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    Inviting all our knowledgeable players to take part in the creation of our upcoming Wiki! http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki
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    Thanatos fragments are now back in being trade-able and droppable.
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    Steadily growing again. Lets keep the votes and reviews coming, they are helping us grow!
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    Probably my favorite screenshot that I've ever taken. Thank you for all the wonderful times @Rad and many more to come!
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    My internet went down for a few hours, went downstairs and talked to my family. They seem like nice people
  6. 2 points
    DORAMS all in a row! We are from the Lasagna guild~ MiyabINyaa, Unemployed Unit (me), iYaH16, and Lord Ichi. In my absense, Lord Ichi has been recruiting more fellow Dorams into the guild. I bet if we were all online and gathered, I swear it would be cuteness overload. xD Ah yes~ another Doram has been invited into the Lasagna guild. ^^ There was one more today, WangQeut; but I did not manage to get a pic with her. Caspen was a bit more packed than usual. OK bye.
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    The problem with your damage is the enchantments. It doesn't work if EA is slotted on first slot. Fixed too.
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    I'm just happy to get kills and badges every round of BG
  9. 1 point
    Sven: Yo. Just spotted a distant cousin of mine in Caspen. Dieter: I prefer being small like a little fairy. I'm happy to help!
  10. 1 point
    Aaaa these headgears are so cute on meeee //being super vain// but really though xD so comfy~ Musketeer Hat, Striped Scarf, and Poring Necklace. Courtesy of big bro Sven's Guild Leader of InevitableCopy (Lasagna ally). Mischievous duo... hehehe... Oh, my Dullahan pet, Barry the Chopper is now (finally) cordial! ^^ He so cute. OK bye.
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  12. 1 point
    Dieter is the smollest and cutest fairy.
  13. 1 point
    Hello hi I am Sven / Dieter. Dieter says: Please don't listen to what Sven says, he is a very bad boy. You can tell me if he does something mean to you.
  14. 1 point
    Unemployed Unit's Headgear post~ As promised previously, the last two hats. My new Deviling Hat! I didn't kill the Deviling. This was given to me by big bro Sven. I like it. It fits my head and does not squish my ears. And then he let me play with his Wolf Hat. Look. It is funny on me, hehehheehehe. OK bye. Goodnight.
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    I saw Indominus indomining mood just now. I don't mind him.
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    I haven't posted about new cute hats in a while. Here are SIX that I have recently obtained! //rummages Poring Backpack// Oof, starting to get too full with hats in here... I hope the images load right... Teddy Bear Hat looks cute, yes... This one big bro Dieter give me. Next: Model Training Hat is... a bit big for me... but I like it. Big bro Sven helped with the Book [3] (authentic from Creamy Fear, not store-bought). Third one is Angel Wing from Angeling -- my latest hat actually... I want a Halo as well, but they didn't drop it. NEXT! Karada Meguricha Hat! This one I got from GAMBLIIIIINNNGGG xDDD The casino was so packed, I couldn't see my hat! Next: Romantic Gent from a summoned Vocal. And lastly... Dorothy Doll Hat... I think Lord Ichi gave me this. I have two more to show. I will show in next post tomorow. OK bye. Goodnight.
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    I love Rebellion class so much that I made another one. So there's Sven 1C4 and Sven 1C2. YASSS
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    Changelog: Fragments required from Hero Quest are now tradeable.
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    Press shift + right click
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    Let me retell the story: Months ago, me and my pal Bonez along with HumbleBeing created a guild called Eternal Asura (EA), it was probably 20 people active in this guild, we are all friends, we connected through facebook messenger as well. 80% of this member isn't vet. one day, came WoE time. I dont know how it happened, (probably through EA e-caller at the time Despair) Amatsu seek help from EA to defeat a full member guild Hella. So, Hella lost. in those pictures bonez was asking for salary for his non vets members, not for himself. There isn't anything BEGGING because thats just how it works, you pay all those who helped you winning (SALARY) nothing is for free. Apparently in these picture, Amatsu thought we are helping them for free since we are ally, we only allied because we dont want to attack each other in the actual WOE map. they don't want to pay, they thought it is an alliance system we all miraculously agreed to play without something in return. we don't know each other that well Nothing funny, it just showed how poorly Amatsu treat others and EA left for a reason. P.S: Hella paid us well and treat us well.
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    Lyumiaaaa~ Hello it is me, Unemployed Unit, nicknamed by Apex as 'Un' for short. P/S: I hope your pupper is ok! :<
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    Atk% and Matk% doesn't get added into your stats, but will show in your damage output
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    I miss Dreamer so much.