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  1. Gorilla hat, wof it, sell it
  2. Unnamed

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    it will work, but go read the armour description of Assaulter plate
  3. Unnamed

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    check description
  4. seasonal materials to currency
  5. Unnamed

    Old Glast Heim Guide (Newbie Friendly)

    I only use gr+devi to fight against his earthquake(I think thats the name of the skill he uses) so I wouldnt get one shotted.
  6. Unnamed

    Rune Knight 3rd's WoE and STP ONLY

    I had considered that fact in the past,however ping has a HUGE part on 2 shot DB, my ping cant do that. Thank you for pointing out the amon ra delay problem, haven’t really had problems with how low my ACD is tho. I’ll still put your advice on the build so it could benefit others. I’ll surely test it out and probably, rework some parts of the build in the future. thank you
  7. This is my personal build for 3rds woe and STP, will probably be terrible for 1v1s/HA/HHH/BG. Red Highlighted items are my main items/cards/skills that I use, others are good alternatives for your own choosing. READ FIRST: Apparently Khalitzburg knight card and White Knight combo effect is not working, so probably buy/use at your own risk. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ON HOW TO USE SPOILER, IDFK HOW TO USE IT LOL Pure Dragon Breath Build Stats Strength: 150-200 Agility: 195 Vitality:Max Intelligence: 350 Dexterity: 180 Minimum (Add rest here or put more on strength for more carry weight)* Luck: 0 *Note: 150 Dexterity is the bare minimum to instant-cast skill but, when you're in quagmire your dexterity and agility are decreased, to which 180 should be good enough to prevent quagmire debuff. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills Dragon Breath Fire and Water Concentration Endure Magnum Break Parry (Works for sword only) Dragon Howling (5x5 Fear aoe status) Aura Blade Enchant Blade Death Bound (Situational and Suicidal) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gear Top Any 35% Reduction helm + Addax Card Green Captain's Hat + Addax Card Feather Valkyrie Helm + Addax Card Black Lord Kaho Horn + Addax Card/Gemini-s58 Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Middle Rare + Addax Card/Gemini-s58 Card Delay wings + addax Card Azure Wings + Addax Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lower Saint Ring + Orc Hero Card Swords of Arctic + Orc Hero Card Music Ring + Orc Hero Card Candy Ring + Nightmare Card/Addax Card Bee Ring + Orc Hero Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armour +8 Juggernaut Armor +8 Magnetite Armor + Fused Ghostring Card (Defensive Switch) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Angel Slayer Lvl 4 Thanatos Weapon Thanatos Card/White Knight Card/Tyrant cecil Card/Turtle General Card Non Thanatos Weapon White Knight Card/Tyrant cecil Card/Turtle General Card/Villainous Card Halberd of Legend lvl 4 Alternate (If you don't have Angel Slayer) Thanatos Card/White Knight Card/Tyrant cecil Card/Turtle General Card Non Thanatos Weapon White Knight Card/Tyrant cecil Card/Turtle General Card/Villainous Card Grimtooth Defensive Switch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shield Neo Valkyrie Shield +8 Obelisk Shield + Hades Card +8 Valkyrie Shield + Hades Card/Khalitzburg Knight Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garment Asprika +8 Keeper's Manteau + cautious Howard Card +8 Gigant Snake Skin + cautious Howard Card/Menblatt Card* *Use Gigant Snake Skin if you're using temporal boots, to get the HP combo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoes Sleipnir + AmonRa Card/Furious Seyren Card/Green Ferus Card +8 Vitality Temporal Boots + Furious Seyren Card/Amonra Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessories Division Gloves + Gem of Pneuma/Dark FaceWorm Card Vitality Megs Copper Rosary + Faceworm Card Ring of Resonance Ring of Flame Lord x2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Notes: From my experience and what I have tested 75% after-cast delay should be bare minimum to have a smooth spam, any lower and it will just be too slow. Rare wings give more damage than azure wings. Always remember to use magnum break before any big pushes, it has a 8 