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  1. House 32 is survive for 5 min?
  2. Tao

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Need like 10min to make 1 mission and it was 1 month event. U had enough time to get those 50 missions
  3. Tao

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    U gonna make all AB crying about that, and i'm the first one because i spent like 400b on that +10 G.Wand
  4. Tao

    DreamerRO Market - [@go market]

    Waiting for this now that all "rare" cards are available in the Market /slur
  5. Tao

    5vs5 PvP Tournament - (April 18)

    Yea stuck home but won't set my alarm at 5 am for a game. I'll just join next one, it's ok /heh
  6. Tao

    5vs5 PvP Tournament - (April 18)

    Pls change time, players from Europe will have hard time with that
  7. Tao

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Don't lie HaZe! The NPC is already gone
  8. Tao

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    Ya i give myself the same answer /heh
  9. Tao

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    Pls remove those cheap elite stone from Stage 6 (Maybe just Cold Moonlight cause it's expensive)
  10. Tao

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    Ya thx i didn't see that the DATA.ini was resetted
  11. Tao

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    What about the simplified grf to redux SG/MS and other skills effect?