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    Hi. I just wanna ask if the skill is working as intended. It says Ice wall can't be cast on a volcano. I tried it and IT CAN CAST ON A VOLCANO (i'm outside the AoE of the volcano then I cast it ON the volcano). BUT, if I cast the Ice wall while inside the AoE of the Volcano, it can't be cast. So, is it a bug or working as intended? Thanks in advance. Link: http://ratemyserver.net/skill_db.php?skid=285&small=1&back=1 This skill enchants an area and buffs up all Fire elemental attacks inside of it and the attacks of those who are Fire elemental, i.e. wearing Pasana carded armor. This skill (like the others) cannot be cast over one another or double cast on top of it. You can only have one area enchantment out. Ice Wall can't be cast on a Volcano. It will last 1*SkillLV minutes. The skill level determines the % Fire elemental attacks get amplified, the amount of ATK Fire elemental armor wearers get. Requires 1 Yellow Gemstone to use.