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    edit: My 20-20 vision got destroyed by web novels recently
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  1. Crestler

    Kinship! :D

    It's sad that others are ded. Btw I can only reply sparsely as I don't check out this site much anymore. This guild is my only connection to you guys now. Would be nice if we could have a discord group of our own or something for real time chat.
  2. Crestler

    Kinship! :D

    Still alive m8? Damn.
  3. Crestler

    Kinship! :D

    Surprise 2019 Spooky Post! Why is this guild thread still the one with the highest number of views and replies overall?
  4. Crestler

    Kinship! :D

    It's nice that Brian's maintaining this dead asf thread... Anyways Ragnarok M is coming out on the 31st October, 2018 for SEA sooo anyone gonna play in here? Definitely not looking for slaves to drag to the party.