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    Do you have what it takes to among the top killers in DreamerRO for the month of July? Contest: On July 31st at 12:00 server time we will rewards the top 5 killers in Battlegrounds and the Hero Arena and the top 3 killers in the Dual Arena. Prizes: Battleground Prizes: 150 DreamerRO Tokens 125 DreamerRO Tokens 100 DreamerRO Tokens 75 DreamerRO Tokens 50 DreamerRO Tokens Hero Arena Prizes: 175 DreamerRO Tokens + 1 Red Nike Championship Hat 150 DreamerRO Tokens 125 DreamerRO Tokens 100 DreamerRO Tokens 75 DreamerRO Tokens Duel Arena Prizes: 80 DreamerRO Tokens + 1 Red Nike Championship Hat 75 DreamerRO Tokens 50 DreamerRO Tokens * Do not break any of the server rules in order to increase your chances of winning the event. The GMs will be monitoring these arenas 3x more than usual and punishments will be harsher than usual, as the stakes are higher as well. PS - The monthly rankings were reset 5 minutes after this topic was created to wipe out any existing progress in the month.
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    Before beginning, there are a few things i would like to mention about this guide: 1) This guide is made for players that want to farm OGH instance with a LOW BUDGET 2) Spending more on equipment = gives you more comfort while farming the instance 3) This is a long guide (be prepared to read a lot) 4) This guide is not perfect and requires practice on certain stages. (you will still die / fail the instance if you are not careful) Requirements: Need to be Hero to enter the Instance Royal Guard (doesn't matter what hero level you are) Stats: Str: 200-250 Agi: 195 Atk Spd Vit: 500 Int: 430++ Dex: 150 Luk: 0 Skills you will need: Grand Cross Sacrifice + Cloak spamming combo Vanguard Force - increases max hp (can be toggled) Inspiration - Increase HP & stats for 90 Secs (use during boss stage) Gospel (If you get striped, you can de-buff strip with gospel) Key Equipment Required (Cost less than 5B if you saved up V4P) Striped Scarf (V4P) / Night Vision Goggles or any with same effect (+4 Range Low Headgear) - Orc Hero Card Any Garment - Deviling Card Returner's Set (100% after cast delay) Valk Armor - Ghostring Card / Tao Gunka Card (Personally i prefer to use Tao Gunka Card with Ghostring Scroll. Use ghostring scrolls when there are too many monsters attacking you) Returner's Garment - Free Lv3 Cloaking Solar Sword (guranteed life steal) buy atleast 4-5 of it from the zeny mall (@warp ayo_in01 ). If they get broken you will have a spare Valk Shield - Thara Frog Card & Alice Card (same thing get 2 or 3 of these for backup if they break) Strong Shield (Anti Knock-back, obtainable from Bloody Knight) Any Shoes - Eddga Card (you can ignore this if you want to manual cast endure) Any +9 Shoes - Firelock Soldier Card (if you are using manual cast endure) Any Accessory - Spore card Luxury Build (not 100% required, if you want to spend 400B to farm 100B worth of item its up to you) Top Headgear: Creed or any headgear with same effect - Orc Hero Card / Double Slotted Helm - 2x Addax Mid Headgear: Felicity Wings - Addax Card Low Headgear: Candy Ring - Addax Card / Anti-Strip Low Gear - Addax Card Armor: +8 Juggernaut Armor / +8/9/10 Magnetite Body Armor - Tao Gunka / Fused Angeling Card Weapon: Death Lance / Elite Wep - Fused Dracula / Sniper x2 / Golem or Randgris (prevent break) Shield: Bronzite Buckler / +8 Libra Garment: Keeper's Manteau - Deviling Card / Rustic Garment - Sinx Card Enchanted Sleipnir (Vit) - Fused Eddga Copper Rosary - FacewormC / Spore Strategy: Before proceeding to this part you should read up on DRO Wiki OGH instance walkthrough to have a general understanding of the map and monster information Link: http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Instance_Walkthrough_(Old_Glast_Heim) You will also need Macros for spamming Grand Cross / Sacrifice + Cloaking Combo You will also need the Auto Pot Macro for spamming Mastella (If you have this, instance is do-able without creed helm) The instructions are provided at DRO wiki. Link: http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Mapin_Auto_Cast_RO Usable items: 1000-1200 Mastella Fruit (purchase with merchant's discount skill to lower cost) 100 Panacea Shadow Scrolls for Amdarais Boss Bubblegum x2 (to increase drop rate of coagspells) Token Of Siegfried (you can buy them for insurance,not necessary when you have more experience) If you have read the DRO wiki walkthrough you will know that there are 3 Phase before Corruption Root Boss + 2 phase before Amdarais Boss = total 7 Phase including boss stage *important notes* #1) Upon entering the instance and talking to Varmundt & Heinrich, stay on the left side of the map to prevent getting slaughtered by mass spawns of abysmal knights and khalitzburgs #2) Pre-Cast Full Chemical Protection (10minutes duration) before entering (you can use dual client to buff yourself with FCP) #3) Be as efficient as you can so you can clear phase 2 before your FCP expires #4) Use bubblegum before phase 1 begins #5) turn on vanguard force Phase 1 A portal will appear on the left side once you have finished talking to the NPC Varmundt Equip your 100% ACD returner set, turn on auto pot and clear the monsters