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  1. Confusion

    What's your Hogwarts house?

  2. Confusion

    I am back

    Welcome back! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Confusion

    not so new? but hey!!! :)

    Hey welcome back and enjoy. With regards to your question, I am not sure if they did an update but as for my experience to my old equips in my storage, nothing has changed. I just came back as well.
  4. Praying for everyone's safety against the virus. Have a great and safe day everyone! 😉

  5. Confusion

    Hi everyone! :D

    Hi everyone, Just dropping by as I really miss this game. Btw, is there anyone whom I know that still plays here even not so often?
  6. Confusion

    I'm back...YET AGAIN.

    Hello there! Welcome back!
  7. Confusion

    Kinship! :D

    Ohh hi everyone!
  8. Hello everyone! I miss this place. 🙂