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  1. Friday05

    BG and PVP Class Feedback

    angelus is disabled for the time being
  2. Friday05

    Automated Event Rewards Boost

    yeah that is why i posted my report because it was unfair to other players if area spells can just be abused, anyway haze already fixed it, thank you @HaZe!
  3. this guide is kinda outdated, i would recommend this one for caspen GX http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Caspen_SinX_-_GX_Splash/Berserk_Build hero aura can be obtained from doing hero quest strawberry cap can be obtained via DQ coins earth armor from the zeny mall @go 48 sleipnir from V4p For black mini glasses @warp casp_in01 93 189 NPC: Optical solutions the rest of the items you can search using @whodrops (item id) use @ii for item id you can also just buy these items from vending arena
  4. Friday05

    PK Contest [July]

    IN BG 1.) SORC 2.) WARLOCK 3.) RK 4.) RK Nice to see some variety in the rankings now but its only the first few days things can change
  5. Friday05

    Automated Event Rewards Boost

    Im not sure if this is intended or not but , spells are usable in other towns, and so area spells can be used against boxes, for treasure hunt.
  6. Wootan CLAN aint nothing to fuck with


    1. Jhon


      you best protect ya neck! 😂

  7. Friday05

    PK Contest [July]

    maybe it would have been better if BG was based more on BGP score (of course it should start measuring from zero) instead of just kills, to prevent people from simply farming spawn point kills, and not helping with objectives, it will also give support classes a chance to join in as well, but then again this is a PK contest soo maybe in the next event?
  8. Friday05

    PK Contest [July]

    just to clarify this is based on K/D ratio? and not purely kills if we're following the website rankings.
  9. Friday05

    Simple macro for skill spam

    Try this one, Pan made a new one with thats more user friendly the download link is there at the bottom of the post
  10. Friday05

    Account loss and banned

    for banned accounts you can try posting in ban/appeals section in the forums, you may also post a ticket under support in the main website. you can Also post a ticket asking admin if they can tell you what is the username/email for that character, i am not sure if they will give it though, but you can try.
  11. http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Caspen_SinX_-_GX_Splash/Berserk_Build
  12. Friday05

    BG event?

    i think only destiny set is available in DRO market
  13. Friday05

    BOT in BG (poweroff)

    pls report these things in the reports section, as to prevent any drama that may come.
  14. Friday05

    Another silly thing

    You can usually buy it in misc shop @go market, heroic shop in heroic temple, or buy it in @go vend
  15. Friday05

    RuneKnight Renewal Guide

    I also dont advice 80% ACD for spiral, it should be around 95%, personally i always prefer 100%, the strength of spiral isnt always in its damage but it has a 30% chance to hold the enemy (100% in official RO), which is why you wanna maximize your spam.