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  1. Greetings Dreamers! This is another quick announcement to inform you that the Donation Collectible shops have been merged into a huge shop containing all collectible donation items in one. As some of you may know, we typically have rotated the Donation Token collectibles shop every 3-4 months. Over the years we have released 4 donation collections, which sum up to over 200 custom head gears (top, mid, low). All of these are now available via 1 Collectible Shop found at the Donation Token Mall. In addition to merging all 4 collectibles shops into 1 npc, we have also gone ahead and reduced the prices of these items by up to 33%. The top head gears have been dropped from 15 donation tokens to 10 donation tokens, while the mid and low head gears prices dropped from 20 to 15 donation tokens. The reasoning behind the reduction in prices is because these head gears are account bound and cannot be traded. This to some could be considered a draw back since players cannot re-sell it in the future or trade to alternate accounts. This also encourages donators to purchase account bound versions instead, so that the tradeable donation head gears (now available in BG ) do not become too cheap comparatively. ** All the head gears in the collectibles shop are account bound. ** Make sure to ALWAYS read the item's description, even if they are divided between top, mid and low collectible sections, it is possible that an item may have been misplaced. Make sure it equips on the slot you want to occupy! You can access the Donation Token Mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen.
  2. That's a Halloween Collectible, it has never been in any of the Donation Collectibles Shops. Sorry =/
  3. Greetings Dreamers! In an effort to further guide newbies into which equipment they should aim for and which stats they should max, we have decided to compile a list of builds for each job. We are asking our veterans to share their recommended equipment and stat builds so that we can use those guides and compile the list of Job Specific builds. This guides will be posted on our main website and will be accessed by thousands of newbies in the future. In addition, we are considering adding "Job Specific" donation boxes, which would contain the equipment suggested in your guides! Since we know your time is precious, we would like to reward you for sharing your knowledge and your builds. Each approved job build will be rewarded with 15 donation credits, which will be added to your account. Rules for submitting your build: You must follow the "Job Build Template" included in this topic. You can submit as many builds as you wish. However, only the best one for each job/category will be rewarded. You cannot list multiple shoes, shields etc. It must be the #1 recommended item+card for that slot. You cannot edit your post more than 12 hours after posting it. You cannot steal/repost another members build unless you modify more than 50% of it. You have 10 days to post your build, after that time the staff will choose the winning build for each one of the jobs/categories. Submit your builds no later than February 27, 2019. Build Types We are aware that there are thousands of combinations of equipment and stats for each job. Builds vary depending on the enemy in PvP or the MvP you are fighting against. Still, we are asking you to share your most "General" PvP or MvP build, which means it should work against most jobs or most MvPs. They must be "end-game" builds, not necessarily newbie accessible items. This will be the build to aim for after you are an Elite Hero and gave your Elite Weapon and Division Glove. Job Build Template ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any questions regarding this event please post them below. Do not post your job build submission on this topic. All job build submissions must be posted in a different topic. Click here to submit your build!
  4. HaZe

