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  1. Greetings Dreamers, This is a quick announcement to inform you that we will be taking the server down for maintenance today at 10:00 Server time. The reason behind the maintenance is to try and resolve the lag spikes that have been affecting the server for the last week. The server is expected to be down for 2 hours during this maintenance. Thank you.
  2. HaZe

    Miner World

    An immense wealth is hidden beneath the Earth's crust... Do you have what it takes to find it and become the wealthiest miner in Midgard? The younger of the famous brothers Goldstein has arrived to Einbroch, the city of Steel, to offer his technology to the citizens of Midgard. David Goldstein is a bright scientist that invented an ingenious drill that can be attached to special boots. The Drilling Boots allow the wearer to mine valuable minerals from dungeons and fields in much more efficient manner than using an old-school pike. David Goldstein believes his Drilling Boots can enable anyone to become a master miner and he is eager to start training people on how to use his invention. If you are interested in using the Drilling Boots to start mining, you can purchase a set of boots from David for 500M Zeny. If you are lucky, he may offer them to you at half price (250M Zeny) if you purchase them the first time you talk to him. NPC: David Goldstein Location: einbroch 50 200 First, you must purchase the Drilling Boots from David. You are encouraged to equip the boots to gain access to new mining skills. The first step in the mining process is making a drill. In order to make a drill you must send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "make". It may take several attempts before you succeed in making your drill. Just keep repeating the process until you succeed. Once you have your Drilling Boots and you have created your drill you will be ready to start drilling..but first, you have to find the mine! You must go to a map where mines are known to be found (full list found below) and try to find the exact spot where the mine is located. They are invisible but luckily you have a "Detection" miner skill that will guide you on finding the mine's location. In order to detect the mine simply send any message to "npc:mine" - For example, "Drill", "Detect", or.."sdjskja". Anything will work. The Detection skill will advise you to move up, down, left or right until you find the exact location of the mine. It may take a few attempts before you actually find the mine, but once you do..you can mine it for quite a while before the mine is destroyed or runs out of minerals. Once you find the exact location of the Mine, you can again send a message to "npc:mine" to start drilling the mine and excavating valuable minerals. Once you start mining you will start noticing that the Drill gets hotter whenever you drill on a mine. You must pay attention to the "Heat" in your chatbox because if your drill reaches a Heat of 100 the drill will break and you will have to create another drill whispering "make" to "npc:mine". It is recommended that you stop drilling when you reach a heat of 80-90 in order to make sure your drill does not break. It usually takes only a few seconds for the drill to cool down after you stop so you can begin drilling again soon after. Whenever you mine you will earn Miner EXP. This experience is used to level up your Mining Skills. Even when you do not find any items in the mine, your miner exp will still increase. The deeper you dig, the more experience you will earn. However, keep in mind that if you break your drill or you move while drilling, you will lose Miner EXP. You can check your current mining level and experience on the message that appears each time you drill. When you level up, you will be awarded with Miner Skill points. These points can be used to level up Miner Skills that will increase your productivity while mining. You get at a minimum 3 skill points per level, but the number of skill points received may vary depending on your Miner Level. To view all skills and/or to level up Miner Skills send a whisper to "npc:mine" with the word "skill". Below is a list of all the Miner Skills available: There are a total of 8 different mines, all of which drop minerals at different rates. The lower level mines are known for dropping more "trash" items than the higher level mines. It is important to increase your Miner Level so you can gain access to these more productive mines and skills that increase drop rate of minerals. Open spoiler to view different types of mines: There may be 1-3 mines on a map at the same time. The type of mine that appears in each map is random out of a list of mine classes that exist on that map. If you are interested in learning which mines exist in which map, you can view a list of all the maps that have mines and which mines spawn there by opening this spoiler: If you want to see a complete list of all the items that can be excavated from the mines, you may click this link. Curious of how the drops actually work? Take this as an example:
  3. HaZe

    Scheduled Maintenance Oct 15, 2018

    The server is back online now. If the lag spikes improve, remain the same or get worse, please post on this topic and we will go ahead and take another look.
  4. HaZe

