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    “Only after you've done the exorcism, then you'll understand that ghost's also a species.” PHASE 1 ============ This year halloween event is the same with the past Event. The Phase 1 will be the farming phase and it will last for at least a week. During Phase 2 you can exchange some of your materials for some Halloween Gears! New events/quest will be added during phase 1. Not everything is there yet. Mini event and games might be added too without any notice. Halloween City The entrance to Halloween City is free this year. Everyone is allowed to enter it. Verity is desperately looking for Agents and she will give you a battle certificate that will allow you to access the map! Peculiar Hunt ===== The Ghost Exorcist is looking for hunters who can exorcise some Peculiar Ghost in exchange for Halloween Tokens. Peculiar Ghost can be found around the map. They look like your everyday creepy monsters but they are pretty elusive. These monsters got 50% perfect dodge. Hunting Tips: Peculiar Ghost has lvl 99 Aura. Peculiar Ghost Hunt has account bound timer. Finishing it for the first time will reward you with an exclusive accessory. It is a rental accessory that can auto cast random bolts including soul strike. NPC Intimacy ======= You can increase your intimacy with some NPC in Halloween City. There are different ways to increase your intimacy with them. One example is through giving them gifts and the other is through doing some task for them. Currently there are 2 known NPCs where you can increase your intimacy with them. 1. Ghost exorcist - keep on doing hunts. She also accept gift, but not yet now. 2. Lost Soul Dolly - she is looking for her dolls. You can also talk to her and do some quest that might give you additional rewards. Intimacy Level Rewards ======== I don't want to give all the details regarding intimacy rewards per level but here are a few examples. Halloween Invasion use @raid or @global command to check for the Global Goal and Halloween Invasion status Around every 2 hours monsters inside halloween city will be changed to another batch. This batch drops intimacy items and epic materials. The invasion will last for an hour. Invasion progress will depends on total community performance in defeating the monsters. There is quite a variety of monsters during invasion but what important is their tags. Common invasion monsters are normally tagged as Ghastly, Creepy and Spooky. Invasion Boss: It is natural that the MVP will get the reward however, there are changes in this invasion. If the boss is kill, the MVP will get the normal drops, the last hitter will be automatically rewarded with a raffle ticket and there will be a Piñata drop around the city. Once the boss is killed a huge amount of Halloween candies and tokens will be showered around the city. If the second invasion boss is killed some bloody branches might drop too. Global Goal (Halloween Race) During Invasion the chairman of Paranormal Study Group will choose a monster to purge. The required number is random. If the Global goal is reached the top 3 most devoted players in killing the required monster will be rewarded. 1st Place: 1 raffle ticket / 300 Halloween Tokens 2nd Place: 1 raffle ticket / 100 Halloween Tokens 3rd Place: 500m zeny 50 halloween tokens. If goal is not reached there will be no top hunters and no global buffs either. Global Buffs: Global Goal is not only created for the Halloween Race. If the community manage to finish the global goals they will unlock a global reward as well. This is called Global buffs. The Global buffs is random. Global Buffs. 1. Fortuna Frequency - Extra chance for raffle ticket drop rate for 1 hour 2. Blood Bath - chance to gain DM points/badges when killing monsters for 1 hour 3. Heroic Wave - get hero exp when killing monsters and chance to drop heroic coins on field for 1 hour. 4. Blood Moon - chance to get elite kills when killing monsters in field. 5. Gold Dust - killing monsters has chance to obtain zeny when killing monsters. 6. Night of Terror - chance to drop halloween token and dolls. 7. Panic Hours - killing halloween mobs will give you triple drop rate buffs. NEW PETS =================== HERA - All Stat + 20/ Matk +3% ECHIDNA - All Stat + 20/ Atk+ 3% LILITH - All Stat + 25/ PD +5 SIREN - All Stat + 25/ Crit damage +10% VAMPIRE HUNT =========== These vicious monsters are currently rampaging around the map. It's very difficult to see them except for their bloody aura. Shaloshi is looking for hunters who could hunt them in exchange for zeny. (hallow_city 171 218) Talk to Shaloshi and take your vampire hunting quest. It has 2 hours CD similar with Peculiar hunting. (Note: The kill count won't reset even if you log out) PHASE 2 ======== Now you can start trading some of the halloween loots for halloween gears. Boo-tique (hallow_city 161,195) Our Halloween Material collector is back, she exchange gears for materials and tokens that can be obtain from Halloween City. There are some more gears to come and they will become available as other NPC spawn in halloween city. Halloween Paragon =================== (hallow_city 147 201) For the first time in Halloween Seasonal Event, we are