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    GUILD INFO: Social Non-WoE GUILD LEADER Ohana Leader (Apollo / Cheet0s) HOME: Dicastes (@go 29) Caspen (@go 0) STATUS: Open for Recruitment, come to @go 29. GUILD EVENTS: REQUIREMENTS / GUIDELINES: Must be interviewed by Cheet0s and his Panel Must be Active! Must Respect others! (even outside of our Guild!) English Speaking is a Must. No Begging! (Items, Titles, etc..) No Spamming in Guild Chat! Must follow the rules of our server, or else you will be kicked. :ph34r: Do not cause any commotion / drama in the Guild. No level and Character requirement, nor Class restrictions. One Char per Player is allowed only in the guild, no multiple characters. Rules for Inactivity: Please do give us a heads up if you are going Inactive so we can transfer your slot for an active member ( we will Invite you back once you are back from inactivity) 1 week inactivity w/o Notice = Warning; 2 weeks = Kick Rules for WoE: You can join WoE every WoE day, just leave a note "WoE" so that we will know. Make sure to come back tho or else the Rule of Inactivity will be applied. BANNER: (Thank You! Kailya for the awesome banner :3) Thank You! Ciassu for the banner!