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  1. Luciara


    Of course I remember you. We used to be in the same guild with Kiet, a PvP guild that used to hang out in Louyang. Sorry forgot the name of the guild lmao but I do remember you
  2. Luciara

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    What the hell is Odin's Blessing? Lol Is that the same as Odin's Power? ATK and MATK +70, -20 def and mdef?? If that's the skill, does it reduce the first part of def? For example, if one has 50 + 100 def, does it become 30 + 100?
  3. Luciara

    Overgeared I & II

    I see... Thanks for the answer
  4. One of the most old school players ive seen return!

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    2. Zerro


      no i ain't LOL

      i just got intrigued by people saying that people were coming back here. anyways, happy birthday xD

    3. Luciara


      Oh? really? who's coming back and where are they? Are you coming back too?

      Thank you! 

    4. Zerro


      I ain't. I'm just chilling in oRO xD

      And meh... no general list of who will be 😛

  5. Luciara

    Overgeared I & II

    Hey is this guild also MvP active? Like, do you guys create parties and groups for endless tower, horror toy factory, old glast heim, etc?