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  1. We wanted our automated events to be a lot more populated and competitive.. but the previous rewards of 1 Event Ticket was not enough to entice too many to join the events. As a result, we are increasing the rewards of most automated events in order to make them worth your while Dice Event Rewards 1 Dice Master Trophy and 1 Event Ticket 5 Donation Tokens Goblin Invasion Rewards 1 Goblin Killer Trophy and 1 Event Ticket 3 Donation Tokens Poring Catcher Rewards 1 Poring Catcher Trophy and 1 Event Ticket 3 Donation Tokens 500 PvP Rewards 1 Event Ticket 5 Donation Tokens Treasure Hunt (Updated) 5 Boxes with 100M Zeny each. 5 Boxes with 500M zeny each. Note: The event has been updated. It not longer occurs exclusively at caspen. It will run in a random city that will be announced when the event starts. Survival Event 1 Event Ticket 3 Donation Token New Quest: There is a new NPC in the Caspen Quest Room that exchanges the trophies obtain via the events listed above for Fortune Headgear Chests. Schedule: To view the schedule of when these events are hosted please click here or use @schedule in game. * Note: These changes will not be reflected in-game until the server reboots. You can use @uptime in-game to check when was the last reboot.
  2. HaZe

    HHH PvP+ Donation token drop rate

    Don't you already get Donation Tokens during HHH by converting your Heroic Points to dTokens?
  3. HaZe

    Forge Failing

    If you feel like you character or account is bugged and you ONLY fail, then you can open a ticket and I will check it for you. Just know though, since its implementation, there has never been any player that "bugged" and failed every attempt. It is purely based on chances and luck.
  4. HaZe

    Forge Failing

    Each forge attempt is independent of the last one. Failing the previous attempt doesn't affect the chances of succeeding in the next attempt. So if you fail 10 times in a row, there is no guarantee that the 11ths will be the winner.
  5. There are plenty of 2020 GX guides here: http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Guillotine_Cross
  6. You can watch WoE and PvP tournament highlights in our youtube profile: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1tWjbYG2jicYtZweWqn1Jg

  7. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    Decision is final on that. Whether you agree or not.
  8. Date: 28 June 2020, 9:00 Server Time (HHH/Phantasmagoria Time)Format: Single elimination Single Elimination All registered players will fight an opponent selected at random. Winners will move on to the next round, while losers will be disqualified from the event. The last remaining 2 players will receive a prize. (Prize based on number of registered players) Prizes: 1st Place: 75 Donation Credits & 1 Red Nike Hat for 1st place 2nd Place: 30 donation credits second place. Rules:- All legitimate items are allowed- No buffs other than your own class is allowed except through items (eg. FCP mules, Gentle Touch - Change mules)- All jobs are allowed including priests- All skills are allowed except if stated explicitly- In the unlikely event of a draw, the map-announced winner takes precedence- Coma is allowed- Poison is allowed- 3rd job skills are allowed- Build/item switching in-between matches are allowed, each player will only have 1 minute to do so.- All significant healing skills are not allowed (Slim Potion Pitcher, Repair, Heal, Shield Spell, King's Grace, Oath Ring, Full Throttle etc).- When your name is called for the next match via broadcast, you have 1 minute to respond by clicking the Guard in the Tournament Arena. Registration: Registration will begin exactly at 9:00 Server Time and will run for 5 minutes. Players will need to register to the event during the registration window by speaking with the Tournament Manager NPC which is located inside the tournament arena. (Access will be provided prior to the tournament starting) - If you do not register with the NPC you will not be able to participate in the event. Spectators: Everyone will be allowed to spectate the tournament in-game or via Twitch stream. P.S Copied event rules from Xero since I'm not sure his event took off.
  9. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    Exactly why I don't think it belongs in a PvP tournament where "All significant healing skills are not allowed (Slim Potion Pitcher, Repair, Heal, Shield Spell, King's Grace, Oath Ring, Full Throttle etc)." - Xero 2020
  10. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    I don't know if the bug still exists, but I've seen it in previous events a few years ago where people with creed helm were instantly healing their entire HP by doing *something* that I don't want to bring up.. in case the bug still exists. Again, you can use it.. but if I see your HP healing too much, prepare to be DQ..
  11. HaZe