adding Halloween Paragon. Paragon works similar with press your luck, except you only need 10 halloween candies to proceed until the last stage. The chances are a little better and as long that you aren't too greedy there's a high chance of winning rewards. If you like to take risk, the higher stage could help you win great items including epic materials, rares and other high tier gears. Kid Morroc Little morroc is collecting halloween tokens and some epic materials. You can trade your farmed materials now for amazing halloween gears! House of Trials This event start 1 hour after the invasion. You can win amazing rewards by playing mini games here. Visit the link for more details. PHASE 3 ============== Shadow Monarch Selling some rare stuff, the shadow monarch can be found in the middle of halloween city and house 50 of trial house. If you want to buy his stuffs cheaper you'll need to reach house 50. He sell item such as Conjurer Hood and Rare pets in exchange for epic materials. New Boss ============= Undead King Arthur He spawn once every 2 hours and is a pretty tough boss, he has a chance to drop every epic materials at 1% rate. New Rare Pets =========== This 4 new pets just like Hades Guards has special stats, they are capable of assisting their masters in battle. They are pretty rare and can only be obtained through winning some random events or though buying them at the shadow monarch NPC in a good cost. Pere Invasion ========== Some pere are spotted wandering around the map. Though they are small in numbers they also have a chance to drop epic materials. They are also tameable. ADDITIONAL NOTE: ============================= INTIMACY RACE EVENT (new) The top 3 player with the highest intimacy with dolly at the end of the event will receive a rare of their choice! RARE RELEASE AND RAFFLE INFORMATION These will be the following rares that will be released during Halloween 2019 event season. There will be physical and magical versions of each type. DARK PENTAGRAM WINGS AINZ OOAL GOWN CAPE 180 Billion Zeny Bags 200 Billion Zeny Bags or 50 Donation Credits or 60 Donation Credits INTERGALACTIC SET Intergalactic Headset - Reduces damage from demi humans by 35% Intergalactic Laser - Gives immunity from freeze and silence status +60% movement speed Intergalactic Mobile - Reduce after cast delay by 40$ gives 15% magical/physical damage to demi humans [ SET EFFECT ] Magic/Physical Damage to demi humans increased from 15% to 25% Allows to see hidden enemies +5 to all status 300 Billion Zeny Bags or 150 Donation Credits RAFFLE EVENT Are your raffle tickets ready? Did you farm enough this season? The more the raffle tickets, the more chances of winning! These will be the rares available for raffle! DARK PENTAGRAM WINGS GHOST CLAWS INTERGALACTIC SET [ Low chance ] [ Low chance ] [ Lowest Chance ] RARE TOP HEADGEAR Conjurer Hood Reduce Damage from demi humans by 35% +5% magical/physical damage to medium size monsters [ To be added - Just prepare your epic loots! ] TRICK OR TREAT EVENT How does Trick or Treat Event work? You must complete the quest for any of the Halloween Masks before the day of the Trick or Treat event in order to participate. There are a total of 20 houses across Caspen City open for the Halloween Trick or Treating event. All of the houses are virtually the same, however, each house will trigger a different reward for each person. That means that if your friend gets a good item at a certain house, it does not mean you will also get a good item at that same house. Whatever item you get at each house will depend purely on luck. *** Trick or Treat Event is limited to 1 account per IP/Computer*** It s very simple to go out trick or treating, just put on your mask and visit each one of the 20 houses. Knock on the door by clicking on it and wait for the home owner to open and give you goodies. We recommend you walk around with your friends and compare what you each get at each house to make the most out of the event. Chances depend on player and not on the house: 5% chance there will be nobody home 25% You get a not-so-good item (i.e Candy) 45% You get a not-so-bad item (i.e Usables) 20% You get an average item (secret) 5% You get a good item (secret) Do not expect overpowered items or free donations to be given out during the trick or treat event, keep in mind how easy it was to obtain your mask.. That being said...everyone should participate and get free goodies! You may only visit each of the 20 houses once Using more than one account to participate in events is against the rules and will result in a ban of all related accounts. If you cancel out the dialog before receiving the reward, you will lose that reward for that house. Trick or Treat will start Nov 3 and last until Nov 4. You will have 24 hours to participate! Halloween Event will end on Nov. 3. 2019 (Click to view count down) Changelog: -Added transformation candies on some rare ghost. (Furious spirit,Mote etc) -Added Fox Trader for newbie hunter starting gear. -Added Hallow Poring Boss -Fix player name on race. -Added Ladder Board for Dolly -Added some new few mobs -Enable Gift on Ghost Exorcist -Added new NPCs -Enable Vampire hunting -Change Rain of Horror to Night of Terror Buffs.
