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  1. Eluminare

    My opinion about DreamerRO

    *remembers when 1 dtoken was 500m, beautiful times indeed*
  2. Eluminare

    Eluminare's Corner

    Sadly I can't upload the picture I made for halloween (currently playing somewhere else with my 2 best friends) so here is the link https://postimg.cc/McFxdD92 ps. damn limit to 0.03mb is terrible
  3. Eluminare

    Hello world!

    Ya have tits? Helo.
  4. Halloween spree starts all over the internet, how about DRo? -just curious-

    1. Jean


      this next week 😄


    2. Zerro


      The grass is greener on the other side ^-^ #tricksterking

    3. Horakthy


      sooner dory ❤️ 10th yr anniv of DRO ❤️

  5. Eluminare

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Oh dear lord :'D
  6. Eluminare

    Eluminare's Corner

    Wizard or bishop? Also ss in game would be better tbh cuz i cant see it clearly on animation
  7. Eluminare

    Eluminare's Corner

    Give me the SS, this is the only thing I need to make something
  8. Eluminare

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Yea, true. That's important. Make sure to record the video once it's done - I'd really like to see it live (but I won't be able to join today, maybe other time)
  9. Eluminare

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    You really hate people Sadie, don't you LOL.
  10. Eluminare

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Oh yes I saw it, Sadie showed it to me once and to be honest I am completely "no no" when I think about it. Some classes completely suck at killing it. Back then we had strategy like AB, Sura and Genetic - we were killing it in around 10 minutes or less? Not sure, I never counted but it was a pain in the ass. Max pain is terrible but there are different ways to avoid this attack so...well it all depends on coordination of the party + how many people are going to join. Also does DRO has a feature like --> the more people join the more HP she has? Because this is how originally this instance works.
  11. Eluminare

    Horror Factory Instance Update

    Oh god..Kimi no. Anyway, the original instance has bloody coins - I just scrolled up to check if you mentioned about it and yea you did. Are you planning to add only cons. or also some gears that you can't obtain anywhere else?
  12. Eluminare

    Eluminare's Corner

    Update: I have 4 pictures. Something is happening here