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    Greetings Dreamers! This is a quick announcement to inform you about our latest NPC addition to the Elite Hero Temple. There is now an Elite Hero Job Changer which will give you the opportunity to change your Elite Hero's job class to a different class. The benefit of this service is that it allows you to keep your Elite Weapon Rank, Division Rank and all the Hero Statuses you had prior to the job change. The service will not only keep your Elite Hero Weapon Rank, but also any refinement upgrades on your weapon and even the cards slotted onto it will be transferred to the new job's Elite Weapon. How does it work? Speak to the NPC and select the class you'd like to change into (i.e Rune Knight, Warlock, Soul Linker etc) The NPC will then analyze your inventory to record any Elite Weapons or Glove you possess (including their slotted cards and refine level) The NPC will then continue to change your job into the one you selected. The NPC will ask you to choose which one of the new job's weapons you'd like to select. (If you have 2 or 3 weapons, the npc will make you pick 2 or 3 times) After you have the weapons, the NPC will continue to give you your Specialist Glove (only if you had one already of course) That's it! The cost of this service is 100 Donation Tokens or 250 billion Zeny. You can use this service as many times as you want on the same character or any character in your account. The selections you make on the NPC are not exchangeable. Please make sure you select the proper class and elite weapons during the process. Don't rush and risk obtaining the wrong weapon or choosing the wrong class! The NPC can be found in the Elite Hero Temple under the name "Elite Job Change". Please report any bugs as soon as possible. If you encounter any bugs or issue, please open a support ticket and provide appropriate screenshots. We are also open to suggestions on the price and functionality of the NPC. Enjoy!
  12. HaZe

    Peco2 egg spawn for zephy quest

    Peco Peco eggs hatch into Pickys and evolve into Peco Pecos if they are not killed. That's why you can't find any, probably all hatched already. Kill the Peco Pecos and Pickies so they respawn as eggs again.
  13. HaZe

    1vs1 PvP Tournament (6/28/20)

    Well yggs and most usables healing items don't work in pvp by default.. but no they aren't allowed. Creed helm would fall on the same category as Oath ring, especially when it is abused.. Basically we shouldn't seen your HP jump/heal.. and we can see HP bars. As for the give away, sure.
  14. HaZe

    To Wizard

    We have not touched either of those skills. They may have been indirectly affected by other changes such as the soft def/vit formula changes recently. We lowered the soft def received from vit, so that allowed people to get higher VIT and it may be lowering the trigger rate of status ailments.
  15. Hi ^^ Im Jonathan and Im from DR .. Saludos a todos

    1. Yuuvi


      boiii, u ain't dominican. Tu sabes lo que es un majarete? ijk lol

    2. HaZe


      @Yuuvi el primo del morir soniando 😂

  16. HaZe


    - Obviously in a game about a war between gods and demons, there's bound to be a lot of items/monsters/npcs with names of gods and demons.
  17. HaZe

    BG event?

    What is it that you want to buy with Heroic Coins that you can't buy with badges/dro tokens? Feel free to make a list so we can add those items to the market, when possible.
  18. HaZe

    BG event?

    There are already multiple sets and dozens of rares available via BG through the DreamerRO Market.
  19. Click here to view the Vending Items We've added a new feature to our website that will allow you to search through all our vending shops to find the cheapest price. This is an alternative to the existing in-game command, @whosell, except it is a website version of it. Pros: Easier to find your items over @whosell The prices are more straight forward than on @whosell It can be used as a price check tool (see low and high price range) Easier to view and scroll through all the shops that have the item you are looking for. Cons: It is hosted on our website and cannot be directly accessed in-game. In which case, @whosell is the quicker alternative. We hope this makes your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. We also look forward to your feedback on this website feature.
  20. HaZe

