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  1. S N I F F U P

    Ann's Auto Sonic Blow Guide for SINX in HHH.

    nice guide Patty
  2. S N I F F U P


    how much +8 bronzite buckler?
  3. S N I F F U P

    Hello... again?

    CX : join the chat room hello sir welcome back.
  4. S N I F F U P

    Hey there! New to Dreamer, Quite Noob to Ragnarok

    hello @Ganifilacto welcome to our server, hope to see u in game.
  5. S N I F F U P

    bye bye

    because me and @Artemia are going to married lol i hope to see you again.
  6. S N I F F U P

    Rune Knight Guide - 2k18

    dark chakra and black beat are the same effect.
  7. Determined Kathryne Card 2pcs 500m ea = 2pcs Ghostring Card 3pcs 500m =3pcs Angelring Card 3pcs 500m each =3pcs High Wizard Card 2pcs 10b ea= can we deal on 7b each? Poring Ring [1] 9b = can we deal 7b? let me know if you are going to deal with my offer thanks
  8. S N I F F U P

    Endless Tower Solo Guide for RK!

  9. S N I F F U P

    B>+9/+10 Juggernaut Armor

    offer for +10 jugg armor?
  10. S N I F F U P

    2019 Balancing Patch #1

    yey finally haze give a love to minstrel
  11. S N I F F U P


    by the way , you post in a wrong section. General discussion ---> ( hello & goodbye) you can post it here next time. anyway welcome to our server and welcome to your new journey, see you in game!
  12. S N I F F U P


    +4 - +8 bronzire buckler= offer soon i will post my selling items
  13. S N I F F U P

    Selling Hero Quest & Elite Hero Quest

    yeah i want to order 5k doll and 10k pc but can we deal at 4b? per 200 doll and 250 pcs Pc since i am going to buy a bulk.
  14. S N I F F U P

    Selling Hero Quest & Elite Hero Quest

    if i want only 200 bapho doll and Poring card? how much it gonna cost,if need 5k bdoll and 10k PC.
  15. S N I F F U P

    Filthy shop

    How much high wizard card?