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  1. If you haven't renewed your review in the last 30 days, please do so now http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

  2. HaZe

    Battleground Garment Master

    @Imminent similar to elite weapon levels, garment level is completely different from refine level. The garment level upgrades its effect and at garment level 10 it unlocks a couple of additional effects. For a card like Cautious Howard to work, you have to refine the garment using the normal refiner npcs. It is a brand new "methodology" so i understand it can be confusing at first. its worth noting that even if the garment is level 10, it can still be broken during failed refine attempts. The unbreakable effect only protects against breaking from tarot and any current/future item effect that breaks garment while attacking. as for your comment about widening the gap between vets and newbies, i believe every single new card/equipment has that effect. Newbies can earn victory badges the same way vets can. Newbies dont have to beat a vet in order to earn victory badges, they just have to participate in bg or division events. Eventually getting it, though time consuming.. but thats Ragnarok in a nutshell. There are cards worth hundreds of billions that also widen the gap, as well as elite equipment and cards that only have effects when the equipment is +8 or higher.
  3. HaZe

    Battleground Garment Master

    Not now.. but i will consider making it an option
  4. Hello Dreamers, We have a pretty cool update to announce today, and I'm sure many of you will be quite happy about it! If you visit the Battleground Room you will find a new NPC called Garment Master. Currently, the NPC is selling only 2 garments, but we are confident his collection will grow over time. These garments are special for a couple of reasons. First, they have a pretty awesome visual sprite.. and second, a pretty strong effect that needs to be upgraded in order to unlock its full potential. Also, they are both tradeable! which offers our Battleground lovers a new source of income! Garment Master Location: bat_room 165 160 How does it work? When you speak to the Garment Master he will give you the option to purchase one of the two garments currently available: Daehyon Backup Sword [1] - Costs 100 Victory badges Reduces damage received from all elements by up to 20% (2*Garment Level) Increases Flee by up to 10% (1*Garment Level) MaxHP + 5% (Unlocked at Garment Level 10) Unbreakable Garment (Unlocked at Garment Level 10) Kingsmen Backup Blades [1] - Costs 100 Victory Badges Increases physical and magical damage against all elements by up to 20% (2*Garment Level) Reduces fixed and variable cast time by up to 20% (2*Garment Level) Reduces after skill delay by 5% (Unlocked at Garment Level 10) Unbreakable Garment (Unlocked at Garment Level 10) Garment Level System When you purchase a garment it will be Level 1. It costs 25 Victory Badges to upgrade the garment, but it has a 25% chance of failing and losing 1 upgrade. (Example: if you try to upgrade from Lvl 4 to Lvl 5 and fail, it will go back to Lvl 3) It costs 50 Victory Badges for a premium upgrade, which has a 100% success rate. The max garment level is 10. The cost remains the same for all upgrades. The garment level is attached to the item itself, not the character. This means you can use it on different characters/accounts and it will retain the level. Ways to Earn Victory Badges Winning a Battleground Round (1x) Winning a Division Event 1st Place (5x) 2nd Place (3x) 3rd Place (2x) Donation Credits (1x = 0.5 credits) Faceworm Instance ** Disclaimer: As with every new addition.. these effects, cost of upgrading and purchasing these robes is under observation and it can be changed at any time without prior notice. ** ** Special credits to @Irish Heart for providing the garment sprites and helping develop the feature. **
  5. Do you think you have enough Victory Badges? 🤯

  6. A new Battleground season has begun! Read changelog for more information.

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      Reaching the Legend Battleground Rank will award with a unique set and a trillion zeny. Stay tuned for preview soon~

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      Love you HaZe and the whole DreamerRO team. 🥰

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      Why my battleground rank, and combat rank mission reset?


  7. HaZe

    Hi I'm 1ogic

    Welcome to DreamerRO!
  8. HaZe

    Blue Legendary Wings

  9. HaZe

    left hand or right hand?

    Rift hand
  10. HaZe

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    I wrote it twice too.. top and bottom of the topic haha
  11. HaZe

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    No, the DEX cap to reach instant cast does not affect HIT. I don't believe any skill or item that affects HIT was nerfed either, so it may be that your change in stats or equipment resulted in less HIT somehow. Should be fixed now. Thank you, it wasn't 0 before.. it should be 0.5 sec now.
  12. HaZe

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    Please check the Tradeable Top Headgears at the DreamerRO Market. I released a patch to fix that now. Please run the DreamerRO patcher and they should look fine.
  13. HaZe

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    Bad for suras, good for everyone else. The cast time is minimal, and there are plenty of equipment to reduce that cast time, or prevent the cast time from being interrupted. I invite you to join the Balance club and discuss the skill there if you want.
  14. HaZe

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    Relog and try again please
  15. HaZe

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    It's instant to me.. unless you are trying one of the few skills with fixed cast time