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  1. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    You mean the boxes that you get from deliveries? If so they can be opened for a long time now. ^^
  2. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    If you are saying that his years the chances are smaller, it's not necessarily true, could be just a different way to describe the chances, not saying it's not gonna be harder though, just saying it may not be the case. From the few events I took part in, those raffle are always VERY hard to get, and very low chance, and always had tiers of difficulty, the best/most sought ones always being the hardest ^^
  3. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    OMFG!!!! Was already anxious and couldn't wait for the raffle release, now the anxiety is tenfold *-* Thanks A LOT for releasing the new rares, can't wait the raffle release, keep up the amazing work you are doing. o/ Question about the raffle, will it be release before or after the end of the event?(14th) And if after, for how long will it be up? Thanks =D
  4. Diuves

    House of Trials

    Hated the house of trials, I never get lucky and most of the times don't even know what I did wrong hahaha In other words, I REALLY suck at it XD Thanks a lot for a great new mini game, just hope I learn how to play it and fast *-*
  5. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    I'm noob and a hoarder, so didn't use any of the candies hoping for some use xD Nop, that's is unforgivable. He can be annoying at times, but not most of the time I understand him and nothing against him haha
  6. Diuves

    Are Rainbowring Hat drops disabled?

    Still wondering about that... =x
  7. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Yes, and when asked how he did it all he said was "it's a secret", that's the reason I was wondering if there could be any illegal script involved xD Didn't know what they were for, thanks for the info haha
  8. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Question, is there a way to change the char looks to Cheppet? Just saw a player that had the look of it and was wondering how to do it.
  9. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Oh, got it, again, thanks a lot for making many players happy with the new changes *-*
  10. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Thanks a lot for making golden poring tamable. *-* Already got mine =D The description of it is a lot of weird characters, and the image is of a box, but that is irrelevant, already got my cute golden poring o/
  11. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Sorry for the stupid question, I just saw that I have a couple in my storage and remembered that they exist, was just wondering. Thanks a lot. =D And can't wait for phase 3, I really feel like I may have a chance of getting a rare in the raffle this time around *-*
  12. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    I probably won't try to enchant anymore, too much bad luck lol Question, star decor and red fabric, will they have some use for the next phase? Just wondering. ^^
  13. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    We are just unlucky xD
  14. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    Please please PLEASE can you make golden poring tamable? I REALLY want one. *-* If not thanks anyway, couldn't hurt to ask. And for the record, of the new 3 mobs(golden piggy, golden poring and rice cake), rice cake is tamable, the other 2 not, but hopefully it will be possible to make golden poring tamable too. *-* Thanks again. =D
  15. Diuves

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    hahaha Good to know I'm not just a pain in the ass but also helped a little. Thanks a lot for the amazing event, keep up the great work, can't wait for the raffle release