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    The donation rotation was a lot of work but I'm extremely happy with the quality of the rotation. (Sprites, Effects, Descriptions etc). I hope you all enjoy the new sprites!
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    Greetings Dreamers! The long awaited donation rotation has finally arrived! This particular rotation consists of 54 brand new headgear sprites with donation effects. As usual, these head gears are considered collectibles, and for this reason they are account bound. They will be available for the next 3-4 months until we rotate to another one of our 5 collectible shops. *The next rotation will not contain new sprites though!* This time we analyzed our inventory database to get a list of the most used donation effects for top, middle and low head gears and then we used those effects for the new donation head gear sprites. Unfortunately, we had a limited amount of new sprites available and way too many donation effects...so some effects will not get a new sprite this rotation. However, don't worry if you don't see the effect you need! For the next 7 days, you will be allowed to convert ANY of the NEW donation collectible head gears into a costume for FREE! This means no donation token, fashion voucher or zeny requirement. As usual, don't forget you can preview all of the new head gears at the Fitting Room, accessible through the Donation Girl NPC. We are in the process of converting this NPC to work the same as the Moose Quest NPC, that way you can preview the head gears right from the Donation Token Mall. You can access the donation token mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC and clicking "Claim with Tokens". The new items are found in the NPC called "[Bound] Collection Gears". For any questions or concerns, feel free to post on this topic or open a support ticket system. Enjoy! P.S Don't forget to update your auto patcher to receive the new sprites! P.S 2 - Special thanks to Horakthy for providing this wonderful collection of sprites!
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    Please take note that these weapons are still under observations. Changes on their effects or to class skills for balancing might follow later on. These effects are working in game now. Their descriptions will be updated next patch (soon). Or get it manually. Download this. Iteminfo.lua Log out in game. Go to your DreamerRO folder then look for system folder and paste it there. Overwrite the old one. Some might view these weapons as quite overpowered or under powered but I encourage players to test them first before giving their feedback. We are here and we are open for discussion. Pros: 1. Can reach higher damage output than most weapons. 2. Unbreakable except in upgrade attempt or tarot skill. 3. Enchantable 4. Easier to obtain Cons: 1. Cannot be carded/No slot 2. Luck based enchant 3. Refinement dependent effects Glorious Weapons Current Effect: Blue/Yellow means they were tweaked from their original effects. 1. Glorious Krieger: Attack - 420 2. Glorious Bloody Roar: Attack - 430 3. Glorious Jamadhar: Attack - 450 4. Glorious Cleaver: Attack - 420 5. Glorious Two Handed Axe (will remain two handed) : Attack - 500 6. Glorious Spear: Attack - 410 7. Glorious Lance: Attack - 420  8. Glorious Morning Star: Attack 400 9. Glorious Tablet: Attack 420/MATK 215 10. Glorious Apocalypse: Attack 220/MATK 415 11. Glorious Arc Wand: MATK 425: 12. Glorious Cure Wand: Matk 400 13. Glorious Krieger Bow: Attack 420 14. Glorious Claw: Atk 400 15. Glorious Fist: Atk 410 16. Glorious Guitar: Atk 435 17. Glorious Lariat: Atk 435 18. Glorious Staff of Destruction: Matk 390 19. Glorious Gladius: Atk 410 20. Glorious Pistol : Atk 455 21. Glorious Rifle: Atk 425 22. Glorious Gatling Gun: Attack: 425 23. Glorious Shotgun: ATK: 450 24. Glorious Grenade Launcher: ATK 430 25. Glorious Huuma Shuriken: Atk 425/Matk 390 26. Glorious Flamberge: Atk 410 27. Glorious Rapier: ATK: 430/Matk: 380 28. Glorious Holy Avenger: ATK: 420/MATK: 480 Notes: Slaughter: Slaughter bonus is additional physical damage to demi human based on weapon refinement. Formula goes like this. Lvl 1: (Refine -4)^2 Lvl 2: (Refine -3)^2 ex. +6 = (6-4)^2 = 2^2 = 4% extra damage +7 = (7-4)^2 = 3^2 = 9% extra damage ADDED GLORIOUS ENCHANTMENT. You can enchant your glorious weapon upto 3x. The cost of the enchantment is 500m zeny + malangdo coins or 2 SEA GOD anger. SEA GOD anger gives the best stats. However it has a small chance of breaking your weapon. The chance is very small, it is really rare. There are some extremely rare enchants available when you use SEA GOD anger. This includes MATK +7%, ATK +7%, Bear Power (chance to trigger +200 str when you got attacked and transform you into bear for 3 seconds - this is not very rare unlike other) Expert Archer 10 (+20% range damage) Runaway magic (a very small chance(1%) to trigger +200 int that last for 10 secs when using magical attack.) Hawkeye ( a very small chance (1%) to trigger +200 dex when attacking that last for 5 seconds) The lower level of these enchants are also available as well as other such as FATAL - more crit damage. Fighting spirit - atk bonuses SP cost reduction Healing bonus etc Goodluck enchanting BG Players! Credits to our admin Haze on tweaking most of the effects. and to [GM] Ethan for helping with some of the iteminfo.lua update.
