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  1. are you riding a boat at sea?
  2. Friday05

    a bunch of questions xD

    The ones in valentines event have 25% demi reduction, while punk beani has no demi human reduction, its not used soo much for PVP and MVP hunting due to its nerf, cuzz it was bugged before giing it lvl 67 sonic blow, but now its fixed back to what the description gives, essentially theyre all the same now, in terms of chances although some HGs give lvl 7 others give lvl 10, depending on the description.
  3. Friday05


    well at least it's obelisk mant, id be more annoyed if it was obelisk shield loll
  4. Friday05

    Return player

    try going to main NPC and clickreset skill points
  5. Friday05

    Crash When log in

    click the one that says DeamerRO_Patcher
  6. Friday05

    Crash When log in

    did you try fully patching? if not did you try installing the full installer and not the lite installer
  7. Friday05

    pinoys =scammers?

    As unfortunate as your case is, GMs have no obligation to return items that were hacked especially if that hacking was due to giving out your ID and password to someone, you may plead your case in the reports section so a GM can review it. Please be reminded that racism is frowned upon here, Calling out Pinoys in your post and leaving out the guild and name of person, sounds prejudiced to attacking and misleading towards a certain race.
  8. Friday05

    pinoys =scammers?

    who's this GL?
  9. Friday05

    Updated Mining Script

    how do you specify to a certain window? cuzz i wanna try making a auto-buffer/FCP for my dual that casts on ground while using @hold command, soo ill just tele to his front and he will buff me lol
  10. Friday05

    Updated Mining Script

    Does this work if im dual clienting?
  11. Friday05

    Updated Mining Script

    OMGGG you actually made one to detect reset O_O O_O
  12. Friday05

    Guide to Buying Vend

    ohh its a buy store, yeah i think there's a price limit not sure how much
  13. Friday05

    Guide to Buying Vend

    is it buying 100m zeny or 100 m zeny bags?
  14. Friday05


    we actually have a party for killing the bosses in STP right now composing of 4-5 people, there is even a warlock to ganba pneuma and LP, and we always resu each otherwith ygg leaves and RGs to tank with GC, its not that the bosses are too weak, there are just a lot of people hunting down the boss right now due to the event. Prior to this event there are times that the STP would end at the full 30 mins.
  15. Friday05

    Elemental Immunity guide

    Undead scroll and undead armor are two different things, lol undead scroll is a scroll that gives 20% redux on all main 4 elements. While undead armor is the undead element, which gives you immunity to stone curse and freeze but has the drawback of increases fire and holy damage received, and you also cant be healed