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  1. No. But you can donate and exchange donation credits for appreciation tokens that you can use to buy any item from the coronavirus shop.
  2. I hope you guys have enough appreciation tokens for the upcoming update...

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    2. Lv1 Akikiw

      Lv1 Akikiw

      i only have 2.5k lol

    3. Greencross


      I have zero papa haze so i will watch from my sad dead laptop on ur updates long live dreamer 

    4. Horakthy
  3. They are available via Donation Tokens. Exchange your appreciation tokens for donation tokens and use them to buy MvP/Boss cards from the Donation Token Mall.
  4. HaZe

    Custom Pet Guide

    y u no add this on wiki /sob Thanks though! Such tedious guide to write but so useful for everyone !
  5. One of the most old school players ive seen return!

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    2. Luciara


      Jesus, you're still playing? Well, hello

    3. Zerro


      no i ain't LOL

      i just got intrigued by people saying that people were coming back here. anyways, happy birthday xD

    4. Luciara


      Oh? really? who's coming back and where are they? Are you coming back too?

      Thank you! 

  6. HaZe

    DreamerRO Wiki

    The guides need to be posted on the wiki to make it easier for everyone to navigate and find them. Once they are posted, please open a support ticket to submit it for approval
  7. HaZe


    As I mentioned, the bubblegum is intended to benefit the character that obtained it. The system was never meant to be abused and make the bubblegum benefit other characters or accounts. Much less, to the degree that it was being abused. The argument that everyone benefits from it doesn't matter to me. If an NPC bugged out and gave everyone 100 donation credits, trust me.. nobody would complain and everyone would benefit from it. Does it mean we wont fix the bug? Of course not. Closing topic as you seem to want to argue about something that has already been explain to you and it is final.
  8. HaZe

    DreamerRO Wiki

    If the information is not found on the wiki yet and are still relevant then yea
  9. HaZe


    It simply wasn't the way we intended it to be. Sure a bubblegum can be a mere 200m but in events such as the current one going on, a bubblegum can have drastic impact in the amount of donation tokens/zeny/gears a player can farm. Also, we caught players with 10-15 accounts in 1 party and being leeched by 1 player. So again, it was being abused and it was resolved by making the Bubblegum from newbie achievements account bound.
  10. HaZe


    There are some tradeable and some that are not. The one you get for free after creating a new character was made bound because it was being abused.
  11. HaZe

    DreamerRO Wiki

    Thank you you could make copies of them in the wiki!
  12. The NPC gives you a suggestion of the max amount of vaccines you can create. When it cant calculate a max, it gives the default which is 1. However, as the member before me mentioned, even if you input a number higher than the suggestion, it will still work if you have enough ingredients.
  13. Earn Donation Credits or Zeny by sharing your knowledge through our Wiki! Read more: http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37789-dreamerro-wiki/


    1. Seamless


      Clueless on how to add guides in dreamerro wiki or should we just paste links of our guides in dreamerro wiki forum thread?

    2. HaZe
    3. GhostAlpha1


      hmmm thinkin off adding another build for gx

  14. HaZe

    DreamerRO Wiki

    As of April 2020, We will be rewarding our volunteers with Donation Credits or Zeny for any approved guide/build written on the wiki! Rewards depend on content's depth, detail and how beneficial it is for our users. It must not exist already, but we invite our players to edit or improve existing ones. Job Builds and Job Guides (including stats, equips, main skills strategy) | Reward: 15 Donation Credits or 30 Billion Zeny. Guides regarding our custom features | Reward: Ranges from 5-25 Donation Credits or 10-50 Billion Zeny Guides regarding basic Ragnarok features | Reward: Ranges from 5-10 Donation Credits or 10-20 Billion Zeny Tips and Tricks regarding DreamerRO and Ragnarok as a whole. | Reward: Ranges from 5-10 Donation Credits or 10-20 Billion Zeny If you believe your guide is good enough to be featured in the wiki's main page or posted in the jobs section, please open a support ticket so a staff member can process your request. Rewards must be claimed via support ticket.