil Spirit Gloves Noble Cross [1] - Mace/Weapon ATK + 250/MATK + 350 Has high chance to autocast lvl 10 Grand cross when attacking Crit increase by 5% per refinement Has 10% chance to recover 20% of damage as HP. Recovers 1200 SP each time you kill an Undead monster with a physical attack. Changelog: Warp through main NPC added (need reload) Increase HP difference before healing a little (need reload) Exchange NPC added. Corrected HP bonus of Decorated Evil Tree card to 300k Added extra effect for Dancing Marionette Fix sprite problem of lush rose and Celine Ribbon (thanks Jon) That's all for now. Items are still under observation. Please be careful. The iteminfo.lua will be uploaded later. This instance is added through the help of our admin and the whole staff team . Please support our team by giving us your honest review through RATEMYSERVER.
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    Finally got my first raffle rare and my favorite one of all time.
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    Welcome. Why do I feel like I have seen you. lol Its been a while
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    Since you're looking for a cheap way of farming, I suggest you to go for a simple critical-auto attack build for now. Basically, you may want to use 500 DEX and a high amount of LUK (up to you how much, since you will need to invest points in other stats). Do the Hero Quest (in case if you aren't a hero), it's good because you will get 2500 extra status points, also you gain access to hero weapons, according to your hero rank. Check this for more info. Be sure to vote everyday so you can get Vote Coins that you can exchange for some cool items, also Zeph Missions are a quite good way of starting getting zeny/war badges/DM points. Use a warlock for that. Get a 4-slotted Composite Bow (the cheapest thing I can think that you may get for starting), and put 4 The Paper Cards (20% more critical damage) on it. And just auto attack. If you do enough Zeph, you can farm enough badges for a Death Ballista, way better than a simple Composite Bow. And its one-handed, so you can use a shield with that. Pretty cool right ? Also, there is another weapon called Gastraphetes, even better than Death Ballista, but you need to be a Rank B hero to use that. Be sure to summon a Warg, so with high LUK the skill Warg Strike will proc very often. And it does good damage. Want more critical damage?: use any garment with a Petal Card (easy to farm, always remember to use @whereis to see where the monsters are). White Wing Suits will always be useful to have, better yet if you manage to get a high refined one. Remember, the higher it's refine level, the more ranged damage you will do. Your Returner Set will be enough for now, while you manage to farm your items. Now, if you ever want to upgrade your build, you should get a Green Beats Headphones and V4P Union Wings from the V4P Shop. Get Asprika too from the same shop, it's a really cool item that even veterans still use that. Slepinir Shoes are a very good item too. If you farm some zeny, also try to buy a pair of Dexerity Megingjards. That way, you won't be using auto-attack anymore, rather wou will use your Ranger skills, such as Double Strafe, Arrow Storm, Ankle Snare + Aimed Bolt Combo, etc. For that you will need cards such as Thanatos, Turtle General, Randgris, Orc Hero, Gemini S58, Gloom Under Night, Abysmal Knight, to name a few. With those your damage/survivability will be way better. Those cards are usually sold by players, be sure to use #trade channel in-game, or just check the Vending Arena (@go 39). There's a lot more I could suggest, but I don't want to extend this topic too much. I hope it will may be of any help for you. And by the way, welcome to the server
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    it wasn't me who made it untradeable. It's our admin who made the new pets account bounds. Though I want the new pets to be difficult to catch or some sort of exclusive rewards. Still if he made it specially account bound I doubt it will become tradeable anytime soon.
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    GM can u check Maluvida, He's a bot i think thanks
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    coz you let wait for an hour before you giff the salary . . as i remember
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    Ye waiting waiting for the amatsu leader to notice it -EA member too
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    Ye guys we do same mistake so keep this UP UP UP *Until gm peak to it