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Status Updates posted by HaZe

  1. Congratulations to YhAbZ02 for joining the Hall of Fame after completing all the DreamerRO Achievements!

    1. Jack


      Its So Ducking Awesome!!! Thx for the Event~

    2. Tiyos Lameeeg

      Tiyos Lameeeg

      Thanks for the event ❤️

  2. If you are enjoying the Christmas Event, please share your experience with the world via a RMS Review! com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

  3. I hope you're all enjoying your "calm days" -- the Halloween Grind will be serioussss

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    2. hueeks


      please put spirit of heroism hahaha

    3. SirLuis


      Yeah! please sir expecting for SOH 😄

    4. jadong


      When...........................................................................................it'll start?


  4. To our players who constantly encounter lag issues, please visit this guide and provide us with a connection trace http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Lag_Reduction

  5. What's the best way for DreamerRO to earn your ratemyserver review?

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    2. Seamless


      Rewarding someone for giving a ratemyserver review is illegal and will result to the removal of the server in the site.

    3. kimu
    4. Unnamed


      PvP/seasonal events, class Updates, knowing what the GM team is working on. QoL was neat, Community event (i.e forum event)

  6. Worldbreaker & Worldbringer sets now available in-game! Read announcement for information.

    1. Mikeyrock


      Thank you HaZe


  7. Check out the new forum post reactions (up/down vote). Press shift+F5 if you don't see RO emotes as post reactions.

    1. GM Naberious

      GM Naberious

      Great  I just love this emoticonss<3 TY  Haze¡¡

    2. Magna Divinus
  8. There is a raffle event in our Facebook group. Win up to 75 Credits! https://www.facebook.com/groups/506692406361772/

  9. Our # of Reviews went from 168 to 138 due to expired reviews. Please renew your review asap! http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

  10. You can watch WoE and PvP tournament highlights in our youtube profile: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1tWjbYG2jicYtZweWqn1Jg

  11. Hi ^^ Im Jonathan and Im from DR .. Saludos a todos

    1. Yuuvi


      boiii, u ain't dominican. Tu sabes lo que es un majarete? ijk lol

    2. HaZe


      @Yuuvi el primo del morir soniando 😂

  12. Such GREAT WoE this weekend! You can re-watch streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamerrotwitch/videos


    1. SinClear


      upload it at youtube too please 🙂

    2. GM Light

      GM Light

      IVo is currently working on it.

  13. Over 291,000 Daily Quests have been completed. At an average of 10 minutes each, that means over 5.5 human years have been spent doing daily quests at DreamerRO

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    2. Wapak


      5.5 years after 25 and someone is still single

    3. Feurille


      What is life

    4. Bob Marley
  14. I hope you all enjoyed the Coronavirus Awareness Event! Thank you for joining! -- Don't forget to share your experience on Ratemyserver http://www.playdreamerro.com/forums/index.php?/forum/45-review-us-at-ratemyserver/

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    2. Mitch Planko

      Mitch Planko

      I just left my review. I can't believe you put so many efforts over the years and I can only leave a review as thank you note.

      it is not easy to maintain a server, thinking on the evolution, changes to keep things up to the trend etc. and you did it for more than 10 years on top of your other priorities in life.

      Wish you all the best and hope people are recognizing it and leaving more reviews.

    3. ><Ghost><


      So manu farmed the corona event but only few visit this tread hehehe... Btw Thanks for the Corona Event

    4. Null


      Hello, are the corona virus exchange NPC forever gone?

  15. We are only a few reviews away from #1 All Servers in Ratemyserver. Help us! http://www.playdreamerro.com/rms/

    1. Lex Luthor

      Lex Luthor

      OMG RMS is still a thing lol. ill write one up 

    2. Lex Luthor

      Lex Luthor

      Lol RMS Captcha is for u man hahaha wtf 


    3. HaZe


      Thanks for helping out !

  16. Opening 1 additional castle for Saturday and Sunday WoE 🙂

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    2. HaZe


      I can't make WoE on a Friday at 10 AM for North/South America lol.. Friday will remain with one castle for now.

    3. Seamless


      I didn't mean for it to be transferred to another time slot, I was saying to open a castle every fridays at 7-8am, so that we have 2 castles a day. every weekend

    4. HaZe


      Let's see how it plays out. For now Friday schedule will remain the same with 1 castle and Saturday/Sundays 2 castles.

  17. I hope they write new reviews on Ratemyserver 😁

  18. Thanks @Magna Divinus for the cool new set combo effects!

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    2. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

      The aura of destiny  is a bit change the sprite check that guys, the lighting increases already, helm and wings already fine. But for additional effect would be nice too  wearing a set like other sets.

    3. iamhii


      The new destiny set effect with additional lightning looks sick!!! +1

    4. ceewhun1



  19. 950+ online today, we can hit 1,000 online next week with your help! Reviews, votes and invite your friends to Play!

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    2. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

      /slur we are reaching again the good numbers of players ty to lockdown lol.

    3. iamhii


      Woot thanks corona~

    4. sammy1


      can the server handle it ? #laggggisreal