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  1. RareDragon

    Unleashed Devils

    Moin, Mich kennt hier zwar kaum einer, aber ich bin auch noch ein bisschen aktiv (leider nicht in der Gilde).^^ Falls Jemand Hilfe braucht, schreibt mir einfach Ingame (entweder bin ich mit meinem Royal Guard "Gondir" unterwegs oder mit meinem Sura "Erund"). Würde mich auf jeden Fall freuen. ^^
  2. RareDragon

    Unlimited Monster Arena for RG

    Good Day everyone! I'm not that good in English. Feel free to correct my Grammar. I was bored so i came up with this build. Because I'm a lazy guy i searched a way to rank up my RG and my Sura with minimal time use and this build is the result (haven't tried this build with other Jobs, so feel free and send me your experience). If you use this build with your RG or Sura, you won't need any Ygg. Berries or Panacea and you won't die in Monster Arena. Stats: Str ~ 150 - 200 Agi = 195 ASPD + 45 Agi Vit = Rest Int = 500 Dex = 170 Luk = 0 Equipments: Upper Headgear: Black Bishop Hat [1] / Noble Hat [1] OR Any [1] (for example Apple Pig Tails) Kiel Card - Reduce Delay by 30% Middle Headgear: Magic Rare (like Snow Dragon, ...) [1] - Increase Magic Damage against Demi-Humans by 25% & Reduce Delay by 30% High Wizard Card - Ignores MDef OR Kiel Card - Reduce Delay by 30% OR Fairy Wings [1] - Reduce Delay by 45% High Wizard Card - Ignores MDef OR Kiel Card - Reduce Delay by 30% Lower Headgear: Black Beats Headphones [1] - Immun Freeze & Silence Orc Hero Card - Immun Stun OR Red Beats Headphones [1] - Immun Stun + Endure Effect + 20% HP Marduk Card - Immun Silence Armor: Brynhild [0] - Anti Knockback (<- Important) Weapon: Moonfall [4] / Stormslash [4] - Lifesteal (It works with magic!) (<- this is the reason why you don't need any Ygg Berries) 4x Red Ferus Card - Increase Damage of Meteor Storm by 5% Shield: Valkyrie Shield [1] - Adds 20% resist to some Elements Thara Frog - Reduce Damage from Demi-Humans Garment: Elite Asprika [1] / Proxy Skin [1] - Adds some resist to all Elements (Don't use Valkyrie Manteau as Sura!) Salamander Card - Increase Damage of Meteor Storm by 40% Shoes: Sleipnir of the Gods [1] Dark Lord Card - Chance to autocast lvl 5 Meteor Storm Accessories: Eye of Dullahan [0] - Immun Poison (<- this is the reason why you don't need any Panacea's) Ring of Resonance [0] - For some Buffs (Assumption) Skills: Reflect, Defender, Shield Spell,Prestige (Don't use Auto Guard and don't forget to use shield spell till your hard def increases!) Tactic: Do somethingelse and just Tab in Dro to Rebuff your Character and Jump to a Location with alot of mobs. That's all.