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    [ This is temporary chamber since we need to upload a bigger map for a full training room. ] Today I added a modifiable dummy for those who wanted to test their skills there. The fee is 100m only for now. You can visit it at caspen 155 225. You need to create a party because it's an instance. There are 2 dummies available in the map. A normal monsters and a boss one. You can modify the dummy's property such as Defense Magical Defense Flee Rate Perfect Dodge Race Element Elemental Level and Size Unfortunately I can't set up a real player like dummy that can wear gears yet. But if I find a way I'll try to add it there. Additionally once the room gets bigger, I'll put other training materials there including a summoning area for your bloody branch and so on. For now you can test the new NPC for any bugs.
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    Greeting Dreamers, First of all, I'm sorry for the late update. Honestly it took me so long to debug the dungeon (for more than 24 hours). The Old Glast Heim we have in our server is pretty much outdated. That's why I decided to update it with our admins approval. And since a lot of players are seeking for fun challenges I decided to step up the update of this dungeon. The update on this dungeon is pretty unique in our server. Although it follow the same pattern with the IRO guide, the boss aren't too simple. You need to learn some mechanics about it. Old GlastHeim is now a raid dungeon. It has a slightly higher difficulty than the Elite Dungeon but it is available for any HERO. 3rd Job is currently enabled in the map as well as the use of mastela fruit and ygg leaf. But trust me on one thing, you can't solo it. You need companions to finish it now. I know that some people are strong enough to solo Elite dungeon but you can't do it on this one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIFICS: 1 day CD HERO only 3rd job skills allowed yggleaf and mastella allowed 1 time entry (if you got DC you can't enter again) Dungeon difficulty (9/11) Simple explanation about the boss: (don't ignore the 2 mini boss too.. those knights can kill if not handled properly) Corruption Root: Has a pretty high HP. Poison 4 Will regenerate if you kill his summon. Will keep on summoning until you kill him. Has fatal skills. Amdarais: Has invincibility, you need to lure it on the small platform with star symbol to make him vulnerable to attacks. Holy 4 property. Has 50 perfect dodge. Can 1 hit If you read the message "A foul stench is covering the whole area". Prepare yourself to run. ----------- Loots: ----------- Currently the monsters around the area drop consumables (resist potions at 10%). I doubt you'll like to farm those mobs anyway. They are pretty tanky. However the most important drop here are the Coagulated spells (item id: 6608) and Temporal crystals (item id: 6607). You can get temporal crystal from the quest and bosses. Both of these items can be use to exchange for White Knight Card and Khalitzburg Knight Card @ warp glast_01 191 271. White Knight Card: [Weapon] ATK +15 Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 20%. +[Khalitzburg Knight Card] Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 15%. Reduces physical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. Khalitzburg Knight Card: [Shield] DEF +20 Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 25%. +[White Knight Card] Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 15%. The temporal boots will be added in the server although it will be modified first so it might take longer. Eitherway collect those crystals for them so you'll be ready when they are released. ========== Treasure Room ========== minerals heroic coins combat coins 100m zeny bags mystical card album legendary card album and a chance for headgear fortune chest. --------------------------------- Notes: -------------------------------- Only Party Leader can open the treasure room. Make sure to take the quest about killing amdarais or else you can't open the treasure room. PS: Old Glastheim has 2 mode. The Normal Mode and the Hard Mode. This is the normal mode.