    Mineral Forgery

    Master the art of forging to maximize your profits from mining by converting your minerals into powerful equipment! Following on the footsteps of his younger brother David, Marcus Golstein, the mastermind behind the Refine Forging Hammer, arrived to the city of Einbroch. The Forging Hammer created by Marcus is the most light-weight, durable and resistant hammer ever created. It was forged using a combination of high quality minerals and it is strong enough to break even the hardest of minerals. Marcus not only brings his amazing hammer with him, but he also has access to recipes that make unbelieveable equipment using minerals found accross Midgard. People on the streets on Prontera say that with the help of Marcus and his Forging Hammer, even a granny can become a master forger! NPC: Marcus Goldstein Location: Einbroch 50 200 The first step to begin forging minerals into powerful equipment is to obtain a Refined Forging Hammer from Dr. Marcus Goldstein. He can be found next to his brother at @go einbroch. When you speak to him he will request that you bring some minerals and zeny in order for him to make the hammer for you. When you obtain the Refined Forging Hammer, you can equip it to gain access to the forging abilities. To access the Forging Menu you must send a whisper to "npc:forge". You can send him various words to access different features. Whisper "skill" to "npc:forge" to access the Forging Skills Menu. Whisper "info" to "npc:forge" to access your forger stats such as Lvl, Exp and Record. Whisper "forge" or anything else to access the recipes and begin to forge equipment. There are 5 different Forging Skills available. You must be very careful when you are choosing the skills as there is no reset for forging skills. Master Forger [1-10] - Increases the Forge Success rate by (2*ForgerLevel)%. (Max of 20% at lvl 10) Fast Learner [1-10] - Increases experience earned per forge attempt by 10% per level (max of 100% or 2x exp at lvl 10) Quick Forger [1-5] - Reduces the cooldown after forging equipment by 5 minutes per level. (Default is 30 min cooldown, down to 5 minutes at lvl 5) Recycle [1-4] - Adds a (SkillLvL*5)% chance of receiving back half of the minerals spent when forging fails. (Max of 20%) Mineral Forger [1] - Allows the forger to compound Oridecon and Elunium Fragments into Pure Oridecon/Elunium As of right now the maximum level for forging is Lvl 30. The experience earned for each forge attempt varies for each equipment, but the experience required to level up is quite linear. (125*ForgerLvl) EXP. Open the spoiler to view the requirements, success rates and experienced earned for each equipment. Other Information about Forging: The Max Level of Forging is 30. The Refined Forging Hammer is account bound. The Forging Hammer has a 7% chance of breaking during failed forging attempts. You do not lose forger exp when you fail to forge, you actually gain a bit of exp even if you fail. There is no Skill Reset for forging, and if there ever is, it will be very expensive so choose your skills carefully. The Forging System goes hand in hand with the Mining System because it uses mined minerals to forge equipment. However, you don't necesarily have to mine in order to forge. You can always buy minerals from other players and attempt to forge yourself without mining. Likewise, you don't have to forge, you could just sell your minerals and use the zeny to purchase already forged equipment. It all depends which art you want to master, or if you are gifted, you could master both arts! Needless to say, the Forging System is still under obersvation, as well as the Mining System. We are still playing around with the drop rate of minerals and where the minerals are found. That means the list of requirements and success rates can change at any time without warning. We have opted not to include Fused MvP cards into the Forging System because we don't necesarily see "Cards" as being forgeable with the type of minerals the mines drop. We will add the Fused MvP Cards soon and they will require a new type of "liquid" mineral that will be used to fuse the MvP cards. More information about Fused MvP cards will be announced soon.
  5. Soo many updates recently and the reviews are still stuck 😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👍

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      Fallen Angel

      I already gave you my review Sir :3 

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      It's going in good direction anyway :V

  6. This is the last day that you can convert any of the new collectibles into a costume for free. After today, you'll have to pay the normal fee. Take advantage!

