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  1. Ecstasy

    B>+8 K.Mant, Leak Card

    Buying G.Trophy +8 Keepers Mant Fused Eddga Leak Card
  2. Ecstasy


  3. Ecstasy


    How much for it bro?
  4. Ecstasy


    +10 Cross Shield still available?
  5. Ecstasy

    Returning Player

    Wew pls no bro! You're the hansem one!! Good to see you again yesterday hahah.
  6. Ecstasy

    Returning Player

    Sup brooo Hopefully you don’t quit on me again sir
  7. Ecstasy

    Returning Player

    Hello guys, Just dropping by to say hi to everyone. Will be playing here again after being inactive for 1 year. I've been on this server for the past 6-7 years and left before renewal cause I was too lazy to learn shits bout renewal but here I am now. Hope to see everyone again!