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  1. +10 for the background music hahahah
  2. you can block it with SW or pneuma NPC PULSESTRIKE - iRO Wiki
  3. that's pulsestrike its a monster only skill, but it has similar animation as meteor assault
  4. Friday05

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    did you change your dex to 300? because variable cast time was changed as well
  5. Friday05

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Short answer yes, Long answer, it depends on how you stack your reductions if your shield card reduces 30% medium +25%medium helm vs 30% demi shield shield + 25% demi redux helm the total reduction would be the same. If you mix the scripts like medium + demi the total reduction would be lesser
  6. Friday05

    House of Trials GUIDE: general guides and outlines

    are you using gray map? or any map edit ?
  7. Friday05


    yes they work cuzz abandoned teddy bear, is for undead race not for undead element, and bug bear, fan lizard and fire scorpion are all undead race https://i.postimg.cc/ZRP8k5g6/ATC-card.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/gjYvGPFQ/bug-bear.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/kGfW4h74/fan-lizard.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/05fYcr7s/fire-scorpion.jpg
  8. Friday05

    Elite Enchantress

    just in case you get stripped accessory you can still remove traps with your e-weap LMAO , its okay i got lvl 5 enchant poison on my GX hahaha
  9. Friday05


    try adding 2x scaraba card on your pendants , and if you can get any +10 slotted mantaeu, add a faceworm larvae card on it, and change your determined katheryine card to abandoned teddy bear card
  10. incantation samurai aura, the one that looks like the boss incantation samurai
  11. Friday05

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Reflect_Build thats the RG reflect build, if you're damage still seems low, you probably need to use a converter like cursed water or fire converter because kimi is ghost type and your reflected esma is neutral soo its weak against her
  12. Friday05

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    what are your current stat and equips?
  13. Friday05

    B> +10 VIT Temp Boots Clean or Enchanted

    What kind? Lol