  7. DO YOU WANT PVP? COME AND GET SOME! We've made a few adjustments to our PvP system in order to increase PvP participation and competitive behavior. First of all, we've made participating in the Hero Happy Hours a lot more rewarding for everyone. Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Happy Hours. Every 5 deaths the user will receive 1 Heroic Coin. (Does not count suicide deaths) Reduced the price of 100M Zeny bags in the Heroic Shop from 30 to 10. Implemented Donation Tokens to the Heroic Shop at a cost of 100 HC each. This means that participating in the Hero Happy Hours event will not only award you with a nice sum of Zeny, it will now also open the doors to the entire Donation Mall, which includes a huge collection of items and rares!! You can visit the Donation Mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen. But we don't want PvP to be active only 2 hours a day...we want to increase the over all PvP scene! In order to increase the PvP activity during non-HHH hours, we've made the following changes: Implemented a participation reward to the Hero Arena. Every 3 deaths the user will receive 1 Deathmatch point. (Does not count suicide deaths) Implemented an hourly PvP Activity Race, in which players earn activity points for participating in the Hero Arena PvP. Each kill awards 5 activity points, while each death awards 1 activity point. The top 3 players will be automatically rewarded at the end of each hour. 1st place: 1 Donation Token ~ 2nd: 1 Billion Zeny ~ 3rd: 500m Zeny. The Race runs every hour, every day! Starts and ends at minute 59 of each hour. As you can see we are being extremely generous with the prices of Zeny bags and Donation Tokens. I can assure you that our generosity will not last too long, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can! Expect a heroic coin price increase on Donation Tokens soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback and very excited to see BLOOD all over our PvP rooms! P.S ~ There is a new Donation Rotation coming soon, so take advantage of the discount prices and save those donation tokens ! Let the bloodbath BEGIN!
  8. HaZe


    State your character's name
  9. Greetings Dreamers! The long awaited donation rotation has finally arrived! This particular rotation consists of 54 brand new headgear sprites with donation effects. As usual, these head gears are considered collectibles, and for this reason they are account bound. They will be available for the next 3-4 months until we rotate to another one of our 5 collectible shops. *The next rotation will not contain new sprites though!* This time we analyzed our inventory database to get a list of the most used donation effects for top, middle and low head gears and then we used those effects for the new donation head gear sprites. Unfortunately, we had a limited amount of new sprites available and way too many donation effects...so some effects will not get a new sprite this rotation. However, don't worry if you don't see the effect you need! For the next 7 days, you will be allowed to convert ANY of the NEW donation collectible head gears into a costume for FREE! This means no donation token, fashion voucher or zeny requirement. As usual, don't forget you can preview all of the new head gears at the Fitting Room, accessible through the Donation Girl NPC. We are in the process of converting this NPC to work the same as the Moose Quest NPC, that way you can preview the head gears right from the Donation Token Mall. You can access the donation token mall by speaking with the Donation Girl NPC and clicking "Claim with Tokens". The new items are found in the NPC called "[Bound] Collection Gears". For any questions or concerns, feel free to post on this topic or open a support ticket system. Enjoy! P.S Don't forget to update your auto patcher to receive the new sprites! P.S 2 - Special thanks to Horakthy for providing this wonderful collection of sprites!
  10. HaZe

    help me in this bugged

    Try again now, it should work.
  11. The donation rotation was a lot of work but I'm extremely happy with the quality of the rotation. (Sprites, Effects, Descriptions etc). I hope you all enjoy the new sprites!

    1. Th3mak3r


      Thank you so much for the effort Papa Haze

    2. ArchBishopMargaretha


      i love  that black cat lower HG ❤️

  12. HaZe

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    Correct! Free costume services for the 54 items released in this rotation. Only for the next 7 days though Nooo, thank you for providing the sprites
  13. HaZe