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    Correct! Free costume services for the 54 items released in this rotation. Only for the next 7 days though Nooo, thank you for providing the sprites
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    Indeed there were issues before renewal. The fact that our 3rd job skills were incomplete, or missing. The fact that we sid not have new classes like oboro, kagerou and doramz. And also the fact that we didnt have hundreds of new items and monsters, as well as new instance dungeons. For those reasons our population was on a slow decline for years, because although we added new custom features, we were still outdated by like 6 years in terms of official content. if there server was in perfect condition and thriving we wouldnt have been forced to update to renewal. Things got stale for a while and we needed to spice them up.
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    Bossnia mobs will be giving hero exp from now on. They will give 1k-1.2k exp when killed.
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    Hi everyone, My Name's Ame Suou. I know that most of you guys are busy in either 3 things. Chatting in Town, PVP such as HHH-Divisions-WOE-BattleGround, And Doing Quest like hero-elite-zephs-etc. Only few people know or appreciate that there are beautiful places in DRO in which you can visit, Stare, Gaze, and just enjoy the scenario. Which is why. I'll be posting Screenshoot along with its locations at least 2-3 times a week here for places you should try to visit. ( of course. If you know of a place too feel free to post them ) Staring for today. My Top 1 places. The Night City !! Found in @warp night_city Stay tuned for the next screen shoot !
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    [ This is temporary chamber since we need to upload a bigger map for a full training room. ] Today I added a modifiable dummy for those who wanted to test their skills there. The fee is 100m only for now. You can visit it at caspen 155 225. You need to create a party because it's an instance. There are 2 dummies available in the map. A normal monsters and a boss one. You can modify the dummy's property such as Defense Magical Defense Flee Rate Perfect Dodge Race Element Elemental Level and Size Unfortunately I can't set up a real player like dummy that can wear gears yet. But if I find a way I'll try to add it there. Additionally once the room gets bigger, I'll put other training materials there including a summoning area for your bloody branch and so on. For now you can test the new NPC for any bugs.
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    thanks sir haze!!its ok now!!!
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    Try again now, it should work.
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    Change the Throw Huuma Shuriken skill first. The glorious shuriken is useless with the current skill state.
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    Best of luck in enchanting your glorious weapons!
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    Thank you @GM Shuvi >.<. It does increase the damage of Sonic Blow now. But I tried other skill like Spiral Pierce and it does not increases the damage. Is the Spiral Pierce not considered as physical? Also can you help me about what job (Class) is good for defeating MVPs while using the Evalach Shield? I think GX is the best for MVPs but I think GX can't wear a shield while equipping Elite Katar Weapon TwT, if so does the Evalach Shield's effect needs to change or improve? Thank you ! ~
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    you can ask a GM to clean them up. Use @request. If it was reported a little earlier I could have fix the gat tiles of this map but it won't make it anymore for the coming patch. Perhaps on halloween patch.
