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  1. NoXqZ

    Halloween Boss Hunting Guide.

  2. Hey There, I would like to give some of you guys a quick guide for boss hunting. Some players are still unaware of how to get to the bosses and be able to kill them for their missions and drops. Please note that this guide works for me and there are several ways that might be better for you. These are just some tips and might not include your own way of hunting. Way 1: Locate the boss and jump across the map. The fastest way to do so is by binding @jump to your hotkey (Alt+M). Please keep in mind that you might miss the boss as they jump aswell. Way 2: Locate the boss and pick an open spot. The bosses jump so you might be lucky that it jumps next to you. Way 3: Locate the boss and walk across the map to hunt. Fastest way to see if the boss is on the map: bind the following commands to your hotkeys aswel (Alt+M). -Dolly: @mobsearch 3721 -Grim Reaper: @mobsearch 3706 -Hollow Poring: @mobsearch 3693 When you search for the boss on the maps it will show that there is 1 Alive. Maplist: These are the maps that the bosses spawn on. Use @warp <mapname> to teleport to the specific map. -gl_knt01/02 -gl_sew01/02 -niflheim -nif_fild01 -gl_cas01/02 -gl_chyard -gl_prison/1 -gl_church -gl_in01 Autoloot list: There are only a few items that are dropped during the mob/bosshunting. The items below are the ones that you definitely need. -Raffle Ticket: 20636 -Halloween Voucher: 23442 -Bubblegum: 22009 -Fashion Voucher: 20622 Additional tips: -Teleport to the maps and use the mobsearch. -Keep an eye on chat for when it announces that the boss has spawned or got killed. -Only 1 boss will be added as a bonus to your mission. This means that you will not get more than 100 extra coins upon killing more than 1 boss during your mission. Happy Hunting!
  3. NoXqZ

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    I figured just after posting this that there are only 3 items to loot xD Thank you tho!
  4. NoXqZ

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    Can we have an item ID list please? The other items from mobs are not useful and it aloots them aswell
  5. NoXqZ

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Full casino screenshot:
  6. NoXqZ

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    Awesome! Will previous items such as Iron Maiden still be usable/obtainable? ( I got 2 left from a few years back ).
  7. I hope to see a new tradable rare upon winning with the raffle tickets
  8. I starved my Female Officer yesterday thinking it was ok since it would go back to egg mode... it didnt and ran off.. It still hurts a little but hey.. mistakes happen
  9. NoXqZ

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Not sure if needed, but heres a screenshot of the vending area. https://postimg.cc/hfzh9t3Q
  10. NoXqZ

    Screenshot Event [August 2020]

    Casino PYL and BG PYL https://postimg.cc/gallery/V1bq3rF/72311b8c
  11. NoXqZ

    ~Mining Script for the Lazy~

    Awesome script! Thank you! However the 10 enters gives an error for me. The (4) New Mining Macro script does work. Is it possible for you to make a script that goes until depth 12? Much appreciated! THANKSSSSSSD1