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    Can we just take a moment and think how newbie friendly DreamerRO has become? Especially the dRO holidays (and in this case Corona Virus) events. I remember last December 2018 with the xmas event when I just started playing these in-game events and used to get 400-500 kills every global buff wave leaving me with no chance of winning the top 3 hunters list. I was forced to use whatever I have at the moment since I ain't rich enough to buy all these equipment that help grind the event. I won 2 rares including the God of Thunder set that event so it's irrelevant now, but it doesn't change the fact that I had to work so hard for the 100 tickets I collected. But now, heck everyone was given a 1-week free divine weapon, as well as farming gears which you can rent (I think) after it expires giving everyone a legit chance of not only winning top 3 hunters, but gather as much items and tickets as possible. I am lucky enough to see these maybe minor to the rich but very appreciated changes for the poor. Huge thanks to all the Staffs and GMs, especially to daddy Haze and uncle mommy Sadie. To all the hunters, happy grinding and I will see you in the battlefield
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    The Corona Virus Pandemic has hit close to home for many of us. Schools, parks & business across the globe are closing their doors in order to slow down the pandemic. Many of us are are doing our part by staying safe at home and participating in social distancing. The DreamerRO Staff wants to help our players stay safe and entertained by running a Corona Virus Awareness Event. The goal of the event is to generously reward our players for staying home, participating in the Event and our Core Features. ==================================================================== Phase 1 The first phase of the event consists of gathering much needed medicinal supplies in order to create vaccines that will be used to cure the corona virus from infected patients. These supplies must be collected from monsters that will invade the main cities of Midgard. The Invasions will run 8 times a day and will last for 2 hours: 02:03, 05:03, 08:03, 11:03, 14:03, 17:03, 20:03, 23:03 These times are based on the server time. You can check the current server time by using @time in-game. Invasion Race: During the first hour of the invasion, there will be a race, which consists of killing a randomly chosen invasion monster in order to unlock a "City Buff" which lasts for the rest of the invasion. In addition to unlocking a city-wide buff, the top 3 hunters will be rewarded with "Appreciation Tokens", raffle ticket and some zeny. They'll also get 10/7/5 honorable points for their respective guilds. (More on the tokens below) You can use @raid to check the progress of the Invasion Race. City Buffs: A random city buff from the list below will be unlocked when the Global Race Target is achieved. Hope And Prayers: Increases the chance to get DreamerRO Raffle Tickets when killing monsters. Heroic Karma: Invasion monsters will give Hero EXP and a chance to earn Elite Hero Kills & Heroic Coins Financial Aid: Invasion monsters give zeny when killed and a small chance to drop Zeny bags. Invasion Monsters: Infected Bat Mad Scientist Elderberry Tree Airborne Droplet Manipulated Scientist Contaminated Droplet Contaminated Bat Mutated Bat (Boss) - Spawns every 20 minutes. Server Wide Bonuses - Available at all times during the Corona Virus Awareness Event Zeph Hunting Missions now give 30% more Zeny MvP Card drop rate has been increased from 3% to 5% Participating in Battlegrounds will reward players with Appreciation Tokens. ============================================================================ Phase 2 The second phase of the Corona Virus Awareness Event consists of creating vaccines out of the ingredients you've been collecting from the virus invasions. You will notice a new NPC in Caspen called "Vaccine Researcher". This NPC will help you convert your ingredients into vaccines. Vaccine Requirements: 5x Virus DNA 5x Antibody Serum 2x Elderberry 2x Elder Tree Oil 1x Syringe 1x Needle These vaccines will need to be delivered to hundreds of different houses in various cities all across Midgard. Each Vaccine you deliver will be rewarded with 6 Appreciation Tokens. The Vaccine Researcher NPC will tell you how many vaccines and where to deliver those vaccines. You will be paid instantly after successfully delivering the vaccines. You can exchange your Appreciation Tokens for other in-game currencies through the Corona Virus Shop. These currencies will open the door to hundreds of end-game items such as Donation Headgears, Rare Items, Equipment, MvP Cards and Donation Services! Corona Virus Shop Exchange Rates: 1x Heroic Coin = 2x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Heroic Coins at the Hero Temple - ayo_in02 115 170) 1x Billion Zeny Bag = 150x Appreciation Tokens - (Cash Money BABYY!) 