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    Hello everyone, here's an alternate 3rd job sprite guide that's currently available in DreamerRO. Hope some of you would find these previews useful. This service allows you to permanently change from normal 3rd job sprite costume to an alternate sprite. You can revert to normal sprite by speaking to Fox Lady as well. Alternate 3rd job sprite are only available for those completed Elite Hero Quest in DreamerRO. Requirement: > Completed Elite Hero Quest > Paid Elite Temple Entrance (10b bag) > Additional 10b bag fees to pay for alternate sprite changing service Fox Lady (upper left in Elite Temple) Note: Alternate Sprite would revert to normal sprite after unequipped Ragnarok T-Shirt (2nd job sprite costume). Just speak to Fox Lady again if that happens. Job Classes Preview: Rune Knight Warlock Ranger Mechanic Guillotine Cross Arch Bishop Royal Guard Sorcerer Minstrel & Wanderer Genetic Shadow Chaser Sura Soul Linker Star Gladiator
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    I hope you're all enjoying your "calm days" -- the Halloween Grind will be serioussss
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    Hey Dreamers! Another quick announcement to inform you of another quality of life (QoL) patch that was released today. What we hope to accomplish with this patch is to reduce some unnecessary effects, chat spam and improve visibility/usability of certain skill effects. 8/21/2020 Patch Includes: Removal of Pet and Monster talk to reduce chat spam (optional re-implementation below) Alternate sprite for Barricades to prevent players from hiding behind them in WoE/BG A bigger/easier to see Tombstone for wild MvPs A new look for in-game buttons that open inventory, party, guild, skill and a few others. New skill effects for Dispel, Lex Aeterna and Spider Web A new effect for Pneuma, which has a countdown for when the skill will disappear New skill effects for Tarot card to be more descriptive by actually listing thee effects inflicted New look for status ailments such as Freeze, Stun, Sleep, Mute and Ankle Snare A more visible cell/grid high light when hovering over the floor Optional GRFs: The following GRFs are optional and are recommended to those with a slower computer and/or network. While it's not going to fix any lag issue, it will reduce any client lag in populated/high action maps. None of these are required. Use at your own discretion. (Credits to Kawai Rage) Monster & Pet Talk - Re-enables the monster and pet talk, which was removed by default at DreamerRO for spam reduction purposes Hide All Headgears - We have a ton of heavy headgears that need to be downloaded before the map can load. This can further strain an already slow/laggy network. Hide Damage Numbers - This is a default for WoE and BG maps, but it may come in handy in other maps such as STP, HHH and PvP Silent Musician Songs - For those who do not want to listen to Bard/Dancer songs No Water - Removes all water/ocean/lakes from maps. Water effect is heavy on slow computers. Note: May make it difficult for Water Ball users No Trees - Removes most trees from maps. It may help with visibility, not much benefit when it comes to lag removal Extra Zoom - Increases the zoom on maps with limited zoom capability, such as the Casino, Mall and other indoor maps Gray Maps - Removes all textures from maps and replaces it with a plain gray color. It has no grid lines. It can improve client and network lag Townless Gray Map - Sames as above, but excludes all towns (so towns look normal and other maps look plain/gray) Simplified Monsters - This one removes the animation and sound effect of official monsters (does not include DreamerRO custom mobs). It should help with client lag and network lag. Click Here for additional tips and information about different types of lags you can encounter and how to fix them (when possible) All of these optional GRFs will be added to a new "Extras" page in our Downloads section soon. How to Install the Optional GRFs above? Download the desired GRFs Place them inside your DreamerRO root folder (same directory as Patcher and client) Locate a file called "DATA.INI" in your DreamerRO root folder and open it with Notepad Edit the file by writing the name of any newly downloaded GRF at the top of the list under gepard.grf Proceed to re-number any GRF below the one you added Example: To add the No Water GRF and No Trees GRF, simply edit the DATA.INI as shown on the screenshots below.