    It's Time to Wake Up Dreamers

    Indeed there were issues before renewal. The fact that our 3rd job skills were incomplete, or missing. The fact that we sid not have new classes like oboro, kagerou and doramz. And also the fact that we didnt have hundreds of new items and monsters, as well as new instance dungeons. For those reasons our population was on a slow decline for years, because although we added new custom features, we were still outdated by like 6 years in terms of official content. if there server was in perfect condition and thriving we wouldnt have been forced to update to renewal. Things got stale for a while and we needed to spice them up.
  14. Hello Dreamers, I am writing to you all today because our Chief GM Freia encouraged me to inform you all of the current situation of the server. Consider this my last attempt at making keeping the server alive. I think many of us know that DreamerRO is no longer what is used to be. The server's population declined from 1,000 online in December 2016 to about 450 online by Summer 2017. For this reason, In June 2017 we took on the enormous mission to update the server from pre-renewal 2010 to Renewal 2017. It has taken hundreds of hours of work to modify scripts, create the client, fix bugs and balance skills, and we are still working really hard to make everything smooth again. If you have paid attention to the server bug report and skill suggestion sections, you will notice that 95% of all bugs and skill balancing suggestions have already been reviewed and taken care of. We are talking about over 350 bug reports and over 250 skill suggestions in only 2 months. Even with this large amount of work we have put in on fixing bugs and balancing skills, we have still managed to find time to implement new content, such as the brand new achievement system, costume items system and other small modifications to previously implemented features. We have hired new gms and support players to ensure that most questions get answered. Implemented the new channel system for players to get help from each other and even created the new facebook group to further increase the chances that every question gets answered either by knowledgeable players or staff. I have to admit that after all the work me and the staff have put in, I am extremely disappointed and discouraged with the support the server has received during these decisive times. Although we have asked for reviews almost daily, our review count on ratemyserver still decreases every week due to expired reviews. Despite numerous donation promotions, the donations the server is receiving are becoming more scarce every month, to the point that the server is barely making its monthly budget. To paint a picture for you guys, the server needs 380$ for the server's hosting and DDoS protection, plus 150$ for the website host and DDoS protection and an additional 200-400$ a month for advertising purposes. Totaling up to a minimum of 730$ a month to pay for the server fees. If we split that 730$/30 days you will learn that the sever needs 25$ a day to meet its budget. In the last 5 days we've only received 20$. Another issue is the Voting. Right now we still have the player base to be ranked in the top 3 of all the topsites, but we are not. Over half of our players do not vote properly because they do not input the capcha and just vote to earn the points. All in all I feel like the staff team and myself have done a tremendous job at trying to make DreamerRO great again but the community appears to not be cooperating nearly as much as they should. Just today we lost rank 5 on Ratemyserver to a server with 1/4 our population. Now we are ranked 6...this is a server that was ranked #1 in all Server Listing on Ratemyserver from 2009 to 2015 and now we are down to rank 6 simply for lack of support. We had 1,000 online in 2015 and 2016 but those players got lazy and let the server fall to rank 3. That is one of the reasons our population dropped and will continue to drop now that we are ranked 6. Being Rank 1 on ratemyserver was giving us 600% more visitors from ratemyserver than currently at rank 5-6. At this point I have very little motivation to continue fixing bugs, balancing skills or even implementing new content to the server. It feels that no matter how much effort I put in, the community it's just going to take take take and give nothing in return. I am tired of spending countless hours every day on DreamerRO and getting relatively nothing out of it. This is time I can spend with my son, my wife and friends, or time I can spend in more productive projects. You can give whatever excuse you want as to why YOU personally have not supported the server with reviews, donations or even votes. At the end of the day they are all bullshit in my opinion. At DreamerRO we have provided you a stable server for 9 years with nearly 99% uptime. We have more custom items and custom features than any other server in the world, and now we even have most of the latest content with the addition of renewal. We provide a free server where nobody is forced to donate and everything can be earned just by playing. All we ever asked in return was your FREE support, and we have received very little of it. In any case, I have very little faith that this post will change anything. If anything we'll get a handful of new reviews but that's it. That's why I was hesitant to post this...but as I said earlier, Freia encouraged me to inform the players of what was going on. Now at least I won't be blamed if/when the server shuts down...because well, I've been telling you guys all along. At least ill feel comfortable that I tried my best to keep it alive. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe the story repeats with this topic like it did in 2011 and we get back to 1,000 online again.. It's up to the community what will happen. I do know there is a handful of loyal donators who are the ones who have allowed the sever to remain alive in the last couple of months. From the bottom of my heart I am thankful to you guys, you know who you are. There are also a few players that renew their reviews and help as much as they can, I know you are not all bad...the problem is...it's just like 5% of the community supporting the server and that is simply not enough to make DreamerRO Great Again. If you've read this far you are probably one of those loyal Dreamers. Thank you for supporting the server, I love you! Good Luck to us~
  15. The last 5 updates resulted in 2 reviews.. meanwhile an irrelevant drama resulted in 6 and counting! I guess Dreamer just needs more drama not more updates! 😂🤣

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      Dro = DramaticRo in the making.

