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  1. RO FIRST EMBLEM MADE3.bmp Official Emblem of Eternal Fist :)) @go izlude This Guild is a PvP/WoE Guild However it only starts December 29 ,2014 So i need Starting Members who Can help me unite this Guild :lol: First Things First to Remember is This guild doesnt give SALARY :(( "I DONT GIVE SALARY" But i think you all people who PvP/WoE for the sake of the guild and not for the sake of the Zeny Bags that the GuildMaster Give .. Well you came at the right guild because this guild is more of Winning than getting Zeny's PLEASE HELP ME UNITE THIS GUILD w/o PAYING YOU ,HELP ME RAISE THIS GUILD FOR THE SAKE OF THE NAME OF THE GUILD AND NOT FOR THE SAKE OF THE ZENY'S I REPEAT "I DONT GIVE SALARY" :mellow: OH, Another Thing is this Guild Does'nt Play WoE YET (LACKING OF MEMBER'S) :rolleyes: ​​The Rules Here are VERY VERY SIMPLE just be Loyal and dont Trashtalk you're Co-Member's We Are "FAMILY" Here :wub: ​Also One of the Rules is dont Beg for items because im "POOR" Trust me you can't expect of something to me because im not a Donator :(( But im Friendly :)) :lol: Here are my IGN: so that you can PM me for Invite's • †Dà yBrèà kèr †• l itsMiseryYelyah l itsMeYelyah For the Requirement's: AnyGEARED/SEMI-GEAR is ACCEPTED AnyJOB's (Because im the only person in the guild) Hehe That's all .. just simple huh? ANOTHER THING MOST IMPORTANT IS "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" WELL I GUESS THAT"S ALL FOR THIS TIME ILL UPDATE THIS TOPIC IF NEEDED TO :)) HAPPY GAMING ^_^