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The forums have recently been upgraded to a newer version. Please bear with us while we bring back our custom features and tweak our skin to our liking.

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  1. The next forum that looks like the others :c I always thought this version is totally unfriendly..

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    2. Eluminare


      There is nothing passive-aggresive in my comment, it's just a simple fact. Every forum that I sign in lately is using the same style/pattern (or whatever you call it) and I seriously find it totally user-unfriendly no matter if it's here or anywhere else. The previous one was just way more intuitive. I don't think you should take my comment as an attack.

    3. HaZe


      I dont see how this version is unfriendly at all considering its the same layout just with additional social features, but to each to own opinion I guess. I’m happy the majority prefer the updated version.

    4. Seam


      for me it's slow-internet-speed-unfriendly. lmao