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  1. Friday05

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    not sure if this can help much, but the following monsters have higher drop rates for ribbon and empty bbox, maybe this can help you balance out your loots. Torobbie cione fanta fish woodie fatum
  2. Friday05

    Need Help

    You can go to @go market, and see the list of prices via DRO tokens, and 1credit can get you 1 DRo token
  3. Friday05

    Goodbye Dreamerro

    you were complaining that it was shifted from naughty straight to mischevious, but from here it was showing that it was always been mischevious this whole time, since the announcement i showed was the first announcement in the start of wave 1.
  4. Friday05

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    nahh @Nelvinn always does that he DMs me a question, i answer it, and then he asks again in shoutbox whahahah
  5. Friday05

    Elite Weapon Bug

    just to clarify , this your first elite weapon right?
  6. Friday05

    Elite Weapon Bug

    wow that's expensive for a first weapon lol, but okay, try killing one person in hero arena, that usually fixes the problem, if it's not detecting the right lvl , if that doesnt work you might have to actually do the quest or make support ticket via the main website to have this fixed.
  7. Friday05

    Elite Weapon Bug

    when you say you bought your elite weapon, you mean you paid 300b?, you did not do the quest?
  8. Friday05

    OH NO!!!

    Yay more tokens for you haha
  9. Friday05

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    edited thank you
  10. Hey guys! This is a work in progress, but I decided to upload early cuz there are only a few weeks left for the event. This a quick run-down guide of the different house of trials and its rooms I gave general tips and trick per room as well. I tried to add all the numbers of the rooms that I know of, but they get adjusted each year, soo pls comment if you know the actual room numbers. SO LET'S GET INTO THE GUIDE: House of Trials is like a dice board game. An open instance for everyone. Each house will give you a test. Each time you finish each test you will be given a random dice coupon and other possible rewards. These dice coupons are numbered 1-6. Give it to the Trial Guard and she will warp you to your next house. Your goal is to reach House no. 50 and submit the quest from House no. 1 within 40 minutes!. If you failed in your task, you are most likely gonna get kicked out of House of Trials. You can return again but the valkyrie will demand you some kind of payment. It's either 100m zeny or 1x One Wish for this season. GENERAL TIPS: Turn your Effects on and sounds ON Turn OFF / noctrl, especially for rooms that have bomb porings soo you don’t get stuck attacking them. Always remember how many minutes are left soo you can judge to fail on purpose or try to move on. IF the game just started and you end up in a room that can take time to finish I usually just fail on purpose, like if I get into the fishing room. Gray Map helps in dragon gate Always enter right from the start if you wanna reach house 50 first and get all the trailblazer boxes. The event starts after the two buffs have ended. Always check for treasure boxes in the room and trailblazer boxes, a lot of people are soo much in a hurry that they forget that there was in a box in the room. Boxes will only appear once per round of HOTs. Make sure to check the back of the room they’re sometimes hidden there Bring your phone to take pictures during memory type games. If you enter a room that generally takes time to finish, some players opt to fail on purpose so they can move faster into the deeper rooms. Tanky jobs or disable/support jobs are nice to use because there are PK rooms and they can help you survive. Or you can go full PK if you're confident, or just make friends and agree not to kill each other <3. If you have blank cards from HHH, bring them, they can help in paying for certain rooms Don’t forget to bring your Christmas box so you can have abracadabra skill with you, so you can tame monsters in room 50, hopefully, nobody has tamed it yet. Make sure to deliver lots of tokens and have a complete set of epic/rare material, just in case you get into room 50 you can buy from the NPC there. Most expensive items there can cost 20-25k tokens + full set of rare materials Wear Redux gear, and gear with high movement speed, as well as damage gears for general PVM or you can just use normal bolters with high int. There are some monsters that are similar to event monsters, and soo they die faster to event gears/bolt gears. 100% reflect gears also work against the esma of the jokers in room 23 Bring mercenary scrolls, you can use them as bait, for the Death judge, although that room is fairly easy cuz they're slow and if you’re lucky they're in one corner. ALWAYS remember to defuse a bomb if you have one attached to you from the explosives room, make sure to defuse if you reached the designated room no. Usually room 17 upwards, but there is another bomb in the higher rooms(I forgot the exact room number), People can fail to reach room 50 cuzz they forgot to click the guard to defuse the bomb. If you see an ancient card album, kill it soo you can get rare cards. Bring healing items, like Mastella or ygg, some rooms give poison and some damage you and you might die. If you are unsure of the mechanics always read the instructions properly from the trial moderators NOTABLE ITEMS/ FEATURE: Blank cards: The most common reward in House of Trials. It can be used in purchasing various items as well in enchanting a special accessory. The enchantment of the accessory is random but there is a various good combination that you can get through it that could surpass most of the currently existing accessories. Champion Chest: A special chest that can be obtained at House no. 50. This chest can only be open by 1 player or the first player who reached House no. 50. This chest contains 1 special artefact of trial, a house of a trial artefact with random enchant. The enchantment of artefact of trial in the champion chest is normally at least of above-average quality. Artefact of trial: A 1 slotted accessory that can be enchanted twice. It adds +5 to all stat. Obtained at House 50 Champion Chest. you can enchant these at kami_inn using blank cards. They also have a chance to drop from trailblazer's chests TrailBlazer Chest: Can be found on House 15 ahead. It drops random goodies, including a non-enchanted artefact of trial that you can enchant later. Remember that trailblazer boxes is similar to a champion chest where it is a first come first serve basis, once it claimed it will not spawn for that room until the next round of HOTs. Other Rewards: Each house can give you various rewards. This season it can also give you a lot of Christmas materials as well as tokens. But all of it will only happen if you are lucky. HOUSES/ TRIALS: Difficulty Legend: Easy/Average/Hard&Hell NOTE: NOT all the room numbers are correct, I just gave a guide on how to do each room, if I miss a room pls comment. Go Fishing! #2 Myu's Trouble #3 Whack a Mole! #4 Count the Smokies #5 Open Sesame! #6 Have a Listen #7 Cluckers #8 I will Survive 100 secs #9 Explosive Encounter #10 Boring/Jail Room #11 Fate Cross Road #12 4 Hearts United #13 Hell or high water or Hell #14 House No. 15: Sound Memory #15 Into The Gun Point! #16 Treasure Madness #17 Not Strong Enough #18 Happy Hold Up #19 Another Fate Cross Road #20 Needle in a HayStack #21 Crystal Collection Room #22 The Jokers #23 Consequences #24 Bomb mushroom bridge #26 Dragon Gate Death Judge Listen Ex #27 Emotions Memory #28 Ecstasy or Sadness Crystal Collection Ex #30 Black Jack #31 More Booooring, Jail Room Ex Guess the number #32 Crackers #33 MOVE up and down #35 Guess the Cards #37 SPINDERELLA #45 Survival bomb poring #47 Dancing room #48 FAKE LUNATIC #49 ================================================================ Special Thanks To: Thanks to @GM Snow for the help and advice Thanks to @Aegus @Seamless for helping with the content
  11. Friday05

    Christmas Seasonal Phase 3 Item Effects

    Blue fairy effect - removes gem stone use, 20% medium magic dmge 15% AcD 25%long range damage wings 25% demi, immune to stun (so far i only know white nike cap and, creator set HG, has this effect) 30% large redux 20% damage to large (i forgot the name of the HG that had this) Whiz hat effect 30%demi magic damage 20% ACd