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Greetings to all my loving Dreamers! We'd like to wish each and every single one of you a very Happy Valentines Day! Typically in the past we've hosted a seasonal event for Valentines day, which typically includes valentines monsters and themed items. Unfortunately, since we are a bit more focused in revamping a lot of core features on the server, we decided not to do anything special for Valentines Day. You can still expect a lot of updates that will be getting implemented throughout the next few weeks. In any case, since we know many people were looking forward to obtaining the Valentine themed headgears, we have decided to add these items to be available via Battleground Badges and also via Donation Token. Since the recent battlegrounds update rewards winners and losers with a hefty amount of badges, and even get free badges every 30 seconds, we are sure that even our newbies will be able to farm badges for some items. In case they don't have time to farm battlegrounds due to the new schedule, the Valentine head gears are also available via Donation Tokens. This means our newbies can either choose to donate to the server for tokens or they can also farm zeny to buy tokens from other players. I'm sure some of you will be disappointed that there won't be a farming Valentines event, but I think many of you will also understand and agree that right now it is more important that we focus on core features such as Battlegrounds instead of pulling people away from it during a typical farming valentines event. The Valentine Shop will be available until the last day of February. That leaves you with about 2 weeks to purchase the items you want! Please click the spoiler below to view the Valentines Theme Headgears available via Donation Tokens and Battleground Badges:
  5. Greetings Dreamers! We have prepared a very special update for battlegrounds that we anticipate will greatly increase the battleground activity in the server. After a lot of brainstorming and gathering feedback from our players, we identified common reasons why battlegrounds was rarely active. We hope that you all welcome our modifications and see the value of these changes. Battleground Schedule In order to help combat the issue with the battlegrounds queue never starting up and players simply giving up, we decided to limit the Battleground Queue so that it is only open 5 times a day for 1 hour each. These 5 hours are split around different times to accommodate different time zones. What we hope to accomplish with this schedule is to give our players a set time where they can all get online and play battlegrounds without having to *guess *when BG is alive or not. Battleground Rewards Boost We have increased the amount of war badges rewarded after each game and further closed the gap between the winning team rewards vs the losing team. The winning team's battle rewards was increased from 15 to 25, while the losing team rewards was increased from 8 to 20. Furthermore, while on Battlegrounds, all active players will earn 1 War Badge automatically every 30 seconds. At the end of the game, all players will receive 5 Elite Weapon Kills automatically if they finish the round while wearing an Elite Weapon. In order to encourage more support classes from joining, Archbishops and Soul Linkers will receive 5 bonus badges and 15 Elite Weapon Kills at the end of each round, regardless if they win or lose. Removal of Badges earned by Killing In order to accommodate for the battle badges rewards boost, we have decided to remove the badges earned by killing. What we hope this accomplishes is to help reduce the amount of spawn killing. Although we know it will still be a problem, we are expecting to see a small reduction on it. With the previous set up, veterans made a fortune and had fun murdering newbies, while the newbies suffered all round and ended up getting only a few badges. We feel giving more badges for participation and no badges for killing will encourage team work and make battlegrounds a more enjoyable and profitable feature for everyone, especially newbies. Donation Items in BG Shop You heard right! Literally all the tradeable donation headgears and the account bound gems are now available via BG Badges, and they are pretty darn cheap too! We believe this will be the biggest driver of new activity into battlegrounds. We want those BG Hours to be profitable and worth joining for, and being able to get any donation effect simply by playing battlegrounds is a huge benefit for everyone. We strongly believe that the combination of increased rewards, new items to purchase, and the limited availability of battlegrounds will all work together to make battlegrounds more active and enjoyable for all. We hope you all jump in and contribute to the activity by logging in, participating and encouraging your friends to take part in battlegrounds as well. As you can see, this is a pretty big and generous change to the way battleground works. Especially designed with newbies in mind. If you agree that this will be beneficial by newbies then please help us by writing a review on ratemyserver so that we can attract more newbies! If you have any other ideas or suggestions to increase Battlegrounds activity, please post them below!
  6. HaZe

    Old windows xp and gepard error

    You have an extremely outdated client. Like, years old. You need to download the new full client from our website to be able to log in.
  7. HaZe

    Battleground Rewards Update

    You were waiting an eternity before though new bg times may be added in the future or current times will be extended. It will depend on the population participating in BG. At least during peak times they can be extended but right now we are just observing which times work and which ones dont
  8. HaZe

    Happy Valentines Day!

    I dropped the prices in the valentines battleground shop now, should be more affordable.
  9. HaZe

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Nowhere this year, but you can buy the eggs from the stores. The tames shouldn't be there, removing.
  10. HaZe

    Happy Valentines Day!

    We'll see, it may be extended to 3 weeks depending on how much activity we monitor. Also, nothing is stopping you from selling gear or farming zeny to purchase donation tokens
  11. Greetings Dreamers! We have decided to re-implement the newest version of Gepard Shield to our server in order to ensure a fair competitive game play and a toxic free community. Gepard Shield is a layer of security that offers protection against bots, 0 delay sprites and various other types of cheats. Since we are in the process of developing the "City of Gods", which will be a city that focuses on end-game PvP and PvM competitions, we felt it was necessary to ensure our game play is cheater free. On top of preventing 0 delay cheats and bots, it also allows the staff to identify accounts based on a computer "ID", which will also allow us to permanently ban repeat offenders without worrying about them creating new accounts. Although Gepard typically protects against Macro usage, we have disabled that functionality in DreamerRO. !! This means that Macro is still LEGAL and USABLE in our server !! In order to log into the server you will need to patch your DreamerRO Patcher. If for any reason you cannot log into the game after patching, you can download the Gepard Patch from the link below and extract the contents into your DreamerRO folder. Make sure to replace any and all files that already exist in the folder with the ones in the Gepard Patch. If you still can't log into the server after patching DreamerRO or manually installing the Gepard Patch, then you may need to re-install the full client. Download Links: Gepard Manual Patch - Download ONLY if you can't log into the server AFTER PATCHING your DreamerRO autopatcher. Full Client - Download ONLY if you can't log in AFTER PATCHING DreamerRO AND the Gepard Manual Patch did not work. (A new full installer is being uploaded now, please check again in a fewof hours)
  12. HaZe

    Battleground Rewards Update

    Can you elaborate on this? Yes, I am expecting the donation token prices to decrease..which is good because they are very overpriced right now. It will lower the price of a lot of items though not just donation tokens, so your zeny will still be valuable. The reason we made the donations available at BG tradeable is because we want players to continue to BG even after they obtain the donation gears they need. They will continue to play BG to make a profit by selling additional gears. Also, since this update is more fair for newbies, I believe donators will be happy as they will be able to have more fun in BG and in other features of the game when there are more people playing the server. There is no point having donations and donation tokens for sale if there are no newbies that will buy them or if there is no place to use those donations when BG/PvP are inactive.
  13. HaZe

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    In the post you just quoted, where did I mention anything about mutliple accounts being illegal?
  14. HaZe

    Battleground Rewards Update

    At @go bg and walk to the right. Opposite to where the original bg shops are located.
  15. BG IS ALIVE AGAIN AND MORE NEWBIE FRIENDLY THAN EVER! Help us attract newbies by writing a review on ratemyserver!