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    You do realize that everything there is optional right? No one is forcing you to do this and that. You can farm for what you get. I think you guys are missing the very purpose of seasonal events and that is to allow players to craft some seasonal gears that could help them through the years. Now we've been doing this event for the past few years and most of you already have most of the craftable items that's why there's no need for you to farm them. Now if you still want to farm then I am adding things that you could spend your "extra" items. You could get things that maybe worth it or not. But again farming is optional it's not mandatory. If you want to farm because you want to get something then it's your decision, I am not forcing you. If you farm too much either give it away or sell it to those who needs them. Shaloshi NPC's main purpose is the vampire hunting quest. Her intimacy is always optional and that's because her mobs drop herbs. While doing vampire hunting quest you got an option, craft those items and increase your intimacy to her or just sell those drops or give them away to those who needs them. You already get your rewards by doing her quest and you are still looking for too much. Her rewards are completely random, you might get pure elunium that cost 10b+ or forging coupon that could give you another expensive armor or maybe a trash it's not my luck it's yours. If you forced it and you aren't lucky then it's your fault because it was never supposed to be forced. You could do a computation before even attempting on increasing her intimacy. Dolly NPC is another optional NPC, you are farming and you get dolls as you've mentioned, no one is forcing you to increase your intimacy with her, you can farm and just give her your extra loots for helping in invasion, you get a small reward for it. If you are a hard core farmer, you'll get her at high level in time, which could yield better rewards. The very fact that it took less than a week for a player to reach level 30 to dolly should show you well the difference between a casual farmer and a hard core farmer. NPC like Dolly is created to give those "hard core" farmers extra rewards. House of Trials - House of trials is another optional thing to do. Blank cards is only one of the few things you can get there. Even your first attempt is free everytime it loaded, if you still wanna do it then that's the only time you need to pay no one is forcing you to do it and pay for it. Let me tell you, some people spent 4b+ there everytime. Not everyone of them get too lucky every run but that's just how it is, yet they still keep on doing it. That's because they understand it well. Maybe you should ask yourself, how come they understand it way more than you do. A good hint is reading npc dialogue if it's your first time. I do understand that there's still some issues with house of trials but that's simply because it's one of the biggest dungeon and I am barely getting any reports on the issue when I in fact ask before to report them and I've been fixing issues with it as much as possible. As for the issue of blank dialogue. Sigh that's something that always happen with every npc, it's not limited on paragon. Try talking to an NPC and tab for sometime and their dialogue would end up blank. I understand your frustration but maybe it's not your day and there's nothing I can do about it. Even 300 pcs of candies doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a rare. Paragon is gambling.
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    Please renew your review or write a new one if you haven't done so already! http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/
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    New WoE treasures soon.. maybe this week?!
