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  1. Th3mak3r

    2 Hand weapon

    Wow nice good to know.
  2. Th3mak3r

    Lvl 4 Eweapon

    Did you already talk to the monk at hero temple?
  3. Th3mak3r

    HHH 6/24/2018

    Comparing to something whats lost doesnt help a thing, to these to that, from here to there. Lets just help the server grow please.. Venie is doing her best from here to FB group just to update us what is happening to get motivated..now why are there always people like you.
  4. Th3mak3r

    2 Hand weapon

    Critical Hit also ignores Flee rate but not Perfect Dodge nor DEF. Critical Hit Rate is doubled when wielding a Katar type weapon.
  5. Th3mak3r

    Achievement Bug

    Hi Boss Haze, Please check my ticket #202526 its already 25 days old. I was hoping for you to fix this so I can now move on to my next Achievements. Thank you and sorry for posting here @HaZe
  6. Th3mak3r

    Benevolent Cecil STP

    You need 2200 Hit points..use +10cris with f.atroce and 3 f.phree
  7. Th3mak3r

    Miner World

    @HaZe Miner World is still not complete, cant see the Forge Equipments. ty
  8. Th3mak3r

    current drop rate of rare in surprise box?

    Lower than 1%..
  9. Th3mak3r

    Voting Page Error

    Aww thats why, its been 4 days the last time i vote due to its errors.
  10. hmmn..I cant seems to post a reply in the announcement section..and the Miner world in not complete..maybe too long?

    1. HaZe


      I will check on this when I get home

    2. Th3mak3r


      Thanks GM Hazy

    3. HaZe


      Should be fixed now