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  1. Kuro Ken

    L> Guild as a New/Returning player

    this idiot is just too lazy to add you to the guild, reported
  2. Kuro Ken

    stuff i stole from noob rg's stash

    S> Rental Service for Miaretaard slavery chain 9 month full slavery service only = 900m 9 month xtra ***** service = 901m 9 month premium xtra ***** service = 902m deal me @go 2 ps : not a new stuff, already breached b4
  3. Kuro Ken

    Eluminare's Corner

    i will give you a shot, paint me a siggy. talk to me @go 2 ty
  4. Kuro Ken

    B>HE gums

    Need a lot of it. offer me @go 2 or send a message to me here. Ty