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    Hello Dreamers, I added a body changer that will allow you to change your 3rd job character costume to the alternate one permanently. It means even those who do not have the alternate job grf will see you on alternate costume too. The service is currently only available for elites and you need to pay 2 billion zeny (2 1b bags) for the service. I don't know if the price will change later but that's it for now. You will find the Body Changer NPC at the upper left part of the elite temple. She is a lady with a fox on her shoulder. The service is currently unavailable for the FFG Classes. 1. Rune Knights 2. Mechanics 3. Sura They are currently causing errors so I had to disable them. Other classes should be fine, but if you end up having any issue with it please create a ticket and I'll try my best to help you out. You can also use @request. Also please be warned that the palettes available in our server isn't perfectly compatible with them. It might be harder for you to find a good color for your classes if you switch to alternate one. So it's really upto you. If you don't have zeny, the jr0 sprite grf is free. or you can combine them. That way you'll look cool regardless of the sprite the other player is using.. http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3bj7hmp7tdbc5b/jRO_3Job_Sprites.grf - Credits to Devana For more information regarding the grf visit here:
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    Hello Dreamers! As many of you already know, one of the drives on our web server got corrupted and it caused all parts of our website to go down. Our web hosting company had to mount a new drive, which in turn resulted in an operating system update, apache (php) update and all sorts of new software installed on our web server. Since our website, forums and support ticket were coded for our previous (much older) version of these software, they all stopped working properly. Lucky for us, we had back ups of all our files and databases, so we did not lose our valuable guides and forum accounts. Unfortunately, the update of the operating system forced us to pretty much update all our website functionalities to work with the new code. The first thing we tackled was our main website and control panel. This allowed our players to register, check their accounts, vote and donate. The next thing that was resolved (as you can see) is that we upgraded our for forums to the latest version. Our previous version was from 2011, which means none of our custom features work on this version, such as: shout box, awards, and other features. It also means our previous skin is not compatible with this new version. But do not worry, we are working hard to bring back all of those features and a new skin for our forums. We are just very happy that we were able to salvage all the member accounts and content those members have created over the years. Everything else can be re-implemented. You should take some time to lurk around this new version, as I am sure you will notice a ton of new features that you did not have before. In addition to the new forums, we are also working on bringing back a new version of our Support Ticket system. For now, you can use the forums and PM system to get in contact with me or any of the GMs. Please report any bug you encounter with the forums on this topic. Keep in mind that things like the shout box, status updates, RO emojis, our skin and other custom features will be implemented periodically.
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    DO YOU WANT PVP? COME AND GET SOME! We've made a few adjustments to our PvP system in order to increase PvP participation and competitive behavior. First of all, we've made participating in the Hero Happy Hours a lot more rewarding for everyone. Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Happy Hours. Every 5 deaths the user will receive 1 Heroic Coin. (Does not count suicide deaths) Reduced the price of 100M Zeny bags in the Heroic Shop from 30 to 10. Implemented Donation Tokens to the Heroic Shop at a cost of 100 HC each. This means that participating in the Hero Happy Hours event will not only award you with a nice sum of Zeny, it will now also open the doors to the entire Donation Mall, which includes a huge collection of items and rares!! You can visit the Donation Mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen. But we don't want PvP to be active only 2 hours a day...we want to increase the over all PvP scene! In order to increase the PvP activity during non-HHH hours, we've made the following changes: Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Arena. Every 3 deaths the user will receive 1 Deathmatch point. (Does not count suicide deaths) Implemented an hourly PvP Activity Race, in which players earn activity points for participating in the Hero Arena PvP. Each kill awards 5 activity points, while each death awards 1 activity point. The top 3 players will be automatically rewarded at the end of each hour. 1st place: 1 Donation Token ~ 2nd: 1 Billion Zeny ~ 3rd: 500m Zeny. The Race runs every hour, every day! Starts and ends at minute 59 of each hour. As you can see we are being extremely generous with the prices of Zeny bags and Donation Tokens. I can assure you that our generosity will not last too long, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can! Expect a heroic coin price increase on Donation Tokens soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback and very excited to see BLOOD all over our PvP rooms! P.S ~ There is a new Donation Rotation coming soon, so take advantage of the discount prices and save those donation tokens ! Let the bloodbath BEGIN!