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    I think my vampire quest is stuck, but I didn't even know till now because I didn't realize that was how it worked. Every time I talk to the Witch she says "how's it going with that vampire hunt?" It's been like this since I started and I have killed a zillion vampires since then, I didn't even know it's broken to report it. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. But I got frustrated by the poison creation quest thing since it requires so much just for the hat, which I don't even want, and there's other stuff I want instead I'd rather focus on. Does the hat actually open up a quest to get other stuff? Or is the hat the point? Have I been missing out this whole time on the Vampire hunt quest? The intimacy system seems painfully slow for what it yields. I'm doing the other intimacy quests and they're slowly going up, but the dolly has not given me anything worth doing it for so far. I just do it because I get the dolls while I'm farming the other stuff. The yield for the effort has not been worth it unless you get something spectacular near the end, but I have no way of knowing if that will pay off. The dolly hasn't given me anything more than a few trinkets, nothing rare or special. Neither has the other one, I'm just doing it for the 100 or so Hallo Tokens to buy something. It's literally all been war supplies and gjallerhorn. I also played the paragon gambling a lot (300+ candies worth) and I the best thing I got was enriched elunium. At one point I got near the end and it asked me if I wanted a Hylozoist Hat or to go one more step. I was thrilled I'd actually finally gotten that far. I alt-tabbed for one minute to look up what a Hylozoist hat looks like, and when I alt-tabbed back the dialogue box had gone blank! I hit return and it just shut off, so I didn't even get the hat!!! I was heartbroken. The dice/cards thing is very confusing to me, and glitched out on me while doing the fishing & froze. There isn't anything telling you what you get for collecting the cards or even where to cash them in, and on top of that you actually have to pay zeny to rent stuff or just to move on if you don't want to sit there waiting for 3 more people to come along! I guess I will miss out on whatever you will be able to get with the elite items. Without knowing what to aim for I have zero motivation to collect blank cards, and after the touchy glitches it's not worth the heartbreak of losing all my time & effort just to be disappointed. I'm giving all my loot now so I can buy a pet (50,000) but I'm also wondering, what if something new is implemented after I spend all that on a pet, that I would have otherwise saved the loot for? I mean 50k has taken me days of hours upon hours to finally collect. I feel frustrated, like I'm being punished rather than rewarded.
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    Hello everyone, since Halloween is up, and any other upcoming holiday farming event, I'd like to share a basic build for auto cast and hopefully having the new comers to all come participate and farm together as holiday is usually a beneficial time for new comers to quickly farm and get gears. I do see some newbies come around and have total confusion as to how GXs bolt like crazy so you have come to the right place: {GX BASIC HOLIDAY FARMING} {BOLT AUTO CAST BUILD} Recommended Stats: STR: Any amount for you to carry loots AGI: 195 ASPD DEX: Until no cast INT: 100 or any tbh VIT: None LUK: 300+ to avoid missing Recommended Equipment: Top Headgear: Calavera Mask [1] (Adds a chance to cast various magic skill when attacking) can be easily obtain through first phase of any holiday event Card 1: Rata Card MATK + 10 When dealing magic damage, there's a chance that for 4 seconds your fixed cast time will be reduced by 50%) Middle Headgear: Black Mini Glasses [1] (Range +2) easily obtained through quest, in quest room of Caspen Card: Isila Card (Adds a 5% chance for when dealing magic damage, the user will gain Flee +30 and the cast time of skills will be reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.) Lower Headgear: Night-vision Goggle [1] (Increases range +4 and 60% Walking Speed) there is a a close version of NVG, can be obtainable via V4P System. There is Purple Bubble Aura from DQ shop too with the same exact effect. Mostly will available to be exchanged in Phase 3 of the holiday event. Card: Isila Card (Adds a 5% chance for when dealing magic damage, the user will gain Flee +30 and the cast time of skills will be reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.) Armor: Sapha's Cloth [1] (Has a chance of auto-casting Level 1 Meteor Assault while physically attacking) Dropped by Loli Ruri Card: Hatii Card (Add a 50% chance of auto casting 'Freeze' on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.) Weapon 1: Elemental Sword [3] (Adds a chance of casting random level 3 bolts when dealing physical attack) can be bought off players easily fairly cheap 100M (as of 2019) Card 1: Hatii Bebe Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Frost Diver on the enemy when attacking.) + Garm Card] Frost Diver chance Increases to 30% Card 2: Hatii Bebe Card Card 3: Mutant Dragonoid Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Fireball on an enemy when attacking.) Weapon 2: Elemental Sword [3] Card: Sidewinder Card (Causes Double Attack by 5% chance.) Card: Sidewinder Card (Causes Double Attack by 5% chance.) Card: Mutant Dragonoid Card (Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 Fireball on an enemy when attacking.) Robe: Valkyrie Manteau [1] (Reflect 5% melee back to enemies) Card: Kasa Card (Has a 5% chance of auto-casting Level 5 Fire Bolt or Level 5 Fire Ball on the enemy when attacking) Shoes: Any Shoes [1] Card: Dark Lord Card ( Add a 10% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage ) Accessory 1: Mercury Relic [1] (Enables 5% chance of casting random bolts when attacking physically) can be obtained via forging, or bought from players. Card: Gazeti Card ( add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 2 Cold Bolt on the enemy when attacking ) Accessory 1 (option): Alchemy Glove [1] ( adds a chance of using [Fire Ball] Lv 5 on the target when doing a physical or magic attack. ) Card: Gazeti Card ( add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 2 Cold Bolt on the enemy when attacking ) Accessory 2: Holiday Accessory (Mercury Relic effect + Soul Strike) so watch out for a seasonal item that can be wore on holiday event such as Magic Easter Basket for Easter, Certificate, or Rosary for the current Halloween. Card: Not Slotted. NOTE: These are what I usually use but if anyone has better idea you're very welcome to share on the comment section below and I'll fix and add up to my error throughout the guide. Thank you!
