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    HALLOWEEN EVENT 2018 NEW RARE POLL This poll is for the end of Halloween event 2018. For now we will let the community decide what they like to be released as new rares this Halloween 2018 season. The Rare poll will end on November 1, 2018. These are the following previews of each rare. It is also arranged according to the series of numbers to be voted in the poll. #1 DARK PENTAGRAM WINGS #2 BLOODY SWORD OF DRAGON #3 ROAR OF DRAGON SLAYER #4 SHADOW METEOR STORM #5 FRIGID ICARUS WINGS #6 GYUKI ESSENCE #7 POISONOUS ICARUS WINGS You can open the spoilers for the animation Dark Pentagram Wings Bloody Sword of Dragon Roar of Dragon Slayer Shadow Meteor Storm Frigid Icarus Wings Gyuki Essence Poisonous Icarus Wings And its been almost a year already since we updated the Rare Surprise Box item. I would actually like this to be included in the Poll, but I think this one already deserves the next spot as the new rare in the surprise box for Halloween. ( At last not girly sprite like we had last item the enchanted wings lol ) HALLOW RAVEN WINGS HALLOW RAVEN WINGS ANIMATION So as the Halloween event ends this coming weekend, Good luck to all! May all be winners for the rares and any more prizes to come with the Halloween Party event! NOTE: Not all the names here are final and its just temporary. If you agree for the Hallow Raven Wings as the new box rare for the surprise box, you can hit +1 button ( joke ) And please write us a review and make DRO great again! http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8633&url_sname=DreamerRO! New!
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    The server officially turns 10 years old today. Our longevity is admireable! Help us keep it going by doing your part and writing a quick review on Ratemyserver.
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    "They are back from the past but not all of them who wander are lost" PHASE 1 ============ This year halloween event is the same but different, but still the same. Shrouded with mysteries, most of the new things in this event is waiting to be unlocked There will be quests, monsters and other stuffs that you'll randomly see during phase 1. Note: Some of them will be unlocked through passage of time. Other through community's effort. Halloween City To enter the halloween city all you need to do is to finish a short quest from Verity (caspen 169,189) and obtain a certificate that proves that you got what it takes to become a Paranormal Agent. Other than catching supernatural kind of monsters and ghost your mission includes unveiling different mysteries and liberating lost spirits inside the city. Clue: Verity will ask you to investigate Niflheim. Kill the Lycanthrope and take his drop. You can use @showmobs 1022 and you'll find what you are looking for! Old Monsters: Unlockable Monsters: (Global Goal) The Other Who knows what are they or where they are but they can spawn on Halloween City too. Halloween Invasion use @hallow command to check for the Global Goal and Halloween Invasion status Around every 2 hours monsters inside halloween city will be reduced dramatically and a group of mobs will attack random city. The choosen City will be announced and we encourage everyone to participate in defending the city against the invaders! The invasion will last for an hour. Invasion progress will depends on total community performance in defeating the monsters. Different monsters may spawn during the invasion but it will start with 3 type of halloween porings first. Common invasion monsters are normally tagged as Ghastly, Devilish and Spooky. Unlocked: [Grim Reaper] (invasion) Invasion Boss: It is natural that the MVP will get the reward however, there are changes in this invasion. If the boss is kill, the MVP will get the normal drops, the last hitter will be automatically rewarded with a raffle ticket and there will be a Piñata drop around the city. Once the boss is killed a huge amount of Halloween candies and tokens will be showered around the city. Global Goal (Halloween Race) Replacing the old Race is the Global Goal. During Invasion the chairman of Paranormal Study Group will choose a monster to purge. The required number is random. If the Global goal is reached the top 3 most devoted players in killing the required monster will be rewarded. 1st Place: 1 raffle ticket / 300 Halloween Tokens 2nd Place: 1 raffle ticket / 100 Halloween Tokens 3rd Place: 500m zeny 50 halloween tokens. If goal is not reached there will be no top hunters. Global Buffs: Global Goal is not only created for the Halloween Race. If the community manage to finish the global goals they will unlock a global reward as well. This is called Global buffs. The Global buffs is random. Global Buffs. 1. Fortuna Frequency - Extra chance for raffle ticket drop rate for 1 hour 2. Blood Bath - chance to gain DM points when killing monsters for 1 hour 3. Glorious Wave - get hero exp when killing monsters and chance to drop heroic coins on field for 1 hour. 4. Blood Moon - chance to get elite kills when killing monsters in field. 5. Gold Dust - killing monsters has chance to obtain zeny when killing monsters. 6. Ethereal Distortion - add special ghosts in map for 1 hour. they drop very rare materials. 