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    guild's status: ACTIVE History Short Intro: By the returning(Oct 2016) of our great autobot leader Optimus Primes, NX has been revived with new co-leaders, generals, advisors and members. This guild is open for everyone who like to join WoE but before you joining us please read the requirements and understand well the rules. We do not expect for your loyalty, what we expect is you may come as a guest stay as a family and leave as a friend. Peace yo! Top Family Members Base Dewata(@go 32) Requirements Must be max level 500 Fully geared and skilled for WoE English speaking - (to prevent misunderstanding that can lead to disobey of GL's orders) Rules Follow GL's orders Respect Guild Member(s) and other Guild(s) that participate in WoE - (no racism and trash-talk) No begging for zeny and items Do not AFK during WoE hours If you will not serve in emperium breaking team, then you will serve in the supportive/killer team Cooperation is the key to success so please give your 110% contribution to the guild Help each other no killing between guild member(s) and allies in HA or PVP arena nor BG since we are in the same family/guild/alliance (unless they don't mind) You want to be one of us? Go to Dewata(@go 32) Find the guild leader or any member(s) that has invite power Milestones Memories Back then... 2016 Signature Original New Credit to iNeoson, Xanon and Akhillex for the guild's banner and siggy "When decide to lose WoE, remember to give enemy the same honour" For Enjoy! For Notorious! For the Castle!