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  1. what's the ideal amount of hit to have? cuzz i might not have all the items, soo maybe ill adjust some stats
  2. jnad05

    Phantasmagoria General Info

    *wear's tiamat boots again * XD thanks @Sadie!!
  3. jnad05

    Phantasmagoria General Info

    OMG none of them are high flee haha yayyyy thank you @Latte !!!!!
  4. jnad05

    What TV show/Anime are you watching right now?

    Castlevania is soo goood, !
  5. jnad05

    Honorable Guild

    OHH thank you so much !
  6. jnad05

    Honorable Guild

    Hello just to clarify for zeph Zeph Quest - 1 point (added only every 1 hour) does that mean per account or is it per character? can only add one point to the guild per hour, or it means the guild can only receive 1 point per hour?
  7. jnad05

    Full Support Arch Bishop Guide (PVP)

    woo time to make an AB XD
  8. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Hello I have a question, there' s a HG worth 8 d.toks, that says it does frost misty and jack frost, I was thinkingof buying this instead angeling beanie for monster arena farming, can anyone confirm if this works or is this a wrong description, sorry if I sound skeptic, just wanted to make sure before I buy it
  9. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    thank you so much @Sadie!
  10. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Hello good evening, 1.) Christmas Holy Ring - under lower HG- it says immunity to sleep, silence, and freeze, but was tested and it didn't provide any immunities PS: is this intended? first time ive seen an HG with 3 immunities my friend was excited for it to work
  11. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Thank you sadie
  12. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    IM not sure if this should be posted here or is there some place better, BUT REMINDERS since a lot of people are wanting to buy enchanted artifacts, and other enchanted gears" >>AFter skill delay and after attack delay are two different things, one is for skills and other is for normal attack, >> Long ranged damage % is different from range weapon damage %, ->> one can apply to long range skills while the other requires a long ranged weapon You might make the mistake of paying a lot of money for something that doesnt work for your character hope this helps PS: i had a friend almost paid 100b but the stats were wrong maybe others might make the mistake PPS: and please correct me if my info is wrong or if you have additional info to add thank and happy holidays
  13. jnad05

    Changelog ...

    Well actually i know the people hunting HADes, and they kind of help each other, maybe they dont make a "party" per-se, but one cant kill HADES without killing the maidens now, soo they help each other out in finding them, etc. soo that they can find the maidens and kill them, soo they can kill HADES.. It's still somewhat of a group effort. Better than the previous situation prior to update.
  14. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

  15. jnad05

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Its room 6, but yeah scarabba queen not spawning, we all just relog to leave huhu, PLease help anyone