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  1. Th3mak3r

    Miner World

    @HaZe Miner World is still not complete, cant see the Forge Equipments. ty
  2. Th3mak3r

    current drop rate of rare in surprise box?

    Lower than 1%..
  3. Th3mak3r

    Voting Page Error

    Aww thats why, its been 4 days the last time i vote due to its errors.
  4. hmmn..I cant seems to post a reply in the announcement section..and the Miner world in not complete..maybe too long?

    1. HaZe


      I will check on this when I get home

    2. Th3mak3r


      Thanks GM Hazy

    3. HaZe


      Should be fixed now