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  1. Make Another Limited Achievement please Like "Ancient Samurai"

  2. Bitcoin added as a new donation method with 2.5x credits promotion.

  3. New WoE treasures soon.. maybe this week?!

  4. HaZe

    Ancient Samurai Achievement

    You are right. I apologize for my mistake. In that case, there is no set date as to when the set will become available again.
  5. HaZe

    Ancient Samurai Achievement

    It already is. Check the donation mall > misc & ETC shop
  6. Daylight savings takes effect in America today. All event times are roll back 1 hour. Always use @time

  7. Please renew your review or write a new one if you haven't done so already! http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

  8. HaZe

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    TRICK OR TREAT EVENT How does Trick or Treat Event work? You must complete the quest for any of the Halloween Masks before the day of the Trick or Treat event in order to participate. There are a total of 20 houses across Caspen City open for the Halloween Trick or Treating event. All of the houses are virtually the same, however, each house will trigger a different reward for each person. That means that if your friend gets a good item at a certain house, it does not mean you will also get a good item at that same house. Whatever item you get at each house will depend purely on luck. *** Trick or Treat Event is limited to 1 account per IP/Computer*** It s very simple to go out trick or treating, just put on your mask and visit each one of the 20 houses. Knock on the door by clicking on it and wait for the home owner to open and give you goodies. We recommend you walk around with your friends and compare what you each get at each house to make the most out of the event. Chances depend on player and not on the house: 5% chance there will be nobody home 25% You get a not-so-good item (i.e Candy) 45% You get a not-so-bad item (i.e Usables) 20% You get an average item (secret) 5% You get a good item (secret) Do not expect overpowered items or free donations to be given out during the trick or treat event, keep in mind how easy it was to obtain your mask.. That being said...everyone should participate and get free goodies! You may only visit each of the 20 houses once Using more than one account to participate in events is against the rules and will result in a ban of all related accounts. If you cancel out the dialog before receiving the reward, you will lose that reward for that house. Trick or Treat will start Nov 3 and last until Nov 4. You will have 24 hours to participate!
  9. HaZe

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

  10. HaZe

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    We do remove mobs right before the event finale starts. The map and npcs will stay for aN additional 24 hours to give people time to use their loots and exchange raffle tickets.
  11. In an attempt to assists newbies find the "best" equipment from the sea of available options, i wrote a SQL query that looks at all Elite lvl 3 & 4 Rune Knights and attempts to create a "perfect" build based on the most commonly used items for each slot. I'm curious how accurate the SQL query is to be honest.. so please rate this build from 1 to 5. (1 = Trash, 2= below Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Good, 5 = Great) Top - Old_Owl_Hat w/Kiel Card (Delay -20%, Demi Human damage -25%) Middle - Rare item w/Addax Card Bottom - Black_Beats_Headphones w/Glorified Orc Hero Card (immune to Freeze/Silence, +10% HP) Armor - Juggernaut_Armor w/ Tao Gunka Card (HP rate +120 or 150% ) Weapon - Halberd of Legend w/Thanatos, Tyrant_Cecil_Card, 2x Turtle General Card Garment - Asprika (non slotted) Shoes - Sleipnir[1] w/ Ferus Card Shield - Valkyrie's Shield w/Thara Frog Card Accessory1 - Specialist Glove w/Gem of Spiral Accessory2 - Megingjard[1] w/Horong Card
  12. HaZe

    Thanks for the years of play

    Good bye and good luck
  13. Cant wait for WoE tomorrow to see eucliwod vs The Man

  14. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    Congratulations to Iskumburu (Warlock) for winning first place and Hallucination (Ranger) for winning 2nd place. Thank you all for participating in the tournament!
  15. Greetings Dreamers! This is a quick announcement to inform you about the new implementation of the Lite Graphics Plugin, also known as LGP. This is a plugin that has been requested by several players recently, and we are happy to say that it is finally available for use at DreamerRO. What is this Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP)? LGP is a lite graphics plugin that has two main purposes. It replaces the effect of several skills such as Storm Gust, Meteor Storm, Sanctuary and other AoE skills, with effects that are easier for the client and your computer to display. It also provides more specific information about the skills by marking the affected cells for this skills or the exact range of the skill. Basically this command allows you to play with /effects off and still be able to see simplified skills effect, ultimately reducing lag created by excessive skill spam. It is a plugin created by the same developer that created Gepard Shield. How to use LGP? The plugin comes with 5 different commands which will be explained below. @lgp - Enables or Disables LGP. @square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size. The use depends on what you'd like it to do. A common use would be to set the square size to the range of your melee attacks, body relocation, support skills range or your core skill. @circle - Displays circle around the character. This circle typically shows the maximum range of your longest ranged skills. @aoes - Enable or Disable the display aoe skills such as Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Quagmire. @shake - Enables or Disables the "shake" effect from skills such as Fury, Meteor Storm and Heavens Drive. You can use LGP with /effects on or off, but its most definitely recommended to use it with /effects off. Personalizing LGP The plugin allows for personalization by enabling the user to change which color to use for each skill, or even set the transparency for each of the skills. You can adjust the color and transparency of the skills effects by modifying the plugin.ini file located inside your DreamerRO folder. Example: ; MG_SAFETYWALL#Safety_Wall Skill007E=0x7F000000 <--- This will create a black box with 50% transparency on the cell where Safety Wall is casted. To turn this into a solid blue box we would change it to Skill007E=0x000000FF The 0x is a constant that always has to be there. The first two characters colored in purple assign the transparency of the effect. (00: 0% 7F: 50% FF: 100%) The last 6 characters colored in green will assign the color of the effect. You can use this website to view a list of color codes.