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  1. Nekogami

    Nekogami here!

    Latte~ I didn't know you had a fancy title on the forums...How is this possible!
  2. Nekogami

    Nekogami here!

    Meow meow meow! Nya~ Myu yuuu? Nehehehehe~
  3. Nekogami

    Nekogami here!

    Thank you both for the warm welcome..And the welcome back! Haven't played in a couple of years, but it's great to see people seem as nice as ever!
  4. Nekogami

    Nekogami here!

    Hello all delici- I mean all great people of Dreamerro, I am a long time player, not very much of a poster though...Anyways, it's me Nekogami most of you have probably seen me being around caspen pretty much all the time. It's where I reside, it's where I have my mailbox,pillow and all other things essential for cats that lives on the street, just felt like saying hello and mention that I am back....AND WITH A VENGENCE!