with grandcross. This should be quite easy as most of the monsters are undead. Prioritize on killing Chamberlain & Corrupted Monk as they are undead. Rinse and repeat until the NPC appears, talk to the npc and proceed to phase 2. Phase 2 Make sure your FCP has not expire and proceed to clear those bugs that can FULL STRIP you. Once you have cleared those bugs you can start to clear those zombies. In the event if your FCP has expire, dont worry. You can still clear phase 2. Move around the map and clear those zombies without triggering those FULL STRIP bugs. Rinse and repeat until the NPC appears, talk to the npc and proceed to phase 3. Phase 3 For this part, there are two monsters Raydric Knight and Archer. Killing Raydric Archers is easy, just equip Strong Shield to prevent Archer's knockback and spam that cloak & sacrifice combo Raydric Knight is more challenging as it can break your helmet, armor and shield. At phase 3, your FCP probably has expired but dont worry. What you need to do is lure those knights to a safe zone and kill them seperately. The Sacrifice and Cloak combo is important here cause the Knights cant break your armor when you are Cloaking. Also make use of you +4 range advantage. This part will be slower compared to Phase 1 & 2, just becareful not to break your armor while clearing those Knights. With experience this part will become a whole lot easier. You can also use the Inspiration Buff at the beginning of phase 3 to boost your damage. The cooldown will be refreshed when you have reach Phase 4. Rinse and repeat and you will enter Phase 4, Corruption Root Boss Phase 4 - Corruption Root Boss Basically this stage is pretty easy for RG cause of the +4 range. Make sure you are at the max attack range when hitting Corruption Root Boss to prevent getting nuked by Esma. The boss has 1.6B HP, so phase 4 should take about 5-9minutes depending on how much HP gear you have. Make sure you have the optimum delay for you Sacrifice & Cloaking combo so you can maximize damage. Also, turn on Inspiration when the cooldown is ready. (If done right, you can out-damage an Elite RG Lv4 that doesnt use Sacri & Cloak combo) Once you are done, talk to the npc and collect your reward. Proceed to Phase 5. Phase 5 (Agony Knight Mini-MVP) For this part there are few things that you need to take note on, 1) Always wear Demihuman reduction gear when there are Abysmal Knights near you. They can do 1.5m damage x5, if you are not wearing redux gear. Solution: use returner's helm & returner's shield 2) Use cloak to seperate Raydric Knights from other monster. Raydric knights cant detect Invisibility. 3) If cloaking fails, use the luring technique to seperate them. Raydric Knights have higher movement speed and will outrun other monsters. Once they are seperated, kill it with sacrifice & cloak combo. You should also do this with Raydric Archers. 4) For Bloody Murderer, Khalitzburg & Abysmal Knights, lure them in a group with DemiHuman Redux Gear+ Tao Gunka Armor with Ghostring scrolls + deviling garment You should be able to tank them easily. Once grouped together, spam grandcross and clear them. 5) Try to lure without getting caught by Raydric Knights (They can break your armor if you are not careful when luring) 6) Rinse and repeat until the Mini MVP spawns. 7) Equip shield with alice card, tao gunka with ghostring scroll + deviling garment 8.) Seperate the MVP from the other spawns, use sacrifice and cloak combo to kill it. Phase 6 (2nd Mini MVP) Instructions are quite similar to Phase 5, clear the monsters on the right wing and the second Mini MVP will spawn. Equip shield with alice card, tao gunka with ghostring scroll + deviling garment, use sacrifice and cloak combo to kill it. Phase 7 (Amdarais Boss) A little heads up, this stage is quite difficult without experience. Make sure to turn on your /effects, so you will know what skills the boss is casting. Dont hit the boss when it has the Endure skill on, you can die from sacrifice. You should equip garment with deviling card, shield with alice card Have your solar swords / valk shield with alice cards ready for equip when the boss breaks them. Make sure you are standing at the edge of the circle so you will have a higher chance of avoiding zombie bombs Always be aware of your Shadow Scroll Buff as it can be dispelled. Make sure you rebuff when it gets dispelled. After you have killed Amdarais, proceed to the treasure room. This is an end game tier instance, you may not succeed on the first attempt but it does get easier with experience. If you have any questions / suggestions, post them here or contact me in game. I'll reply most of them when i have time. Hope this guide was helpful to you guys Edit: Forgot to mention that you could make multiple Hero RGs on the same account (If you have 9 RGs you could farm OGH instance 9 times) Equipments can be shared through storage, saves alot of money there. You should be able to farm 300-500 coag spells per run with bubblegum. If you are a hardworking player, you should be able to farm a Khalitzburg Knight Card within 3 to 5 days. Happy farming everyone. Edit #2:Info about Cloaking & Sacrifice combo. Casting cloak after sacrifice cancels the animation of sacrifice, allowing you to spam sacrifice faster.