sec buff duration. Make sure to re-cast skills/buffs when you enter a castle Usually your HP should be around 9.7m/10m/11m/hp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hybrid Build Stats Strength:MAX Agility:195 Vitality:Rest Intelligence:0 Dexterity:180 Luck:o Skills Spiral Pierce Dragon Breath Fire and Water Endure Dragon Howling Hundred Spear Concentration Magnum Break Aura Blade Enchant Blade Note: Hundred Spear is Melee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gear Top Infernal Wolf Helm + Kiel Card 35% reduction Helm + Kiel Card Green Captains Helm + Kiel Card Black Lord Kaho Horn + Kiel Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Middle Infernal Wolf Wings + Kiel Card Rare Wings + Kiel Card Delay Wings + Kiel Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lower Infernal Wolf Aura + Orc Hero Card Swords of Arctic + Orc Hero Card Saints Ring + Orc Hero Card Music Ring + Orc Hero CArd Candy Ring + Addax Card/Nightmare Card Bee Ring + Orc Hero Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armour +8 Juggernaut Armor +8 Magnetite Armor + Fused Ghostring Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Halberd of Legend Lvl 4 Thanatos Weapon Thanatos Card/White Knight Card/Tyrant Cecil Card/Turtle General Card Non Thanatos Weapon White Knight Card/Tyrant Cecil Card/Turtle General Card (or Villainous Card) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shield Neo Valkyrie Shield +8 Valkyrie Shield + khalitzburg Knight Card +8 Obelisk + Hades Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garment Asprika +8 Gigant Snake Skin + Menblatt Card +8 Keeper's Manteau + Cautious Howard ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoes Sleipnir + AmonRa Card/Furious Seyren Card/Green Ferus Card +8 Strength Temporal Boots + Furious Seyren Card/Amonra Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessories Division Gloves + Gem of Spiral/Gem of Damage/Faceworm Card Medal of Honor + Gold Scarab/Gem of Pneuma/Dark Faceworm Card Strength Megs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consumables Aloevera Yggdrasil Berry Panacea Resist Pots Undead Elemental Scroll Holy Scroll Tao Gunka Scrolls Cursed Water Asir Rune Verkana Rune Nosiege Rune Consumable Notes: The amount of runes you can Carry are 20 each. Asir rune boosts atk of yourself and teammates, if you're in a party of killers use it. Verkana rune buff, even though the amount of hits received is short, it can nullify pretty much a lot of physical skills and can avoid enemy dragon breath/Moon Slasher. Nosiege rune is good if you do not want to be hit with deep sleep and freeze. Apart from getting out of those status, you're also immune to them for 1 minute. (atleast the freeze is, not sure about deep sleep) Aloevera just to lower your hard def by a bit, Will not boost spiral/dragon breath damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strategy Rune Knights Enemy Rune Knights deal A LOT of damage, be sure to use holy scroll and undead elemental scroll before engaging, it is optional if you want to use resist potions. Make sure you're fully buffed before tanking their dragon breath. Parry being the most important. Spiral Pierce hurts, but enemy rune knights have to get close for them to do so, spam them before they get close, if they get close, make sure you have Gem of pneuma/Saints Ring/Black Lord Kaho horn, equipped. Bowling bash is not as spammable as spiral and it is VERY short ranged (like 1 cell), you can always kite them with cloak + spam, or simply keeping your distance. You can always avoid their dragon breath range using circle LGP. (12 cells is dragon breath max range.) Royal Guard Shield Chain/Sacrifice/Grand Cross shouldn't be much of a problem with parry and how high your HP is. Defender is a huge nerf to your dragon breath damage and Spiral, either ignore RG's or DB them from a distance. Moon slasher can be avoided through millenium shield, parry and Kyrie Eleison. RG's are naturally tanky, if killing 1 RG is taking too much time, move on to other more vulnerable targets Warlock Use undead scroll and holy scroll to reduce their damage, I usually use fire resist potion to be able to tank their meteor storm daamge, again using resist potions is you choice. A few warlocks are tanky AF, but majority of warlocks should be food for you, focus