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    Where is no information? Almost everything you asked is posted in the announcement. The only one I haven't added are those things that are supposed to be on Phase 2 which is easy to spot if you are active in Halloween Event anyway. 1. New Pets - the new pets are posted. Yes I didn't mention where exactly you can get the pet but if you will read the intimacy reward of dolly you'll see it there as one of potential reward. As for the other ways to obtain them. I am simply adding them as special rewards. So you can find them if you are interested. They will be the rare pet of halloween. 2. The point thing is very simple as long that you know how to read npc dialogue. It's not on the announcement because it's only part of Shaloshi's intimacy mechanics which is supposed to be something that players need to learn and explore themselves if they are interested on it. I am even supposed to add some hidden quest but ahh, nvm. 3. Do you know why Peculiar ghost are called Peculiar? because they are strange. If you want to know why they are strange, then study them. Not everything is to be posted here to spoon fed you guys. I am already so much disappointed that I had to give clue just to counter an evil druid that has similar skill with real evil druid. More or less their stat aren't significant except to the fact that as mentioned in the announcement they have 50% perfect dodge. Their skills aren't modified. The custom peculiars do not even have skills. " They look like your everyday creepy monsters but they are pretty elusive. These monsters got 50% perfect dodge. "
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    Bitcoin added as a new donation method with 2.5x credits promotion.
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    Do anyone still play poison creation npc? XD i know vampire quest is really really worth it but the intimacy system for poison creation is not even worth even in high lvls, this is according to those high lvls that i ask about. the materials you need just to get a level is too much.
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    nope they are trial exclusive now.
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    you can trade it at achievement npc in caspen only haze knows. no, top 3 rare reward is only for dolly winners
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    Just got back today after being inactive for some months and I won a rare from paragon XDD
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    please make this one atleast storageable, its stuck on my other character thank you...
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    That usually happens to me if i use chrome as a phone browser, i just switched to a different browser ( microsoft edge), and it worked fine
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    I can see it fine. make sure that you're in Desktop. I experience that when I am using my phone to browse.
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    some people can hunt 300+ vampire monster in 1 hour just from vampire hunting with shaloshi npc. Imagine how many loots they get just from hunting those vampire mobs that they could also turn into poisons. There are players who reached lvl 10+ by now. Rewards on shaloshi npc is random per level but of those rewards, there are some that are way worth it including forging coupon.
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    is +8libra still available? you online now?
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    Each from dolly n hunter intimacy, sad lyf
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    high level intimacy with the npcs
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    the intimacy reward around 20+ are more than enough. There's no reward for reaching lvl 30 first, only the top 3 highest. You will still receive reward beyond 30 but it's random.
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    If you are facing Peculiar Evil Druid, Use Cursed Hand an accessory that automatically use Critical Wound on enemy. Unable them to heal.
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    I disagree with your friend. Mining for me became profitable ever since I reached Amon Ra mines and up. It has been my main source of income, for whatever I mine, I also forged. It is true that the current market is diluted with so many mining items, but it's okay since you can opt to selling lower price if you wanted to sell fast. you can either use the forged items or upgrade them. The downside for me is that, it is boring. You need patience and a lot of it. If you mine, don't sell your minerals. Aim to have higher forged level so you can have higher chances of successful forged. To achieve this is not an easy feat. Expect 3-6 times fail forge, hammer breakage and what not. But in the end, I tell you, it is still profitable. If you want to switch farming, then better go OGH or HHH mvps, those farming these boast lots of Combat Coins, Event Tickets, Cards and many more. Good luck sir!
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    R.I.P King Arost ~ Rest in peace.
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