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    This guide is gonna be expensive for some players. (will add gear alternatives for newbies) PVE RG Stat build Gears for Sacri Build - NOTE: Weapon Cards > F Dracula / Sniper / Sniper / Randgris Gear alternatives: - Mid HG > Winter Snowboard - Cheaper - Weapon > Solar Sword - Cheaper - Shield > Neo Valkyrie Shield - Cheaper - Garment > Valkyrian Manteau ( Aliot Card ) - Cheaper - Accessories > Vitmegs - Cheaper Gears for GC Build Gear alternatives: - Mid HG > Neo Artic Wings - Little bit expensive / Delay wings - Cheaper - Low HG > Sunflower Ring / Sage Ring - Armor > Executioner ( Amdarais Card ) - Expensive / Any Armor ( Angeling ) - Cheaper - Weapon > Old Parasol - Cheaper? / Exodia ( More lifesteal but lower damage output ) - Shield > any shield - Shoes > Sliepner ( 3% MATK ) - Cheaper - Accessories > Medal of honor ( Dark Faceworm ) Gears for SC Build Gear alternatives: - Shield > Bronzite Shield - Little bit expensive / Libra Shield - Cheaper - Weapon Cards > Tyrant / WK / WK / VR - Expensive > Tyrant / TG / IS / VR - Cheaper if no Faceworm Queen - Armor > any armor - Accessories > Medal of honor ( Gem of Safety ) MVPs thats worth hunting - Nightmare Amon Ra ( 4b - 5b ea )> @warp moc_prydb1 103 54 ( talk to the cat ) > @jump 183 34 ( near portal ) > can be found at the middle of the map > Spawn time 50 - 55 mins - LHZ MVPs ( All MVPs are profitable except High Priest ) > @warp lhz_dun02 150 150 ( portal to lhz dun03 ) > @mobsearch 1646 - 1651 > Spawn time 105 - 125 mins I've encircled the areas where MVPs spawn for easier hunting - NOTE: You need Anti strip gears and Anti KB for efficient hunting - LHZ MVPs NEW ( Professor / Paladin / Stalker are the only MVPs worth hunting ) > Main NPC > Warper - Instances - Wolfchev Laboratory > @mobsearch 2235 - 2241 > Spawn time 105 - 125 mins Again, those areas where mvps spawn mostly - NOTE: You need Anti strip gears and Anti KB for efficient hunting - Atroce (1b or Fuse them yourself for more profit ) > @warp ve_fild01 / 02 , ra_fild03 / 04 > @mobsearch atroce - Kiel ( 5b - 6b ea ) > @warp kh_dun02 > @mobsearch 1734 > Spawn time 90 - 105 mins Instances you can solo with RG Orc Memory Dungeon - Run time 8mins Gears ( Sacri Build ) Tips: - Kill only Anopheles and Enchanted Orc ( first map ) - Cloak to avoid Mobs - Turn on /effect to avoid Sight from Anopheles Faceworm Instance - Run time 23 - 30mins Gears ( GC Build ) for normal mobs Gears ( sacri Build ) for Dark Faceworm ( 1st, 3rd, and 4th Map ) Gears ( Sacri Build ) for Dark Faceworm ( 2nd Map ) - NOTE: I used Anti freeze and anti knockback since it spams SG Gears ( Sacri Build ) For Faceworm Queen ( Last Map ) Tips: - Lure everything then spam GC - Always bring Red queen to Chaos ( NPC ) - Bring Cloak for 3rd map to avoid the bombs - Avoid the bombs spawned by Dark Faceworm (3rd map) and Faceworm Queen - Try to avoid certain areas that will trigger the bombs in 3rd Map
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    New Staff Hiring Season coming on 09/21/2020 ^^ !!!! You can apply as a Support Player this coming 21st of September!! Simply click the "General Discussion" tab and look for "SP Hiring Applications" for instructions! ^^
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    why people these day so easy triggered?
