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  1. justCallmeToki

    Mini summer forum event

    I can't figure out why I can't insert image from url, so I just inserted the link... Anyways, I hope you like this one... Here's my entry: Remembering Summer... Summer is my favorite season. As a kid, we used to go to the beach each summer. I remember sitting by the beach just waiting for the water to reach me. I remember taking long walks along the beach while collecting sea shells. I remember building sand castles and pretending to be a giant as I began to destroy them. Those things were fun back then. But as fun as those were, we all had to grow up at some point. The trips to the beach had gone less frequent than it were before, and eventually, I just became too busy to go. I miss going to the beach, but even if I can't go, those good memories will always remain, especially when summer comes...
  2. The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding...


    I miss my best friend... 😢