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  1. HaZe

    Thanks for the years of play

    Good bye and good luck
  2. Cant wait for WoE tomorrow to see eucliwod vs The Man

  3. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    Congratulations to Iskumburu (Warlock) for winning first place and Hallucination (Ranger) for winning 2nd place. Thank you all for participating in the tournament!
  4. Greetings Dreamers! This is a quick announcement to inform you about the new implementation of the Lite Graphics Plugin, also known as LGP. This is a plugin that has been requested by several players recently, and we are happy to say that it is finally available for use at DreamerRO. What is this Lite Graphics Plugin (LGP)? LGP is a lite graphics plugin that has two main purposes. It replaces the effect of several skills such as Storm Gust, Meteor Storm, Sanctuary and other AoE skills, with effects that are easier for the client and your computer to display. It also provides more specific information about the skills by marking the affected cells for this skills or the exact range of the skill. Basically this command allows you to play with /effects off and still be able to see simplified skills effect, ultimately reducing lag created by excessive skill spam. It is a plugin created by the same developer that created Gepard Shield. How to use LGP? The plugin comes with 5 different commands which will be explained below. @lgp - Enables or Disables LGP. @square <on/off/1-14> - Display square around the character. It is possible to change the size. The use depends on what you'd like it to do. A common use would be to set the square size to the range of your melee attacks, body relocation, support skills range or your core skill. @circle - Displays circle around the character. This circle typically shows the maximum range of your longest ranged skills. @aoes - Enable or Disable the display aoe skills such as Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Quagmire. @shake - Enables or Disables the "shake" effect from skills such as Fury, Meteor Storm and Heavens Drive. You can use LGP with /effects on or off, but its most definitely recommended to use it with /effects off. Personalizing LGP The plugin allows for personalization by enabling the user to change which color to use for each skill, or even set the transparency for each of the skills. You can adjust the color and transparency of the skills effects by modifying the plugin.ini file located inside your DreamerRO folder. Example: ; MG_SAFETYWALL#Safety_Wall Skill007E=0x7F000000 <--- This will create a black box with 50% transparency on the cell where Safety Wall is casted. To turn this into a solid blue box we would change it to Skill007E=0x000000FF The 0x is a constant that always has to be there. The first two characters colored in purple assign the transparency of the effect. (00: 0% 7F: 50% FF: 100%) The last 6 characters colored in green will assign the color of the effect. You can use this website to view a list of color codes.
  5. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    It's fine this is a 1v1 PvP Tournament. I don't expect newbies to win. (I call newbies new players without Hero Status or PvP Equipment) and that's okay. That's like going to a Karate or soccer tournament and expecting average people without training to go in, compete and win the tournament. There are new people who have grinded and/or donated to get ahead quick, and I've seen them joining the recent tournaments and doing well. I do expect some of them to join this tournament as well. But yes, this isn't intended to be a newbie friendly event, although they are welcome to spectate and enjoy watching/commenting on the fights.
  6. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    No thanks
    1. GhostAlpha1


      Still op class wins nothing new

    2. Yuuvi


      When is the next PvP Tournament? I missed this one :c

  7. We will be hosting a 1vs1 PvP Tournament tomorrow after Hero Happy Hours ends. Prizes 1st Place: 50 Donation Tokens + 1 Championship Hat (Red Nike Cap) 2nd Place: 25 Donation Tokens Rules 3rd Job Skills enabled. Priest class disabled. No outside buffs from other jobs. No Yggs or any HP healing usable item. (equipment is ok) Maximum duration per fight is 5 minutes. A winner may be decided based on performance after 5 minutes. Spectators will be allowed to watch the tournament. See you there!
  8. HaZe

    Combat Training Program

    Already in the works
  9. HaZe


    This is just turning into a flaming discussion, which is not necessary. If you encounter a toxic player, ignore them or answer them with a troll super friendly answer. Someone being toxic to you does not give you an excuse to be toxic back. If it bothers you to the point it becomes unacceptable, take screenshots of the entire conversation and file a report either via forums or anonymously via support ticket.
  10. HaZe


    We’ll revise the rules to allow for stricter and harsher punishments to the toxic players. Still, even with stricter rules we will depend solely on reports to punish a toxic player. We have a report section and also a support ticket system that allows for public or private reports. Screenshots are necessary as evidence
  11. We hit 600 online today 🙂 peak during woe 2 weeks ago was only 550.. 

    1. LightOfGod


      That number not important you to know that  your work for balance you will see more numbers and always same number xD 

  12. If you haven’t done so already, help us grow by writing a quick review about DreamerRO at Ratemyserver 🙂 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=8633&url_sname=DreamerRO Renewal-ish

  13. If your “never” is limited to the last 1-2 years then ill give you that. I wasn’t interested in boosting or enabling more builds or skills to an outlier job that was shining in PvP. Recent patches focused on skills and jobs that were lacking, not on the ones already destroying the arena. now that their OP skills have been removed from HA then I can focus on boosting and revising their pre renewal skills. Just because they arent useful now doesnt mean they will remain useless in the future. This isnt a topic to balance their pre renewal skills or melee builds, its a topic that discusses the disabling of their renewal skills in 2nd job maps. We have a skill suggestion forum for a reason, go ahead and post your concerns there.
  14. @ZeroGravity Not everything has to be black or white, especially in our server. That’s why our ratemyserver profile says “renewal-ish” not fully renewal. We have some renewal content with some pre re formulas. i’m sure it would be ideal to have full pre re formulas and dynamics in hero arena but thats not a realistic thing to ask. It is already difficult enough to balance the hundreds of skills for our current dynamics, what you are asking is for literally each skill to be balanced twice. If renewal do this else do that. Not only that but you would be requiring players to completely change their stats and equipment every time they switch from a renewal map to a pre renewal map. This would not only be hella annoying but also confusing as well. I’m not going to spend hundreds or thousands of hours extensively modifying the source so we can be both pre-renewal in certain maps and renewal in others, and annoy and confuse everyone, only so oboro/kagerou and rebellion can feel “fair”. Its quite simple. Any skill that existed in pre renewal should be usable in the HA while any skill that did not exist in pre-re should be disabled. All while having our “renewal-ish” dynamics in place. The jobs can still be used in 95% of maps, division events, 3rd jobs pvp and WoE. Now as others mentioned, i can go ahead and nerf the hell of all their skills damage and add cool downs so they are fair in HA, but that would mean completely killing the job in all 3rd jobs maps. I doubt thats what you want even though thats what you are asking for.