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  1. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Phew I got the cards I needed and finished off to get Skelion! I just happened to come along when Trials was open. I never did get the "counting the smokies" one right. The fishing was fun, once it worked for me & I got the hang of it. I did have to buy my way back in lots of times LOL I lost count of how many times I did Paragon, I had to have gone through at least 600 candies but since I was doing it as I got them, I lost count. Easily could have been 800. So 60-80 tries. The only rare I got was a pair of the multicolored Parrot Wings, which is very cool, I didn't have them & wanted them. Made my day! If I'm not mistaken though, I might have gotten them from one of the ten chests in the HoT room where you pay to open treasure chests? I just have the WORST luck at Paragon. I only got fully to the end once and that was the Hylozoist hat I didn't get because of glitch. I did get some great lesser stuff like refined elunium, and a lot of things that will be great to put to use later. I got more Whammys than I care to think about, though. If it was "easy" then it just wasn't my...week. I have 90 raffle tickets, maybe I'll have better luck there. I have to ask this question because I've been wondering it for years. How, exactly, does the Halloween Poring work? If it's secret or whatever that's ok, I don't want inside information it's just driving me bonkers how it decides who kills it. Is it just whoever gets the most hits on it? And does being the last person to kill it have any bearing on that? I killed it more times this year than I ever have, probably about 6-7 times where I actually found and hit it multiple times, & it actually said I killed it. The only loot I ever got was a Gjallarhorn and War Supplies, every time. Is that it? I remember in the past there were times (low %) where it dropped a few things more than the standard stuff. While on the subject I just thought I'd mention this. There were some characters that just constantly stood seemingly AFK for hours. Then I noticed there was one on every corner and they looked similar. It only occurred to me tonight, that they were probably boss lookouts, since you can't warp to specific spots anymore (which is good, made it much more fair). I noticed that late in the game the same 2 or 3 names were scoring more frequently killing the Hallo Poring, and then I realized it was probably someone with multiple clients open who just had a bunch of different characters positioned in the key warp spots so they could basically monitor the H. Poring's slightly predictable warp locations. Maybe the mods already are aware of this, I'm not trying to tell them what to do or anything. Just a heads up, if it matters. Anyway I did have a lot of fun, thanks to all the developers who worked to make it more than just a farm-fest. There certainly were a lot of options! I'm a big fan of pets and the new pets are really cool.
  2. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Oh jeez. I actually only need 18 cards, which ironically I would have if I hadn't sold some to the card dealer for badges before the other NPC was added. I think maybe I should just give up at this point, especially if there's no guarantee it'll open up again. I'm S.O.L.
  3. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Is the House of Trials going to be open again? I just need 23 more cards for skeleton pet I have all the other items
  4. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Are the blank cards tradable? Is the only way to get through through the Trials?
  5. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound so critical, I was very tired. If it wasn't fun I wouldn't play. I fully understand it's based on low percentages and in that aspect I'm not expecting to get rares for sure or anything. It can be a little frustrating though to pound on literally thousands of the same monsters to save up loot, especially the candy is so low drop, only to get "Whammy! Sorry not your day!" over & over. Or to kill the Halloween Poring 4x and yet never get any loot from it (???). To be fair, if you calculate about how many drops of Halloween Token you can get by farming, literally non-stop monster killing, with the amount of times you can do the Peculiar Quest per hour (since it makes you sit out & "rest" no matter how fast you kill the 5 Peculiars) to score 100-140 tokens from that, it takes at the very least 20-something hours to get 5000 if you want to buy one of the better equips, and upwards of 40 hours at the worst. That's the equivalent hours of a full time job. LOL. For ONE headgear. 8-10 hours of play for 4-5 days is exhausting. If that's not "hardcore" then I guess I am just not hardcore. I feel bad for people who have much less free time than I do who want to get one or two equips that need 5000-7000 Hallo Tokens. Honestly I have played many holiday events over the years and this is the toughest one yet, although it's been 2 or 3 years since I did Halloween. I think the last one I played was when it had the door-to-door trick or treating and you could get the Bleach masks. Honestly I tabbed out for less than a minute. I google images "hylozoist hat" and immediately tabbed back. This has happened to me before though so maybe it's my computer rather than the game. Just sucked that the one & only time I made it that far in the Paragon I lost it because of a glitch or error. I did, over & over, as I always do. I was still confused. I guess I just didn't get it, I even asked other people. When someone bothered to answer I got some conflicting answers. With the vampire hunter quest as I mentioned, if I didn't know it was glitched I couldn't have asked to have it fixed. I just thought it was supposed to be like that. I dunno, I'm just stupid I guess, because I still don't know if it was just to get the hat, or if getting the hat means that it opens up another quest. I'm just ignoring it to focus on the other stuff.
