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    Disclaimer: I am not a Pro in using RKs, there are better players than me. Im just here to help out and give new players idea. Most Item can be obtained via Daily Quest Shop/Vote Shop *Also some are expensive stuffs and its good to note them too if you already have the funds* *Bowling Bash* *Spiral Pierce* Head: 35% Redux, 20%damage/25%redux, 30% redux Knockback Helm. (20%acd helm for Spiral) Card: Gemini/Dark Pinguicula/Addax(Kiel for Spiral) MidHead: Eden Judgement or alike/Rares/Harpy wings or alike/30stats wings (45%ACD/Range Wings for Spiral) Card: Gemini/Dark Pinguicula/Addax(Kiel for spiral) LowerMid: Dark Chakra or alike with 60% mspd/Damage auras like Melee Energy ring etc. Card: Gemini/Addax/ESL/GOHC Armor: Keeper/Valkyrie/Magnetite/Titanium Armor/SpiritualArmor (BIS would be Magnetite because its Unbreakable and Knockback) Cards: TGK/F.GR/GR/F.Angelring Weapon BB: Angel Slayer/Shamshir/Death Tsurugi Cards: Inca/SwordGuardian/WhiteKnight/Randgris/Thanatos (BIS is 2SG/Vrc + card of choice if using FWQ) Weapon Spiral: Halberd/Death Lance/Any Hero Spear Cards: Inca/Tyrant/TG/Vrc/WKc/Thanatos (BIS is Inca/Tyrant/TG/VRc) Always have an extra Thana weapon since most players have balance def, some use this as a decoy to have high vit/hp. Shield: Valkyrie/Libra/Bronzite/Onyx/Obelisk/Keeper Shield Cards: Thara/Hades/KnightKhalitzburg Garment: Asprika/EliteAsprika/Combat Asprika(to add more vit for more hp)/Keeper Manteau/Obelisk/Albite Garment (BIS is Asprika for more resists/Albite for damage) Cards: Raydric/MalevolentShadow/Deviling (Menblatt Card for additional range damage but too squishy) Shoes: Sleipnir/Twilight/strTemporal/Supersonic/Howling(Perma Endure)/Faceworm Queen (Remove Inca and change it into damage card) Cards: AmonRa/Fedgga/Fmoonlight/FuriousSeyren (KE affects ACD, better get acd redux when using it since it also affects BB cooldown whenever KE procs this works better on Spiral Build) Accessory: Medal of Honor/GloriousRing/SpecialistGloves (Glorious ring doesnt stack with Asprika regarding the elemental resistances but atk/matk is working with MoH) Aluminum Gloves(5%acd) Cards: DarkFaceworm/GoPneuma/GoldScaraba/GoSafety/GoSight (Gem of Spiral for spiral build) I go for 2 gemini ESL with Darkchakra and ValkArmor to counter most status. Or better to be immune to movement status like stone curse, stun, sleep and freeze since other statuses are panaceable. For countering fire damage Spiritual/Asprika/ValkShield/Rofl or GloriousRing/Undead scroll and fireproof potion. For spiral 95% would be an advisable ACD. Stats foe BB type Str: 500 or divisible by 10 Agi: 140 or 195aspd Vit: 135 for balance def ("48"+ XXX) can be up to 50. (Players choice) Int: 1 or if Spiral build 350 for Amon ra Dex: 250 or Hit to be 1300+ Luk: depends on you. Spiral Pierce ignores flee so its up to you where do you want to place extra stats. PS im using my phone to make this gonna make it better hopefully
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    Thanks for sharing and letting everyone know.
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    I also dont advice 80% ACD for spiral, it should be around 95%, personally i always prefer 100%, the strength of spiral isnt always in its damage but it has a 30% chance to hold the enemy (100% in official RO), which is why you wanna maximize your spam.
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