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    Greetings Dreamers! As you already know I've been working on enabling silvervine fruit in the server. Fortunately our admin helped in implementing it (my attempt failed yesterday) and it will be added in the Battleground after reboot today. Get this silvervine fruit by participating in battleground! I barely did any modification in the dungeon because it seems to have been modified already for high rate. It's not too easy to do solo and I advice everyone to bring a lot of water resist against the bosses here. Bring friends too. It's not a raid dungeon but it's not meant to be soloed. =========== || • Specifics: || =========== Malangdo Culvert Instance: Cooldown: 1 hour Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ Skills: 3rd Job skills allowed Consumables: Ygg/Mastella Allowed Requirement: Sea God Protection. (exchange at malangdo 219, 163 - Special Vending machine) HERO only Octopus Cave Instance: Cooldown: 3 hours Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ Skills: 3rd Job skills allowed Consumables: Ygg/Mastella Allowed Requirement: Octopus Hunting Stick . (exchange at malangdo 219, 163 - Special Vending machine) Instructions (malangdo instance): There are 4 bosses in these dungeons (they spawn in random). Each boss drops cards. (these cards are not modified) Additionally they drops coin bags, as well as 2 new consumables Glass of illusion box (+20 PD) and Abrasive box (+30 crit) (piñata instance drop only). You can check their other drops through @mi (monster info) The coins can be used for enchanting stuffs. The enchanting is currently unavailable as it will be modified as well. Will be added later on. =================== || • Enchantments (TBA) || =================== We are going to enable enchantment on the Glorious Battleground weapons. Additionally these glorious battleground weapons will be slightly modified. Their base atk/matk will be improved, and most of those 2 handed one will be modified to become 1 handed. For those wondering what is the [Slaughter]/[Destruction] effect on those weapons means. Slaughter is an effect that gives additional physical damage to demi human based on upgrade. Destruction is for magic. The formula for slaughter 1 is: (Refine-4)^2 while the formula for slaughter 2 is: (Refine-3)^2. Ex: +10 BG weapon with slaughter 1 will give you additional + 36% damage to demi human. [ 10-4 = 6] [6x6 = 36%] Wanna support us? Leave us a review in RMS and that will be greatly appreciated!
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    Please take note that these weapons are still under observations. Changes on their effects or to class skills for balancing might follow later on. These effects are working in game now. Their descriptions will be updated next patch (soon). Or get it manually. Download this. Iteminfo.lua Log out in game. Go to your DreamerRO folder then look for system folder and paste it there. Overwrite the old one. Some might view these weapons as quite overpowered or under powered but I encourage players to test them first before giving their feedback. We are here and we are open for discussion. Pros: 1. Can reach higher damage output than most weapons. 2. Unbreakable except in upgrade attempt or tarot skill. 3. Enchantable 4. Easier to obtain Cons: 1. Cannot be carded/No slot 2. Luck based enchant 3. Refinement dependent effects Glorious Weapons Current Effect: Blue/Yellow means they were tweaked from their original effects. 1. Glorious Krieger: Attack - 420 2. Glorious Bloody Roar: Attack - 430 3. Glorious Jamadhar: Attack - 450 4. Glorious Cleaver: Attack - 420 5. Glorious Two Handed Axe (will remain two handed) : Attack - 500 6. Glorious Spear: Attack - 410 7. Glorious Lance: Attack - 420  8. Glorious Morning Star: Attack 400 9. Glorious Tablet: Attack 420/MATK 215 10. Glorious Apocalypse: Attack 220/MATK 415 11. Glorious Arc Wand: MATK 425: 12. Glorious Cure Wand: Matk 400 13. Glorious Krieger Bow: Attack 420 14. Glorious Claw: Atk 400 15. Glorious Fist: Atk 410 16. Glorious Guitar: Atk 435 17. Glorious Lariat: Atk 435 18. Glorious Staff of Destruction: Matk 390 19. Glorious Gladius: Atk 410 20. Glorious Pistol : Atk 455 21. Glorious Rifle: Atk 425 22. Glorious Gatling Gun: Attack: 425 23. Glorious Shotgun: ATK: 450 24. Glorious Grenade Launcher: ATK 430 25. Glorious Huuma Shuriken: Atk 425/Matk 390 26. Glorious Flamberge: Atk 410 27. Glorious Rapier: ATK: 430/Matk: 380 28. Glorious Holy Avenger: ATK: 420/MATK: 480 Notes: Slaughter: Slaughter bonus is additional physical damage to demi human based on weapon refinement. Formula goes like this. Lvl 1: (Refine -4)^2 Lvl 2: (Refine -3)^2 ex. +6 = (6-4)^2 = 2^2 = 4% extra damage +7 = (7-4)^2 = 3^2 = 9% extra damage ADDED GLORIOUS ENCHANTMENT. You can enchant your glorious weapon upto 3x. The cost of the enchantment is 500m zeny + malangdo coins or 2 SEA GOD anger. SEA GOD anger gives the best stats. However it has a small chance of breaking your weapon. The chance is very small, it is really rare. There are some extremely rare enchants available when you use SEA GOD anger. This includes MATK +7%, ATK +7%, Ambition - damage to all class and additional hit. Expect - Crit attack rate and crit bonus. Tab - MATK bonus Archline - Long range damage + atk speed. Mercy - Heal and Mdef Steel - HP and Def Bear Power (chance to trigger +200 str when you got attacked and transform you into bear for 3 seconds - this is not very rare unlike other) Expert Archer 10 (+20% range damage) Runaway magic (a very small chance(1%) to trigger +200 int that last for 10 secs when using magical attack.) Hawkeye ( a very small chance (1%) to trigger +200 dex when attacking that last for 5 seconds) The lower level of these enchants are also available as well as other such as FATAL - more crit damage. Fighting spirit - atk bonuses SP cost reduction Healing bonus etc Goodluck enchanting BG Players! Credits to our admin Haze on tweaking most of the effects. and to [GM] Ethan for helping with some of the iteminfo.lua update.