    Suggestion For PVP

    You guys set the barriers to entry way too high... and then wonder why PvP is dead. Basically a player needs to check the following requirements in order to enjoy PvP in our server Must be Elite Hero Lvl 3-4 (this one alone takes a lot of effort and excludes the 95%+ of newbies) Needs to be full equipped (Not just 1 set of equips, but multiple gears to counter multiple classes. Years of experience in PvP (Again, even with full equips, they still can't compete) A group of 6-12++ equipped/experience friends that are NOT friends with other veterans or part of other "teams" (Not sure if this is even possible unless they migrate from another server) A strong & determined mentality to "handle" being bullied, harassed and still "want" to get better and keep trying Sure, increasing rewards may encourage some of the strong, social and determined veterans to play PvP instead of BG but ultimately after you fight the same person or "team" for a couple of weeks then usually it becomes obvious which team is the best and the other team gets tired of losing and gives up. Then we have to wait until another organized party of 12-20 players unite and grow enough confidence to challenge the dominating team. All of this needs to happen soon enough so that the dominating team doesn't get bored and quit. Then what happens if it doesn't happen on time? PvP is dead again even with the great rewards..except this time it killed BG with it. I've seen the scenario above happen many times over our 12 years history... and why I believe the current "PvP system" and "mentality" are not ripe for a boost in rewards.
  21. I'm looking for feedback on the newly implemented Spirit of Heroism service. By feedback I mean comments on it's usefulness, pricing, availability, the process itself (those who did it), suggestions, bugs, etc.
  22. HaZe

    5vs5 PvP Tournament - [ENDED]

    We didn't have a lot of different parties, but we have 4 quality parties that delivered a solid performance and an entertaining event. Our streaming peaked at 80+ viewers and the vibe in-game was excting. The tournament was a double elimination tournament due to the lack of participants.. but that made it as interesting as it could of been. Participants MI6charlie MI6 LO MI6 NabTeam (April's 5vs5 Winners) Result:
  23. The tournament has ended! - Scroll to the last post for the results!
  24. Update 6/11: In order to give more players to obtain this beautiful set, we have increased the number of Glacial Wolf sets obtainable via Battlegrounds from 50 to 65. The additional 15 sets are limited to accounts that do not have a set yet. If you bought a set via dRO tokens or you already obtained a set via battlegrounds, then you will not be able to craft one of the last 15 sets available via BG. The set will remain available permanently in the DreamerRO Market and Battle badges can be exchanged for dRO tokens. If you have left over fragments, you can get rid of them as best you can or use the inventory cleaner npc in caspen 180 185 to delete them from your inventory. If the fragments are re-used in the future they will have new item id to start everyone from scratch. Glacial Wolf Set Unlock the Glacial Wolf Set by participating in Battlegrounds. Every time you complete a game you have a chance to get a Glacial Wolf Fragment. There are 5 different fragments that need to be collected, and sometimes, you may get repeated fragments. Once all 5 different fragments are collected, you may speak with the Glacial Wolf Quest NPC at [@go bg]. Your chances of getting a fragment depend whether you win or lose. The fragments are account bound. The winners have a 1/40 chance to get a fragment after finishing a game. The losers have a 1/50 chance to get a fragment after finishing a game. If you get repeated fragments, the npc will allow you to re-roll 3 fragments for 1 random fragment. That random fragment may not be the fragment you are missing. There is a catch: The NPC will disappear when 50 Glacial Wolf Sets have been claimed via BG, so you must hurry and collect those fragments before the rest of the npc disappears! Open spoiler to see Glacial Wolf Set Effects ** For those of you who don't have enough time to get it via Battlegrounds, the Glacial Wolf Set (as well as other sets) are now available via DreamerRO Tokens at the @go Market.
  25. HaZe

    Suggestion For PVP

    This sounds just like BG? If I'm not mistaken, you can use the Party Manager NPC to register your party and it spread the kill bonuses among all members of the party. Priests included.