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      Hello sir Haze did you check the reviews? before you post an update status?. There are already reviews. Even myself I did review the server. Kindly check it the date before you posted this please. Dates are shown in ratemyserver review. thx

    3. GhostAlpha1


      posted another review there hmmm 

  16. HaZe

    Rules of public Channels

    If you cant conform to the channel rules and you dont want to get banned then simply leave the #main channel. That way you will not read any negative comments against you that will encourage you to respond and break the rules. its simple. If you can’t do that simple thing, then dont complain when you get banned
  17. If you have not renewed your review in the last 3 months, please take 5 minutes to do so. It will help the server grow and make it funner!

    Click here to review DreamerRO:
    http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=8633&url_sname=DreamerRO! New!

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      done renewed

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      Bump.. Let us support the server guys 😄


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      Up..please review.

  18. Please don’t overwhelm our new developer with personal requests regarding items, skills or reports. Sadie needs to be focused on features and bugs that affect the entire server not just a handful of users. Once the server is in a better place the focus may change, but we arent there yet.

    1. Lv1 Akikiw

      Lv1 Akikiw

      My heart jumped i thought an announcement for rotation lol. Gotcha lets be nice to Sadie ❤️

  19. HaZe

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    This is a great update for our Dreamers! As usual with any new dungeon and set of items, everything is under observation and can be modified without warning. We welcome any and all feedback regarding the update! Big Kudos to our developer Sadie for the update!
  20. HaZe

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    Yes Doesnt mean we should stop trying to encourage pvp activity though
  21. HaZe

    Breath Taking Places in DRO

    Right now its just a custom map we thought was nice and we added it to the server. Its not part of any quest or feature right now
  22. HaZe

    Permanent Body Changer

    Right now the jRO sprites are default when a player installs the full client or lite client. With the sprites being available to heroes via this NPC i think we should consider removing the default jro sprites, that way they would be considered the “premium” look and would be another reason to consider becoming a Hero. It would also allow those that prefer thr kRO look to have that look by default and not be forced to disable the jro sprites grf. I also think the price could be greatly increased and be a one time fee that they can then enable or disable the sprite for free whenever they choose. 2b is pocket change for most heroes Great job! Im sure our players will enjoy this new feature!
  23. Happy to see that our new developer (Sadie) is already taking care of some bugs on the first day!

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      Nice to know keep up the good job

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      it hard but why not all npcs in all maps? maybe? not just caspen right? but still good sprites of choice specially the healer NPC.

    4. Magna Divinus
  24. HaZe

    Moose Quest NPC Revamp

    This is a quick announcement to inform our players that we have taken the time to update one of the oldest quest NPCs in DreamerRO's history. This NPC was created and released when the server opened in 2008...which makes it 10 years old! As you can expect, our items have become stronger and the quest items available in this NPC simply could not compete in our current meta. NPC: Moose Location: casp_in01 60 190 Key Modifications: Increased the effects of the quest items available in the NPC to make them powerful in the current meta. Increased the item requirements for each quest. Added the Item ID next to the requirements to make it easier for newbies to find and hunt the right items. Added the slot the headgear occupies to the item description on the NPC. Added the item slot count on the item description on the NPC. What we hope to achieve with this small update is to reward our newbies with actual items they can use in-game to help them compete against our veterans until they are able to farm for actual donation items. There are still plenty of items and quests that need to be revamped to match the current meta, but this is a good start. Open the spoiler below to see a list of quest items that were updated.
  25. HaZe

    3rdjob skill

    Each job has dozens of skills, you shouldn't only be spamming the one with the most damage, otherwise all other skills would be obsolete.. They should be incorporated into some sort of combo. That is why some skills have cool downs.