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    As the title says. Requesting for a change in Throw Fuuma Shuriken. Ninja's Physical Weapon ( Fuurinkazan ) is no longer that useful because the skill "Throw Huuma Shuriken" doesn't make the right damage( like what it should do in the non-renewal DRO ). The skill is somewhat similar to Thunder Storm that can be casted on land. I have opened a support ticket about this lately but lost hope on it so I'll just post it here if haze will have the time to read this in the future. Throw Huuma Shuriken is the main damage basis of the Physical Elite Ninja weapon but is now useless because of what the skill does in the renewal. And as a ninja user, I don't want the physical type ninjas die and be forced to use magic type skills (Tho they say magic ninjas are OP lol). Still I want to maximize the use of ninja both physical and magical. Don't let Fuurinkazan be useless in Renewal~.
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    I see people questioning the lack of updates and bug fixing, lately... All I will say is "I told you so & I warned you about it". This topic made people wake up for 2 months and then they went right back to the typical "gimmie gimmie gimmie" mentality without giving anything in return to DreamerRO. At this point my time is extremely limited and the lack of support from the community is discouraging. I simply do not feel like using the very little free time I have to please an ungrateful community anymore. It's been months since I asked for any review on ratemyserver, but even then, you are still reminded hourly in-game and sometimes when you wake up. Still, you can see that our review count dropped by 300% and we've only gotten 10 reviews in the last 3 months... even though a total of 8,500 UNIQUE PLAYERS have logged into the server in the same time frame. So what does this mean? Am I giving up on DreamerRO? No. It's simply not my priority anymore. Do I have another server? No. I have a full time job where I work from 8 am to 5 pm, meaning I'm not home from 7 am to 6 pm every day. When I get home from work I spend the rest of the day spending time with my son and my wife. I still check support tickets daily, take care of multiple reports and issues almost on a daily basis...but the time and motivation I had to innovate new features and fix existing bugs is very limited now. I was a single 16 year old, without a job and without a son when I started DreamerRO, and all that has changed. You may wonder, what's going to happen with DreamerRO now? Good question. I don't know. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's going to be great again. I already tried updating the server, adding new features and fixing hundreds of bugs and hiring a new GM team. In my opinion I did what I could to bring us back to our glory days and it did not work. Partly because of lack of community involvement and support; and partly simply because the server is so damn old that its nearly impossible to keep the veterans entertained for more than a month without further overwhelming the newbies. I will tell you that we are going to have a new developer soon and I hope he/she will help us out by fixing bugs and with the development process. For the last 10 years I've been the only one with access to the server's files, which meant all the development had to go through me 100% before it was implemented. For the sake of DreamerRO, I will break my #1 rule and give a new developer access to the server files. Fully trusting that the new developer will have DreamerRO's best interest at heart. I will also put in additional time to help the new developer get familiar with the server files so the bugs can be fixed in a timely manner and new features can be implemented. At this point I am still not going to ask for anyone's review. I know damn well I haven't been releasing new features and/or fixing bugs recently, so asking for reviews would be a laughable act. Do know that the less reviews we have the less new people we will continue to get and the situation will get worse. All I can say is, if my 10 years of development for DreamerRO is not worth taking 5 min to review the server for then I don't know what is. Take this as a long ass status update so you can stop wondering and asking what's going on and where are the updates. If my motivation level changes in the upcoming weeks or months you will notice it because you'll see me releasing updates and fixing bugs again.
