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  1. NoXqZ

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    I like the card drawing
  2. NoXqZ

    Summer Seasonal Grf

    cant walk when this is on. deleted it again
  3. NoXqZ

    NoX's Models

    Hey there, So I recently started creating models for Ragnarok Online. I only just started and I am very happy with my first results and wanted to show you guys. If you have any ideas, please let me know so I can try and make it For the pros: Please dont hate, I am just a newbie DreamerRO Sign: Demon Portal: Thank you!
  4. NoXqZ

    Easter Event Gains

    I got about 25 forge coupons =]
  5. NoXqZ

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    What is the plan for the Golden Flower?
  6. NoXqZ

    Easter Event Farming Guide

    I know everyone gets sick of the same people killing the MVP's over an over again (Yes, one of those people is me). Please be aware that all of us have the same chance as you. Here are some tips that can and will increase your MVP success. MVP Hunting: - Write down the times of death. This way you roughly know when the MVPs spawn MVP - ID - Respawn Time(in minutes) Rabbit 3742 (15) Shark 3908 (45) Sphinx 3906 (1hr) Predator 3904 (30) - Bind @mobsearch with the ID's to your F1-9 hotkeys. (alt+M). The MVPs will not spawn precisely on the spawntimes, so you will have to mobsearch quite often once it is near. - Once the MVP is alive, you @jump over the map until you see it. It will show 1 Predator. When it is dead it will show 1 [dead] Predator. Note: The MVPs are bigger than the usual mobs (except for Rabbit). Doing this long enough will make it easier to spot the differences. Doing this consistent will Increase your chance of killing the MVPs. Happy Hunting!
  7. Thank you for the feedback Nelvinn, I will add this to the post
  8. Hey guys and girls, It has come to my attention that many players are still unsure on how refining and the use or Pure minerals work. So I figured I'd make a small informational topic about this. It might look like a long read, but its worth it to prevent breaking your equipement. Many players will already know so if you are in this category this topic is not for you. Please bare in mind this is just a simple guide that works for me and I would appreciate it if nobody hates. Basic Refine: Most equipments will be able to be refined to +4 standard level without any chance of breaking. From here on it gets dangerous. After +4 (Safe Level) the items can break very easily. You can do so at @warp casp_in01 178 269 (Refine Shop) and talk to 'Fuler'. (Or use the Main NPC). Each refine level will consume 1 Oridecon/Elunium What now? From here on you could use Enriched Elu/Ori which provides a higher success rate. To use this you need to @warp payon 157 146 and talk to 'Suhnbi'. Please keep in mind that your equipment can still break. Pure Oridecon/Elunium: Using a Pure Elu/Ori will provide a 0% break chance. This means that instead of your equipment breaking when fail it will use a Pure Elu/Ori instead. Before you get started using these Minerals, please be sure that you read the information below. • Bare in mind that a Puri Elunium will ONLY go up to +8. Any further refine will result in breaking your gear! (Or success if you are REALLY lucky). • The Pure Oridecon will refine your weapon up to +10. • Make sure that you only have a normal Elunium/Oridecon AND your Pure Elu/Ori in your inventory for each refine level. Store all others ( Rough Ori/Elu, Enriched Ori/Elu ). Once you made sure you have followed these instructions you can start by using the Pure Ori/Elu at @warp casp_in01 178 269 (Refine Shop) and talk to 'Fuler'. I would suggest to only do a +1 at a time to prevent accidents. Equipment +8, What now? From here on you can use Divinium Ores. These can be bought directly from players or you can get them from winning 5 Battleground matches in a row. Before you use Divinium Ores you should know that it will prevent your equipment from breaking but it could -1 your equipment. Divinium Ores only have a 30% Success Rate. When success your equipment will be +1. Divinium Ores only gives 20% chance from +9 to +10 instead of the usual 30% They only can be used for +7 equipment or higher. Each Divinium Ore refine attempt will also require 200m Zeny. Once you have read these instructions you can continue by going to @warp bat_room 172 164 (or @go bg) and talk to 'Mighty Hammer'. Personal Tips: • Use your daily Wheel of Fortune (every 12 hours) turns to have a chance of +1 +3 or +5 your Armors/Headgears. Note: It can go -1 -3 or -5 as well. You can do so by going to the Casino or @warp cmd_in02 190 116 and talk to 'Wheel of Fortune'. (Select option 'Wands'). Each attempt will cost 3 Vote Tokens. • If you farm gear in bulk I would suggest to use the Basic Refine up to +7 and use Enriched Ori/Elu onwards. Note: This is only a suggestion, you will lose many numbers of gear this way and I will not be accounted for this. I hope this has given you a clearer view on how to refine your gear. Good luck refining! Lucifer™ / NoX™
  9. NoXqZ