1x Donation Token = 250x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Donation Tokens at the Donation Mall - final_dest 100 20) 1x Combat Coin = 400x Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange Combat Coins at hero_camp 210 215) 1x Aura Stylist Service = 12,500 Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange at Caspen 185 210) 1x Spirit of Heroism = 30,000 Appreciation Tokens - (Exchange at Caspen 110 160) Antivirus Set - Free Farming Set! We have decided to further close the gap between newbies and veterans by adding a completely free Antivirus Set. The set consists of 3 headgears that were especially designed to maximize farming during the event invasion. This is in addition to the divine weapons! To claim your free set, you must speak with the Valkyrie NPC in Caspen called "Envoy of Light". The set will expire after 30 days of claiming it, which will be more than enough time to farm during the entire event. The effect will be removed from the head gears after the event ends on April 26. **Any card slotted on the headgears will need to be removed before the event ends, or it will be lost** **If the Antivirus Set is making it hard to farm because you confuse monsters to people, read this** Antivirus Set Effect: Antivirus Bandana - Adds a chance of auto-casting various magic spells while physically attacking. (Helps kill faster by spamming bolts and magic spells) Antivirus Coat - Increases Range +2 and Max Weight by 2,000. (Helps kill from further and carry more loots) Antivirus Mask - Increases Movement Speed by 60% and Range + 4. (Helps navigate the map faster and kill from longer distance) ===================================================================== Future Phases Sneak Peak Raffle Tickets will be used at the end of the Event for a chance to win Rare items. During Phase 3 of the event, we plan on adding the entire Easter Head gears collection and a few new sprites into the Corona Virus Shop. Event Notes: The Event will run until April 26, 2020. The event may be extended if the pandemic situation worsens. The Eastern Event will not run this year. The Corona Virus Awareness event overlaps with the Easter season. We will make Easter Head gears available via Appreciation Tokens. All invasion loot, vaccines and appreciation tokens are account bound. Special Credits to our beloved developer, Sadie, GM Snow, GM Arceus and the rest of the GM Team & Staff members for helping with the event.
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    CORONA VIRUS AWARENESS ( PHASE 1 ) FARMING BUILD Created by : ( l VIP l Maman ) =================================================================== Recommended Job : Guillotine cross / Shadow chaser / Sorcerer / Warlock / other job also recommended so don't worry. Recommended Stats : 195 attack speed ( aspd ) others not recommended. This is the basic equipment that needed for this event farming and grinding. =================================================================================== Upper gear : Pharaoh's manipulation / Hanging Skull / Angeling Beanie / Snowman Mask / Other Autocast Chain Skill HG[ Isilla Card ] Middle gear : [ PLEASE COMMEND BELOW ] [ Isilla Card ] Lower gear : Purple Bubbles Aura /other autocast chain skill hg [ Isilla Card ] Armor : [ PLEASE COMMEND BELOW ] Weapon : Divine weapon ( 7 days only go to caspen 172 215 and talk to Envoy of Light to redeem your divine weapon ) Elemental Sword / Fireblend / Ice Falchion / Other autocast chain skill hg [ Mutant dragonoid / Hatii Bebe / Fuse Baphomet Card ] Shield : [ PLEASE COMMEND BELOW ] Garment : Any slotted garments [Kasa Card ] Boots : Sleipnir or movement speed boots. Accessories : Alchemy Gloves / Mercury Relic / [Owl baron + Owl duke Card ] / ring of flame lord =================================================================================== TOTAL DPS DAMAGE PER RATE : 135K - 250K per second ( one monster take at least 6 seconds ) if you got Mercury Relic or other chain autocast skill more better. Any suggestion and other recommended items can leave a comment below, thank you so much and happy farming grind all DreamerRO players.
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    Grinding and farming mode on!
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    When you don't have time 'cuz of work - You want to no-life. When you have too much of free time 'cuz of corona - You want to go back to work. Like what the.. #stayhome
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    always support dreamerRO since 2016, nice updated!
