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  1. Wanderlusterbatah

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Wait! There's something for smiths now?!? Anything new for smiths is good news. We need all the help we could get. Great update!
  2. Wanderlusterbatah

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    No, you are. That's why there is always that one player who gets it. Kills one, sets a timer for 10 minutes and kills another. 10%? LOL. Well, this is the last time I'll be here anyway, like I said before, already over it. Players are abusing it because they are letting it, can't argue about that when it is apparently allowed.
  3. Wanderlusterbatah

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    If the Easter Events goal is to first have a lot of eggs available, which are conveniently searchable, then half that number and disable showmobs, then let a single user hog all the basket that grants players access to the easter map, then this event is a huge success.
  4. Wanderlusterbatah

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    You're wrong. The basket that grants access to the easter map only appears every 10 minutes, as broadcasted when someone finds one. I have found and destroyed so many in almost two hours and realised far too late what is happening.
  5. Wanderlusterbatah

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    This is OT but I know them because I am Filipino as well. And I am most definitely not like them. Hunting harmoniously? I doubt it. I am already over it.
  6. Wanderlusterbatah

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    And I am actually not surprised at all that a Filipino is the one who's doing it.
  7. Wanderlusterbatah

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    This! Someone is purposely killing easter eggs every 10 minutes so that no one could ever get one and enter the easter map. The event is to FARM easter tokens, not prohibit others from entering and farming themselves. There should be a limit. Once you already have one, you can't get another. Player who already has one should be able to get another until the basket expires. This is an anti-community behavior and only a handful of players gets to play. The server itself is good but filled with opportunistic people. This is a game, people game to unwind or relax. What kind of a person who's purposely making it difficult for other people to play? Abusers will, if they are let to abuse.
  8. Wanderlusterbatah

    The Best Axe for This Lonely Smith

    I haven't. I'll try and hunt them next. Where do I get a Deathspade? Is it a Hero weapon? I found out that there are NO axes (which tells a lot about this server) on all the Hero ranks except for rank D, the glorified war axe. If a GM is reading this, please add axes. Put them on quests as long or longer than the hero quest, I'd gladly do it. Like the Mjolnir etc. Thanks but I checked the stats and I think I'll go with a Turtle General card. I have two, if I remove it from my other axes. Thank you all for the replies.
  9. Wanderlusterbatah

    The Best Axe for This Lonely Smith

    Since the Gem of Termination is still not available on non-PVP means (DM, War Badge, Daily Token and Donation), I need to level-up my weapon. I have these: +5 Glorified War Axe (too afraid to break it) +5 Moonfall (this one as well) +10 War Axe +10 Heartbreaker +10 Light Epsilon +10 Giant Axe and a few +10 Battle Axes I could get the Golden axe on the DM Equipment shop also. I need to increase my Cart Termination damage. What do you think is the best axe? Cards and equipment suggestions are very much welcome as well. Thank you.
  10. Wanderlusterbatah

    Vote4Points Shop Update

    So this is the reason. Thank you very much.