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  1. S N I F F U P


    nice guide.. your hero quest requirement are outdated by the way, the fabric=750 /feather 500 / destroyed armor = 250..
  2. S N I F F U P

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    jean lets have fbn in ogh again ..
  3. S N I F F U P

    Rules of public Channels

    great! atleast we have rules now in all channels,
  4. S N I F F U P

    [New] HA PvP Race Price Bug

    well most of the time too many time i experience this happen to me.. i hope there is NPC that you get the price even you missed the rewarding of Hour pvp in Hero Arena.
  5. S N I F F U P

    Bye Bye

    bye adrian.. goodluck irl.
  6. S N I F F U P

    Lvl 4 Eweapon

    To Fixed this issue , talk to Elite Hero's Memory located at ayo_in01 72 177, after that try to Kill atleast 1 in Hero Arena and talk again to Reginlief located to check your Elite Weapon level located at ayo_in01 105 168.
  7. S N I F F U P


    oh you have it already.. check your division if you are in alpha go in alpha and get it from then,take your elite glove on the division that you are belong
  8. S N I F F U P


    2,000 GOLD ORE is required when you are going to make your elite glove
  9. S N I F F U P


    hope you dont mind it, but do you have 2,000 GOLD ORE?