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    Greetings Dreamers! This is another quick announcement to inform you that the Donation Collectible shops have been merged into a huge shop containing all collectible donation items in one. As some of you may know, we typically have rotated the Donation Token collectibles shop every 3-4 months. Over the years we have released 4 donation collections, which sum up to over 200 custom head gears (top, mid, low). All of these are now available via 1 Collectible Shop found at the Donation Token Mall. In addition to merging all 4 collectibles shops into 1 npc, we have also gone ahead and reduced the prices of these items by up to 33%. The top head gears have been dropped from 15 donation tokens to 10 donation tokens, while the mid and low head gears prices dropped from 20 to 15 donation tokens. The reasoning behind the reduction in prices is because these head gears are account bound and cannot be traded. This to some could be considered a draw back since players cannot re-sell it in the future or trade to alternate accounts. This also encourages donators to purchase account bound versions instead, so that the tradeable donation head gears (now available in BG ) do not become too cheap comparatively. ** All the head gears in the collectibles shop are account bound. ** Make sure to ALWAYS read the item's description, even if they are divided between top, mid and low collectible sections, it is possible that an item may have been misplaced. Make sure it equips on the slot you want to occupy! You can access the Donation Token Mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen.