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  1. iCleaner

    Vending Items - Web Add-On

    It's nice to have new and things and make easier the things for those that want to buy stuffs
  2. Let the server grows too much than now, review our server guys, let us know what's thinking about and sahre your best moments in there❤️ stay strong, stay dreaming💜

  3. Pandemic days are awful, but at leaste we have DreamerRO guys, don't you think it's awesome?🥰

  4. iCleaner

    Algun latino o hispanoparlante?

    Jajaja yo ando igual, pero pues pienso regresar con todo ayer nada mas andaba haciendo FWQ y ya, luego me doy una vuelta en go 18
  5. iCleaner

    Algun latino o hispanoparlante?

    Calvo, amigo mio, que haces por acá jaja
  6. iCleaner

    Hola! :3

    Lel hi babe <3
  7. iCleaner

    Hola! :3

    Hola hola, yo vengo regresando al server, soy veterano de aquí si se puede decir así, por lo regular me conecto a medio día o en las noches, puedes mandarme pm a Bellateix Lestrange., saludos
  8. Does anyone knows if Esma skill can be used? Trying to kill some mobs b4 and I can't use id... Bleh, It's weird and confuse🙃

    1. Lv1 Akikiw

      Lv1 Akikiw

      you need to use estun, eske or estun first, then esma. It wont work unless one of those three has been casted first to your target.


    2. iCleaner


      Wew not use esma solo anymore, well, thanks for the info dude❤️

  9. iCleaner

    Algun latino o hispanoparlante?

    Hay alguien aquí con vidaaa?
  10. iCleaner


    Oh no, you again?xd welcome back my friend
  11. iCleaner

    Guess who is back

    Me, obviously haha maybe someone is remember me, player on dro since 2012 i think... See you in Pront or Ayothaya🥰