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  1. jnad05

    Newbie Warlock Bossnia Guide 2020 [Cheap Build]

    this is bossnia Dungeon, not caspen dungeon
  2. jnad05

    Custom Pet Guide

    thaaank youu
  3. jnad05

    Deutsche Spieler suchen Verstärkung

    good luck with your guild! (dont speak German, i just used google translate ), i know some German speaking players in the server as well
  4. jnad05

    Royal Guard Grand Cross Build for STP

    is this for guardian killing or for regular mobs/miniboss?
  5. jnad05

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    every class has an advantage, sorc has double cast, GX has dual wield, ranger has blitzbeat and range, and i think the reason why AOE spells was taken out was due to the crazy lag when WL mobs like a lot monsters at once. Also if a ranger shoots too far they can't use bolts, because bolts have a range limit soo you can actually just out damage them.
  6. jnad05

    Moonlight Sonata.'s Event Grinding Tips

    Just to add to this haha 1.) auto lex aterna cards eg. Owl baron, owl duke, Dark faceworm combo, skull demon hat (this is what some sorcs use hehe,) this will change 10 damage bolt to a 20 damage bolt 9. )When transitioning from killing a mob to the next one that is a little bit farther from your reach, do not click the next mob right away. Sometimes there's a bug that your character just closes in the gap, then never attack for like 2 seconds. What I do is click the ground/tile to close the gap then immediately attack the mob. I can't explain it as much as I know how to do this, but this will take some practice and experience to do perfectly. ->> Increasing your range helps aleviate that problem ( Night vision goggles, shamshir, fused baphoment), cuzz i think that is sometimes due to a pathing problem, 10. When there's tons of mobs hitting you, you can transition attack the next mob easier and smoother than if it isn't based on my opinion. But be careful as the mobs (or at least in Corona Event) has a very weirdly long range and the #9 bug happens. ---> endure boots helps with this problem but if you're wearing dark lord or any auto cast when hit youmight slow down a bit
  7. jnad05

    Equinox Effect

    Replaced the range in the Elite Weapon Equinox by AtkRate + 2-3-4%.
  8. jnad05

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    will the headgears be available via donation tokens? just like in xmas event.
  9. jnad05

    Modified Temporal Boots

    you can choose the stat ( luck, agi str, int etc..)
  10. jnad05

    Q> dRO Grind Guide

    a.) there is a limit to how many auto cast skills you can put, soo youll notice some will not work, youcan try and removing a auto cast item and see if that works. b.)frost misty is from angeling beanie(buy it early before it gets expensive) , xmas event item, the better one is bouncing snowman (casts both misty and jack frost) but its account bound and its only from xmas as well c.) thats from the divine weapon, given by the valkyrie NPC in caspen d.)no it doesnt
  11. buy punk beanie, its available at v4p shop, its really good for MVP hunting, and for killing draconus
  12. jnad05

    Gunslinger Build

    wait wait wait i never knew GS can wear white wing suit O_O, i thought only ranger's can wear them
  13. jnad05


    LOL i know that feeling of 75% of the time you can finish it haha
  14. jnad05

    Mining Macro Script Guide for Dummies

    the script is right there, just copy paste the code posted and make into a AHk script, edit the the keys you want to use.
  15. jnad05

    Help me decide on a server to join?

    HI welcome to the server For quests in the server i always recommend to new guys, to do custom server quests, such as Hero quest, and elite hero. You can also do daily quests ( one the best ways to get certain rare cards). and zeph quests ( can earn 600-700 mz per hour). if you get lost on doing server quests the server's very own wiki page can help you, http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page I think you we're referring to are donation items ( dont let the name fool you) all custom gears are available even to non donators, via Vote 4 points (in the main website) , daily quest coins, heroic coins, Death match points, these gears can be bought with zeny as well, and donation tokens can be bought with zeny as well which you can use use in donation mall. A lot of that gear may look different but they have same effects. I think i would need more info on why your damage is only 3k, ? what MVP you're fighting and what gear you're wearing etc., and what buffs or skills you're using