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  1. Friday05


    just a tip, you can use illusion doping to lure the whole map (or at least the ones the can be seen) towards you
  2. Friday05

    Looking for my long lost RO friend Airi/Aireen

    Let's help him! how can we help him?
  3. Why is it there are players that broadcast buying or selling, and they use characters with freakin hieroglyphics in their names, and no other way of contacting them -__-

  4. yeahh oddly enough it was, cuzz HA at that time was a freakin warzone hahahaha
  5. ahh the good ol days, haha when becoming elite meant doing 400 HA kills , hahahahuhuhuh i cry
  6. damn Trillions? really? thats a lot
  7. Friday05

    GRF Replacement [Under Construction]

    nice one @AllenAaron , makes helping errors much easier now
  8. thats why i had to show the video of howto lure a lot of the monsters are stacked on one tile that it looks like one monster, and you have to lure ALOT soo it will trigger more, and dont overdo it with the PD (even PD 90 is good) because you need to remove the PD gears once you wear the GC card.
  9. you can, but the cucool spams dispell like crazy so you have re-buff a lot of times, which is why i prefer holy armor, PS: earth resist pots dont get dispelled which is why its okay to use them there
  10. Friday05

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    This was my own guide, a few months back, hehe
  11. Friday05

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    Just a disclaimer, that build is probably the cheapest i can think of, yes there are more expensive ways to do caspen dungeon and you can probably finish 3k caspen kills in an hour if you had the money.
  12. Friday05

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    For garment thats hode card For lords. Tunic thats shadow nyd For HG 2x gierth 1 high wiz
  13. Almost 10 years in this server and i have finally won billionaire's raffle, wohoooooo!!

  14. Friday05

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    go to nidhogur nest, 2nd floor, to get there go to main NPC > warper> instances> nidhogurr nest and then walk to the 2nd floor
  15. Friday05

    Rune Knight build for caspen 3000 kills pls

    <Order Rainy Cloud [1]> - GIerth card - the HG is from @warp alexa_in 82 154 NPC: Seven colored sage <ORDER Sage Ring [1]> Gierth card - the sage ring is from moose NPC casp_in01 50 183 Neo arctic wings / or any +30 stat wings of Tempest [1]> - stat wings are cheaper since you can get them via v4p or DQ <Lord Tunic Spell Master [1]> - the armor is usually sold in vend <Glorious Elite Asprika [1]> - elite ASP- can be replaced with any glorious muffler/ manteau <Determined Glorified Boots [1]> determined katherine card <Valkyrie Shield of Underneath [1]> - Draco Card <Alchemy Glove of Hail [1]>2x - gazeti Card - this is a common drop from OGH, and is sold at 1b or even less, sometimes veteran OGH farmers just give this away <Triple Critical Elemental Sword [3]> 3- soldier skeleton cards - armor can be bought from vend STr 200 vit 200 agi 180 dex 160 LUk 371 INt 500 Just use auto attack and let them die via bolts, most will die in 1-5 secs Try this build prolly the cheapest i can think of for RK haha