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    Yea this sounds better. After reaching 20k BGP theres nothing tto do anymore with the points (look at the top 50 ranking theyre all have 20k+ points) . This is more newbie friendly (in general) for those whos not into pk-ing u can be a team player here at the same time ur earning more than just badges and v.badges. yea maybe next time..next month...
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    Top 3 Killers in Hero Arena: 1. Ninja 2. Ninja 3. Ninja Top 3 Killers in Duel arena: 1. Ninja 2. Ninja 3. Ninja
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    maybe it would have been better if BG was based more on BGP score (of course it should start measuring from zero) instead of just kills, to prevent people from simply farming spawn point kills, and not helping with objectives, it will also give support classes a chance to join in as well, but then again this is a PK contest soo maybe in the next event?
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    If you feel like you character or account is bugged and you ONLY fail, then you can open a ticket and I will check it for you. Just know though, since its implementation, there has never been any player that "bugged" and failed every attempt. It is purely based on chances and luck.
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    Each forge attempt is independent of the last one. Failing the previous attempt doesn't affect the chances of succeeding in the next attempt. So if you fail 10 times in a row, there is no guarantee that the 11ths will be the winner.
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    Didnt know we can change sfx until now @Latte
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    This isn't a veteran attitude, this is the attitude of those who have something important to do other than playing. I work from home so like i said, i lost interest because i know i can't be active 24/7 to go against those who are. There's an English saying that fits perfectly here, "I would if I could, but I can't so I won't" So don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say this event sucks, i even said that it's a decent event.
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    Support classes should complete the BG Objectives since the rest of the players will be busy killing each other. Im a support too. Hehehe. So... Yea.
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    If anything, you can say it is based on Kills-Deaths. If i remember correctly that is how the rankings are currently sorted on the website.
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    Duel Arena. My life is complete
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    Edit topic: Added a top 3 contest for the Duel Arena so the loners can participate too.
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    now thats ninjas been nerfed ill w8 and see if pvp starts back up XD
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    These are my personal preferences for the equipment you may change accordingly. This a build meant for getting the highest HP with average and expensive gear. Note: I don't have half of these gears myself (still need better armor, garment, and shield just sitting at 8.3m hp) but you should be able to reach at least 10m hp with the better gears. STATS: STR: 250-300+ (weight) AGI: 190+ (for decrease agility) VIT: MAX INT: 80+ (just for SP) DEX: Rest (HIT) LUK: 1 SKILLS: Sacrifice, Reflect Shield, Defender (only use when fighting long-range attackers), Spear quicken (if somehow you don't have max ASPD) HEADGEARS: Upper: Creed Helm/Same Effect - [Addax Card] - Enable 20% chance of gaining 70% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as HP with each attack. - Reduce Damage taken by demi-human by 25%. Desert Prince Cap (stay on safe mode if you use this) - [Addax Card] - Enable 20% chance of gaining 50% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as HP with each attack. Mid: Felicity Wings - [Addax Card] - Increase all stats +30. Increase Max HP by 10%. Azure Wings/Same Effect - [Addax Card] - Increase Max HP by 15%. Reduce skill delay by 25%. Lower: Candy Ring/Same Effect - [Addax Card] - Increase Max HP by 20%. Permanent Endure Effect. Immune to stun status. NVG/Same