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    It's incredible to me how a deadline is announced since the beginning of the event and some people still claim not to know when the event was supposed to end. I will add the Shop back for another two days, this time with a big RED WARNING so players can't claim they didn't read it. (Even though some still will) Go on and spend your appreciation tokens. Next time, stay up to date with the announcements and the forums.
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    Not true at all. There's plenty of guide shared here in forum, just gotta spend a little time to look for it. You can refer to Yachino's guide there, she just shared it. There's more guide for Ranger at DreamerRO Wiki Ranger Guide as well.
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    Almost 10 years in this server and i have finally won billionaire's raffle, wohoooooo!!
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    base on your experience which is best for RK in OGH instance? DB + Spiral? BB + Spiral Build? BB + Hundred Spear? Thanks in Advance Friday!!!!!!
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    lvl 27 in 3days that was fast already go reach belzeebub mine u will feel different. cheers bro keep it up
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    You are so nice sir haze; I want to be just like you when I grow up!
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    Why can't we just be grateful to Haze-sama? He had already extended the event way beyond its intended deadline (and now extended even more because some people cannot read or cannot be bothered to read). The fact that he gave us this 2nd wave just to give us something to do and keep us indoors during these hard times shows that he cares for us, the players.
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    I gave 8 additional hours after the highly announced dead line. If you didn't take advantage of it, then I can't help those who don't want to be helped.
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    hahaha you can just PM me you know XD
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    i choose DB + spiral, since spiral ignore flee, the boss have high flee
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    they should just keep it there tbh and add more items its the only thing keeping this server alive
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    -It's been a good 3 months since i rejoined the server. -I only go back because of this pandemic. -But now that my job is calling me again I decided to temporarily quit again. -Thank you for all the players that I met. GOD SPEED TO GM's AND PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!
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    Well maybe you can just give up on creating a facebook page and instead reward facebook/other platform streamers instead as a means of advertisement through social media? I have been seeing lots of people streaming RO from my country. IDK if their own server gives them any incentive but that might be a good idea right? I have no plans on streaming but I have seen others from this server who are trying to stream from time to time. Maybe you can encourage them more by giving them rewards for achieving certain number of viewers while playing the game. Just my two cents.
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    This guide is created to help dummies in farming at bossnia. Why farm in bossnia? because 1k charm set can be sold for as much as 5b+ You can also farm a lot of other miscellaneous items there that can increase your gain. Equipments: Stats: Where to obtain these stuffs/explantion of equipments choices. 1. Returners Item - Reduce after cast delay by 100%. Gives HP boost etc. Easy to get. Obtained free for a limited amount of time (30 days) Create a new warlock if you want, it will also work. 2. +6 Death Staff - Gives +20% matk. Way better than non custom staff. If you have other custom staff then use the other. Can be bought in "@go bg" using battle badges for 750 Badges. Badges can be obtained by joining battlegrounds. Can also obtain through "Death Weapon Coupon" normally cost around 1-2b This is an optional item in case you don't have other custom staff. This is a lvl 3 weapon, you can upgrade it upto +6 without chance of breaking. upgrading it will help you increase your matk. 2.1 Nightmare Mimic Card - has set effect with nightmare arclouse, 1 pc of this is good enough. obtained from Nightmare mimic at 10% chance. To access Nightmare pyramid go to "@warp moc_pryd01 89 106" then talk to the cat and pay 5k zeny. Once you are inside use "@jump 217 10" to reach floor 2. 