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    The second phase of our Valentines Event is now LIVE! You can now begin exchanging your Valentine Tokens for exclusive Valentines Headgears, Wigs and Rare items. These items are ONLY available during the Valentines Event, so make sure to take advantage while they are available. Valentines Shop Location: Caspen 175 215 The Valentines collection consists of: 19 Top Headgears 12 Middle Headgears (3 Rares) 16 Lower Headgears (2 Epic Auras) 32 Wigs We are expecting to add some new Valentines Headgears and Rares during the 3rd phase of the Valentines Event.
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    I said it would be likely we would add SOH, not that it was certain we would. i gave it some thought, and based on the current situation of the server, Ive decided not to add neither SoH or Aura Service to the valentines shop.
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    we actually have a party for killing the bosses in STP right now composing of 4-5 people, there is even a warlock to ganba pneuma and LP, and we always resu each otherwith ygg leaves and RGs to tank with GC, its not that the bosses are too weak, there are just a lot of people hunting down the boss right now due to the event. Prior to this event there are times that the STP would end at the full 30 mins.
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    Because those boss are pretty weak ever since renewal. It's easy to fix by simply boosting the bosses and providing them with crazy buff but I remember that some players are against the said idea. Perhaps the best way to balance it is to make it like the Christmas Abyss Queen where it's immune to all skills and only receive 1 damage. The last hitter and his party will receive chance to get rewards.
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    maybe he meant there will be no currency shop. But SoH will be available.
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    This guide is created to help dummies in farming at bossnia. Why farm in bossnia? because 1k charm set can be sold for as much as 5b+ You can also farm a lot of other miscellaneous items there that can increase your gain. Equipments: Stats: Where to obtain these stuffs/explantion of equipments choices. 1. Returners Item - Reduce after cast delay by 100%. Gives HP boost etc. Easy to get. Obtained free for a limited amount of time (30 days) Create a new warlock if you want, it will also work. 2. +6 Death Staff - Gives +20% matk. Way better than non custom staff. If you have other custom staff then use the other. Can be bought in "@go bg" using battle badges for 750 Badges. Badges can be obtained by joining battlegrounds. Can also obtain through "Death Weapon Coupon" normally cost around 1-2b This is an optional item in case you don't have other custom staff. This is a lvl 3 weapon, you can upgrade it upto +6 without chance of breaking. upgrading it will help you increase your matk. 2.1 Nightmare Mimic Card - has set effect with nightmare arclouse, 1 pc of this is good enough. obtained from Nightmare mimic at 10% chance. To access Nightmare pyramid go to "@warp moc_pryd01 89 106" then talk to the cat and pay 5k zeny. Once you are inside use "@jump 217 10" to reach floor 2. 3. Valkyrie Shield - any shield is fine but you can use this to reduce fire damage by 20% which is good against fire scorpion Obtained from Valkyries Better buy it, pretty cheap Optional shield. Any shield with slot is fine but this is good. 3.1 Nightmare Arclouse Card - reduce damage from undead "race" monsters and when combined with nightmare mimic gives 50% mdef ignore to undead monsters. obtained from Nightmare arclouse at 10% chance. To access Nightmare pyramid go to "@warp moc_pryd01 89 106" then talk to the cat and pay 5k zeny. Once you are inside use "@jump 217 10" to reach floor 2. 4. Proxy Fragment or Nidhoggur Shadow Garb - good for reducing elemental damage. obtained from stone cone at caspen dungeon at 10% chance. You can change this to anything but i advise using it for damage reduction You can just ask it from other players. It's pretty cheap. 4.1 Antique Book Card - increase matk per 10? int. Not sure if it's really per 10 or 25. Obtained from Antique Book found at "@warp ecl_tdun03" at 10% chance. 5. Orleans Glove - gives +3% matk. If you want something better, you can use medal of honor from battleground. obtained from Archer Guardian found at "@warp thor_v03" at 40% chance. 5.1 Scaraba Card - gives +200 matk obtained at scaraba at "@warp dic_dun01" at 10% chance. Monsters Analysis. Monster in bossnia has high mdef and the common thing about them is their race. All of them are undead race. Don't mistake undead race from undead element. You can't hit undead race with magnus exorcismus. Advice for Farming: Loot and use Mastela Fruit. Mastela fruit can be use for healing here and has no significant delay. Use skill macro but don't do an afk farming. It's illegal. Use auto pots to make it easier to just walk and skill. use bubble gum or fortuna card if your are fortunate to have one. Recommended Equipment for improving your build Noteable Loot List. @aloot item 20054 //Blue charm @aloot item 20055 //Red Charm @aloot item 20056 //Yellow Charm @aloot item 20052 //Piece of Spirit @aloot item 20053 //Spiritual Whisper @aloot item 6024 // 17 carat diamond. @aloot item 522 // Fruit of Mastela @aloot item 607 // yggdrasil berry
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    yup, put those monster drops in your merchant type and sell them overpriced in npc's. also, 1k charm set cost around 5-6b some 7b.
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    sell the charms directly to players for 5b-6b per set (1set = 1k red, 1k blue, 1k yellow) save up the consumables. sell the expensive etc. loot to npc.
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    Nah man, it's all part of the game. If you don't want to be ks'ed then go ks those you think you over powered. There's nothing to be concerned about. If you can't beat them, join 'em. Simple as that. STP Method has been always like this since 2015? xd my advice, JUST GIT GUD
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    I mean, undead scroll needed a name change ever since implementation. I guess it's not that hard to do? Element resist scroll or simply Element scroll / Resist scroll will do better than Undead Scroll.
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    Understandable, since it's right next to holy elemental scroll in some npc shops. As long as people know/learn what something actually does, it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
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    Im concern about the stp now, they ez kill the boss and end it early . I cant blame them to farm points for their own division and for them selves but some people are greedy to farm points even they strong enough to kill 1 but they will ks your mob . Hope someday, the player's greediness will pay them more prize than other players ^^
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