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    converted to quest shop (euphys) to allow headgear preview. You can now fit/test the headgear before buying it without going to fitting room
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    Hi everyone, My Name's Ame Suou. I know that most of you guys are busy in either 3 things. Chatting in Town, PVP such as HHH-Divisions-WOE-BattleGround, And Doing Quest like hero-elite-zephs-etc. Only few people know or appreciate that there are beautiful places in DRO in which you can visit, Stare, Gaze, and just enjoy the scenario. Which is why. I'll be posting Screenshoot along with its locations at least 2-3 times a week here for places you should try to visit. ( of course. If you know of a place too feel free to post them ) Staring for today. My Top 1 places. The Night City !! Found in @warp night_city Stay tuned for the next screen shoot !
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    Refer to the screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/n4azgLz Target using 25+30% demi reduce with asprika and balanced def 43 hdef. Doing around 15k of damage. Dealer shown as the screenshot above. As my opinion, rapid shower needs some damage boosting as its doing very low damage right now. With the equip shown at the screenshot above when the target uses assuption which is 50% damage reduction the damage will go down to 7k which is very low. Note that 7k is not with full reduce. With a target who has lv 3 elite weapon for example Warlock. And using 35% reduce headgear. The damage is only 4-5k. Thank you.
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    If you cant conform to the channel rules and you dont want to get banned then simply leave the #main channel. That way you will not read any negative comments against you that will encourage you to respond and break the rules. its simple. If you can’t do that simple thing, then dont complain when you get banned
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    You've been warned about 20 times in less than two months about your treatment with staff members and it will get worse every day that you think we're idiots. No one is having differential treatment, last WoE more than 6 Legends members got banned from the main, so no logic.
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    Training hall. (TBA) Services: Modified Dummies Monster Summon (no drop): Allow you to summon boss of your choice for testing purposes. Will only stay on that small area. Emperium breaking Training Bloody Branch allowed in map. PVP on/off npc. Other services: card remover/banker/stat reset
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    An immense wealth is hidden beneath the Earth's crust... Do you have what it takes to find it and become the wealthiest miner in Midgard? The younger of the famous brothers Goldstein has arrived to Einbroch, the city of Steel, to offer his technology to the citizens of Midgard. David Goldstein is a bright scientist that invented an ingenious drill that can be attached to special boots. The Drilling Boots allow the wearer to mine valuable minerals from dungeons and fields in much more efficient manner than using an old-school pike. David Goldstein believes his Drilling Boots can enable anyone to become a master miner and he is eager to start training people on how to use his invention. If you are interested in using the Drilling Boots to start mining, you can purchase a set of boots from David for 500M Zeny. If you are lucky, he may offer them to you at half price (250M Zeny) if you purchase them the first time you talk to him. NPC: David Goldstein Location: einbroch 50 200 First, you must purchase the Drilling Boots from David. You are encouraged to equip the boots to gain access to new mining skills. The first step in the mining process is making a drill. In order to make a drill you must send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "make". It may take several attempts before you succeed in making your drill. Just keep repeating the process until you succeed. Once you have your Drilling Boots and you have created your drill you will be ready to start drilling..but first, you have to find the mine! You must go to a map where mines are known to be found (full list found below) and try to find the exact spot where the mine is located. They are invisible but luckily you have a "Detection" miner skill that will guide you on finding the mine's location. In order to detect the mine simply send any message to "npc:mine" - For example, "Drill", "Detect", or.."sdjskja". Anything will work. The Detection skill will advise you to move up, down, left or right until you find the exact location of the mine. It may take a few attempts before you actually find the mine, but once you do..you can mine it for quite a while before the mine is destroyed or runs out of minerals. Once you find the exact location of the Mine, you can again send a message to "npc:mine" to start drilling the mine and excavating valuable minerals. Once you start mining you will start noticing that the Drill gets hotter whenever you drill on a mine. You must pay attention to the "Heat" in your chatbox because if your drill reaches a Heat of 100 the drill will break and you will have to create another drill whispering "make" to "npc:mine". It is recommended that you stop drilling when you reach a heat of 80-90 in order to make sure your drill does not break. It usually takes only a few seconds for the drill to cool down after you stop so you can begin drilling again soon after. Whenever you mine you will earn Miner EXP. This experience is used to level up your Mining Skills. Even when you do not find any items in the mine, your miner exp will still increase. The deeper you dig, the more experience you will earn. However, keep in mind that if you break your drill or you move while drilling, you will lose Miner EXP. You can check your current mining level and experience on the message that appears each time you drill. When you level up, you will be awarded with Miner Skill points. These points can be used to level up Miner Skills that will increase your productivity while mining. You get at a minimum 3 skill points per level, but the number of skill points received may vary depending on your Miner Level. To