3. Valkyrie Shield - any shield is fine but you can use this to reduce fire damage by 20% which is good against fire scorpion Obtained from Valkyries Better buy it, pretty cheap Optional shield. Any shield with slot is fine but this is good. 3.1 Nightmare Arclouse Card - reduce damage from undead "race" monsters and when combined with nightmare mimic gives 50% mdef ignore to undead monsters. obtained from Nightmare arclouse at 10% chance. To access Nightmare pyramid go to "@warp moc_pryd01 89 106" then talk to the cat and pay 5k zeny. Once you are inside use "@jump 217 10" to reach floor 2. 4. Proxy Fragment or Nidhoggur Shadow Garb - good for reducing elemental damage. obtained from stone cone at caspen dungeon at 10% chance. You can change this to anything but i advise using it for damage reduction You can just ask it from other players. It's pretty cheap. 4.1 Antique Book Card - increase matk per 10? int. Not sure if it's really per 10 or 25. Obtained from Antique Book found at "@warp ecl_tdun03" at 10% chance. 5. Orleans Glove - gives +3% matk. If you want something better, you can use medal of honor from battleground. obtained from Archer Guardian found at "@warp thor_v03" at 40% chance. 5.1 Scaraba Card - gives +200 matk obtained at scaraba at "@warp dic_dun01" at 10% chance. Monsters Analysis. Monster in bossnia has high mdef and the common thing about them is their race. All of them are undead race. Don't mistake undead race from undead element. You can't hit undead race with magnus exorcismus. Advice for Farming: Loot and use Mastela Fruit. Mastela fruit can be use for healing here and has no significant delay. Use skill macro but don't do an afk farming. It's illegal. Use auto pots to make it easier to just walk and skill. use bubble gum or fortuna card if your are fortunate to have one. Recommended Equipment for improving your build Noteable Loot List. @aloot item 20054 //Blue charm @aloot item 20055 //Red Charm @aloot item 20056 //Yellow Charm @aloot item 20052 //Piece of Spirit @aloot item 20053 //Spiritual Whisper @aloot item 6024 // 17 carat diamond. @aloot item 522 // Fruit of Mastela @aloot item 607 // yggdrasil berry
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    I'm gonna cut the crap short since many want to HHH with this as soon as possible. A more detailed guide is to follow. Seriously though, if you can't configure this, I got no words for you. Warning: This is the only free guide provided. Disclaimer 1: VirusTotal has shown 26/60 hits for possible Trojan. I don't use this personally because of how rigid and limited it is. Use at your own risk. Requirements: M.A.C.R.O. - Easiest macro program for dummies out there (Download link) What you need to do to configure: Drag whatever macro you want to whatever key you want, whether it is a self-casted skill, chained macro, or casted macro.Quick and easy steps: Drag Skill Macro, set a delay (test it yourself) to F1. Save Changes Run M.A.C.R.O.exe Ruin the fun of RO by having a machine play the game for you! Legends: 1. Skill Macro Function : Press button -> Click -> Delay -> Repeat 2. Usable Macro Function : Press button -> Delay -> Repeat 3. Chain Macro Function : Button #1 -> Delay -> Button #2 -> Delay -> Button #3 -> Delay -> ... 4. Self-Cast Function : Cast at self / center of screen 5. 2-Hotkey Bar Function : Double click at 2-Hotkey bar
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    ~~~ updating script at the moment. These scripts are macros for lazy miners like me. Created this macro since I got bored in pressing the key endless time. This is only for leveling your mining and it doesn't care if your drill got cooled. Let's get to business already so that you could start mining. First, you need to find a mining spot. Get the location by typing "/where". Put the coordinate to your "Alt + 2" and the other one to your "Alt + 3". example... My location is (cmd_fild02 187 327). Put "@jump 187 327" into your "Alt + 2" and "@jump 188 327" to your "Alt + 3". ~ the key here is finding the 2 location that you will jump ~ Depth 10 mining... Depth 12 mining ... Depth 14 mining ... These scripts varies to the performance of your computer, if you have a faster computer you can lessen the sleep time. Hope this scripts will help you in your mining. Happy Mining everyone. For some mining guide. MINER WORLD I would like to thank Xileria for the guide in macro. MINING MACRO SCRIPT GUIDE FOR DUMMIES AHK Download site. AHK ~ OJ ~
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    Cast "Necromancery: reanimate thread"
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