    1. S N I F F U P

      S N I F F U P

       +1  for  the update 🤗🤗🤗🤗 i wish bg will alive soon 

  16. HaZe


    You should still be able to use mouse freedom. If you cant, then open another topic about it. Lets not hijack other’s topics lol
  17. HaZe


    Can you try to open the setup and change settings around? That dll is no longer necessary so it should not be asking for it if you are running the latest client. Also, you could try re installing the full client in a new folder WHILE your antivirus is disabled. This is to ensure your antivirus is not instantly deleting files during installation
  18. HaZe


    This dll is being moved by Gepard to the "Trash" folder inside DreamerRO. I can run the client just fine without it so I am curious why its requiring it for you. Do you have any custom modifications or programs for RO that may need this? When you installed the brand new full client, did you install in a new folder or just on the same folder? A new folder is always better as it gets rid of any bugs in the folder.
  19. HaZe

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    It should still allow it, just make sure it is listed in the data.ini if it doesnt work then please open a technical difficulties topic
  20. HaZe

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    Please posts a topic in the technical difficulties section and provide sccreenshots of the error you are receiving so we can better assist you.
  21. Gepard Shield is coming back to DreamerRO to combat bots, 0 delay sprites and repeat offenders. Macro use will remain legal 🙂

    1. zero998
    2. GhostAlpha1


      finaly bye bye 0d


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      0 delay boys supots

  22. 3740,Clover_Bunny,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3741,Easter_Bunny,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3742,Hateful_Rabbit,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,30; } 3722,Botaring,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3723,Little_Fatum,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bAtkrate,3; bonus bMatkrate,3; } 3724,Sockey_Smokie,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus2 bResEff,Eff_Sleep,75000; } 3725,Christmas_Woodie,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bMaxHPrate,2; } 3657,Tini_Taini,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bAllStats,3; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_DemiHuman,1; } 3690,BOMBER_PORING,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bAllStats,5; } 3691,Ghost_PORING,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bAllStats,5; bonus bFlee,20; } 3692,Ghoul_PORING,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bAllStats,5; bonus bAtk,20; } 3695,Pumpkin_PORING,{ petloot 10; },{ bonus bAllStats,5; bonus bMaxHPrate,1; } 3717,Nightmare_Glob,{ bonus bHit,50; bonus bAllStats,10; } 3718,Nefarious_Leecher,{ },{ bonus bMaxHPrate,3; bonus bAllStats,5; } 3719,One-Eyed_Goblin,{ bonus bAllStats,10; bonus bAtk,100; } 3720,Winged_Ghoul,{ bonus bAllStats,7; bonus bFlee,40; } 3069,Pere{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3070,Shadow Pere,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3071,Wicked Pere,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3072,Little Pere,,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3783,EmissionBat{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3784,Flying_Mote{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3785,Mote,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3786,Furious Spirit,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3787,Sign_Ghost,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3788,Stoplight_Ghost,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,10; } 3792,Penguin,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,20; } 3793,Torobbie,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,20; } 2248,Gold_Poring,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,20; } 3528,Pope_Doll,{ petloot 20; },{ bonus bAllStats,30; }
  23. Please take a few minutes to renew your review on Ratemyserver!

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      Done! Hope we attract more players! Cheers

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      Thank you!

  24. If you could turn any Class into a fully equipped Elite Hero with a maxed weapon and specialist glove. Which Class would it be??

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    2. emile


      GX and Ranger

    3. ApexPredator


      GX,Chaser,Ranger. Not in that order. 

    4. sakazuki


      ranger, wl, gs, rk, sorcerer xD

  25. HaZe

    Vote4Points Shop Update

    Hello Dreamers! This is just a quick announcement to inform you that the Vote Token Shop has been updated and now includes dozens of account bound Donation Headgears, gambling usables such as Surprise Boxes, and even animated rare items like the Tyrael Wings. This update is aimed at helping our newbies get their hand on good looking useful head gears that will help them become stronger quicker. It's also meant to encourage both newbies and veterans to vote more frequently. Here's a preview of the items in the Vote Shop: You can find the Vote Token Shop at Caspen 150 210. Click here to start earning Vote Points!