Effect (for more range and movement speed) - [Addax|Orc Hero Card (stun immunity is better)] - Increase movement speed by 60%. Increase range by 4. Max HP +5%. ARMOR: +8 Magnetite Armor (for immunity to knockback) - [Tao Gunka Card] - Vit+ 10. Max HP +15%. Indestructible. [If +8-10] Immune to knockback. +8 Juggernaut Armor - Increase Max HP by 120%. [If +8-10] Increase Max HP by 150%. +0-10 Valk Armor - [Tao Gunka Card] - All stats+ 1. Indestructible. [Swordsman, Merchant, Theif Class] Resistance against stun status +50%. WEAPON: +0-10 Exodia - [Fused Dracula|3x Sniper Card] or [Fused Dracula|2x Sniper|Randgris Card (for those who don't want the hassle of bringing FCP)] - VIT +18. STR +12. 10-12-15% chance to convert 25% physical damage as HP. - +1-2-3 Increased range. Max HP +5-6-7%. Reflect Magic Damage by 7%. - [Level 4 effect] Reduce defense by 20% Solar Sword (guaranteed to heal the damage) - Drain 1% of damage inflicted on its target as HP with each attack. [Works with magical damage] SHIELD: +8 Libra Shield (immunity to knockback) - [Thara Frog|Alice Card (if you are on safe mode)] - Adds 10% resistance to fire and water elements. Cannot be stripped. - [Refine +8-10] Immune to knockback. +0-10 Bronzite Buckler - [Thara Frog|Alice Card] - STR +20. Dex +15. Max HP +150000. Reflects 10% of melee damage received back to the offender. - [Refine +8-10] Shield cannot be stripped. +0-10 Valk Shield - [Thara Frog|Alice Card] - MDEF +5. Reduces damage taken from fire, water, undead, and shadow element by 20%. Strong Shield (cheap alternative to +8 Libra Shield) - [Thara Frog|Alice Card] - Immune to knockback. Increase damage taken from physical and magical attacks by 20%. +0-10 Orlean's Server (for reducing magic damage but avoid actually fighting sorcerer and warlock phantoms) - [GTB Card] - MDEF +2. Adds 5% chance of reflecting magical attacks. GARMENT: +0-10 Rustic Mantle - [Aliot Card] - INT +15. VIT +15. Max HP +10%. Increase resistance against Water and Wind elemental attacks by 10%. - [Refine +8-10]. MATK +10%. +0-10 Valk Manteau|+0-10 Nydhogg's Shadow Garb - [Aliot Card] - [Valk Manteau] [Swordman, Theif, Mechant] Reflect 5% melee damage back to enemies. Increases percentage reflect damage by (upgrade level*2). - [Nydhogg's Shadow Garb] MDEF +3. Reduces damage taken from all elemental attacks by 7%. Increase Max SP based on Refine level and wearer's Base level. SHOES: Sleipnir of the Gods - [Green Ferus Card] - Increase Movement Speed. Maximum HP and SP +20%. SP Recovery +15%. MDEF +10. Impossible to refine. Indestructible. ACCESSORIES: 2x Vitality Megjingard (for highest hp) - VIT +40 Card Stats: Headgear Cards: Addax Card - Reduce skill delay by 15%. Increase HP by 15%. Increase STR by 4. Orc Hero Card - Immunity to stun status. Armor Card: Tao Gunka Card - Increase Max HP by 100%. Reduce hard def and mdef by 50. Weapon Cards: Fused Dracula Card - Increase damage to all races by 15%. 10% chance to convert 15% of damage as HP and SP. 2% chance to drain target SP by 10% on each attack. Sniper Card - Adds 5% chance of absorbing 20% of the physical damage inflicted on target by the wearer as HP. Disables natural HP regeneration. Randgris Card - ATK +10%. Chance of autocasting Level 1 Dispell with each physical attack. Compounded weapon indestructible. Shield Cards: Thara Frog Card - Reduce damage taken from demi-human monster by 30%. Alice Card - Reduce damage taken from boss monsters by 40%. Increase damage taken from normal monsters by 40%. Golden Thiefbug Card - Reduce magic damage by 60%. Increase SP cost by 100%. Shoes Card: Green Ferus Card - Vit +5. Max HP +10%. Consumables: Panacea, Vitality and Elemental Resistance Buffs (not necessary), Yggdrasil Berries (safe mode) With the cheaper gears, you should be able to at least 2 sacri some phantoms. Tips: - When you see the archbishop alone kill it ASAP, as long as it hasn't cast assumption. Should die within 2 sacri. - Avoid engaging the warlock and sorcerer. - Leave killing the RG last. - Prioritize the genetic and wanderer when you fight a group of phantoms. - If a group of phantoms has an archbishop avoid them. You are just asking for death and wasting your time. - Use @esc to avoid dying or when running away. Use @refresh when consumables won't show up.
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