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  1. HaZe

    Donate with Paypal

    It was already processed 16 hours ago. As specified on the main page it can take anywhere from 12-72 hours for manual processing.
  2. HaZe

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your report.
  3. DO YOU WANT PVP? COME AND GET SOME! We've made a few adjustments to our PvP system in order to increase PvP participation and competitive behavior. First of all, we've made participating in the Hero Happy Hours a lot more rewarding for everyone. Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Happy Hours. Every 5 deaths the user will receive 1 Heroic Coin. (Does not count suicide deaths) Reduced the price of 100M Zeny bags in the Heroic Shop from 30 to 10. Implemented Donation Tokens to the Heroic Shop at a cost of 100 HC each. This means that participating in the Hero Happy Hours event will not only award you with a nice sum of Zeny, it will now also open the doors to the entire Donation Mall, which includes a huge collection of items and rares!! You can visit the Donation Mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen. But we don't want PvP to be active only 2 hours a day...we want to increase the over all PvP scene! In order to increase the PvP activity during non-HHH hours, we've made the following changes: Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Arena. Every 3 deaths the user will receive 1 Deathmatch point. (Does not count suicide deaths) Implemented an hourly PvP Activity Race, in which players earn activity points for participating in the Hero Arena PvP. Each kill awards 5 activity points, while each death awards 1 activity point. The top 3 players will be automatically rewarded at the end of each hour. 1st place: 1 Donation Token ~ 2nd: 1 Billion Zeny ~ 3rd: 500m Zeny. The Race runs every hour, every day! Starts and ends at minute 59 of each hour. As you can see we are being extremely generous with the prices of Zeny bags and Donation Tokens. I can assure you that our generosity will not last too long, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can! Expect a heroic coin price increase on Donation Tokens soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback and very excited to see BLOOD all over our PvP rooms! P.S ~ There is a new Donation Rotation coming soon, so take advantage of the discount prices and save those donation tokens ! Let the bloodbath BEGIN!
  4. HaZe

    Hello GM!

    Hahaha no you can't get a copy of our server, sorry =/
  5. HaZe


    This was solved via support ticket. Closing.
  6. If you have questions or need a GM's assistance remember you can open a support ticket here: http://playdreamerro.com/support/

    1. GhostAlpha1


      cant login to support system

    2. ulol69


      is this active now? cuz i have latest questions in mind right now



  8. HaZe

    Halp me n***a

    Add DreamerRO patcher and exe as an exception to your antivirus. Sounds like it is flagging it as a malware and deleting it.
  9. HaZe

    Miner World

    Will take a look at this when i have some time
  10. The support ticket system is back online! However, all previous tickets have been deleted. If you had one pending, feel free to re-open. Thank you

  11. HaZe

    Sura - Elite Weapon Armageddon

    Can you check your weapon level at the Hero Temple and make sure its at least level 1?
  12. HaZe

    I donated but did not recieved anything

    The instructions on the donation page states that you need to contact the administrator (me) for manual processing. Since the support ticket is down, you can send me a forum pm
  13. I welcome every guild leader or group leader to check our the new "Clubs" feature on the forums! Similar to Facebook Groups~ Toolbar --> Browse --> Clubs
    Or click here:


  14. HaZe

    saying hi to GM Miku !

  15. HaZe

    Voting Page Error

    I will take a look at this later today. It worked fine for my admin account but i did not test on a normal player account.