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  1. Wishing everyone is staying safe in the Philippines, during this typhoon. 

  2. That awkward moment when you try to make a quick party and use a random name like "lkajslqwlqwklj" , and it says party name already exists O_O O_O

  3. Killed most of the heras in HHH now there's only one roaming around, finally 😄😄

  4. I was today years old when i realized, you can change the background image of the DRO forums to anime characters, i now have an anime priest in my forums background hahahaha

  5. Why is it there are players that broadcast buying or selling, and they use characters with freakin hieroglyphics in their names, and no other way of contacting them -__-

  6. Almost 10 years in this server and i have finally won billionaire's raffle, wohoooooo!!

  7. Wootan CLAN aint nothing to fuck with


    1. Jhon


      you best protect ya neck! 😂