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  1. Hey, how have you been?

    1. Jean


      ~kicks chin

    2. Eluminare


      *Few months later* 
      @Shaw Alive and kickin'.

  2. Eluminare

    Looking for my long lost RO friend Airi/Aireen

    If the IGN is correct, maybe GMs could find her email in account database and inform her somehow in your name. From another side I don't know if they would get personally involved in it? But hey, you can always hope for the best. Wish you find her, the long-lost friendship reunions are quite often very special :"D Edit: Also wow I've just realized how old this post is and seems you still haven't had a chance to get in contact with her. You poor little thing 8(
  3. ey dude u still exist XD

    1. Eluminare


      I...do not. Who the fak are you LOL

  4. Eluminare

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    (In the next 3 the conversation is important lel) (Chat titles 1) (Chat titles 2) (Chat titles 3) (Eddga autfollow march around caspen) (when 20 ppl are on for no reason uwu) (Guild only)
  5. Eluminare

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    Elo elo, another part of screens: (Neph was a SP and he was explained some...well..basic commands) (We were hosting the guild event for the best story..Anna wanted nsfw :v) (need to read megaphone notes) (no comments even, I don't know how many times I played this game all stoned lmao) (the #gm channel) (lmao @Magna Divinus look how roasted you got XD) (when you are about to get banned and you panic and you dunno how to type anymore) (Symphoria being Symphoria) (Nice confession Divina)
  6. Eluminare

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    IKR, it was barely like what 5-6 years ago (?) and it feels like forever xd; Yea, seriously, I think 2013-2016 was the golden, the most blooming time on the server :"D IKR, you should post your stuff if you still have it :V I'm sure it would be brilliant as well. You've been "kicked" so many times that I don't even know which names there are yours LOL. Rotfl, it wasn't intended but I'm glad it was caught on the screenshot xd; D': We are here for lulz not for feelz awwww. Don't say that, I'm sure you're not as lonely as you think you are <:"u - Anyway, I'm at work now but I'm planning to go through the rest of 3k screenshots I have left (I wasn't kidding, this file is seriously gigantic)
  7. Dayuuum, nostalgia hit me like a russian tank 😧

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    2. Kailya
    3. Xero


      Polish people will understand


    4. Eluminare


      It was intended ya :v

      Also wow hey Sam!

  8. Eluminare

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    (kay im done for now, there are still waaaay way more to explore)
  9. Eluminare

    Random lulz and screenshots from the past

    It was a dungeon full of memes sometimes, I'm digging more :v
  10. Hey there good people. I've been digging through the hidden caves of my laptop and I found a huge mysterious file which containts A SHITLOAD of screenshots and conversations from the past. I have no clue if I've ever shared them on the forum (I don't think I did) but I'd like to show you some of the "old times" times now. Grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy some lulz.
  11. Eluminare

    Eluminare's Corner

    Kinda felt like posting something to "ressurect" this thread (jebus, nobody is making siggies or emblems or drawings 8( ) Made some shiet with my lesbo pixel waifu, cuz why not ya?
  12. Eluminare

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    You probably were stoned as hell when you wrote it, weren't you LOL. I love it though xd" stay safe people.
  13. When you don't have time 'cuz of work - You want to no-life. When you have too much of free time 'cuz of corona - You want to go back to work. Like what the..


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    2. MUconteza


      hi ELU !!!! 😄 stay safe at home! 🙂❤️❤️❤️


    3. Eluminare


      @Magna Divinus You especially take care of yourself 😕

    4. Faelnirv