view all skills and/or to level up Miner Skills send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "skill". Below is a list of all the Miner Skills available: There are a total of 8 different mines, all of which drop minerals at different rates. The lower level mines are known for dropping more "trash" items than the higher level mines. It is important to increase your Miner Level so you can gain access to these more productive mines and skills that increase drop rate of minerals. Open spoiler to view different types of mines: There may be 1-3 mines on a map at the same time. The type of mine that appears in each map is random out of a list of mine classes that exist on that map. If you are interested in learning which mines exist in which map, you can view a list of all the maps that have mines and which mines spawn there by opening this spoiler: If you want to see a complete list of all the items that can be excavated from the mines, you may click this link. Curious of how the drops actually work? Take this as an example:
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    Indeed there were issues before renewal. The fact that our 3rd job skills were incomplete, or missing. The fact that we sid not have new classes like oboro, kagerou and doramz. And also the fact that we didnt have hundreds of new items and monsters, as well as new instance dungeons. For those reasons our population was on a slow decline for years, because although we added new custom features, we were still outdated by like 6 years in terms of official content. if there server was in perfect condition and thriving we wouldnt have been forced to update to renewal. Things got stale for a while and we needed to spice them up.
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    Fun fact to those who think 96% damage is OP (SMH), I saw players talking about too much damage etc earlier. Most of the weapons already have 95% damage to demi human before. ex. are the instruments and spears, they just balance it out to other weapons (some weapons have lower bonuses before because the slotted weapons available for their class normally only has 1-2 slots like the guns). The normal card combo in 4 slotted weapon gives more than 96% damage to demi human, that is excluding thanatos card. Buying a glorious weapon is like having a weapon with 4 damage cards slotted on it. The extra downside of these weapons though is the difficulty to find a good donation combination. Too long to explain but it's because most of our donation gears have similar demi human modifier like rare wings that are better combined with other modifer. The slaughter effect damage bonus can cover for it but that's why I don't think it doesn't give too much damage. Perhaps the lucky one are those who can combine it with range wings. Anyway the guns have good stats but only 2 skills have decent damage on Rebellion arsenals atm, they need to be boosted. Tracking tickles. Dragon Tail has slightly long CD. Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when using skill Mammonite? change to CT no one uses mammonite Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when attacking with Pierce skill ? Spiral
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    Let me give you a long straight answer about the topic. Also again I will simply quote my statement before. How hard it is to understand a simple rule? Surely we said that we will give warnings to players but honestly why do players only know/use the rule when they believe it's in favor of them? If they know the rule then there's no reason to give them a warning. Why give them a warning everytime they started using #main inappropriately. These players aren't new in the server, they know it's not allowed even before that rule was implemented. We have warned them before, we only posted a rule regarding it so new players will be aware about it. Any decent player know how to use #main properly. If we saw newbies asking in their native language we warn them. But veterans? How can they forget how to use #main properly whenever a GM is not around to monitor it. That aside, the accused player here know it himself, he had been banned from the #main channel multiple times. If that multiple ban is not enough as a warning to use the #main chat properly then he should do an assessment of himself. Also we aren't being bias in banning. We just can't do anything with some player names at the moment and you can easily realized it by that screenshot. It's simply because of these reasons: 1. The other player has spaces in the beginning of their characters names. This also works if they have spaces in the end of their names. Unfortunately the command cannot be used on these players. 2. Special characters on player name and special spaces. Not every special character is easy to type, they are mostly a hassle to find their alt names especially when they are using special alt space between their names too. 3. Combination of special spaces and normal spaces. - same problem as 1, it's hard to tell which kind of space they used because there are other alt spaces available. Our devs are working on fixing this. The problem here is if we apply a different kind of punishment to those players with spaces in their names such as a temp ban, then those player will be the one crying and calling us unfair. Regardless it won't last long, and even those players with spaces and special character in their names will get their punishments immediately once the command is fixed. So for now I'm sorry but we can't really do much about them. Also stop expecting us to always give players a warning everytime, giving a warning is just an act of kindness in our part. But we can't be that kind everytime because some people love abusing that kindness. I've worn dresses with higher IQ than those people who do not know how to use #main channel properly. You know what you are doing, you know it when you aren't using #main properly. Stop bringing our punishments to yourselves and acting like you are a victim later on. We don't get anything from banning or temp banning you in that chat channel. It's in fact a nuisance on our part too because we had manually ban and unbanned you. So do us both a favor, stop using #main inappropriately because you are only irritating the other players.
