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What did you think about the Christmas Event?! We would love for you to share your experience with the world via a Ratemyserver review. It would mean a lot to us!


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  1. Congratulations to YhAbZ02 for joining the Hall of Fame after completing all the DreamerRO Achievements!

    1. Jack


      Its So Ducking Awesome!!! Thx for the Event~

    2. Tiyos Lameeeg

      Tiyos Lameeeg

      Thanks for the event ❤️

  2. HaZe

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Congratulations to all the winners of the Christmas Raffle! This has been the raffle with the most winners! By far! If you've won the rare of choice option, you need to open a support ticket to claim your rare. This is a manual process and it may take around 24-48 hours for all winners to receive their rares. (theres a LOT of you and one of me!) The options available for the rare of choice must be rares found in the rare shop at the DreamerRO market (@go market). If the rare is not found in that shop, you cannot claim it via the raffle rare of choice option.
  3. If you are enjoying the Christmas Event, please share your experience with the world via a RMS Review! com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

  4. HaZe

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Not for this event.
  5. HaZe

    Small Nightmare Golem grf

    Its cute
  6. HaZe


    I'll donate 1b to aid in your financial distress.
  7. No. 3x whatever amount is donated via BTC (which runs all year round anyway). Yes it does!
  8. You're welcome! The sets that are available now are the ones that will be available for the rest of the event. We will not add any other sets, feature or discount to the event.
  9. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Event has officially ended. It is a tradition in many countries to have huge sales in retail and online stores following the Thanksgiving Day. At DreamerRO we are also celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a 3x donation promotion, a free headgear, increased MvP card drop rates and the release of ultra rare sets sets via Zeny and donation tokens. Make sure to act quickly and take advantage of the biggest deals of the year! 3x Donation Credit Bonus During the event any donation of 10$ dollars or more will be tripled. This means that if you donation 25$ you will receive 75 donation credits instead of the typical 37 credits. If you donate 50$ you will receive 150 credits instead of the typical 100 credits, and so on. This is a great opportunity for newbies and veterans to gear up and get their hands on their favorite donation items. This promotion applies to all our donation methods. In order to qualify for this offer your receipt must have a time stamp between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1. Any other date outside of that range will not be tripled. Free Raining Money Aura As a token of gratitude for all our active players, we've decided to give out an aura worth 15 Tokens for free! In order to qualify for this free aura, you must have logged into the game at least once in the last 7 days. We have collected the computer ID of everyone who has logged in those 7 days, and we will use it to give away the aura. This is limited to 1 aura per computer ID.. if there is more than 1 person/account using the computer, only 1 will receive the aura. So choose wisely on which account you want to claim it! Item Effect: Increases Movement Speed by 60%, provides immunity to Strip Helm, Strip Armor and Strip Weapon and increases MaxHP by 5%. We are aware that the computer ID we collect may not be 100% unique, unfortunately that is all we have to prevent abuse. If by any reason the npc tells you that your computer ID already claimed the free aura, even if it wasn't you.. we will not give you an aura manually, as this would open up a loop hole that can be abused. Likewise, if you did not log into the game in the last 7 days prior to this announcement, we will also not give you an aura manually. This decision is final, please do not ask. Increased MvP Card Drop Rate During the event all MvPs and Mini-Boss cards that typically drops at 3% will now drop at 5% chance. This does not apply to custom MvPs with drop rates lower than the default 3%. However, this is still a great opportunity to hunt for core MvP cards such as Kiel, Tao Gunka and Thanatos. Cyber Monday Sales NPC There will be a new NPC in caspen, offering our Dreamers the opportunity to get the hands on the most rare and exclusive sets of headgears on the server. These sets are rare and powerful, and for that reason their prices may be inaccessible to newer players. You may open the spoiler below to see a list of headgear sets that are available through this NPC. This NPC will sell the sets via Zeny only. Donators who are interested in purchasing these sets but don't have enough Zeny have two options. They can purchase 1B Zeny bags using credits, which cost 0.666 donation credits each. (About 1.5b per 1 credit) They can convert their donation credits into DreamerRO tokens and sell them to players. (Current price ranges from 1.5b~1.8b) List of Sets available via Cyber Monday NPC Aeon Set - 120b Creator Set - 120b Ancient Samurai Set - 225b Saiyan Rose Set - 290b Saiyan God Set - 290b Glacial Wolf Set - 300b Infernal Wolf Set - 300b Worldbringer Set - 325b Worldbreaker Set - 325b Destiny Set - 750b Legendary Set - 950b
  10. HaZe

    problem found

    The answer to your issue is right on the downloads page where you got the full installer. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the "Missing DLL" resolution. http://www.playdreamerro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=download
  11. HaZe

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    The Halloween Event has officially ended! We hope you all enjoyed the different phases of the event and that it was worth your time. We've heard great feedback from many of you already, but we would like you to share this feedback with the world! Please consider writing a quick review on Ratemyserver. It would meant a lot to the staff that worked on this event. We're already planning and working on the Christmas Event! Stay tuned!
  12. HaZe

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Donation girl npc > Claim with credits