7. Rain of Horror - chance for mobs to drop halloween token Halloween Trickster (caspen 169 183) Got Halloween candies? Wanna Trick a town? Well, the Halloween Trickster can summon monsters on selected cities. Each candy can summon 1 monster. Maximum of 100 per attempt. Monsters summoned through trickster has chance to drops Halloween tokens. Treating The Wiz This wizard is quite greedy and if you tried treating her with candies, she will ask 20 pcs of it. Treating her can help you leap a few hours in time and reset your cooldown in Spooky Machine Wandering Ghosts Every few minutes a wandering ghost may appear around Halloween City. They bring dreamers on their hallow houses and give them task or let them play some mini games in exchange of halloween candies. You can get a lot of halloween tokens on these games. Provided you know how to win them.. They have different difficulties. Spinderella Spinderella is a giant spider who hates adventurers ruining her webs. You can guess how to summon her already if you will simply look around the map. Be careful as she can steal your candies. Trick or Treat Treasure Boxes Treasure boxes can be found around hallow_city every now and then, however opening them is pretty risky because thief can take the loots anytime and there's a chance for you to summon a crazy mimic that can shatter your soul. ++++++++++ PHASE 2 +++++++++ Halloween Boo-tique The daughter of Halloween Collector, she exchange gears for materials and tokens that can be obtain from Halloween City. This year she bring in all the previous headgears from the past Halloween Events. Spooky Machine Repeatable Quest everyday. The Machine will give you a non tradeable, non slotted guard. You need to equip that guard and upgrade it using that NPC. You need to pay 5 Halloween candies and in exchange you'll receive Halloween Tokens and other stuffs depending on the upgrade level you'll get on the guard. Additionally the NPC will give you a drop boost for 1 hour. This quest is account bound and has 22 hours cooldown! If the guard is upgraded using different method the machine will delete that guard. Challenge: If anyone manage to reach Tier 10. Post a full screenshot here and I will give you additional reward in game Hunting Agent Spica Cursed by a phantom, Agent Spica is looking for Paranormal Agents who can help her exorcise Haunting Dolly. You will be asked to kill 2 Hunting Dollys and it will reward you with 100 -120 halloween token per attempt. The quest is repeatable and has 1 hour cooldown. New Pets The halloween mobs this year are quite elusive but our Caspen Research and Paranormal Study (C.R.A.P.S) group found out the Dreamers has a potential to catch them by using a special sage art "ABRACADABRA". There are 9 new tameable pets 1. Sign Ghost 2. Stop Light Ghost 3. Furious Spirit 4. Emission Bat 5. Mote 6. Flying Mote 7. Ghastly Ferre 8. Spooky Ferre 9. Devilish Ferre There's a 10th egg but you can't get it through taming. It's another Ferre. If you have <Certificate> a temporary item that you can create through a very easy hidden quest. You can get a free abra skill using it. Note: Abra will require yellow gemstone with or without mistress card. ++++++++++ PHASE 3 +++++++++ Halloween Token Bootique This halloween lady in red bootique took time to gather and collect all those new items to be sacrificed for the upcoming halloween party! There are two types of items to collect COLLECTIBLE ITEMS and CRAFTABLE ITEMS COLLECTIBLE ITEMS - Are items with Donation item effects, but it requires a lot of Halloween tokens and a certain number of Halloween Spirit Collectible items Top Headgear [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Big Bad Wold // Black Cat Hood // Duneyrr Hat // Jack O Lantern Head Collectible items Middle Headgear [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Shadow Chaser Cape // Bone Armor Collectible items Lower Headgear [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Zombie Hands // Haunting Spirits CRAFTABLE ITEMS - Are items with a weaker version of donation item ones and require a bit small number of halloween loot items Craftable items Top Headgear [ TRADEABLE ] Gorilla Hat // Fox Ear Ribbon // Nightmare Ghost // Hillwind Mask Craftable items Middle Headgear [ TRADEABLE ] Hallow Feathery Wings // Fallen Angel Ears Craftable items Lower Headgear [ TRADEABLE ] Halloween Spirit // Grim Reaper Spirit // Pumpkin Ring Collectible Rare Aura [ ACCOUNT BOUND ] Collectible aura which is called " THE BOOK OF MAGIC " is the first rare aura effect obtainable through seasonal event only. The Three Orbs flying around the head of the player symbolizes the three Rare rock pieces obtainable in the event. [It will appear if effect is turned ON, & not in hallow city ] REQUIREMENTS: 1 Piece Urn 1 Piece Spirit Rock Shard 1 Piece Sacred Rock Shard 3 Pieces [EVENT] Halloween Spirit 7000 Pieces of Halloween Tokens Effects: Provides immunity to freeze and silence status ailments, increases movement speed by 60% and Max HP Bonus by 5% The same effect as chakra of Destiny which requires you to have 32,000 battle badges ============================= RARE RELEASE AND RAFFLE! ============================== RAFFLE The Bloody sword of dragon and Reaper spirit are the available rares for raffle! In addition, we also have the