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    Update: Damn this thread is so quiet I will bump it a bit I guess. I've been recently SO BORED so I've gave DRO a chance and took a look around - My hard ass but soft heart told me that I should log in and...well here I am I guess? I'll be opening this thread for (probably limited) amount of time so if you're interested in signature / emblem / some picture - feel free to give me a shot. Of course, as always, it is a comission thread so I'm not planning to make anything for free (mind it's time consuming and some extra money would be always nice, mostly because I've noticed there are some fresh bloods on the server and they're worthy to get some suppport wth gearing up and such). This forum update (no matter how good it look) has demaged soooooo many stuffs on my thread so I will try to update the 1st page as fast as possible with prices and the works I've done back then (samples, blah blah). Meanwhile enjoy some mini picture I've made yesterday (I promised my friend to give her some mini PS guide and ended up with my DRO character as an example): Hello little Something
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    Right now the jRO sprites are default when a player installs the full client or lite client. With the sprites being available to heroes via this NPC i think we should consider removing the default jro sprites, that way they would be considered the “premium” look and would be another reason to consider becoming a Hero. It would also allow those that prefer thr kRO look to have that look by default and not be forced to disable the jro sprites grf. I also think the price could be greatly increased and be a one time fee that they can then enable or disable the sprite for free whenever they choose. 2b is pocket change for most heroes Great job! Im sure our players will enjoy this new feature!
  22. 2 points
    +20 Perfect Hit means 20% chance that your attack will ignore your opponent's FLEE.
  23. 2 points
    If that's the reference then i think that it should have a boost in elite weapon or the skill in general. But we should also take new cards and equips into consideration for it not to be overpowered, we can't have more overpowered classes into the server. Now, Since we're here suggesting what to do, here's my suggestion: [Peacemaker Colt] Dex + 20 & Agi +10 +8-9-10% HP ~> +12-14-16% HP +35-40-45% more damage with desperado +20-23-25% more damage with rapid shower +20-25-30% more damage with rapid shower +8-9-10% Chance of life stealing 5% of damage dealt to enemy +4-5-6% resistance against all elements [Level 4 effect] Increase Atk Rate by 5% Increase Hit Rate by 20% OR [Peacemaker Colt] Dex + 20 & Agi +10 +8-9-10% HP ~> +12-14-16% HP +35-40-45% more damage with desperado +20-23-25% more damage with rapid shower +20-25-30% more damage with rapid shower +8-9-10% Chance of life stealing 5% of damage dealt to enemy Reduce damage taken from demi-humans by 8-10-12% [Level 4 effect] Increase Atk Rate by 5% Increase Hit Rate by 20% This is my suggestion, feel free to change anything you want, but this is what i think is balanced for the new meta and not overpowered.
  24. 2 points
    Katar will stay 2 handed. Just that this one is too troublesome to make 1 handed considering GX can wear 2 weapons and it will be harder to balance their katar skills if they can equip high demi redux. We are planning to increase the demi redux on katar weapons though. Skill balancing is also under discussion. They had been adjusted already but it's not yet final. We will announce the final adjustment later on once we are done with the discussion, I am not familiar with other class so the adjustment is just temporary. Although Most 2 handed equips are now 1 handed except katar and a two handed axe which gained some demi redux instead. Their final stat will be posted later on. Descriptions will be updated next patch (same patch with rotation)
  25. 2 points
    Maybe change the reward to combat coins and make it every 2-3 hours. Adding more zeny bag in the server will just further ruin the market prices of items. It's 36b zeny bags added in the server everyday and it rotates in the server. NPCs don't absorb this zeny added in the server everyday, it will just keep on piling up. We should aim in lowering the prices of some items in the server, to make it a little affordable for new players, not only for donators and old players with tons of b bags stored in their storage. Giving combat coins will help lower the price of some combat items in long run, and perhaps will motivate more the PVP enthusiast to actually PVP. 1st: 2 combat coins 2nd:1 combat coins 3rd: 1 donation token