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  1. jnad05

    Pecopeco for RK

    im sorry, It's not really a bug or an exploit or even for balancing i guess its just for looks/nostalagia? As what the title says, is it okay if RK's can use pecopecos? as of now you have to be an LK or a regular knight to use them, and i feel like its just a waste of time to make a new character and make it elite just soo i can change the look of my ride PS: sorry if I chose the wrong subtopic/thread to post this
  2. jnad05

    Do you want PVP? Come and get some!

    I support this, does not need to be combat coins but I support the prevention of inflation.
  3. jnad05

    refining and donation hats

    ohhhh thank you soo much!!! you answered two questions in one ive been having def problems because ive been mixing soft and hard def, i was adjusting my hard def for anti thana when in reality it was soft def that i needed to fix! thanks!
  4. jnad05

    refining and donation hats

    ohh okayy thanks!!! but does hard defense make you thanable?
  5. Sorry if this has been answered before but, i've been seeing people selling donation hats (ex. marsh, BWM etc..) with +9 or +10, is there an advantage to refining them that high or is it just to fit cards with certain effects that require refining?