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    This guide is for newbies who want the Draconus' Scale for Hero Quest or for those who want Draconus Card. It's pretty easy actually STATS: Enough STR to carry stuff and additional attack (200-ish) Enough AGI for max attack speed Enough VIT to withstand Draconus' damage (300-ish) INT - Not really necessary Max DEX - Main Stats for Rangers Enough LUK for CRIT and additional attack (200-ish) EQUIPMENT: Helm - - - Punk Beanie with any card you want (VOTE NOW TO GET PUNK BEANIE!!!!!!!) Wing - - - Union Wings with any card you want Aura - - - Any Aura with any card you want Armor - - - White Wing Suit [+Long Range Physical attacks by 2*refine level] with Gloom Under Night Card for Draconus in Hero Temple or Any card you want for Draconus in Mag_dun02 Weapon - - - any 4 slotted bow with [3 Abysmal Knight Cards + Mao Guai Card] for Draconus in Mag_dun02 or with [3 Abysmal Knight Card + Santa Poring for Draconus from Hero Temple] = 210% more damage on Draconus Shield - - - (Limited to 1Handed Bows only) Any shield with Alice Card Garment - - - White Wing Manteau Shoes - - - White Wing Boots with any card you want Accessories - - - White Wing Brooch and any other accessory you want Arrow - - - Arrow of Counter Evil for Draconus in Hero Temple or Immaterial Arrow for Draconus in Mag_dun02 WHAT TO DO: *DRACONUS in Mag_dun02 Warp to mag_dun02 241 241 to get to mag_dun02. Type @mobsearch 3400. If Draconus is alive it'll show "1 Draconus", if he's dead it'll show "[dead] Draconus" Move 1-cell away from Draconus to proc Sonic Blow. Hit him using normal attacks. Use Mastela Fruit to stay alive Get Scale (and Card if you're lucky) *DRACONUS in Hero Temple Talk to the girl in Hero Temple and pay 1b. Enter the instance. ^ Follow Step 3 onwards ***NOTES and TIPS: The highlighted items are very important to make this build work. Draconus respawns 3 hours after death. White Wing Suit is dropped by Anubis with a 100% drop rate. White Wing Manteau, Boots and Brooch can be bought using Mora Coins in Mora Village (I will add another guide later on how to farm Mora Coins 24/7) White Wing Set (Armor+Garment+Boots+Brooch) gives a 30% increase in Long Range Attacks. You can enchant the White Wing Set using Mora Coins. Since you are using a bow, all your attacks are considered Long Range. (Correct me if I'm wrong) You can ask around to know the best equipment for Long Range Damage. I don't use Ranger as my main and just happened to discover this. Rangers are not the best Draconus killers. CONGRATULATIONS! You have slain Draconus! TRY IT NOW!! Please +1 if you LIKE it... +1 if you DON'T LIKE it... +1 if you DON'T CARE... THANKS and ENJOY! :))
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    We are happy to hear these small changes are causing a big impact on your experience at DreamerRO! We wanted to close the gap between newbies and veterans during this event so literally everyone can benefit from participating.
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    I suggest making the vaccine delivery require more vaccines (like 10-20 vaccines per delivery instead of like 1-5) which of course give more tokens in return since vaccines doesn't require many items to make. I just made 50 vaccines and took 10+ deliveries to different mailbox spread across different towns made me dizzy already. Cant imagine myself doing it for thousands of vaccines.
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    Replaced the range in the Elite Weapon Equinox by AtkRate + 2-3-4%.
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    Praying for everyone's safety against the virus. Have a great and safe day everyone!
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    dont put garm card and any weapon card. theres a limit in amount of auto casted skills and those cards unables other cards (like gazeti) to work which trades "bolt" skills that deals 10 damage for "ball" skills that deals 1 damage. - Moonlight Sonata.
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    Because u already have double attack skill on your job. Double Attack Skill + Sidewinder Card doesn't stack. Use garm baby and mutant dragon
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    You probably were stoned as hell when you wrote it, weren't you LOL. I love it though xd" stay safe people.
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    grinding mode on! is my first event that i join.
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    i need something to feed my big ego
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    can we have "Hero Division (Part 2)" or revamp the elite gloves? :)))
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    should be possible if we had this considered earlier before the implementation of the event but since we have no record of winners it's no longer applicable. The script only record the total monster kills per race and reset it every new rounds.
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