  6. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I think my vampire quest is stuck, but I didn't even know till now because I didn't realize that was how it worked. Every time I talk to the Witch she says "how's it going with that vampire hunt?" It's been like this since I started and I have killed a zillion vampires since then, I didn't even know it's broken to report it. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. But I got frustrated by the poison creation quest thing since it requires so much just for the hat, which I don't even want, and there's other stuff I want instead I'd rather focus on. Does the hat actually open up a quest to get other stuff? Or is the hat the point? Have I been missing out this whole time on the Vampire hunt quest? The intimacy system seems painfully slow for what it yields. I'm doing the other intimacy quests and they're slowly going up, but the dolly has not given me anything worth doing it for so far. I just do it because I get the dolls while I'm farming the other stuff. The yield for the effort has not been worth it unless you get something spectacular near the end, but I have no way of knowing if that will pay off. The dolly hasn't given me anything more than a few trinkets, nothing rare or special. Neither has the other one, I'm just doing it for the 100 or so Hallo Tokens to buy something. It's literally all been war supplies and gjallerhorn. I also played the paragon gambling a lot (300+ candies worth) and I the best thing I got was enriched elunium. At one point I got near the end and it asked me if I wanted a Hylozoist Hat or to go one more step. I was thrilled I'd actually finally gotten that far. I alt-tabbed for one minute to look up what a Hylozoist hat looks like, and when I alt-tabbed back the dialogue box had gone blank! I hit return and it just shut off, so I didn't even get the hat!!! I was heartbroken. The dice/cards thing is very confusing to me, and glitched out on me while doing the fishing & froze. There isn't anything telling you what you get for collecting the cards or even where to cash them in, and on top of that you actually have to pay zeny to rent stuff or just to move on if you don't want to sit there waiting for 3 more people to come along! I guess I will miss out on whatever you will be able to get with the elite items. Without knowing what to aim for I have zero motivation to collect blank cards, and after the touchy glitches it's not worth the heartbreak of losing all my time & effort just to be disappointed. I'm giving all my loot now so I can buy a pet (50,000) but I'm also wondering, what if something new is implemented after I spend all that on a pet, that I would have otherwise saved the loot for? I mean 50k has taken me days of hours upon hours to finally collect. I feel frustrated, like I'm being punished rather than rewarded.
  7. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Well it wasn't the KSing so much as the mobtrain thing. Most people stand by or walk past someone hitting a Peculiar, but if they join in while I'm hitting one I am not bothered by that.
  8. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I just had an argument with someone. This person has been running all over the field collecting huge mobs using Warlock AOE spells. Which is fine, but they steamrolled me several times and I just got really pissed off because the last time, I was hammering on a Peculiar and they just spam-dropped Jupiter Thunder & Storm Gust all over me. It knocked my monster all over the place, disconnecting from it and just KS'd the hell out of me with no regard. This was the third time. They whip up 3-4 Peculiars into a circle with a zillion other monsters and it's extremely disrupting. I've seen other people using warlocks and they don't do it right on top of monsters you're working on. Also this guy is not standing still creating a mob, he's running from one side of the map to the other collecting huge mob trains. In the pic I it's right after he went over me (I'm in costume), he went from right to left. In his mob he's got three wraiths, how greedy can someone be?! So I told them to stop and they said holiday events "are always a free for all." I said they're not, the bosses are but not Peculiars and regular monsters, plus "free for all" doesn't mean acting like a complete jackass with no regard for other players. Can someone tell me please what the deal is? I would never drop AOE right on other players who are working on a monster or even a small mob. I've been playing here since 2013 and I've done a lot of events, and this kind of attitude and disregard for other players was never okay. Plus mobtraining like that is never okay, holiday event or not. So he basically told me to go ahead and report him, no one's going to do anything anyway.
  9. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I got a Deadly Weapon ticket as a prize, it says to go to Morocc 150 105 to cash it in, but there is no NPC there. Where can I use it? Sorry if it's posted somewhere, I couldn't find anything about it.
  10. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Oh yeah I agree. What are the Pumpkin Decorations for, anyway?
  11. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I figured out how to kill the tough peculiars all I'm gonna say is experiment with cards & headgear. Took me awhile because it's been like 3 years since I played and I forget a lot of stuff.
  12. xeokym

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    I haven't gotten anything either. I'm at level 2 as well. I did get a few war supplies & gallerhorns but I'm not sure if they were from her or monster drops. Because I don't remember seeing anything go into my inventory when I gave her stuff. It's boggling my mind how other people have their intimacy up so high with her, because aside from sleeping, I've been playing non-stop since it started and even use bubblegum, and I'm not getting anywhere near enough dolls to get intimacy up that high. So is it considered KSing for someone to start hitting on a Peculiar monster you've already started? Because people keep doing this to me and it's starting to piss me off. It's not an accident, they are doing it intentionally. I have even said to them "Peculiar isn't a boss, please don't KS" and they do the face. Now this one guy is even targeting me on purpose when I'm attacking a Peculiar. I have screenshots. I had the one down to 20% and he jumps in and gets the credit AND the drops. How can this be, I thought if you knocked off more HP than someone else you got the kill?? Even when I was playing on other characters he did it to them too, so I know he's just being a bully all over the field.
  13. xeokym

    Zodiac Crowns

    I thought it might be the headgear gambler, I'll try that. thanks!!