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  1. jirou còn chơi k nhỉ bh miu chơi lại thì nên đi BG/mine hay là farm bossnia ý? >"<

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    2. JIROU


      là mỗi trận BG end sẽ đc + elte Kill ấy

    3. Snow Princess

      Snow Princess

      oh cảm ơn jirou nhé còn điểm vs mấy cái badge h miu đổi gì nhỉ >"<

    4. JIROU


      cứ save thôi miu ơi

  2. Snow Princess

    REQUEST > GX to kill Draconus at dungeon

    there a guide here
  3. Snow Princess

    Royal Guard Shield Chain Miu Style

    Hello all i have quit long ago and i just comeback like 2 weeks and i decide to make guide on some job that i know im not an expert on pvp so im willing to heard your though about my guide and i will try my best to fix it to make it better.(P/S:i only working on 2nd atm) Stat: Str: Max but div into 10 Agi: Enough for 195 ASPD+20 Vit: Make H+S=120 Dex: around 470 Luk: Res Equip: Headgear:FVH|35% redux(Kiel​) Mid: any delay wing|rare(Kiel) Lower:Music Ring|DC|PR(OHc/GOHc​) Armor:+10 Str VA|KA|LT(Tao/GRc​) Weapon:Eliteweapon|Sham(2TGc/VRc/Hydra​) another Sham(TGc/Thana/VRc/Hydra​) Shield:+10 Cross Shield|+8 Libra/Vshield(Thara​) Garment:+8 Kmant|EA|Aesprika(​Malev Shadow/Raydic/Deviling/Sinx) Shoe:SOG(GEC/GF) Access:Smeg|Eglove|Expert Ring(Gem of Phuema/Gem of Shield/Horong) Extra:If you want high vit/tankier add more vit and switch between Grimtooth(for def redux) and your Eweap/Sham.For spamming Pressure you will need 100% delay so use delay wing+2 kiel or rare+2 kiel+gem of delay Skill to use: Reflect Shield Auto Berserk Auto Guard Defender Shrink Pressure Shield Chain Shield Boomerang Endure Gospel Things to carry: Berry Element resit(mostly wind/water) BOS Panacea Converter I hope everyone like it and ill try to update it if theres any change to the guide :3