    Small Nightmare Golem grf

    looking fly
  10. NoXqZ

    Small Nightmare Golem grf

    haha. Little peenieweenie baby Nightmare Golem... xD
  11. NoXqZ

    Small Nightmare Golem grf

    Hey Guys. Had enough of Nightmare Golem pets occupying your screen? Heres a fix. I have created a custom GRF file that you can add which makes the Nightmare Golem about the size of a poring. Screenshot: To install this simply download the file and place it in your DreamerRO folder. Open the Data.INI file with notepad that is also in your DreamerRO folder and add the following line: 3=smallng.grf Note: The numbers are added up so you would have to place it under the gepard.grf line. It should look like this: [Data] 1=gepard.grf 2=smallng.grf 3=dreamerro.grf 4=DreamerRoGrf.grf 5=data.grf Now save and close. Please restart the game in order for the grf file to load. The GRF file can be downloaded >> HERE << Additional DL: >> Here << Enjoy! Lucifer™
  12. As the title says B> 20 LuckyScratchoff''s // 100 Pori frags 20 Lucky Scratch Off''s = 9b. 100 Pori frags = 40b. PM me on forums or ingame : Lucifer™. or find me in casino > PYL
  13. Hey There, I would like to give some of you guys a quick guide for boss hunting. Some players are still unaware of how to get to the bosses and be able to kill them for their missions and drops. Please note that this guide works for me and there are several ways that might be better for you. These are just some tips and might not include your own way of hunting. Way 1: Locate the boss and jump across the map. The fastest way to do so is by binding @jump to your hotkey (Alt+M). Please keep in mind that you might miss the boss as they jump aswell. Way 2: Locate the boss and pick an open spot. The bosses jump so you might be lucky that it jumps next to you. Way 3: Locate the boss and walk across the map to hunt. Fastest way to see if the boss is on the map: bind the following commands to your hotkeys aswel (Alt+M). -Dolly: @mobsearch 3721 -Grim Reaper: @mobsearch 3706 -Hollow Poring: @mobsearch 3693 When you search for the boss on the maps it will show that there is 1 Alive. Maplist: These are the maps that the bosses spawn on. Use @warp <mapname> to teleport to the specific map. -gl_knt01/02 -gl_sew01/02 -niflheim -nif_fild01 -gl_cas01/02 -gl_chyard -gl_prison/1 -gl_church -gl_in01 Autoloot list: There are only a few items that are dropped during the mob/bosshunting. The items below are the ones that you definitely need. -Raffle Ticket: 20636 -Halloween Voucher: 23442 -Bubblegum: 22009 -Fashion Voucher: 20622 Additional tips: -Teleport to the maps and use the mobsearch. -Keep an eye on chat for when it announces that the boss has spawned or got killed. -Only 1 boss will be added as a bonus to your mission. This means that you will not get more than 100 extra coins upon killing more than 1 boss during your mission. Happy Hunting!
  14. NoXqZ

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    I figured just after posting this that there are only 3 items to loot xD Thank you tho!