this class hard as this can kill some of your guildmates. Sorcerer Haven't seen much offensive sorcerers in 3rds WoE, however a lot of pro sorcerers use Arullo and Vacuum effectively, make sure to switch to anti-sleep or cloak and keep your distance so they won't be able to target you. Wall of fog and land protector doesn't counter dragon breath, so keep spamming. Just be wary of dispell, will significantly lower your damage and reduction, cloak, retreat, rebuff and spam from a distance. Ranger Like Rune Knights, Rangers can deal A LOT of damage, if you don't pay much attention they can kill you very fucking quickly. If needed, switch to grimtooth and wear anti-sleep gear, so you can get close, however a lot of rangers nowadays use Sharp shooting, so it's easier to get close compared to Double strafe rangers. I think majority of rangers have low hp, to me they are food, so if you think you can tank some of their damage, focus them down. Minstrel/Gypsy Some minstrels/gypsy are usually just there to delay you, if you think you can burst them down go ahead, if not, just power through their "please dont forget me" debuff. If you do see a Arrow Vulcan player, they can easily take chunks of your HP, specially with their 3rds songs buff, you can either, switch to grimtooth, or cloak-spam them from a distance. ArchBishop Normally you wouldn't see bishops in front, or even see them at all, they can cast pneuma and have heal, so no need to waste your time with them. Asura You probably won't have any problems regarding getting 1 shotted by asura. If need just switch to GR armor. However you are susceptible to being killed by asura if you're anywhere near half hp without any ghostring effect. Mostly I ignore asura since they can cast pneuma, tanky and can use body relcation Mechanic If you see any mechanic with madogear being aggressive, fucking run split up from any teammates, any grouped up players will be their target. Make sure to have box of sun on at all times, haven't seen any mechanics use cloak but i've tried it before and they can surprise you with self destruction. Usually you cannot inflict long range damage to a mechanic due to their skill Neutral barrier. just keep your distance. Cart Termination Mechanics hurt hard, DO NOT tank Cart termination even with grimtooth, they hit hard and fast. Genetic Don't be afraid to tank acid demonstration for a few seconds, switch to gr at half hp, retreat, switch back to juggernaut armor, heal and go back in. Just make sure you have FCP on before deciding to face tank even 1 genetic. Acid Demonstration can stun lock you, make sure you're not going to be stunlocked where there are many enemies around the genetic. they will just focus you down. Guilotine Cross Grimtooth deals a lot of damage, just use +8 obelisk and you'll be fine. If you dont have a +8 obelisk, just get out of their range at 7 cells. Some grimtooth users can be statused (lol), make sure you have BLKH or use any kaho horns tbh. Haven't seen much soul breaker on 3rds WoE so no comment. Gem of Pneuma, Parry, Saints ring, Ignus fatuus, should be a good counter to them. RC Entrance users, suicidal but you can use death bound in this situation. Shadow Chaser DO NOT GET CLOSE (or let them get close) to ANY Shadow Chaser, they will dismount you and will be useless. Most offensive shadow chasers can tank Dragon breath, so just ignore them and keep your distance. if need cloak when they get close. If you see the enemy guild has a lot of Shadow Chasers, open your equipment menu to check if your accessories have been stripped. If you mount does get stripped, butterfly wing yourself out. Gunslinger Same Idea with rangers, SPECIALLY if they are Full Buster Build, they can easily remove chuncks of your HP, Cloak/grimtooth/blkh, should be good enough to stay alive a bit longer. Rapidshower hurts too, if neglected they will just spam you down, Use the same counter as fullbuster. Naturally GS have low hp, if you manage to get close, spam them down with dragon breath. Tips and Notes Please do not stay on entrance and spam ignition break, barely does damage and it is not spammable. Communicate with your sorcerer beforehand if you will zerk, so tehy know when/who to dispell later on. Put /hlp on alt+1 to catch attention of friendly sorcerers if you need to be dispelled. Use zerk when pushing or when taking too much damage and kindly ask for dispell. Apart from max HP, current HP works in favour on DragonBreath damage, so be at 100% hp at all times to deal max damage. If given the chance that an enemy is on Pneuma with no backup, use hundred spears. Dragon howling is good if a bunch of enemeis are grouped up together, they lose flee and can't move for 15(?) seconds. Normally Rune Knight are frontliners but make sure there are always friendly warlocks/Sorcerers when pushing. Use LGP ring to your advantage when pushing, max cast range is 9 cells, however DB aoe can reach as far as 12 cells. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STP BUILD This build centers around using a spear, so using a sword may not work. Disclaimer: This is by far most likely not the best build for guardians, but I guess it's a good start. Stats Strength:Max Agility:195 Vitality:350 Intelligence:0 Dexterity:Rest Luck:0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills Concentration Spiral Pierce Dragon Breath Fire and Water Magnum Break Aura Blade ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gear Top Headgear Long Range Helm + Kiel D-01 Card Freeze Helm + Kiel D-01 Card (Use for Beelzebub and Draconus) Creed Helm + Kiel D-01 Card (use if you have problems staying alive) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Middle Headgear Delay Wings + Kiel D-01 Card Ladybug Wings + Kiel D-01 Card (switch for guardians) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lower Headgear Music Ring + Orc Hero Card Dragon Aura + Orc Hero Card (switch for Guardians) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armour +8 Juggernaut Armour Ambrose Undead Armour + Gloom Under Night Card (switch for Guardians) Armor of the forgotten + Gloom Under Night Card (switch for Guardians) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Halberd of Spear (Non Thanatos Weapon) Abysmal Knight Card/Abysmal Knight Card/ Tyrant Cecil Card/ Turtle general Card Thanatos Weapon Thanatos Card/Abysmal Knight Card/Abysmal Knight Card/Tyrant Cecil Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shield +8 Libra Shield + Khalitzburg Knight Card ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garment Asprika *Gigant Snake Skin + Menblatt Card (switch for Guardians, or main it if you have no problems taking damage) *I normally just have Menblatt Card on Gigant snake skin, you don't have to use that garment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoes Sleipnir + fused Eddga/Green Ferus/Furious Seyren +8 Strength Temporal boots + Fused Eddga/Green Ferus/Furious Seyren *I just use Fused Eddga for the permanent endure effect, akt rate does not boost DB/spiral damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessories Division Gloves + gem of Spiral/Gem of Boss Medal of Honor + gold Scarab Card Strength Megs Ring of Resonance ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consumables Mastella Fruit Water Converter Earth Converter Aspersio Scrolls Panacea Notes: Usually 350 vit with +8 Juggernaut armor is good enough to one-shot mobs. (not lhz mobs tho) Always use magnum break to deal max amount of spiral damage. Always FCP yourself. If you want get an alt Arch bishop and cast assumptio on yourself (even aspersion). If I have missed anything regarding an item/class/card, please point it out so I can fix it. Any form of suggestions/criticisms are welcome. Thank you for reading. ~
  8. Unnamed

    [Instance Guide] Soloing Old Glast Heim

    Holy > amdarais ID 2476
  9. Unnamed

    Its becoming frustrating

    Not sure how long people get the achievement, but if you see the event rankings, top players always get somewhere between 2-3k (prob even more) points per stp
  10. Unnamed

    [Question] Zeph’s Quest for WL

    summon stone trick doesnt work anymore, could still go warlock and spam aoe. Could go genetic and spam illusion doping Or any range classes and spam DS/arrowstorm
  11. Unnamed

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    regarding to that, we have tested those possibilities, which is why we reported the bug for acct bound wkc. we could test it again for confirmation if needed.
  12. Unnamed

    [Bound]-Wkc+KKc Bugged

    bound wkc + tradable KKC working for me, go 16 testing room doesnt count when testing dmg cards.