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  1. Inviting all our knowledgeable players to take part in the creation of our upcoming Wiki! http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki

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    2. newkidz


      very nice admin. thx for wonderfull update update  👍

    3. GhostAlpha1


      willing to help GX section hehehe


    4. xXBLACKKnightXx


      i always make a good favor for the DRO server at RMS and telling the good about the good of  server but why some admins blame me for farming and i get temporary banned then why they change it to permanent banned? i never break rules. they only provide a SS but not a video that im farming. and make a SS about i kill a lot. yes i killed everyone and morethan 200x or more and they cant kill me. its not my prob if they are not fully gear like me.

      and im on pvp room always Kill On sight. no need to blame me for farming im already fully gear. 


      tnx for giving me a fair feedback this time. GM haze.

      if im not telling the truth im not still here and depending my self. its so long for waiting to get unbanned. im not rude. im not bad person. if you are in my position you will understand me.


      sorry for annoying some admins because they wont help and they dont understand my case. they know who they are. i just depend my self. i dont FARM, i dont break Rules.

      if i get unabnned you will just see me at BG and PvpROOMS


      tnx again GM Haze