very unique Lucifer's Demon Set! Each raffle ticket has a small chance to win one of these rares! Make sure that you have enough raffle tickets for a better chance of winning! Bloody Sword of Dragon Reaper Spirit Lucifer's Demon Set Effects: Lucifer's Helm: Reduces damage received by demi-humans by 35% Lucifer's Wings: Reduces after-skill delay by 5% Lucifer's Aura (Animated): Increases movement speed by 60%, provides immunity against Freeze and Silence status ailments Lucifer Combo Bonus: MaxHP + 5% and Reduces after-skill delay by 5% RARE RELEASE Roar of Dragon Slayer Bloody Sword of Dragon Donation Credits : 60 Donation Credits : 60 Zeny : 250 Billion Zeny Bags Zeny : 250 Billion Zeny Bag ( 200 Billion Zeny Bags with Discount Coupon) ( 200 Billion Zeny Bags with Discount Coupon ) Lucifer's Demon Set Donation Credits: 100 credits Zeny: 350 billion Zeny Bags (300 Billion Zeny bags with Discount Coupon. Rare Raffle will be on Nov 11, 2018 at 10 am eastern time. Halloween Party will be hosted by our very own admin. It will start after the Rare Raffle! ====================================== FAQ Yes, there will be some new items in Phase 3 Yes, there will be a few more last minute quests Rares release will be released during Phase 3 Caspen house to trick or treat during the Halloween Finale Event Halloween event will end on November 11, 2018 Halloween event contents will be removed on Nov 12, 2018 ====================================== Changelog: Reduce entrance requirement Balance global buffs chances Added extremelty rare drop on global goal invasion mobs Added halloween token on invasion mobs Increases drop rate of halloween token on invasion mobs Increases drop rate of halloween token on special mobs Added a new global buffs: Rain of Horror ====================================== Existing/Community Unlocked Spinderella Invasion Reapers Treasure Box/Mimics Elite C.R.A.P.S Agent Ferre Invaders Wandering Ghosts Special Credits: Our admin for helping in the implementation The staff and dev team for the ideas and help and for the new halloween collection items.
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    I am thinking of posting a rare poll for halloween event with 5-6 new rare sprites anytime this weekend or monday. I will let the community decide and pick your best new rare this season. Stay tuned!
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    some of the releases this halloween are sneak peek of other features.
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    Good for phase 3? lol #spoiler [ view my profile to see it ]
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    Accidentally summoned a normal mimic instead of the halloween mimic. You guys should be careful in opening treasure boxes. They aren't always a treasure box.
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    Get your Witchy on...BitchyWitch...Happy Halloween DRO
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    The Halloween Event has been extended until November 11, 2018.
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    atm the new pets give +10 stats to all
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    was fixed via pm.
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    ASDFGHJKL i be active agen soon™
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    I wish I could just block you . you are really irritating oh well haters gonna hate
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    Zaabu already answered most it. Check your Hero experience through Reginlief and count the digit correctly. If its correct go try unlock through the option. If still doesn't give you the rank, try to talk to Debugger NPC ( you can see the white hooded NPC standing near the pillar in Hero Room) to debug your character, hopefully it will debug and try to kill some more Hero Monsters.
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    Because they have different skill sets, which gives the class a huge advantage over others. Imagine if Rune Knights coukd change into Royal Guard and viceversa as they please. Mucisians have a similar concept. The elite weapon is another con.
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    You need materials as well as halloween tokens for trading stuffs in phase 2. If you lack tokens start looking for those wandering ghost. Their number will increase as phase 2 progress tomorrow. The mini games difficulty is super easy, very easy and easy. Goodluck in finding them.
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    who knows maybe they'll become tame able later. Pray to our admin.
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    Halloween has been great! Nice job Sadie!!
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    Met a catty. not a cute one tho it just wanna take stuffs i dropped
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    actually the Orc Hero dude on the map gef_fild10 XD i'm so damn obsessed with this MVP mob. he's awesome
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    Dual client is allowed in game, except in PVP arena and events (automated and seasonal).
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    You can only get one global buffs everytime the community achieved a global goal.