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    Fun fact to those who think 96% damage is OP (SMH), I saw players talking about too much damage etc earlier. Most of the weapons already have 95% damage to demi human before. ex. are the instruments and spears, they just balance it out to other weapons (some weapons have lower bonuses before because the slotted weapons available for their class normally only has 1-2 slots like the guns). The normal card combo in 4 slotted weapon gives more than 96% damage to demi human, that is excluding thanatos card. Buying a glorious weapon is like having a weapon with 4 damage cards slotted on it. The extra downside of these weapons though is the difficulty to find a good donation combination. Too long to explain but it's because most of our donation gears have similar demi human modifier like rare wings that are better combined with other modifer. The slaughter effect damage bonus can cover for it but that's why I don't think it doesn't give too much damage. Perhaps the lucky one are those who can combine it with range wings. Anyway the guns have good stats but only 2 skills have decent damage on Rebellion arsenals atm, they need to be boosted. Tracking tickles. Dragon Tail has slightly long CD. Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when using skill Mammonite? change to CT no one uses mammonite Add a chance of auto casting Level 2 Critical Wound when attacking with Pierce skill ? Spiral
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    Update: Okay, today I was having fun with one of my greatest friends's char! I'm presenting the "a-bit-annoyed" chibi of Xel!
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    Training hall. (TBA) Services: Modified Dummies Monster Summon (no drop): Allow you to summon boss of your choice for testing purposes. Will only stay on that small area. Emperium breaking Training Bloody Branch allowed in map. PVP on/off npc. Other services: card remover/banker/stat reset
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    I agree, people will never be satisfied on whatever will be the update. If they don't like it, they will have negative comments, if they like it you'll never see any commend on them. Happy Gaming ~ noob here - OJ THE WIZ
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    Before Renewal patch : PLS GIVE RENEWAL NO DORAM NO WATER BREATH DED GAEM After Renewal patch : RENEWAL IS BAD REVERT TO PRE-RE. People will never be satisfied.
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    Hello Haze, First of all thanks for taking time and replying in the forum. I recently joined DRO a week back. I used to play in another mid rate server a while back and keeping up with your hobbies or side activities keeps getting more complicated as we become older. I used to spent hours playing RO , now with a job and other responsibilities it has become a lot more complicated and I spent a lot less time playing . In regards to the server, I find the having the 3rd jobs is quite fun , never got to play them in back and that is the main reason I joined DRO. The treasure chest events help those active players progress ...however other events as battlegrounds required a fixed amount of people to start , and sometimes the quota is not met. Which turns obtaining battleground items harder than expected . Other events such as city invasions (yesterday was Satan Morroc invading prontera......I think no one showed at least I warped and could only see my lonely sniper and it’s wurg. The server mostly says 500 players logged but most of them are vendors....the mvp arenas are empty and I rarely find another player around when mvp hunting . Don’t get me wrong I love the game (the reason why I came back) and like the server (thus I made a little donation )....but thinking in a egotistical manner ...I’m new and I would like for things to be easier , experience the hero quest , visit casspen and do the endless tower. But we current game if I don’t know anyone I won’t be able to do any of that . I know that what I’m telling you my discourage some of the veterans , but I might attract new players( just cycle through...start account , vote , obtain nice gear , level up, do endgame content and probably after a month lose interest and leave ; but hope some other player will take that place). Anyhow thanks for the time spent managing the server and creating new content , also props for the returners gear (helps a lot). Always remember family first kids only grow up once..... I will find time to post my review on ratemyserver. But at least I try to vote 2 each day lol.... sorry for the long message
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    help meeeeeeeeeeeee i won poring catcher but i am full . i didnt receive any rewards ..help me please
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    if you didnt update the server to renewal im sure there will be no problem on the server well thats my opinion and many players also said that theres no bug or issues on the pre renewal and now u are suffering fixing everything..dont be mad at me thats only my opinion